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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Feb 08, 2003

Session Start: Sat Feb 08 14:42:50 2003
(Bailey) only if we let it, this is important information on basic survival, people have grown ignorant of the basics
(Serbeo) that was rude
(JohnJ) Ogmios: Name-calling?
(WonderBoy) Wicked, QueenVee just banned NancyL from her channel!!
(WonderBoy) And kicked everyone out
(Mugada) :-)
(Ogmios) i laugh all you mockers when you are dead and i live. no sympathy for you idiots
(Bailey) that is not true WonderBoy
(Thunderoc) obviously a net problem...
(Shenamea2) what's going on?
(JohnJ) Nancy, who's in charge, You or QueenVee?
(Bailey) she was conserned for our safety
(LadyInRed) she is trying to save the room
(MadHatter) This is getting wierd...
(Spankey) weird stuff going on in #poleshiftdiscussion
(Earth420) We all left! and came here
(WonderBoy) We won't die from any poleshift
(Thunderoc) Og. by your own mouth will you be judged..
(Earth420) Any one getting internet trouble?
(Cruithne) not me
(LadyInRed) no
(Bailey) you all just stop it, if you are not hear to learn and decern just go
(Shenamea2) no
(Jurian) some baby is doing DoS attacks
(Mugada) no
(WonderBoy) No, no net problem, it said Texas sets mode: +B NancyL
(JohnJ) Ogmios: You have a ghoulish sense of humor. Are also a sadist?
(Earth420) Wow, I am every now and then having problem connecting to the server...
(Ogmios) yea iqx probably
(Jurian) yeah
(Shaman464) Everyone this session was Canceled, get over it, next week everything will be fine!
(MadHatter) We are all gonna die!...eventually....
(Earth420) Gotten worse in the last 2 days...
(NancyL) Hi, Obany, Queen has requested her session NOT be held today as she is being hacked and cannot moderate as usual.
(Bailey) do not sow division between Nancy and Queen unless you are just here to devide and concure with lies and deception
(Thunderoc) will Nancy's zetatalk discussion be in this channel?
(NancyL) Thus, we will have an early session here, for a couple hours, I gather.
(Earth420) cool beans dude!
(Tizza) whot the hells going on??
(Nightbird) Thank you, Nancy
(FullMoon) thanks, NancyL
(NancyL) However, this means intense moderation on your part, or at least +m so the Zetas can speak.
(Shenamea2) ty Nancy
(LadyInRed) ty Nancy
(Nightbird) I wish these disrupters would get a life
(GWilra) Thanks NL
(Gemini) Nancy, when do you think NYC would be locked down
(Cruithne) yeah
(Kimbrian) Obany...why dont You temporaryli set it so people cant speak?
(CMell) better have some operators in here NancyL
(Dufus) what's going on over at poleshift discussion?!!
(Bailey) Obany does a good job
(Nightbird) hackers, dufus
(GalacticExplorer) its a mess
(Mugada) would any Australiain cities be locked down
(Dethengor) Nancy's KROQ radio interview can be heard here:
(Thunderoc) someone is hacking Queen Dufus
(Shenamea2) u r right Bailey,... Obany does a great job!
(Dufus) So.. the session is not happening?
(WonderBoy) She shouldn't wind so many people up and then she wouldn't get DOS atacked.
(Thunderoc) lol
(Shaman464) Shut up WonderBoy!
(MattL) lol
(Zod) THANKS for the RADIO link Much appreciated
(NancyL) OK, we are going to do an extended session here, but there will be aggressive +m moderating and Obany will ban freely and no appologies.
(Spankey) at least they didn't rerout the zetatalk DNS to
(Shenamea2) good
(Bailey) who is the one trying to take over Queens room wonder boy, it is her room, don't like stay out
(Earth420) Go Obany!
(CMell) that sounds nice NancyL
(Jurian) Spankey: heh, that's a sad way to get people there :p
(Tekk) In the meantime, the Zetas could describe a typical day at one of the hybrid camps post shift...
(Dufus) Shame on you Spankey.. you know some people will go there
(NancyL) Q1 will be the lockdown I mentioned for LA and NYC and other cities, and what the Zetas already said was planned for Indonesian cities.
(NancyL) Obany, if you +m me, I will begin the ZT on this.
(NancyL) I wonder how folks coming to #poleshiftdiscussion will know to come here? Or perhaps they already know.
(Obany) i think they do Nancy well i hope they wil
(NancyL) ZT: Many in the elite, which encompases the wealthy, the powerful, and those who have forced themselves into government, are concerned about controlling what they term the mob.
(NancyL) ZT: They watch what is happening in Venezuela, in Argentina during the bank failures, and the anti-Iraq war protests in the US with horror.
(NancyL) ZT: The mob is out of control, or about to be, in their opinion, and history has taught them that this occurs during times when the ruling elite cast a deaf ear to the concerns of the masses, or attempt to ignore the plight of their slaves.
(NancyL) ZT: Democracy, the US being the banner country in this regard, is under threat.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in the US who note the erosion of this institution comment about this in the press, on TV talk shows, and most especially among themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: In other countries, where newly established democracies have enthralled the public, they are keen to keep this privildge alive.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, because of the intense love which mankind casts upon this practice, democracy, the erosion and virtual WAR against this institution is not taken lightly.
(NancyL) ZT: The public is alarmed, and those who want mindless, but talented and energetic, drones as slaves, are concerned.
(NancyL) ZT: How to ensure that the elite, the inner circle of wealthy and powerful, CONTINUE during these times, in control?
(NancyL) ZT: In smoke filled rooms, in those private after-meeting chats that the power-mad have with each other, these issues come up.
(NancyL) ZT: They have determined that to RETAIN power, worldwide, requires a few steps that ABSOLUTELY must be taken, not missed.
(NancyL) ZT: We will list them, as some of the illogical behavior of the power-mad becomes clear when these steps are considered.
(NancyL) ZT: 1. Containment. This is NOT in regard to Iraq, but in regard to the MOST worrysome threat, the mob.
(NancyL) ZT: The elite live in wealthy suburbs, estates, penthouses, and those they consider their slaves live in ghetos, poor neighborhoods, trailer parks, or in 3rd World countries in mud huts.
(NancyL) ZT: In a pole shift scenario, where commerce between countries and overseas will be stopped, the issue is KEEPING the mob in their settings, and preventing them from attacking the elite in their enclaves.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, containment means KEEPING them there, until the bridges fall, the quake crumbled buildings fall upon them, and injury and infection take them out.
(NancyL) ZT: The chemtrails were to poison them, young children, the most innocent, among them, until the US forces that would be required to enforce the chemtrail poisoning learned of this and balked.
(NancyL) ZT: However, preventing escape from cities by bombing bridges, disrupting train schedules, and thus LIMITING the exodus of the poor and underprivildges from city gehtos is now planned.
(NancyL) ZT: However, like most plans of the elite, subject to being countered!
(NancyL) ZT: 2. Enslavement. This plan requires that those healthy and talented among the survivors, NOT the elite, be placed in a position to become enslaved.
(NancyL) ZT: We have in the past warned against moving to locations offered by the governmnet, or the wealthy elite, for jobs, work, requiring the family mainstay to MOVE or relocate.
(NancyL) ZT: A promise of a job, ONLY upon relocation, or relocation of the bread-winner, is suspect.
(NancyL) ZT: Why is it necessary to MOVE in order to offer jobs to those devastated by the fast-bankrupting economy?
(NancyL) ZT: A man, or woman, removed from family and friends, is likely to be pressed into forced labor because they HAVE NO CHOICE.
(NancyL) ZT: Who would they turn to, as an alternative? Quit, and move in with friends temporarily, instead?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, these offers should be viewed with suspicion, and declined.
(NancyL) ZT: 3. Defense. This requires that the elite live in enclaves that are not only in a safe area, but are defensible.
(NancyL) ZT: Often, the elite HAVE moved into such areas, where fences and armed guards or security are present.
(NancyL) ZT: But after the pole shift, when electronic monitoring will be down, and guards persumably distracted by their own family distress, these are not adequate.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the elite have planned get-away estate locations, such as the estates we have mentioned in North Carolina.
