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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Feb 16, 2002

Session Start: Sat Feb 16 15:39:33 2002
(S7L) Nancy, I took a look at the pictures. Any chance we'd get the uncompressed for those?
(NancyL) Hi folks. In case anyone didn't hear the news, Veronique came through again with a French observatorys.
(Spanky) Link?
(IQx) Nancy: like S7L stated, can we get the uncompressed (original) images ?
(NancyL) Haute-Provence imaged, in infrared, at the Jan 17th coordinates.
(NancyL) The object MOVED, from Jan 5th, is therefore not a nova, and not a comet as they are not infrared.
(NancyL) It's Nibiru.
(Clipper) And our man is very upset over it indeed. This I noticed.
(S7L) We think it's quite promising and we'd love to have pictures that would be higher quality
(Jos) Nancy, is it the bright thing or the less bright thing
(NancyL) Therefore, as Veronique will be here this evening (perhaps a bit late), and as I have a fist in my gut over this, this is the topic of discussion tonight.
(IQx) Yes Nancy, the original images, with whatever highest quality you got, if you don't mind =)
(IQx) Oh great, she will be here =)
(NancyL) Agenda: What does this mean to YOU, your neighbors, etc.
(Zetapal) Next year it'll be in my front yard!
(S7L) Nancy: okay, that sounds most appropriate!
(NancyL) What was the first thing that came to mind, hearing this second imaging. Haute-Provence put their name to it!
(Jurian) Next year, I'll *HAVE* a front yard :p
(IQx) Yup sounds most appropriate =)
(NancyL) No more anonymous.
(IQx) S7L got it exactly
(NancyL) Wait till Steve Havas hear's this!
(IQx) Lol
(Spanky) Where is the link for this image?
(S7L) Spanky: rogue planet section in tt
(Jos) Nancy, there are two green circles, which one is PX ?
(NancyL) S7L Veronique may provide that. I put them up as they came, so as not to be accused of touching them.
(IQx) Its ether one or the other
(Jos) (Or is it somewhere else)
(IQx) Oh
(Jurian) Wtf are you talking about IQx?
(Clipper) I expect a lot of negative traffic on this one. It hit closer to home this time.
(S7L) Nancy: okays.
(IQx) Nancy: you were provided with low quality images ?
(NancyL) Took me awhile to orient the new to the Jan 5th, the inverse and rotate thing.
(S7L) Yes, I could see it was not completely trivial. Those sky pictures are rather weird-looking unless one is accustomed to it.
(Laligntraiz) Sure, she didn't touched the images !
(IQx) Oh
(NancyL) Jos, the thing that appears closest to the older spot, the first circle to the right, per the Z's
(IQx) Well, when Veronique will come, we'll ask her
(S7L) Nancy: why are there TWO new objects?
(Jos) Thanks
(S7L) As in there was something new also in another location, where it was spotted in Jan 5?
(S7L) Is some background object coming brighter?
(Jos) That is great news!
(NancyL) IQX I put up what I got from Veronique
(IQx) Nancy: ok =)
(Jos) Cool, a picture above the noise limit then
(MikeAus) Hi Nancy,all :)
(IQx) Mi Mike
(IQx) =D
(Akeybear) Hiya mike
(NancyL) Spanky and take the links for Jan 19th.
(Jos) Ok, we have a game :)
(JJ_Starbuck) JJ here with a new name, for those who care.
(S7L) We just really need the original photos to have "experts", whoever they are, to take it any way seriously.
(NancyL) Clipper, I'm emotional tonight. I want to throw the floor open to .. what will the MEAN kind of discussion.
(NancyL) S7L the astronomer pointed out the two objects that were NOT on the ESO Digital Sky Survey.
(NancyL) The Z's said the top or right (depending) circle is it.
(Laligntraiz) Perhaps, Vero can send them to Nancy, it's possible.
(NancyL) S7L the spot identified on Jan 5th has an existing star there, BUT on Jan 5th there were TWO objects there.
(IQx) Laligntraiz: I think Nancy said that veronique is going to be here tonight, we'll have to ask for the originals from her =)
(Jos) The circle with the bright thing in it then
(NancyL) One was the existing, dimmer than on the PSS as all dim objects were due to only 20 min vs 45 min exposure.
(S7L) Yes Nancy. But the spot has grown brighter to be identified as new on the Jan 19 pic.
(Clipper) Nancy: are you asking what will it mean?
(S7L) Maybe that's only due to differing filters in place.
(NancyL) The second blob is LARGER, just under the little existing one, and is LARGER on the 20 min than on the 45 min or rather is NOT on the 45 min at all.
(Jos) Nancy, technically imho we just have a first contact now ().
(MikeAus) Can you make out a cross shape S7L?
(S7L) MikeAus: eh?
(NancyL) I diagramed showing this is a NEW object at
(S7L) A cross shape? Where?
(MikeAus) In the photo
(MikeAus) Dimmer red object
(S7L) Nancy: I have looked at those. I meant - that in Jan 19 photos we have two new objects, one at the jan 5 location. So because X no longer is there, I am wondering if this is some background object that has increased ...
