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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Feb 01, 2003

Session Start: Sat Feb 01 15:46:24 2003
(MikeO) Or should I say, the ZETA's said the explosion was a message.
(Juish) skills
(Obany) Juish: if you did read then i think will you know who Nancy IS
(Tekk) lol
(Lombo243) good pic nice comet
(Juish) tekk pure skillz
(NancyL) Hello all, I DO have a couple accepted Q's today not already answered earlier.
(Sefi) what was behind the space shuttle explosion?
(Juish) is this this Nancy person
(Niburu) why take that stance though could have been one bad heat tile to burn up very delicate system we already know about the microfractures in the whole fleet
(Darksoulz) Q for NancyL/ZT: I've spoken to a couple of psychic friends of mine (seriously) about the possible upcomming poleshift but they all say this will not happen, although they speak of the possibility of a worldwide disaster that could hit humankind in the not so very far future, Can you or ZT please comment on this?
(NancyL) Q1 re the Shuttle was answered last session, check the logs. Bottom line it was NOT an accident, WAS a message re plans to nuke PX and invade Iraq.
(Zetapal) for those of you who haven't seen it yet, Nancy's radio interviews available for download at this site, check it out:
(Juish) ya well i think its bullshit so screw u Nancy and ur views
(Tekk) we cant check the logs yet
(Lombo243) Juish: es this is the Nancy person
(Obany) Sefi: has been answered upon in the previous session, you will be able to read that in the log
(Niburu) Zetapal plz log the ones from KROQ too I used to live in LA good luck on that show big audience
(Starstalker) Was no one else as sickened by Nancy/Zeta's answer to the shuttle disaster as I was??? And to think I used to believe in this stuff wholeheartedly!
(Pataluha) Darksoulz: Get real... My friends are psychic also and they tell me green dwarves are eating my bananas.. Maybe the Zetas would like to comment that too. See my point?
(Niburu) Patal LOL
(NancyL) Which radio interview was that?
(Darksoulz) im serious on this one Pataluha
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: This coming Tuesday, 2/4 Nancy will be on live radio:
(NancyL) KSNA out of Arkansas at 8:00 AM Central Time for 2 hours
(NancyL) KROQ out of Los Angeles at 8:30 AM Pacific Time (LA's largest morning show)
(Dim) I think it's time to get rid of Juish.
(Jeremy) Nancy: Assuming the Council of Worlds destroyed the shuttle, did the incaranated souls in the astronauts agree to die to implement the quarantine?
(Tizza) Juish....then perhaps its time you left
(Prichard) Is it safe to view Planet X when it arrives? Any radiation problems?
(Richard) Juish: wonder if you will be saying that in two months time
(NancyL) THANKS: To the gentleman who sent me a dozen red roses: they really brightened my winter week! The message: "for your tireless effort in relaying the pole shift warning of ZeatTalk during the past few years. Its been quite a journey already and there is a longer road ahead!" And I wish I could have shared them with all the tireless folks who work alongside me.
(NancyL) Nibiru, if they don't log it, I don't know that it will be done.
(NancyL) Jeremey, they made their peace with death before going up, as shuttle disasters are not unknown.
(NancyL) Prichard, no radiation from Px, but the Bush Administration is a worry. They are planning to put mines in Iraq soil, and use "small" nukes on Iraq installations and cities!
(NancyL) OK, will post a few SIGNS of the TIMES while we have a minute.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Pre-Shift Stretch/Slide
(NancyL) The Paseo Bridge is a major bridge used by 100,000 people daily to enter Kansas City, Missouri from the north. The newspaper said a metal plate fractured which caused the bridge to rise about 8 inches. The bridge was inspected this summer and was structerally sound. The repair to the bridge is estimated at $250,000.00 the paper blames the damage on cold weather but, it seems like the quake in Mexico occured at the same time the bridge went out.