(NancyL) ZT: These are guarded by ex-military, ex-CIA, or mercenary types, already hired, whom the elite presume will be their servants throughout.
(NancyL) ZT: Not thinking, of course, that these mercenaries will have other plans of their OWN when they see there is no reason to honor their current masters.
(NancyL) ZT: The mercenaries, of course, will take OVER, and not be gentle about it.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, given these 3 pieces that must be in place for the elite, for the pole shift, what is likely to happen?
(NancyL) ZT: Containment is already planned, in Indonesia, in Britain, in the US, in Australia, but requires a terrorism threat in order to get the military or police or civil units to cooperate.
(NancyL) ZT: These units, in the main manned by the common man, with family and friends and loyalties NOT necessarily in line with those of the elite, are already suspicious.
(NancyL) ZT: Given an order to blockade a city, prevent exit, and institute essential martial law, they would at first obey, but then problems would set in.
(NancyL) ZT: A blockade only works when it is ENTIRELY enforced, and breaches create an exodus that counteracts the blockade, as now those contained are enraged.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we predict that EARLY use of this tactic will create awareness of the tactic, so that later requests for enforcement are poorly implemented and fail.
(NancyL) ZT: Enslavement has not as yet been implemented, as the economic situation has not become so dire that the elite are willing to ADMIT to this, and make such offers.
(NancyL) ZT: We predict that by the time the elite get their act together, they will be overtaken, timewise, by the approach of the inbound Planet X and NOT find any takers in any case.
(NancyL) ZT: Quite the opposite, they will find that they have bunkers, guarded encampments or estates, WITHOUT workers, and will in fact find themselves pressed into this service by the mercenaries they have hired.
(NancyL) ZT: Defense, thus, will more quickly turn upon them, such that their defenders become slave masters, and not lenient in that regard.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, should this scenario play out at all, the public will see FALSE terrorism, or riot control, exercises, blockading the public from exiting their essential ghetoes, the poor neighborhoods around the world.
(NancyL) ZT: Reaction to this will most likely get SOME media attention, but the faces to watch are NOT those of the poor prevented from leaving.
(NancyL) ZT: The faces to watch will be those of the elite, who will look worried outside of any personal threat to themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: As we mentioned last week, this is entertainment!
(NancyL) End ZT, now looking for Q2, and valid followup to Q1.
(Tekk) After the shift, I'm afraid most people would work for the elite/government if it meant steady food, etc. Beats the heck out of starving/dying.
(PegasiTristan) heh, looks like Bushie will be the one digging the ditches :)
(Steve) Nancy, how often are the CheneyBush/intel crowd updated on PX?
(Gemini) Nancy, it would seem to me that the more logical way to get cooperation for a blockdade of city is to have a disease like Small Pox erupt and thus have an excuse to quarantine the city
(STOic) Would like to get out, ahead of municipal authorities
(Shaman464) Nancy: possible Question: Will bush seeing that he will not be able to take the oil feilds by conventual means try to use unconvetaul means like weapons of mass desturction or assingations?
(Thunderoc) govt is the true welfare of society... they do not contribute anything... they only live off the producers!
(NancyL) OK, Q2, which has come up before, is whether the elite CARE what ZT says, and get updated.
(Shaman464) take the oil feilds before the shift
(NancyL) Re Iraq endless Q's, we just addressed that last week, so declined.
(Shaman464) ok
(NancyL) Going onto Q2 as mentioned above, now.
(Longint) Q: How long these chats will go on? What is the future of ZetaTalk texts? How will the material reach the survivors in the Aftertime?
(GWilra) In the U.S. is the objective then to have as many of our troops out of the country?
(Mugada) 0
(NancyL) ZT: The ZetaTalk message is popular on the Internet, worldwide, mentioned in printed matter such as magazines and newspapers, and has a broad reach.
(NancyL) ZT: Despite attempts to utterly discredit it, Nancy and ourselves have managed to dance through the maze, and arrived at a position of influence.
(NancyL) ZT: As mentioned previously, they cannot, despite their numerous attempts, kill certain influential individuals, due to our protection, so the dance was an attempt to INCREASE the reach of the message, while convining the distressed power mad that they had WON the battle.
(NancyL) ZT: Refer to the information we gave some months earlier, about Nancy being allowed to STUMBLE, re this.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, ZetaTalk has arrived at the last hour, fully known worldwide, widely respected, increasing in influence enormously even should it STOP being accessible, because of the many who have followed it over the years, and the many presonal copies of the message that have been made.
(NancyL) ZT: In short, the word is out, and therefore simply trying to STOP the message creates a greater problem, as this would be taken as a sign that a coverup was in effect, proof of the validity of the message.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those who would prevent the common man from knowing what is happening, today, are stuck.
(NancyL) ZT: They cannot simply STOP ZetaTalk, as this would be as bad as allowing it to continue full force.
(NancyL) ZT: They cannot counter the highlights of the message, ie the inbound planet becoming visible 7 weeks before passage, as ANY attempt to offer a countering explanation would be suspect.
(NancyL) ZT: They have thus decided to ignore the message, pretend what is being imaged at our coordiantes is not there, and having increasingly prestigious personages mutter disparaging remarks about Nancy and ZetaTalk.
(NancyL) ZT: But in the back rooms, in private discussions among themselves, the elite, the mongers of death and agony to the common man, pour over new ZetaTalk with increasing anxiety.
(NancyL) ZT: Their best laid plans are NOT working out, the attempts to spread the US military worldwide to enforce the whishes of the elite is meeting with problems as the military is taking sick, being spread too thin, and not being allowed to overtake their objectives promptly so that Iraq falls, Saudi Arabia falls, and the rest of the world be damned.
(NancyL) ZT: They see their prized plans, to escape to Mars, dashed most embarrassingly with the recent Shuttle disaster.
(NancyL) ZT: They see their attempts to maintain the markets, with FALSE value assigned to stock becoming rapidly worthless, slipping from their fingers daily.
(NancyL) ZT: And they read with horror the ZetaTalk that is allowed to emerge because to PREVENT this, to insert THEIR control, creates an even greater aura of truth to the ZetaTalk message, as this weeks problems with the #poleshiftdiscussion chat will demonstrate.
(NancyL) ZT: Do we have White House members, assigned to attend the chats? Absolutely.
(NancyL) ZT: Does Putin monitor ZetaTalk, the Brites? Most definitely.
(NancyL) ZT: Putin monitors, the Brits have LONG been among the disruptors, and other countries reach long reach to attend, to stay abreast of the latest bombs before they hit the streets.
(NancyL) End ZT on this Q2, follup related accepted, and looking for Q3.
(Longint) Q: How long these chats will go on? What is the future of ZetaTalk texts? How will the ZT and TT material reach the survivors in the Aftertime?
(FullMoon) Would the Zetas comment on whether the Columbia was involved with any activities that targeted incoming Nibiru?
(Masisoar) Nancy, can you discuss why this secret part of the shuttle is so well sought after and desired at the moment by the government?
(Steve) Nancy, do you ever hear from the new MJ12? They must be disgusted with the Bush crowd...
(Tekk) After the shift, I'm afraid most people would work for the elite/government if it meant steady food, etc. Beats the heck out of starving/dying. Doesn't mean the STO orientation won't ultimately prevail.
(Serbeo) When will the bottom fall out of the stock market?
(NancyL) Long, when the PS hits, the chats will stop, most likely.
(IaNZ) Is the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand safe, or will it be subducted, as the Pacific Plate goes under the Indian Plate?
(NancyL) Q3 from FulMoon accepted, re the Shuttles activities.
(Abk) are Vatican priests indeed at an observatory in Arizona? What is the Vatican's role in the shift?
(DonMB) Nancy: Alot has happened since last week; Powell, inspectors, etc. Standard Question: As it now appears more likely than ever, are we going to war in Iraq?
(Obany) Longint: it already has been explained, there is info called live zetatalk there
(PoopyPanties) If we have had previous poleshifts and land change - then why do we have sandy beaches along coastlines that take millions of years to form?
(Samsara2003) Is the new MJ12 involved in helping spread the word of ZT and prevent acts of sabotage?
(MattL) hey IanZ a fellow New Zealander
(ZooSpecimen) is the dust bowl in China related to Px?
(Longint) Obany I know but hoped for more clarification about this matter.