(S7L) Brightness
(MikeAus) Don't worry I prolly got the wrong one.
(NancyL) S7L well, this is the first time an image came from an Observatory with their SIGNATURE!!!! OHP.
(IQx) Hehe
(Jos) That sure is interesting, especially when they stick to it...
(S7L) I think it is there. I really would like to have third photo. I would hope this gets people more excited, once we get past the "this picture is a fraud" phase
(NancyL) S7L is will not get brighter between Jan 5 and Jan 19. Jan 5 it could only be seen by contrast. Jan 19 it shows UP.
(Jos) Great to have a first contact even in Februari already!
(MikeAus) Good idea IQx ;)
(NancyL) I think HP did a true 45 minute infrared. GOD!
(Jos) This is very good for tracking it's unusual orbit potentially...
(IQx) Ok, guys and girls (and Zetas) - I have to do some stuff, so I think I cant stay here for the Session, but surely, Ill read the local and the later posted logs =)
(Jos) So discounting it as a KBO becomes more difficult
(IQx) I'll see you later.
(NancyL) Clipper, I need to talk out my emotions. I want to ask folks what their first FEELINGS are on hearing this, as it 1. is not a nova 2, is not a comet, 3. is moving. 4. is REAL!!!!!!!!
(IQx) Personal, Thanks Nancy
(IQx) Cya all
(Clipper) Okay
(NancyL) Jos, a beginnning.
(Jos) Nance, seeing the evidence, I already didn't doubt it's existance really.
(Jurian) If they observatory indeed put their name under the pics, they might decide to track the objects, getting more pics out..
(S7L) Nancy: I'm personally a bit doubtful yet, but I think this picture is very promising, but it's not yet of the gut-wrenching certainty which would prove it to everyone... but that can't be far away!
(MikeAus) Me also S7L
(DigiDali) Same here S7L
(Jurian) More pictures, from the same observatory might get others to look as well, and cause them to make picutures as well :-)
(S7L) We just need more pictures, a few more, and it begins to be beyond any reasonable doubt!
(Jurian) When that happens, things will probably speed up :)
(NancyL) Jurian, now it comes down to more O's taking images and talking about "what is it?" not the dead zone as before.
(Jurian) Exactly :-)
(Akeybear) I haven't doubted the Zetas at all....most of what they have said coincides with how I have felt about things earlier.
(Jos) Technically, this is just a first picture, it hasn't moved as far as i am concerned ()
(Clipper) My first fealings were that the list is getting ready to get real busy. Personally, I have always had a 99% belief that the 12th was real.
(NancyL) On Jan 5th, there was a 1/2 infrared, under exposed. On Jan 19th a full 45 minute exposure.
(IQx) Hmm
(S7L) Akeybear: me too, but I'm personally not completely convinced until there are the pictures. But it is still exciting!
(Jurian) Clipper: heh, I think we need to be ready for MUCH more traffic on the lists
(IQx) Hehe
(Akeybear) That it is, S7L, that it is!!
(S7L) And this is increasing as quality of conclusive, first-hand evidence.
(Jos) Heh, even Jan 19th, real good.
(NancyL) Now, it MOVED. On Jan 5th, doing the contrast thing, you could see a LARGE blob there on the Jan 5th not on the PSS. That was plain. Even Open Mined on sci.astro did not disagree.
(Jurian) And I'm not sure yahoogroups won't shut the lists down :/
(IQx) We'll see as time goes - more images (hopefully) will be brought
(IQx) Then there will be no discussion, that this is in fact real
(Gerard) I think so too, we are in for a thing now.. a change and a big one
(Gerard) Be ready I think
(Jos) And it might be on the raw openminded image as well on the 5th if he releases it
(NancyL) Clipper, put on your leather boots and get that riding crop out! BLAM, you're banned, etc.
(S7L) Nancy: but I have the question why the Jan 5 spot STILL shows increased brightness compared to the DSS shot
(Talkboy) Perhaps it is best to force the "government"'s hand as early has possible. If it exists, make them use the cover stories by getting more observatories to take notice
(S7L) As the Planet X is no longer ther
(Akeybear) Just hope that the pictures aren't compromised - "fixed" in other words...
(Clipper) Absolutly nancy. Already practiced that one.
(Jos) This is especially good because it happens /before/ the economic crash btw
(NancyL) Jurian, if yahoogroups poops out, we'll have to find a server that will host the discussions :-)
(S7L) Maybe it just happens to be infrared source itself and the first shot was an exceptionally poor on date, as it happened to coincide!
(NancyL) Like, um, perhaps TT?
(JJ_Starbuck) Will someone answer S7L's question
(S7L) We are thinking yahoo might die indeed
(Jurian) Nancy: not with the current bandwidth, bad idea.
(Gerard) Guess troubled times/zetatalk has to be ready now ... right more people etc etc..
(S7L) It could be good idea to try capture the discussion on the yahoo groups so far in order to preserve it for later.
(IQx) Yeah
(NancyL) S7L I'm not sure what was done on Jan 19th, how much exposure.