(Obany) DonMB: no Iraq questions for what i remember
(Sahir) Are teh folks who the Zetans have decided to help subconsciously aware of their pending assistance?
(NancyL) ZT: It has been rumored that the Shuttle Columbia was carrying Plutonium, and thus the distress over its parts spread far and near during the disaster.
(NancyL) ZT: The debris to be recovered is important because of the INSTRUMENTS it represents, instruments NOT admitted to the public in the published activities accepted for the Shuttle to be involved in.
(NancyL) ZT: Monitoring the inbound Planet X, and maneuvering to nuke it, involve primarily probes that have been sent aloft ready to act as guided bombs, and the Hubble.
(NancyL) ZT: The Hubble has been REPEATEDLY outfitted with new instrumentation, with an urgency the public has wondered about.
(NancyL) ZT: Just what IS the press to learn about deep space, and why the need for Infrared recently?
(PoopyPanties) can you ask q3 about sandy beaches?
(NancyL) ZT: The Hubble, of course, is daily taking images of the inbound Planet and its complex of moons and dust tail, regardless of what the public is told is the work before the Hubble.
(NancyL) ZT: Only those in NASA, in the inner circle who collect the feed coming from the Hubble, who set the coordinates, know what is TRULY being viewed, and why.
(NancyL) ZT: There are levels in these inner circles, such that those collecting this information are surrounded by another circle, and so forth and so on, so that a breach can be caught LONG before it escapes to the public.
(NancyL) ZT: The probe KNOWN to be carrying Plutonium, some 70 lbs of this, was scarsely the only such probe, as we have mentioned.
(NancyL) ZT: Many Russian probes, dozens of probes sent aloft by the Chinese, hired to loft satellites in the past few years, and several from South Africa, though few know of this.
(NancyL) ZT: These probes go up in groups, NOT each singly, to disguise the numbers.
(NancyL) ZT: How many citizens, watching the launches, can observe WHAT happens to them once they are out of sight, monitored only by the instruments sensitive to the equipment onboard?
(NancyL) ZT: They most often learn of the launches only from the press, and are forbidden from attending the launch, learning of the occurrence after the fact.
(NancyL) ZT: So what is planned, with these nukes, and what is required?
(NancyL) ZT: As assurance that the Hubble can be directed, properly, and the probes directed, even SHOULD interference with directives or communications from Earth's surface be disabled due to magnetic or weather problems, the Space Station is viewed as a backup.
(NancyL) ZT: Man lofted the baloon which viewed the inbound Planet X in 1983, by the IRAS team, because the soup of the atmosphere prevented a clear view.
(NancyL) ZT: This same soup can prevent reception from the Hubble, but the Space Station is deemed a close and clear command post.
(NancyL) ZT: They have their instructions, and these 3, onboard and unlikely to be removed prior to the terrible hour of passage, are expected to perform like the drones the elite presume them to be.
(NancyL) ZT: No emotions, no errors, and they hope no interference from outside forces as occurred, rather obviously, in the case of the Shuttle Columbia.
(NancyL) ZT: The plan, then, is to direct the probes to explode upon the surface of the inbound Planet X, redirecting its path.
(NancyL) ZT: Of course, we have explained that an inbound gravity bound object such as Planet X would NOT be deflected, but human astrophysics says otherwise, that the trajectory is ruled by Newton, and thus they proceed.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus nudges out of the way, the results of which would be closely monitored by the Hubble, the Space Station occupants would be returned to Earth as heroes.
(NancyL) ZT: Of course, no such scenario will occur, but the exact mechanism of its demise will be withheld by us, so as to maximize the disappointment the elite will experience when the Council choses to act.
(NancyL) ZT: The Shuttle was carrying instruments TO the Space Station, regardless of the reported agenda, and returning WITH results not allowed to be transmitted lest they become intercepted by the public and the plot out.
(NancyL) ZT: They are practicing, the reults returned to Houston, and repeat practice scheduled via code between Houston and the Space Station.
(NancyL) ZT: Just what toxic substances WOULD be involved with the Shuttle? Tiles? Foam? Metal? Human excrement?
(NancyL) ZT: Were they experimenting with Small Pox up there? DDT? PCB?
(NancyL) ZT: NO explanation is given to the public on WHAT toxins are probably, or WHAT the public is to do in the event of exposure.
(NancyL) ZT: Is the public directed to report to a detox center if accidentally exposed? NO! This is because the excuse given is false.
(NancyL) ZT: The manner in which the Shuttle was pulled apart, caused to disintegrate, was designed to spread the debris over the LARGEST possible area, in order to discombobulate the elite in NASA and the White House and their international allies.
(NancyL) ZT: The message to those listening, TELL your public what is approaching, so that THEY can make their own personal plans just as YOU are doing.
(NancyL) ZT: What else is government for? What else is defense for? What else, in the name of God, is Homeland Security for!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, looking for followup and Q4.
(Damon`) Nancy, so the astronauts knew about the real nature of their mission and NIBIRU?
(Shenamea2) Isn't the Space Station in danger from the incoming Planet X (the tail, etc)? How will they return to Earth after the PS?
(Redeye) whoa
(ZooSpecimen) Why was the shuttle carrying Plutonium BACK to earth?
(PoopyPanties) Nancy, the folks at NASA are intelligent, they know a few firecrackers wont do shit to PX, at least come up with something better than that please to sound convincing
(FullMoon) I understood the Columbia was the only shuttle that couldn't dock with the space station because it was so old
(Tekk) Why can't someone hack into the hubble feeds, and post pics of PX?
(Spankey) why can't the elite use a nuclear powered supermagnet to keep the Earth from poleshifting?
(Abk) are Vatican priests at observatories in Arizona? Why? What is the Vatican up to?
(Acti) ... fairy tales
(Steve) Nancy, would a recient Hubble picture of PX alert the public or just confuse?
(RudyJoe) Please post the logs as soon as possible. Thanks.
(Stmax) Hubble doesn't have a feed. It's data, not video.
(NancyL) Zoo, the Z's did NOT say the shuttle was carrying Plutonium back, they said this was a false rumor.
(JohnJ) Hmm. After the staged take-over attempt of QueenVee's IRC channel today,
(JohnJ) I suspect Nancy will use this as justification for stricter anti-crimethink measures.
(JohnJ) I have a hunch QueenVee's political adversaries will use it as proof that she can't
(JohnJ) control the IRC chats as she wants to do. Sounds lke Stalin vs. Trotsky, huh?
(ZooSpecimen) ah! ok
(Thunderoc) Is there another shuttle to take the place of Columbia/Challenger?
(Redeye) what was the dangerous substance ?
(NancyL) Shenamea2, yes, if the Space Station guys are alive at the time of the passage, quick death, no question.
(Tekk) didn't say it was video
(Stmax) Okay, not pictures, either.
(Spankey) were there plans to nuke the Moon as practice?
(NancyL) Poopy, you should see the arguments on this matter done on sci.astro by Tate, the guy in the UK who thinks we can nudge asteroids out of the way.
(Obany) Spankey: i don't think so
(NancyL) They absolutely think this will happen. DUMB!
(Tekk) somewhere the data is made into pics, right?
(Earth420) Nancy, could you comment on maybe there being more UFO sightings?
(Spankey) why can't the elite use a nuclear powered supermagnet to keep the Earth from poleshifting?
(NancyL) FullMoon, false report, I'm sure, NASA lies!!
(Zod) I detected BUSH wa slooking very worried after the shuttle disater .
(NancyL) Takk, if you hack into the Hubble feeds, let me know :-)
(Spankey) if more UFOs show up now, the aliens will be blamed for the poleshift!
(NancyL) I'm sure it has been tried.
(Tekk) wish I could..
(Tied2) Tekk the shuttle data / feed is most likely spot beamed to a certainer place as not to be intercepted easily
(Obany) Spankey: stop asking such redicilous questions ...
(Stmax) Hubble's full schedule is posted on sci.astro.hubble
(Obany) they have no use whatso ever
(Damon`) how will Nasa try to cope with its shuttle paralization?
(STOic) Did Bush learn to stand with his citizenry yet?
(Tekk) lot of satellite dishes out there
(NancyL) Abk, see the Pope Scope info. They have rented the scope, and peek etc. But do NOT let their flock know!