(Jurian) We'll need to seriously look at either getting much more bandwidth, or colocating the servers (or at least one of them)
(IQx) Saving the text to a local data would be good
(S7L) Nancy: maybe the another background star at Jan5 coordinates itself simply is IR source
(IQx) And later, if anyone can set up machines to help out TT and ZT discussion.
(Jurian) Nancy: but I'll bring that up tomorrow during the nonprofit meeting :)
(NancyL) Talkboy, you won't force the govmt. Their response is something I'd like to play with tonight.
(S7L) We can setup a chatboard out of nothing pretty quickly. Jurian could code it in PHP, or I could write it in Perl, or adapt existing one, if there is no real working one usable
(IQx) Hehe Nancy
(S7L) Working one = free one
(NancyL) I take it they will have to just ignore it, or put out some disinfo line like the one about CO2 causing slowing rotation, that most of the public will buy.
(IQx) Yup
(NancyL) Akeybear, not these, not from Veronique.
(Jurian) S7L: we can use phorum, its free and fast. problem is finding a good, stable host that wont kick us off :)
(S7L) The CO2 slowing down stuff was about milliseconds though.
(IQx) Or our favorite one, the sun causing the rotation to slow down
(S7L) Very SLIGHT slowdown. Nothing like one second even.
(Jurian) While still being affordable :)
(Steve) Legalize it
(S7L) So I don't understand why they posted it at all.
(Zetapal) Nancy, I never believed Zetatalk because of any pictures but because the info as a whole went off inside of me - It just felt right thru and thru.So I expec the physical data will just come along to confirm. Similarly, I don't feel others will believe it based on photos. And even when its visible in the sky next year, most will believe what Tom Brokaw tells them to.
(Talkboy) Nancy : make them exhaust their "short list" of cover stories. Leave them with nothing in their hand by the time smaller telescopes can view it.
(Gerard) But even the millsecond thing is kinda .. :/
(S7L) Jurian ok
(S7L) Talkboy: I basically agree.
(S7L) Gerard: I guess everyone can say "oh I know what this slowdown is about, the CO2 emissions"
(NancyL) Jurian, like OUR servers?
(MikeAus) CO2 causing a slowdown? No way...cover story
(IQx) Hey
(Jurian) Nancy: Yep, but again, need to colocate them at a hosting provider
(IQx) They would put a lot of tech garbage with full words to confuse the crowd
(S7L) While the original article talks about milliseconds of slowdown, much less than we observe
(IQx) They have their means.
(DigiDali) Hey
(NancyL) S7L they have great distain for the average guy, and his/her IQ level.
(Clipper) That CO2 thing made me laugh.
(Akeybear) I agree with Zetapal
(Jurian) Nancy: like UUnet or rackspace or exodus or abovenet or whatever :-)
(S7L) Quite so, I think, Nancy.
(MikeAus) Me too Clipper
(Akeybear) Hi karen
(IQx) I think Nancy is making fun of my IQ (x = none existant)
(IQx) Kidding =)
(Jos) I think the best way to deal with it is to wait for another picture that is believable that shows movement, this is how it always works for new objects that are planets.
(MikeAus) Their arrogance will be their downfall
(NancyL) OK, I think a good Q for the Zs tonight then is "what does this mean" and "how will the goverments or coverup handle this?"
(Clipper) Yes
(MikeAus) Yup
(IQx) Nancy: also "Is this THE REAL beginning ?"
(Jos) Kicking them too soon is not justified, and might cast a bad shadow
(IQx) Beginning - in terms that this will influence the masses greatly.
(SeF) Good evening everyone!
(NancyL) IQ, I thought x meant too high to be measured, or moving :-)
(Zetapal) I'm not being synical, the whole thing of our mass consciousness, or lack of it, saddens me a great deal always.
(NancyL) IQ, a variable.
(IQx) Nancy: =) hehe, I was trying to cheer up the room
(Jos) Otoh, some minor kicking should hurt hehe :)
(Gerard) What will the influence be for Troubled Times, ZetaTalk, what to expect ?
(S7L) I think this is a complex beginning, as opposed to real or integer...
(NancyL) For those just coming on, we have been discussing the Jan 19 images of PX provided by Veronique from Haute-Provence observatory.
(IQx) You know... I see a lot, repeating A LOT, of discussion on this in near future
(Jos) Shouldn't hurt, sorry
(NancyL) These show 1. PX moving (not a nova), 2. PX infrared (not a comet).
(Akeybear) Well, the planet wil have some definite effects on the planet, and the govmt can't hide that fact.
(NancyL) The spot is also in accordance with the RA and Dec give by the Z's for those dates.
(S7L) Akeybear: we already see most of the effects
(SeF) Whats the url to the pics?
(IQx) Govt can't hide it, yes, but they will try to give an explanation to calm down the crowd.
(Jos) Nancy, you noticed Mars has global warming?
(S7L) SeF:
(SeF) Thanks!
(Linus_BC) What about that big storm convergence on Jupiter as well?
(NancyL) We have, for the past 20 minutes, been throwing about what this will MEAN, any change, and what the governents will do, etc.
(S7L) The first is reference shot.
(IQx) Oh
(NancyL) So this will be the first question posed to the Z's tonight.
(IQx) ok, great =)
(NancyL) Going to give it to the Z's now ..
(Zetapal) They will parade out Richard Hoagland to give some hyperdimensional physics gobledygook explanation...and hearing little else, people will ponder and that's it, perhaps some will catch on.
(Red) I must run for a bit... sounds like a time for us all to think about our level of commitment and where we go from here...
(IQx) Gerard: I also added an onjoin notification about that, if you don't mind
(Talkboy) Govt. has to eventually follow a certain path of deception, once this happens they will be "locked in" and eventually their story will hit a dead end if Planet X exists
(JJ_Starbuck) Isn't Hoagland a good guy?
(IQx) Jim: true
(NancyL) ZT: The establishment has much discussed this moment, when there will be SERIOUS attention given to the object, moving, in the skies.
(S7L) Hyperdimensional physics is big bullshit, from what I have seen
(Gerard) IQ: some could find that annoying.
(IQx) Gerard: didn't get any complaints yet, only 'thx' and of such =)
(NancyL) ZT: A year ago, at the turn of the millennium, it was thought that NASA and their buddy system would call it a nova.
(Gerard) IQ: k
(NancyL) ZT: However, with the attention given to the Zeta coordinates, they understood that motion in this object would be under too much scrutiny.
(IQx) Nancy: well, they won't call it a Nova anymore =) its moving
(Jurian) Its uh.. a moving nova :p
(IQx) Lol
(Clipper) Lets give the Z's the floor ...
(IQx) A nova influenced by particles in the atmosphere and changes in earth's rotation due to CO2 that causes it to appear that its moving
(NancyL) ZT: The explosive attention given to ZetaTalk, in spite of attempts to completely discredit Nancy or take her down in some manner by association with scam artists such as Hazelwood, were expected to succeed.
(IQx) And of course the Greenhouse effect
(IQx) =P
(NancyL) ZT: Hazelwood was a new game plan, and had all the halmarks of success, well funded and backed by more personnel than the public could even imagine.
(NancyL) ZT: By distancing herself from Hazelwood, Nancy cut that plan in shreds. She did not ALLOW the money connection to attach to her.
(Spiff_Rym) Question: What do the Zetas think about the book (Sitchen) The lost book of Enki and the relationship with hall of record?
(Homy) Hello
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, he went limping into the Art Bell show, and is fearful now of being sued for money by the promises he has made to many.
(Gerard) See topic, not during the answer ... please
(NancyL) ZT: He cannot save them, and now that many are cautious about the funds they give to him, can be traced and tracked down, and sued.
(NancyL) ZT: So ZetaTalk survived, this last concerted effort to eliminate the threat that Nancy represented.
(NancyL) ZT: Meanwhile, her reknown increased, on the Internet, every government's bane.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine that for every person reading her site there is at least a half dozen alerted.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine that for each of these half dozen most, electronically, post word about on the Internet to other mailing lists or posting boards.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine that for every person getting wind of what is really about to occur, there is discussion at dinner tables or coffee shops or bars.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine that each of THESE takes the message further, bringing it up when the subject warrants.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, it is exploding, which at least the US government is aware of.
(NancyL) ZT: Nancy has not allowed herself to be dragged down, or compromised her message when asked, as on Earth Changes TV recently where ZetaTalk refused to buy into the Sun Mega-Cycle matter.
(NancyL) ZT: She is deemed to have integrity, not someone they can kill (though thousands of attempts have been made) or compromised.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they must adapt to her, at this date.
(NancyL) ZT: Where explanations that the common man might buy will be floated out, such as the recent pronouncement about CO2 causing slowing rotation, the establishment knows that the educated man won't buy into this.
(NancyL) ZT: Even the little guy, perhaps without wealth but with a brain, can sort though what he observes and hears.
(NancyL) ZT: The governments in the know about what is coming, or those suspecting based on rumor in the highest circles, have only a few options.
(NancyL) ZT: They could come clean, admit a coverup, and then run and hide to save themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: This is unlikely to happen, until perhaps the last week, as these individuals ENJOY power and priviledge, and are loathe to give it up.
(NancyL) ZT: They could employ strong arm tactics, invoke martial law, and refuse and eliminate any questions about earth changes.
(NancyL) ZT: This requires a military and citizenry well in agreement with these means, which does not exist in either the US, Canada, or Europe.
(NancyL) ZT: Even China found the Internet rebutting their lines, re Tianaman Square.
(NancyL) ZT: The uproar, even after 911, over loss of individual rights, showed the US that their citizenry were not in agreement.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they have evolved a third tactic, which it to ALLOW discussion, but ignore it.
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, no comment.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Spud) Surely introducing Hazelwood caused MORE people to be alerted
(MikeAus) Spiff: see
(NancyL) Spud, yes, but if he had succeeded, they would get WRONG info and ZT would be discredited.
(IQx) No questions, thanks Nancy
(Clipper) He will now become the FALL GUY
(Spud) k
(Gerard) What to expect in the coming, weeks or months .. TT/ZT etc?