(Sahir) Are teh folks who the Zetans have decided to help subconsciously aware of their pending assistance?
(Stmax) No mention of Planet X anywhere on the Hubble schedule
(Tekk) lol
(Frank) hi
(Earth420) Stmax, DUH!
(NancyL) RedEye, NO dangerous substance, this is just the NASA means of preventing folks from LOOKING at the wreckage.
(Frank) How are the latest images of Planet-X looking?
(Tekk) oh well...forget it then
(Johny) Redeye- I think that was the point, there WAS no dangerous sunstance
(Obany) Sahir: what do you mean by that?
(NancyL) Spanky, this is a dumb Q, re the magnet.
(Thunderoc) so it is the instruments they are looking for?
(MikeO) Did the shuttle disaster play a role in Russia's pullback this week of support for an attack on Iraq? Maybe the Russians are trying to figure out how to tell their people what's up?
(PoopyPanties) how many moons does Nibiru have?
(Redeye) oh righty, i see thx
(ZooSpecimen) its naive to think nuclear bombs (as powerfull as they are) could deflect a planet. The would be nothing but pin pricks to a large planet??!!
(Jacob) Nancy, if Columbia wasn't fitted with a docking ring, how was it supposed to hook up with the ISS?
(NancyL) STOic, Bush will be seen personally disintegrating before he stands with his public.
(Sahir) Ah - last time the Zs said that most folks were subconsciously awar of PX as opposed to consciously aware
(GWilra) yes, what kind of instruments are being withheld from the public at large?
(Tekk) Can someone post that 1983 picture of Planet X?
(PoopyPanties) are any of the PX moons inhabitable, and if so is this one of the elite escape plans?
(VonSpark) are there any sites that can help we, the layman, understand better what it is we're seeing when viewing the PX images from Steve et al?
(Frank) Nancy real quick, is Planet-X still suppose to pass on May 15th?
(NancyL) Frank, I have been away from my computer for days, so not kept up.
(Frank) thank you Nancy
(Sahir) I was wondering if the people the Z's are planning to help are also subconsiously aware of that future assistance
(Matsuri) Nancy: whats the point in escaping to Mars ?
(STOic) oh wow, Bush to personally disintegrate... emotionally?
(Earth420) Nancy, will there be more UFO sightings soon?
(NancyL) However, re the recent imaging, 1/26, 28, 30, and I think I saw 2/3 images mentioned TOO, analysis is in process.
(Stmax) Stop asking sensible questions, Jacob! Amateur astronomers could easily have seen any link-up between the shuttle and ISS. Just a coupling never happened.
(JohnJ) Obany? Did you kick me?
(Redeye) did the session start early ?
(Cybervvizz) they can build a huge parabolic mirror satdisc in the desert to burn the meteors (mostly ice) away :-),
(NancyL) I think the NEXT focus (last was individual moons and their swirls being evident) will be the size of the PX body.
(PoopyPanties) Nancy, if you are telling the truth, then why don't the CIA just blow your f**king head off?
(Obany) JohnJ: yes.... don't bring this up in this channel
(RudyJoe) Why did the session start so early?
(Jeremy) Redeye: yes, I joined late
(NancyL) The Z's said that due to scattering of light from the close hugging dust cloud, this is diffuse, but is LARGER than would be suspected.
(Redeye) :-(
(NancyL) We may be pixel analysis of the White Persona, the pixels surrounding this.
(NancyL) It is an emerging experience, just WHAT any new imaging session brings out.
(Frank) Nancy do u have an 8-hour job? Im just curious?
(STOic) Bush would rather disintegrate personally than stand with his citizenry?
(Obany) Frank: mmm what does that have to do with this session ???
(NancyL) Those unable to take their OWN images must rely on the GIF and JPG provided, I'm afriad.
(Frank) im just wondering
(Matsuri) Nancy: whats the point in escaping to Mars ?
(NancyL) Else, get FITS viewed, download, and do your own homework!
(MichaleJackson) what if you don't have a computer?
(VonSpark) I've looked at the files and images but have difficulty understanding what Im seeing w/ no visual references. Where can I get help understanding the images? Anyone (Jeremy?) can answer!
(NancyL) For those just joining, Queen has been hacked, interferred, so she could not moderate.
(Redeye) MJ, then ya fucked
(Serbeo) where will most of large objects be striking the Earth?
(Redeye) whoa
(Spankey) why dont the zetas protect her?
(MichaleJackson) why don't you put a big arrow on the JPEGs saying 'here it is'
(ZooSpecimen) wow!
(NancyL) Our response to this was to have a closely monitored #zetatalk session early, so the Zetas could speak.
(STOic) any more questions?
(Jacob) MichaleJackson: you don't like all the red circles...?
(Thunderoc) lol
(NancyL) Thus, those hacking her did not succeed, and the hand that attempted interference in fact got bitten, I suspect.
(MichaleJackson) who's been interfering with Queen's Vee?
(Karen) Bravo!
(Berten) are the zetas now speaking through you at this very moment?
(Obany) Spankey: this is a human thing.. that's why
(NancyL) VonSpark, either educate yourself or take the word of others.
(MattL) lol
(NancyL) MichaelJ, this is DONE already!
(Niburu) didnt like the shuttle explantion last week but seems they are finding UFO activity and a strange puple bolt that struck it
(Tekk) how about at some point, posting a pic with reference points, then having the Zetas explain/elaborate.
(NancyL) Well, I'm looking for Q4, but have not found it yet.
(Obany) okay folks ask questions please
(STOic) Do you suppose Bush got his message, or does it really matter at this point, Nancy?
(Matsuri) Nancy: whats the point in escaping to Mars ?
(Earth420) Maybe comment on Bushs interest funding in Cyber security?
(Serbeo) where on Earth will the large objects hit?
(VonSpark) I WISH to educate myself, as well as taking the word of others! I just wanna be pointed in a direction by those more knowledgeable than myself.
(Zod) Question for nancy: Could one person use a Pendulum to determine a safe location for themself, or to determine if water is SAFE to drink. How does Pendulum dowsing work ?
(MichaleJackson) Q4 - are any of the moons inhabitable and could they be an elite escape plan?
(NancyL) NIbiru, was it reported to be a purple bolt? I read briefly the San Francisco report but it said white streaks coming from the Shuttle.
(Steve) Nancy, do you ever hear from the new MJ12?
(Spankey) what about that John Hutchison guy who did gravity experiments. His footage has proven to not be faked and even involved density shifting.
(Tekk) Could the Zetas describe a typical day at one of the hybrid camps, post shift?
(IaNZ) Q about safety of South Island NZ?
(Damon`) how will Nasa cope with its shuttles being grounded? have they faced defeat?
(NancyL) Earth Q on Cyber security accepted as Q4 :-)
(Niburu) it was said to be a purplish streak that wrapped around the contrail towards shuttle
(Obany) Zod: check zetatalk it's there already about the dowsing
(ZooSpecimen) MJ12 is gone now no?
(Obany) There is a new MJ12, check zetatalk for that
(Thunderoc) where does Irac have it's weapons of mass destruction hidden?.. chemical, biological etc...and how to best force Irac to come clean and avoid a war?
(STOic) Will Containment be noticeable more now as times shorten?
(NancyL) ZT: Sudden interest from the White House on cyber security, on engaging the public in this, has an agenda.
(NancyL) ZT: Why was this not the PRIME focus before?
(NancyL) ZT: Have secure web sites not been hacked? The FBI was reportedly hacked, as an instance.
(NancyL) ZT: Has terrorism not flourished, being able to communicate messages on when to schedule an attack, via the web?
(NancyL) ZT: Bin Laden, prior to the 911 attack, was reported to have used this method, LONG reported to the public, but why the long delay before making this an imperative from the White House?
(NancyL) ZT: We stated last week that entertainment was about to begin, with the public standing gap mouthed and scratching their heads watching the elite during these next weeks.
(NancyL) ZT: The WHY of their actions can be assumed to be false, as stated.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine for a moment an elite who presumed only a couple years ago that they could enlist the weathy to pay for an escape to Mars, in fact offering them space trips, and jollied the public on how IMPORTANT it was to have a manned flight to Mars and explore the past of this now forzen planet.
(NancyL) ZT: George Bush Sr took to sky diving to show that even the old, among the elite, could have hope.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, due to almost continuous accidents in Mars probes, this seems a dead issue.
(NancyL) ZT: Many decades spent outfitting underground installations, such as Mt Weather and similar enclaves in the Urals, resulted only in dashed plans as the elite became aware that they most likely had outfitted dark tombs, with themselves as the horrified occupants burried alive.
(NancyL) ZT: The last hope, nuking Planet X into another trajectory, is the subject of frantic and highly emotional debates, with the accuracy of our predictions standing like a knife over the heads of those pressed to prove otherwise.
(NancyL) ZT: They see themselves, in the cold night when they cannot distract themselves with barked orders to underlings, standing with the populace they have so distained.
(NancyL) ZT: Now what would that world be like, for the elite?
(NancyL) ZT: Lack of communications would be the BIG issue, as the elite in the US, Russia, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, presume a coordinated recovery.
(NancyL) ZT: Should ZetaTalk be correct, and we seem to ALWAYS be so, then their satelites will be torn from the skies.
(NancyL) ZT: As we have advised the common man, short wave radio CAN be used as an internet replacement, and the ionosphere will quickly rebuild to be used as the bounce point, as today.
(NancyL) ZT: Low frequency waves, ELF, have been in operation for some time, but the discombubulated core interfers with this, so the assumption is that this technique would NOT work for some time after the shift, those crucial years when the control of the elite would be, in their opinion, so important.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they are STUCK with our suggestion, using short wave!
(NancyL) ZT: This in preference to carrier pigeon, horse back, or whatever.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, given the current state of the Internet, and the phone lines, which the elite LISTEN to shamelessly, how safe would THEY be?
(NancyL) ZT: All phone conversations, all email, supposedly secure traffic, is hacked and listened to, regardless of the legalities, and has been for YEARS, by the elite.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, without their satellites, their spy mechanisms, their banks of computers keeping close contact with ALL traffice, how secure would THEY be, and how to monitor those survivors who manage to survive, in high tech mode?
(NancyL) ZT: They are looking for cooperation! Please, in addition to going on high alert due to unspecified terror threats, cooperate with our requests on cyber security!
(NancyL) ZT: The presumption is that MOST high tech survivors will be drone middle class citizenry, worldwide, who will INSTALL yet to be announced software that will allow the elite to SUPPRESS snooping by the public, while at the same time allow the elite to MONITOR traffic on high tech survival sites.
(NancyL) ZT: None of this will succeed, due to the rogue nature of UNIX advocates, long suspicious of Bill Gates and his MicroSoft software.
(NancyL) ZT: Even the US public, per recent polls honestly reported, do not trust the White House.
(NancyL) ZT: Beyond this problem, this scheme simply will NOT be allowed to proceed, even should some naive high tech survivors feel they should cooperate.
(NancyL) ZT: As we said last week, this is entertainment time!
(NancyL) End ZT on this, followup or Q5?
(MikeO) Q5, please.
(Karmie) Nancy, Please define, 'The Elite.'...thanks
(MichaleJackson) Nancy, will the zetas install you as the new prez of the world in June?
(Beyond) After the shift, I'm afraid most people would work for the elite/government if it meant regular food. Beats the heck out of starving/dying. Doesn't mean the STO way won't ultimately prevail.
(Spankey) with that much control, how does anything like Napster or Kazaa last more than a second?
(Redeye) are the warnings the Bush Admin. has recieved, likely to be heeded ? is assassination likely ?
(VonSpark) what EXACTLY is the gov't attempting to distract us from with this MOST CURRENT ORANGE terror warning in the USA this weekend? A specific event, or just a continuance of the general fear tactic theyve been taking?
(Thunderoc) Question for Zeta's:: where does Irac have it's weapons of mass destruction hidden?.. chemical, biological etc... and how to best force Irac to come clean and embarass the us by avoiding the war they so want? Will Irac torch it's own oilfields or worse..release it's (assumed) biological weapons cache upon the middle east and us forces??
(LeXar) Q5, for the love of Mike, Q5!!!!!!
(Kimbrian) thank You for the entertainment:))
(Thunderoc) Question 5?
(Steve) Nancy, do you ever hear from the new MJ12?
(ChiefSimi) Entertainment time for the Zetas, bu this poleshift will be terrible
(GWilra) too stunned to speak.... Microsoft? say it isn't true....
(NancyL) Karmie, elite is banking industry, heads of certain govments (US, Brits, Russia, AU), and the very wealthy.
(Sahir) How do the Zetans determine who will be part of a hybrid community?
(Obany) Sahir: i think this has been explained in ZT for what i know
(NancyL) Q5 is the REPEATED Q posted that after the shift, most survivors will work for the elite!
(Sahir) Not that I've read, but there is a lot to read
(NancyL) This is being posted by different individuals, so I'll presume the elite are worried about this and desire an answer :-)
(Earth420) Maybe a question: a comment on people becoming more aware of aliens and UFOs i.e. more sightings?
(Obany) Sahir: it's there check team mates etc
(Zod) hehehe
(Beyond) With all due respect, if it was possible to send confidential email to expose Enron, and also somehow bring down a shuttle or two, why would it not be possible to have worked with inventors over the years to bring about free energy machines?
(Earth420) ha
(PegasiTristan) Yes, what's with the new terror alert? Just trying to keep the people looking to their government for protection?
(Zod) NO.. starve 1st
(NancyL) ZT: We have advised that the common man avoid becoming a slave of the elite, avoid offers of employment that require their relocating, so as to avoid becoming a slave.
(Obany) but why is this questions so important to ou ?
(Sahir) OK, but is there something about them being consciously aware of their status?
(NancyL) ZT: Is this advice necessary, and would such as scheme by the elite succeed?
(NancyL) ZT: The elite presume the status quo continuing.
(NancyL) ZT: They presume the public being DUMB until the end.
(NancyL) ZT: They presume their lackies being good employees until the end.
(NancyL) ZT: They presume their funds, their wealth, being worth what it is today until the end.
(NancyL) ZT: They presume industry plodding along so that supplies will be available until the end, commerce continuing.
(NancyL) ZT: They presume that repairs in the supply line, in communication lines, will be forthcoming and not permanently, disruptively, devastating.
(NancyL) ZT: They are wrong on ALL counts.
(NancyL) ZT: They will find they cannot escape to their enclaves, as expected, but will be trapped WITH the populace by mechanical or other problems.
(NancyL) ZT: They will find that their secrets, their locations, the whereabouts of their supplies, are divulged due to careless and distracted employees, or angry employees.
(NancyL) ZT: They will find that the mercenaries they have hired, and presume they will control, will turn a surly eye upon them WELL before the shift, and may take their transportation to their safe enclaves AWAY from them well before the shift, such will be the comeupance they will receive from the thugs they have employed.
(NancyL) ZT: They will find NOTHING they have planned working as expected, the horrors to them endless and beyond enumeration.
(NancyL) ZT: In short, they will find themselves fully WITH those they have so casually condemmed to horrors in innorance.
(NancyL) ZT: The poor, their babes in their arms, trapped in coastal cities by bridges bombed by the elite so the poor cannot escape.
(NancyL) ZT: The injured survivor, broken limbs, infected cuts, starving children, looking about without rescue.
(NancyL) ZT: THIS will be their lot, and a perfect Karma it is!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(NancyL) Followup?
(Steve) Nancy, How soon before the shift will the bridges be bombed?
(Domicile) Will those (angles-at-work) assisting with the retransmission/amplification of amature radio waves due to the loss of the ionosphere, also work for those in the STS orientation?
(Thunderoc) Elite are Morgan's, Schiff's, Rothschilds, Rockerfeller's, name a few..(For Karmie! :o)
(NancyL) So, bottom line, the elite will NOT find themsleves with willing workers :-).
(NancyL) The elite will themselves be scrambling!
(LadyInRed) will CB radios work?
(Obany) Domicile: i don't think so Domicile
(Franci666) why this continuous reporting of Elite's bad karma, I don't care for them ... let's talk about the destiny of the common man
(NancyL) Steve, hands of man on this matter, so no prediction possible.