(NancyL) Clipper, I think he took $$ from folks, promising a safe place, and now they actually WANT one :-)
(NancyL) Ooops.
(MikeAus) *G*
(Talkboy) if the govt. has "nothing to say" eventually they will become ignored - so will their laws
(Spud) Karmic justice
(Jos) How is it possible that the France observatory made these pictures
(Jos) I mean, politically
(PierreObs) Sorry, I missed the beginning... What do you think about my images from OHP
(Kirk) Where can I see these pictures pls?
(NancyL) Gerard ZT: ZetaTalk has always taken the tack that the bad news should be offset by what-to-do.
(Steve) Has this a effect on the awakening process. (more sightings)
(S7L) Pierreobs, you took the pictures?
(PierreObs) Yes
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, the public will close their ears if there is NOTHING they can do, as an individual.
(Linus_BC) Is there any estimate on what the increase will be in apparent magnitude of PX over the next year?
(S7L) They are remarkable! We were wondering can we have the uncompressed ones, what Nancy put on website were gifs.
(NancyL) ZT: But to the extent that an individual can see a route, a means of saving themselves and helping those in their heart, they will NOT go into denial.
(S7L) I guess people also want to hear exactly how they were taken, with what equipment, etc.
(S7L) And full names and such, if that is possible.
(NancyL) ZT: Troubled Times, under the influence of Nancy who would have it no other way, has followed suit, and is FILLED with common man achievable solutions.
(NancyL) ZT: It is unique, in this regard, on the Internet and elsewhere.
(PierreObs) I can give you the ".fits" (but they are bigs!)
(IQx) PierreObs: please do, thanks =)
(S7L) Pierre, please, let's join to #Troubled_Times for this discussion while Nancy does zetatalk
(S7L) Or is this okay for Nancy?
(IQx) PierreObs please join #Troubled_Times and discuss it there, thanks
(NancyL) ZT: Outdoor survival assumes a shot period of time, post Cold War sites dealing with nuclear threat assume the ability to stock up and then RETURN to normal life.
(NancyL) ZT: TT is the only site that discusses a post catastrophy situation, long term, world wide, in a practical manner.
(NancyL) ZT: It does not take names, refusing to do so, encouraging the little guy to join with friends and those known to him.
(NancyL) ZT: It has the FEEL to it of an answer, and thus those who read it heed.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, for TT and ZT in the months ahead, there will be more publicity.
(NancyL) ZT: This may require more mirror sites, more publication of the nonprofit booklet, and more interviews by Nancy.
(NancyL) ZT: All of this is in place, and can be readily done, so should not cause consternation in the group or distress.
(NancyL) ZT: It is doable.
(NancyL) End ZT to Gerard.
(S7L) Nancy, about Pierre. Can we talk here about the pictures?
(SeF) Thats great!
(S7L) Is good time, now?
(Karen) Nancy can you post when these interviews will be
(NancyL) Pierre! YOUR images! Great! There are lots of Q's from the group re this, especially can they get the RAW so professionals like Kahuna can examine them, etc.
(Gerard) I think we can expect this increase very soon I think
(Karen) Is there an area that is updated on what's going on besides Whats New
(NancyL) We should be starting a database of these images, Kahuna etc holding a copy.
(NancyL) I think he is keeping down a lot of disinfo with his threatening to examine carefully any postings.
(S7L) Pierre joined #Troubled_Times as Pierre-O
(NancyL) Thus, we should provide him with the BEST we have.
(S7L) Maybe connection troubles?
(NancyL) Is this possible?
(Spanky) How can one get others to listen to the Zetatalk message? What do the Zetas say?
(PierreObs) In fact I'm a student, and I took theses images at the "OHP"
(NancyL) Karen, there is a What's New for TT and one for ZT, different.
(NancyL) Karen, tt-news also, to some degree.
(Karen) ok I look there just making sure there wasn't one I was missing
(Karen) Thankyou
(NancyL) PierreObs, was this a 45 minutes CCD or what, exposure time?
(PierreObs) Is it Nibiru in my images or not ?
(Veronique) Hi all :-)
(NancyL) YES!!!
(IQx) =)
(Laligntraiz) Salut
(NancyL) In the circle closest to the other imaging on Jan 5th.
(IQx) Yup, it is
(MikeAus) Pierre can you post a url pls? (pics)
(IQx) Laligntraiz: salut, ca va
(PierreObs) No, it from 5 images: 2mn, 5mn et 3 times 7mn
(NancyL) See
(Laligntraiz) :o)
(Veronique) Salut Lionel ;-)
(NancyL) Take the link Moving Object.
(IQx) Oh
(MikeAus) Tx Nancy
(IQx) Veronique is here.
(NancyL) Veronique! Pierre is here.
(IQx) Veronique: bonjour =)
(Gerard) Hello Veronique
(Veronique) Happy to be there too :-)
(Karen) Is this an open forum night?
(NancyL) It took me awhile to deal with the invert and rotate thing, but then I saw where the new green circles were.
(IQx) Veronique: Nous avons aimes vos images, merci beacoup.
(NancyL) The Dec has dropped, as expected, and the RA scarsely moved, as expected.
(Veronique) Ok, I know, Nancy, had a hard time too!
(IQx) Veronique: Je ne parles pas francais tres bien, pardon
(NancyL) Pierre, these were infrared, yes?
(NancyL) This means that they were LESS exposed than the Jan 5th, which was a 20 minutes exposure.
(Homy) Is this object coming closer?
(NancyL) This explains why it is dimmer than the Jan 5th, which was a question on this IRC earlier.
(Veronique) So Nancy, I just read my e-mail, you say there are two objects on your photo, almost at the same location?
(S7L) Nancy, the exposure time necessary depends on the sensitivity of the equipment also.
(NancyL) Homy, will pass in late Spring 2003. Right now, out 9 Sun-Pluto distances, or so.
(Homy) Tnxs
(NancyL) Veronique, on Jan 5th, if you check all the contrast and brightness and etc links from the TEAM page, you will see there are TWO objects at that loc on Jan 5th.
(S7L) But yes, these pictures are still better to work with.
(Homy) Will we be able to see it with the naked eye at that date?
(NancyL) Open Minded, on sci.astro, stated and posted magnified images showing this, the location, etc.
(S7L) Homy: yes, but about 2 months before passage, or so
(NancyL) But in the 20 minute CCD he took, ALL dim objects were dimmer than the comparison 45 minute Palomar Sky Survey.
(S7L) It's a general figure. I believe the exact was like 7 weeks?
(S7L) This of course fudges depending on viewer and location
(NancyL) ZT: Now, in the Jan 5th one, the blob was larger and brighter than in the Palomar.
(Homy) This planet is huge
(IQx) Homy: About the size of Earth in comparison to the Moon
(NancyL) The Z's had me check closely, as they said there were TWO objects there, and indeed one can see the existing/old one just above the NEW one.
(Veronique) Nancy, I might have missed that, did the Zeta comment?
(IQx) Homy: but much more in weight, as it is composed of different substance
(Karen) It is HUGE I saw it in a dream
(Homy) Interesting
(Veronique) Oups, ok..
(NancyL) Now, for the TEAM, I drew geometrics (someone else's idea, actually) showing the placement of the NEW is different than the placement of the old.
(NancyL) This is at
(Homy) I still find the idea strange
(NancyL) IQX on passage, looks like the Moon, but is 4 times the diameter of Earth and much more massive. One big magnet.
(Homy) That holland is going to be under water
(Breeze) Is there no Q and A session today?
(IQx) NancyL: I see, thanks
(Homy) Are you refering to Nibiru Nancy?
(NancyL) Veronique, nor in print but the first green circle, the one closest to the prior image on Jan 5th, is IT!
(Gerard) Not realy Breeze, see topic...
(IQx) Breeze: read the topic =) we are discussing the new images obtained on Nibiru
(NancyL) Absolutely! Big time!
(Breeze) Righty
(Homy) Are the Anunaki there now?
(NancyL) Moving, this is not a comet (they don't do infrared, I believe) not a nova (they don't move) at the Z's coordinates, moving according to the Z's coordinates (change as expected).
(SeF) Will we see like a real image of Nibiru anytime in the future?
(NancyL) GOD! I'm so emotional about this.
(IQx) Homy: Of course, but they 'isolated.
(Veronique) Well, our friend who took the pics will be happy for the contribution :-))
(IQx) Yup, we are all thankful
(IQx) And to Veronique for bringing it up
(SeF) Very grateful!
(NancyL) Homy, Holland is already under water. They just pump it out.
(Jos) You finally got what you worked for :-)
(Homy) So they use gold in the Nibiru atmosphere to hold the sun light?
(Homy) Lol
(Jos) Correct, I'm living at -1.5 meter :)
(S7L) SeF: Jpefiu veru sppm.
(Breeze) So looks like it's really gonna happen then huh
(S7L) Oh. SEf: Hopefully very soon.
(Gerard) Homy: there is some truth in that ... look at Limburg for example etc..
(NancyL) I'm happy, Pierre and Veronique, to have the info on the exposure time. Sci.astro debates ongoing ...
(PierreObs) (Comment je fais un chat prive?)
(Gerard) Below see level :/
(NancyL) So, besides Gerard's Q about what this will mean for TT and ZT, what OTHER impact does this have?
(NancyL) Q's about impact, etc?
(IQx) PierreObs: if using mIRC : type /query or /dcc chat
(Jos) Impact on the panic level of people.
(IQx) PierreObs: to send a PRIVATE message, usually type /msg or /privmsg (first one should work)
(Jos) Will they start going crazy or be constructive.
(NancyL) Jos ZT: The public at large is already uneasy.
(PierreObs) (Peut pas il me faut la commande)
(Homy) I think that NASA is paranoid
(NancyL) ZT: They are considering what they see about them, these past few years.
(Talkboy) Will all public accessable observatories begin to "shutdown"?
(Gerard) About people preparing, taking more of zetatalk serious, influence on the awakening?
(NancyL) ZT: The weather absolutely cannot be explained, and the weatherman is ignoring this, which in and of itself is a cause for uneasyness in the common man.