(Obany) LadyInRed: for what i know CB is shortwave too
(Zetapal) hmm
(LadyInRed) ty:)
(Bailey) CB, ham is short wave
(VonSpark) small pox vaccinations a ruse to control/kill off mass people? How about the most recent terror alert? A specific reason, or just more baseless fear?
(Earth420) ANy closer to someone in authority "coming out" about PX?
(NancyL) Domicile, you are asking if an entire industy will become STS? :-) This is an individual decision!
(Jammer) cb equals 27 MHz
(Serbeo) what will happen to the Allagany River
(NancyL) LadyInRed, short wave will be assisted, so that STO groups can communicate, STS cannot FIND them, per the Z's in past ZT.
(LadyInRed) ty Nancy
(RudyJoe) Thanks Nancy. A sensational session so far. Looking forward to reading the logs. I missed the ZTs comment on Columbia.
(Kimbrian) Thank You Nancy. Great!!
(NancyL) Francie666, I think the focus this session was because Queen could NOT monitor her chat, so the elite are getting their comeupance.
(STOic) Did Bush?
(NancyL) Q6 accepted from VonSpark re the recent US terror alert, real or fake, etc. This will be the last Q.
(Earth420) They want to know the haps
(Beyond) a starving population might do just about anything for food
(VonSpark) thanks nancy!
(AGreenspan) You'd think with her chosen nick, the elite would kinda like her..but I guess no..
(NancyL) ZT: US terror alerts, which routinely result in NOTHING of merit, are a distraction.
(Obany) AGreenspan: so what ... a nick is just a nick ..
(NancyL) ZT: Bush falls on his face with his Powell presentation to the UN, and his reaction is to try to turn the tide of public opinion TO his side, by reminding them of 911.
(NancyL) ZT: Does the public have access to the "chatter" his ops supposedly heard?
(NancyL) ZT: This is all classified, so one must take the word of the White House, which even the US public has taken as suspect.
(NancyL) ZT: And where is Bin Laden, the terror network supposedly erradicated?
(NancyL) ZT: Alive and well, as we stated shortly after 911 and whenever rumors of Bin Ladens death are reported.
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, Afghanistan is NOT under control, nor the Taliban erradiated, and this is indeed the home today of Bin Laden and his immediate staff!
(NancyL) ZT: What is termed terrorism is reaction to incited violence, insults to the Muslim world, repression of Palestinians, and carefully orchestrated media reporting.
(NancyL) ZT: How much does the world hear about the Australian Aborigines, and their plight, and their personal means of DEALING with the daily insults they receive?
(NancyL) ZT: This is not headlined, the cases where a hated white man is lead to his death, at the hands of nature, by Aborginines, as it servers no agenda, and the Aborigines hold no oil!
(NancyL) ZT: How often are cases where the oppressed black man in Africa has vengeance upon the corporate greed that feeds upon that country?
(NancyL) ZT: Corporate officers, or agents, are infected, DELIBERATELY, with AIDS or worse, but no mention in the media, and why?
(NancyL) ZT: Because this would counter the press to conquer and control the assets, make those sent forth into this country reluctant, and because those having their vengeance control no OIL!
(NancyL) ZT: The crises with the Muslim world, from the Israel/Palestinian conflict down to plotting Iraq and Iran against each other during the Bush Sr. administration, are because of OIL.
(NancyL) ZT: Open the Alaskan oil fields, push into Nigeria, but the REAL pools of oil, already tapped and in operation, heading into the presumed pole shift moment, are in Muslim hands!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, when you see the terroist issue presented as Christian/Muslim issues, or Iraq the monster with North Korea excused, look to THIS issue.
(NancyL) End ZT, and no followup as I've been doing this for 2.5 hours and the hour is up!
(RudyJoe) Do the heinous terrorists intend to use the pole shift to their advantage? Are they wishing and waiting for it? And, have aliens made alliances with Iraq to tip the scale in favor of the Muslims?
(MikeO) Today's ZT really rose to the occasion following the attack on Queen Vee. Let's give credit to Nancy and the ZT cops, as well as to Queen Vee, whose bad experience helped us turn things up a notch, for the better.
(Karmie) Nancy - could you/zetas please speak of the firestorm right after the pole shift?....will it happen everywhere and how long will it last?
(Dethengor) nancy's KROQ radio interview can be heard here:
(NancyL) Rudy, the henious are the elite, not the terrorists, who are reacting, not instigating.
(NancyL) Who STARTED all this, looking back into recent history?
(JoeBeets) Nancy: Thanks for the only truth left.
(Lombo243) has someone a video divx of it?
(Me) Great session, Nancy. Thanks!
(Thunderoc) money
(Obany) well to bad the other session didn't go on ... but we had this one and this one was good
(Kimbrian) yea!
(RudyJoe) Only kidding, Nancy. And, thanks for a great session!
(FullMoon) Thankyou Nancy for your outstanding service to others
(Obany) hope next week it will be okay again
(Earth420) No, it was still great Obany!
(NancyL) For instance, if I were to say, WHO is the source that has bioterrorist labs, nukes, and is the MOST aggressive and not even hiding world domination attempts?
(Redeye) indeed MikeO
(VonSpark) thanks for answering nancy...'s alot of work, Im sure!
(Zetapal) thanks Dethengor - been looking for that - are you looking for any files?
(Jeremy) Nancy: I doubt the elite alone can be blamed for the attacks on QueenVees channel. She has habitually kicked and banned so many people from that channel, often for the most trivial of 'offences', that she has made her own antagonisers. She even made a sneering remark against myself recently which has been doucmented by several active IRC monitors. Are you aware of that??
(NancyL) It would NOT be Iraq, it would be, due to the takeover of the White House, the Bush Administration!
(Beyond) Nancy, let Calgon take you away...
(Bailey) Bayer?
(ZooSpecimen) good point Jeremy
(NancyL) Look at the Anthrax issue, when Democratic Senators were given a strain that came from the Utah CIA labs!
(GWilra) Nancy: Thank the +Z's for us, will you?
(Nemo) 7 wk prior, Px visible in what part of day sky?
(NancyL) Yet the FBI is directed to harrass a Maryland guy, NOT guilty, and NO investigation of the Utah CIA labs and NO prosecution!
(Sundar) Was QueenVee attacked physically?
(VonSpark) Cant some STO influence expose this crap, not unlike hoe Enron unravelled?
(NancyL) Patently obvious.
(Jacob) She even kicks you if you don't agree with her leftist political views.
(Obany) Jeremy: well this was different for what i know
(ZooSpecimen) thats why i never go to the QueenVee chats anymore
(Beyond) QueenVee seemed 'in a mood'
(Jeremy) Being a proponent of ZetaTalk is no excuse to lie and suppress free thinking of others. I will NOT resort to those tactics, even as a believer...
(Kimbrian) moderation power can be hard to handle
(NancyL) The US excuses itself from the land mine issue (and this was during Clinton era), and plans to plant mines in Iraq!
(RudyJoe) Thanks Nancy and all attending for another great session!
(Bailey) if you think you can do better open your own room, she just had surgery
(STOic) ooo
(3j) so it is the elite who took down QueenVee's channel ??
(Cybervvizz) I say always, don't fight with sysops and those sitting on IRC for decades
(NancyL) Every other country agrees to STOP using land mines!
(Sundar) May be Queenvee had a psychic attack
(3j) the 31337 h4ck3rz? :P
(STOic) she will return..
(NancyL) And nukes, another issue! The US can DO this, to takover Iraq, but no other country should?
(Spankey) was Princess Diana killed, like Wellstone was?
(Halo) yup
(NancyL) Perhaps we should have a terror alert on the Bush Administration :-)
(VonSpark) no argument from ME!
(NancyL) Right now they are CODE ORANGE!
(PegasiTristan) hehe
(MikeO) Jacob, from the view expressed by the Zetas, I'm sure that most Republicans in the U.S., including their stooge talk-show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, would dismiss them as liberal fanatics.
(Thunderoc) what about Impeachment for Bush??
(NancyL) Gotta go, folks, thank for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Bailey) yes there is Nancy, warnings about daddy doing in baby
(BC) good session Nancy
(STOic) yeah an alert to watch the Administration..