(IQx) PierreObs: try /msg IQx test - that will send a "test" message to me.
(Homy) I see uneasyness with alot of people these day's.
(NancyL) ZT: Crops go awry, businesses go belly-up, bankrupcies increasing, and powerful companies like Enron try rip-off games that CANNOT succeed in the long run.
(Clipper) Our weather man now states a 20 degree difference in his forcast. He has no idea what the temp will be the next day.
(IQx) PierreObs: if you are using another client, then you must find out how to Private Message on your own, Im sorry.
(PierreObs) Thank you
(NancyL) ZT: The degree of arrogance in the powerful US administration is stunning, so much so that few talk about this openly, yet they feel this.
(NancyL) ZT: In Europe, the weather and behavior in the US is openly discussed, but no solutions or confronting is done by their governments.
(Homy) They have build a wall around them
(IQx) No PierreObs
(NancyL) ZT: As we mentioned earlier tonight, the establishment is at a LOSS as to what to say to their public.
(NancyL) ZT: They feel they cannot admit, as this WILL cause panic, and they cannot deny, as there will be angry questions.
(NancyL) ZT: They can, however, ignore, a favored tactic in any case for those in politics and corporate managemnet.
(Homy) People will know sooner or later.
(SeF) Can the zetas predict waht the gov'ts next excuse will be?
(NancyL) ZT: Stall, have no comment, refuse to engage, refuse to answer the question, pretent the issue is not before them, etc.
(Spud) How will the uk gov handle this? The same way?
(SeF) Specifically that is.
(Linus_BC) Here in BC, on the west coast of Canada... the new government is cutting programs and public funding like there was no tomorrow, with no apparent concern for public opinion on it, and no reasonable explanations as to why.
(S7L) SEF: they are telling they don't have an excuse!
(IQx) Hold your questions AFTER the 'End ZT Follow Up ?' please !
(Linus_BC) Sorry
(NancyL) ZT: At the same time, due to the unease of those who MUST meet the public, and demands for some official explanation, there will be a need for a exit route.
(Clipper) Alaska has a 2 billion dollar deficite. Money went some where, no one knows. The only talk is how to make it up, not "where did it go?"
(NancyL) ZT: If they want to reduce the demands on government, on themselves personally, they will turn the anxiety elsewhere.
(NancyL) ZT: They will turn it onto ZT and TT, specifically.
(NancyL) ZT: This will start slowly, at first increasing requests for interviews and information.
(NancyL) ZT: The great leaders will be off in their high offices, allowing the stoic souls in TT and Nancy to meet the anxiety of the public.
(NancyL) ZT: This is anticipated to allow the common man to address his situation by either 1. planning and preparing, or 2. resigning himself to a sudden death.
(Homy) :(
(NancyL) ZT: Both are messages the governments wish to give the public, but cannot without explaining why THEY are continueing to save THEMSELVES at the public's expense.
(NancyL) End ZT on this.
(IQx) Ok
(Spud) How will the uk gov handle this? the same way?
(IQx) Ask your questions people =P
(Jos) Are ZT/TT likely to be facing an agressive public smear campaign on mainstream media
(Homy) Yeah
(Jos) I guess not then.
(Svnmn) Are there any other new developments that the Zetans are noticing here on earth?
(Clipper) Good question Jos
(NancyL) Spud ZT: In Europe, there is likely to be more open discussion of the matter, as in the UK the Planet X issue re-emerged recently.
(NancyL) ZT: Britain is also resentfull of the US, and the European Community resentful of both.
(SeF) How many govt officials are involved in all these planning?
Yeah... I heard it on the radio in the UK
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, each country is likely to respond individually, depending on the public and administrators.
(JoeyB) Why do they not just announce it as a brown dwarf, minus the fear factor?
(Linus_BC) Are all world governments in the know about upcoming events... or is it only a select few?
(NancyL) ZT: Where the country might fare well, there may be open forums on plans as to what to do, in case.
(HBO2) Do the zetas expect George W to initiate WW3 to make money disappearance less noticeable and to divert public attention?
(Mary) How will they "turn it onto ZT and TT, specifically"?
(NancyL) ZT: In countries where there will be devastation, such as in India, NO discussion will occur.
(Mary) How will they "turn it onto ZT and TT, specifically?"
(Spud) That seems right
(NancyL) ZT: In countries where there is already suppression of news and discussion, such as Saudi Arabia, there will be continued suppression.
(Mary) Sorry for the double ):
(NancyL) ZT: In Scandinavia, which will fare well, there may be open government plans to assist their populace when the time comes.
(Linus_BC) I can believe that... even internet access is closely controlled in KSA
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, as with people, each government or country might take a unique tack, an unexpected tack, and our predictions wrong or right, depending.
(Gerard) Netherlands, had to do with the climate thing (Tokyok etc) some time ago.. but will be flooded after the shift ... doubt that our goverment will give some info i guess ... :/
(NancyL) ZT: These mattes are in the hands of man, who has free choice, and not our hands.
(NancyL) End ZT on this .
(IQx) Questions ?
(NancyL) JoeyB ZT: To confirm that the inbound object is a Brown Dwarf, moving at the rate it is, would raise questions as to DISTANCE.