(Obany) it was not only QyeenVee but others to, and #poleshiftdiscussion turned into the more serious channel since some time different then #troubled_times
(LeXar) I think we owe that to you Nancy
(Karen) Code Orange for what will they do next
(NancyL) Thanks to the loyal cops who +m and quick finger to ban the deliberate disrupters.
(LeXar) and the Zs.....
(Damon`) thankkk you hardworking Nancy and zetas
(NancyL) Planet X must be getting REAL obvious in images, for the distress visited on Queen.
(MikeO) The right-wing whackos in the USA now use the word liberal to disparage anyone who still has a conscience.
(Thunderoc) agent orange code orange...anthrax/ polio scare equal terroriSTS?
(Redeye) kaka , MikeO
(NancyL) By the by, the FITS files are SO desired by the general public that the sites given for access went into meltdown promply.
(Kimbrian) got it Nancy:)
(GeneAum) Righton! MikeO
(NancyL) In short, hundreds, HUNDREDS of amateurs and astronomers accessed them, immediately.
(NancyL) And this was within hours.
(Ctd) lol
(Karen) wonderful to see things progressing to get the info out there
(NancyL) And of course they take their OWN images, which the elite can't control. How sad, now they are battering Queen.
(RudyJoe) Hey, Steve, you're late.
(Spankey) Nancy do you get your political info from
(STOic) I wonder whose behavior will be modified next, Nancy...
(Thunderoc) Nancy.. perhaps some dialog regarding Pakistan... and the possible wherabouts of Bin Laden and associates?
(SteveH) Did I miss anything?
(Jwd) most everything ;o)
(NancyL) No Silk? No Cunningham? No Howmo? Humm. Where they at today?
(Obany) SteveH: Yes
(ZooSpecimen) hehe
(RudyJoe) Yeah, you missed the entire session.
(SteveH) hehe
(Franci66) God (Zetas) save the Queen Vee chat!
(ZooSpecimen) the air is fresh in here :)
(NancyL) SteveH, I JUST got back from my trip like 30 minutes before the chat!
(SteveH) I had ballroom dance lessons with my girlfriend, X-mas present from her folks
(JoeBeets) I'll hold this session in my heart throughout the times to come. Thank you.
(Damon`) whats the latest date on the latest images?
(Karen) What needs to be done for Queen to get back up again
(Tied2) you all are welcome to join #earthchanges channel
(NancyL) Have NOT read recent email so don't know the status of images, analysis.
(SteveH) where did you go Nancy?
(Redeye) haha we can ask the Z's what they were upto next week
(STOic) yeah Karen
(RudyJoe) Lets hope the logs get posted quickly.
(Obany) NancyL: Howmo is banned from this channel ....
(NancyL) Steve is having fun these days, and well deserved!!
(SteveH) I took some new images on Feb 07, just got the darks for them this morning
(Obany) since he was disruptive every week
(Beyond) have fun while you still can
(SteveH) I'm getting married in March actually, heading to Mexico then
(NancyL) SteveH, I went GrayHound bus to recover one of our old cars that had electrical problems in another state, on a trip taken some months ago.
(NancyL) Enjoyed the bus ride, with the poor, good folk almost to a one! Chatted like crazy!
(SteveH) fun bus ride?
(Cybervvizz) No, Nancy, I think Queenvee is hacked due to her kick-ban/policy and NOT due to the PlanetX story, if it was the lathern they would hack You, Obany, etc either.
(SteveH) nice
(NancyL) And we now have one of our old cars (this is a '73 bug) back in the stable!
(Cybervvizz) Obany is reasonable, Queenvee not
(Jacob) QueenVee brought it upon herself --Karma.
(SteveH) bugs are fun cars
(Earth420) No one deserves to get hacked!
(NancyL) Cyber, what YOU term reasonable is not what the channel owner deems so.
(STOic) ZT's are you there?
(ZooSpecimen) did they Z's take a window seat isle?
(VonSpark) SteveHavas: an idea I have: can someone with more extensive knowledge of astronomy post at the rogue planet team site instructions in layman's terms as to how to interpret what we see in the images, or a link to such information? I'm LOST when I try.
(Cybervvizz) i known , a lucky we don't share the same mentality
(Bailey) Queen just had a surgery, be pateint with her, you do not understand
(NancyL) I agreed to give her the hour, weekly, due to the quality of her work.
(ZooSpecimen) j/k
(Humvee) Jacob her stricker policy was due to the hacking
(NancyL) Would NOT do so for you, for instance.
(VonSpark) I WANT to learn, I just haven't found a decent place to do so, barring the kind help offered by Jwd.
(Tied2) I think it's hilarious as Queen has it coming.... and many more I saw this coming some time ago I'm surprised it took this long.
(Tied2) the whole idea of STO is to help others not kick them because they have nothing to offer
(RudyJoe) Thanks to all my wispering friends.
(Torbj) I tock the motor of my old bug and put it in a threeweel drived motorcykel.. (trike)
(Cybervvizz) I do other work, work you can't imagine or can not reach the his Highnest
(Beyond) hey sometime could you post a pic with reference points, then have the Zs go over it point by point?
(Obany) keep in mind that some are well still banned from this channel .... not just for some minuts but well with a perm ban
(NancyL) SteveH, I had a good time, revisiting the common man BIG time :-)
(Obany) Howmo for example
(Torbj) good old German teknik!
(Cybervvizz) :-) maybe you can ask the Zetas about it, you will see You are NOT the only one
(Kimbrian) good night people cya soon
(AGreenspan) They are all very serious here, Tied2.
(Bailey) she has what coming for trying to help us by putting together a room where we do not have to deal with whiners, complaners and debunkers?
(FullMoon) SteveH: VonSpark's request is what we'd like as well. Thanks
(MikeO) Queen Vee will come back stronger than ever.
(Ctd3) You mean like QueenVee Bailey?
(STOic) My first time here..
(Sundar) NancyL, Is Bush briefed about Planet X by NASA?
(NancyL) Bailey, no question but Queen does a BIG service, and the disrupters do NOT like her because she is EFFECTIVE.
(Tizza) Nancy : you talk of the common man as tho you are far removed from them?
(Jeremy) Nancy: You ought to read what she said about me
(ZooSpecimen) NancyL is the pic on the zeta site in close proportion to a real zeta?
(Cybervvizz) She is effective at her poor level, yes, and she reflects the mentality of persons who don't master their own ego
(NancyL) SteveH, can you give us a status on the new images? 1/30 does it show a pixel blur of a larger White Persona area. 2/3 images were any taken?
(Jacob) QueenVee is a very hatefull person.
(Bailey) STS and STO is evidant around here
(Earth420) Jacob dont hate because she has bigger balls then you!
(RudyJoe) I doubt that.
(STOic) ooo
(Jeremy) I sensed longed ago that QueenVee has an STS streak in her and frankly I'm astonished Nancy that you have courted her
(NancyL) Sundar, my understanding is that Presidents are NOT Mj12 members, in the past, but Vice Pres are.
(Obany) at least in #poleshiftdiscussion one can speak mor freely .. whatever one might think about Queenvee
(Cybervvizz) if you can't master your ego, you can't enjoy respect for another
(Bailey) Jacob you are not looking at the big picture, just your ego
(NancyL) For instance, Gore was an MJ12 member (I met him in meetings) but Clinton not.
(Jacob) There is no free-speech in her channel, Obany.
(Karmie) Nancy - could you/zetas please speak of the firestorm right after the pole shift?.... will it happen everywhere and how long will it last?
(SteveH) the Jan 30 were 2 x 1 hour images and it looks like a new object shows up well right at the Feb 02 coordinates
(ZooSpecimen) i personlaly believe QueenVee is leaning to STS
(Obany) Jeremy: things happen for a reason ..
(SteveH) shows up well on both images
(NancyL) However, George Sr. put the junior Bushie into MJ12, so by the White House coup they managed to insert a President who WOULD be a MJ12 member.
(MikeO) If Jacob can determine that Queen Vee is hateful, I could determine that Jacob is Zionist. Goes to show you the value of determination.
(Tied2) Obany you can't be serious?
(Jacob) She is STS.
(Halo) Bob Dole is MJ12??
(Ctd3) what's the magnitude Steve?
(VonSpark) Nancy... could Gore's involvement in MJ12 have helped to KEEP HIM FROM the white house, even if that rat bastard Bush hadnt stolen it?
(Jacob) Zionist... hahahaha.
(Franci66) Nancy are you not afraid to go out traveling like a normal woman, considering your important mission? somebody could try to eliminate you..
(Bailey) I guess it depends on what you call free speach, whiners, comlpaners and debunking crap not allowed
(NancyL) This was one reason MJ12 committed suicide, as this power takover was beyond the White House, it had its eye on the MJ12 perks!
(SteveH) the Feb 03 image which was a 2hour exposure had some tracking errors but a new object can be seen very well at the Feb 02 coords
(Sundar) NancyL, Dick Cheney knows about Planet-X, but Bush is totally un-aware of?
(Earth420) How can people say if someone is STS or STO anyhow?
(Jwd) stretchhed ;o)
(NancyL) Queen is firm handed, but I've never seen an STS streak.
(Ctd3) How many pizels in size Steve?
(STOic) Sundar????
(Ctd3) pixels
(Jacob) Earth420: I don't know, but QueenVee likes to say those things.
(NancyL) I don't think she'd be under attack if the elite liked her, frankly.
(Sundar) So, Dick is hiding the truth from Bush?
(PegasiTristan) Can you imagine Bush with cloaked ships and stuff? Scarrrry
(SteveH) several pixels large
(Earth420) Hey, I aint even in this game to be "nice"
(Vn) NancyL I love you
(Ctd3) and it moves between images?
(Tied2) Nancy no one like her we only tolerate her
(Spankey) Is the Skull and Bones a type of junior MJ12?
(Obany) Spankey NO
(JoeBeets) Porr Gore! Where would we be now in preparations if he had beeen allowed to win?
(Vn) I love you all
(NancyL) VonSpark, no, as Bushie Jr involvemnet did not keep him from the nomination!
(AGreenspan) I'm starting to like you Tied2.
(VonSpark) you got me there.
(Bailey) and Queen just had major surgery that effects every aspect of her health and she still keeps keeping on on top of a lot of other pressures
(SteveH) Ctd3, no stays pretty much in the same spot
(Sundar) NancyL, is there something called Earth Council and is it associated with Mj12?
(Obany) Skulls and Bones is well Service to Self like ... an totatly not like the new MJ12
(3j) who just imagine how a Demo prez would of handled 911... horrorfying
(Ctd3) what's pretty much? an arcsecond?
(Karen) Takes thick skinned people like Queen to volunteer her time like she does
(Tied2) AGreen make no mistake I believe in the poleshift
(NancyL) Wow! I will give priority time to getting the best of the best on the web site for those who complain they can't read FITS files.
(NancyL) Well, lazy me has not learned to read FITS files either.
(AGreenspan) You lost me there..
(SteveH) probably an arcsecond or two
(Vn) NancyL I love u and I want u to know it :)
(NancyL) I have not answered email in 3 days, and the Feb 4th live radio for sure incited some email.
(Thunderoc) JPEGs would be nice Nancy..
(STOic) yes Karen it does
(NancyL) Will be busy for days ...
(Lebrasse) Nancy, your greyhound experience reminds us what a melancholy time this is now, so little time left its starting to sink in
(NancyL) Sundar, never heard of Earth Council.
(Ctd3) in the direction it's supposed to be moving Steve?
(Beyond) how did the radio show in LA go Nancy?
(ZooSpecimen) NancyL of all the pics of Z's (aliens) on the internet, which do you believe to be the closest match ?
(VonSpark) SteveH: please read further back in the log and take a gander at my little sggestion. It would be SO helpful to others like myself smart enough to know our existance as we know it is threatened, but TOO DUMB to read the evidence for themselves.
(SteveH) does anyone has a copy of the Feb4 radio show?
(Bailey) look out Nancy looks like more roses coming your way LOL
(Ctd3) Reason I ask, is I've been looking for some time now, and never seen it
(Jwd) Ctd3: Feb 03 PX appears to stretch in same general direction of stars due to tracking errors over 2 hour exposure.
(Cybervvizz) Triton, Sanat Kumara, Morya :-) no? no Earth Council ?
(Ctd3) cool
(Dethengor) SteveH: Nancy's KROQ radio interview can be heard here:
(NancyL) Queen, in her sessions, actually gets some Q's posed and answered without the adolescent insults that have always predominated in the #zetatalk sessions.
(Ctd3) two hours exposure?
(Ctd3) why?
(Damon`) the Feb04 show is right here:
(Spankey) the Feb 4 radio show is not on the media events page.
(NancyL) So, if she can't function, the the #zetatalk sessions will become like the #poleshiftdiscussion sessions.
(NancyL) The Zetas will hold forth! No interruptions!
(PegasiTristan) :)
(SteveH) thanks for link
(WoofferBr) cybervvizz - I know what you're talking about ( Earth Council), and its strange no comments about it at ZT...
(Obany) i agree with yah Nancy ...
(NancyL) Thus the enemy does not win. In fact, because this happened, they just shot themselves in the foot, again.
(AGreenspan) Ah good, we can move on now..
(MikeO) Russia has backed out of quick support for a strike against Iraq, and I expect a lot more second-quessing in Britain in the next couple weeks. Powell's report to the U.N. has helped make Blair look pretty foolish in front of Parliament.
(Cybervvizz) They can't known everything :-)
(Lombo243) FITS's files?
(Redeye) that was weird, got kicked from funnet, with msg saying 'hey sexy' ???
(PGill) Redeye:i got a similar msg
(Ctd3) Yes, where are the FITS files?
(NancyL) SteveH, Feb 4th was with Ozarks, 2 hours, and 15 min with LA KROQ but neither streamed.
(PegasiTristan) Redeye: They tried that with me too
(PGill) but i wasnt kicked
(Bailey) I am not a mean person, but it is a good thing I do not have ban power or a lot of you would have been gone a long time ago
(PegasiTristan) heh, me either
(NancyL) LA was first time, and got in the PS and dates and imaging and ZT accuracy between the jokes.
(SteveH) so there was 2 radio shows?
(NancyL) Like, is that actress Zeta-Jones really a Zeta, etc.
(Redeye) whoa, cheeky fuckers
(Tied2) Redeye someone is posing as Judit I got the same message
(STOic) Worried about local bridge bombing???
(Bailey) under the circomstances these two women have been very patient
(WoofferBr) Cybervvizz - But it they are what they claim, THEY should've know about it...
(Thunderoc) lol Bailey.. perhaps you might have kicked yourself as well??.. lol
(Berten) well, is she?
(MikeO) It's nice to wrap up a ZT session without venom spewing out of Silk's mouth.
(NancyL) But I said "don't be in LA when the shift happens" so many will visit the web site, which they mentioned a hundred times, repeatedly.
(Obany) Berten: dooh
(SteveH) VonSpark, research some help files on CCD imaging is what I suggest, just do some web searches
(Berten) :-)
(Cybervvizz) no wooferbr, probably they don't have access to that information
(VonSpark) of course she aint; no Zeta w/ any self-respect would sleep with Michael Douglas AND advetice for a cellular service.
(Ctd3) Steve, where are the FITS files?
(NancyL) CTD3, the FITS file pickup points will be forthcoming.
(Ctd3) oh, ok
(Domicile) Nancy, if weather cooperates this weekend I may have access to a 24" scope.
(WoofferBr) Ok...
(JoeBeets) I feel empowered just being here.
(Lombo243) and what are this FITS files? missed that
(Beyond) I'm sure LA loved hearing that
(NancyL) Server meltdown before, so not sure all the site, will update the web as soon as possible.
(SteveH) even the experts have trouble analyzing CCD images
(PegasiTristan) Von: lol
(Ctd3) Lombo, raw CCD images
(VonSpark) thanks Steve...I'll look into that..!
(Ralf) CCD images are still digital.
(Sundar) QueenVee follows the right strategy - keep the shit away from drinking water
(Lombo243) ah thanks Ctd3
(Ralf) digital imagery sucks.
(Nemo) NancyL: where in daytime sky will we see Px?
(NancyL) Thanks for the report, SteveH. This time I'm really going. Bye all!
Session Close: Sat Feb 08 17:27:28 2003