(NancyL) ZT: This in conjunction with the closeness to our coordinates would likewise confirm, officially, ZetaTalk.
(Linus_BC) It's interesting the number of brown dwarfs that NASA has been reporting orbiting OTHER stars lately
(NancyL) ZT: They would prefer to hide, and ferry the anxious to Nancy and TT.
(NancyL) Mary, they will provide opportunities for interviews, etc.
(Zetapal) Zetas : who was behind discontinuing the Jeff Rense interviews and will this extradition be reversed in the future?
(Veronique) Btw, is the other dot green circled an object yet to be discovered?
(NancyL) For instance, I got an offer for a web cast from Rainbow, Harlem, can't remember it all but you can believe the people of color in Harlem will be asking questions.
(NancyL) Hazelwood suggested to these folks that they contact me. He does not know what to say, the ass.
(Mary) Your exposure and tt's too is is a GOOD thing!
(NancyL) So, now I will be saying to them, you're in NYC, you're not the elite the Bush Administration wants in their chambers, and Colin Powell won't be able to help you much.
(PierreObs) Well, I will leave soon because I'm not at home, and it is late...
(NancyL) They are city folk, not used to grubbing for food (literally) as in grubs under logs, and probably with few rural connections other than the south which will be under water.
(NancyL) So it will be a challenge for me, but I expect only the beginning.
(Xavier) Thanks again, Pierre
(Gerard) Heard him once, Hazlewood that is ... and he was kinda ... talking fast etc
(Veronique) Thank you Pierre, nice to meet you :-)
(S7L) Good night Pierre! And it was really good having these pictures, I believe.
(NancyL) Zetapal: I was told by Rense in essence that he was harrassed by Anna Hayes and that Nibiruian person, Jalaia.
(IQx) Thank you PierreObs =)
(Laligntraiz) Good job ;o)
(MikeAus) Tx Pierre
(NancyL) They kept insisting on coming on his show and denouncing ZT. He decided to stop it ALL, no folks talking to aliens allowed until PROOF.
(NancyL) So I wrote him when the sightings occured last spring, but he didn't respond.
(MikeAus) Is Hayes CIA?
(PierreObs) Peut-etre a Dimanche soir pour les francais!
(NancyL) His production manager told David S, on e-mail that "jealous rivals" of ZT cause this to happen.
(PierreObs) Bye
(Veronique) Salut Pierre, ok ;-)
(SeF) Is hayes disinfo?
(NancyL) I'm not sure, but he responded to Jeremy's e-mail recently. Rense is a good guy, integrity, so we'll see.
(Zetapal) Send him the photos ? shall we?
(Zetapal) Thx
(MikeAus) Good idea
(S7L) Well, those photos will start circulating, we hope...
(Gerard) But you think you will be back on or so... or maybe the site will pay attention to it? Perhaps?
(Xavier) Rense is good, Art Bell on the other hand is PT Barnum...
(NancyL) He had attacks himself, was even kicked out of Santa Barabara, his home town, as they stopped broadcasting him there!
(NancyL) But the situation may change!
(NancyL) The powers that be may decide they NEED him, and ZT on his show, etc.
(Gerard) Hope in Europe there will be be more attention to this, in newspapers, magazines etc
(NancyL) Zetapal, indeed, calling his attention to all this would not hurt. The TEAM linking page has it all!
(Veronique) Gerard, I think you're dreaming :-)
(IQx) Nancy: I listened to your appearings on Rense few days ago =) Pleased to hear that you have such a kind voice (no kissing up, just stating).
(SeF) I think Asia is lagging when it comes to this info.
(Jos) Q: Will ZT go ever "mainstream" in a non negative way?
(Gerard) Veronique: maybe ?
(Gerard) But things can change
(DigiDali) Anyone from Louisiana here?
(NancyL) Xavier, Art Bell is a showman, not so much truth as pizazz. However, I also think he gets leaned on HEAVY.
(Jos) Well, that would also be country-wise then...
(Jos) Hmm, not much to ask :)
(Zetapal) Could we ask the zetas if Anna Hayes interviws were a direct disinfo strategy?
(NancyL) IQX, yes, I've been told I have a good presence, good voice, etc. Thankfully :-)
(JoeyB) DigiDali: Now in Wisconsin.
(NancyL) SEF, well, I've heard from India, Tailand, Indonesia, New Guniea, Japan, China, etc.
(NancyL) They probably have their own visionaries, or prophets, etc.
(NancyL) Well folks, I'm going to go make supper, been an hour.
(Svnmn) Thanks Nancy! Exciting times!
(Karen) Thankyou everyone for zetatalk
(Spud) Top session
(NancyL) BIG thanks to Veronique and Pierre! The HEROES of the hour!!!!!
(SeF) Thank you for the wonderful hour Nancy and the Zetas
(NancyL) Bye bye!
(Veronique) Thx Nnacy :-)
(Steve) Thanxs for this chaotic session
(Gerard) So I guess we should make this URL more known to folks etc... about the pictures.
Session Close: Sat Feb 16 17:07:46 2002