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: Imploding Buildings
(NancyL) Kinston, North Carolina (CNN) -- A massive explosion and fire [1/29] Wednesday gutted a pharmaceutical supply plant ... The explosion was so powerful it blew doors open on houses more than a mile away and sent debris flying, with some pieces landing more than two miles away. 'It blew the roof off a good 400 feet down the road'
(NancyL) There were initial reports of a possible small plane hitting the building, but authorities later ruled that out, saying it was an internal explosion." Explanation of cause: rubber dust. This is like a hot day causing the Maryland train derailments where the rails went zip-zag the day after inspection!
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: Worldwide Depression
(NancyL) World Jobless Hits Record High
(NancyL) "Unemployment around the world has reached a record figure of 180 million and is likely to continue rising, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Two years of economic slowdown have caused the number of jobless worldwide to rise by 20 million to the record level of 180 million."
(NancyL) "Latin America 10%. Argentina 22%. Africa/Middle East 25% of young people are unemployed Europe 7.6%"
(NancyL) End SIGNS of the TIMES
(NancyL) By the by, the Sighting TEAM is so far ahead of me, I can barely get my hands on the FITS files and all, much less the analysis, in a timely manner, so we are going to shift to a new approach.
(NancyL) I will be pointing, on the TEAM page to web sites maintained by JWilliam, Naji, and Pierre for starters, that MAY have new images.
(NancyL) Then, as analysis proceeds, I will post JPG or GIF or ZT re all and results on the TEAM page itself.
(NancyL) (being two emtities is tough to keep straight when you're trying to type a zillion miles a minute)
(NancyL) This will allow those ALSO analysing the images to get them as they pop up and come available.
(NancyL) Also, encourage the DEBATE as the Zetas said last week.
(NancyL) I'm listening to the news in the background, and they have no CLUE what caused the shuttle to break apart.
(NancyL) It was not tiles, this they know.
(NancyL) The tail section came apart, before any explosion, per the videos.
(NancyL) Very quite crowd today!
(NancyL) Are you all still there?
(NancyL) What happened to the snarling insults?
(Nomis) Sure
(Dim) Just being polite Nancy
(ZooSpecimen) yes :)
(Gwilra) oh yes
(MikeAus) another shuttle lost?
(Jurian) sure we are, but moderators fell asleep
(NancyL) Ah :-)
(Inkpen) wouldnt the US millitary figure out the real reason for the shuttle explosion... im sure some officials have see your site and know of its validity?
(RewindMe) not sure on rules
(Johnnie5) i was muzzled
(Karmie) Nancy - how do you put your ego aside and let the zetas speak through you?
(Islander) just listening
(Zaphod) i was too
(Prichard) Is the earth Hollow? Are there holes at the poles that enter the earth?
(Darksoulz) Q for NancyL/ZT: I've spoken to a couple of psychic friends of mine (seriously) about the possible upcomming poleshift but they all say this will not happen, although they speak of the possibility of a worldwide disaster that could hit humankind in the not so very far future, Can you or ZT please comment on this?
(Gelo`) what was the real reason?
(Steve) Nancy, could chem trails be used to obscure the view of PX?
(Juish) so someone cant land a ship right
(BrianC) Nancy, why do gravity particles turn around when they are far out in space? Is it a force? or flow thing.? please clarify, thanks
(NancyL) Inkpen, they will, as they did with TWA800 and the recent train derailments, come up with SOME reason for the public.
(Motai) Nancy, why is Bush so eager to put FEMA at the head of cleaning up the wreckage?
(Inkpen) heh figures
(Zaphod) of course they have no idea what caused the shuttle explosion... it happened only 8-9 hours ago
(Prichard) Will a magenetic shift precede the phsical pole shift, and when?
(JohnReed) Nancy, can you comment on Steve Greers announcment of a "Free Energy Machine" on Coast-2-Coast?
(MikeAus) hi Nancy.... we just had another train derailment here in Aus.
(Redeye) Darksoulz, i have spoken to a coupla and they can see this happening, 4 sure
(NancyL) TWA800 was, despite the almost 300 folks who independently saw a missile rise to the plane and shoot it down, was cited to be a spark in a gas tank.
(Zaphod) not every disaster is a coverup/conspiracy
(Juish) whoa does that mean positive will be negative and negative will be positive, that would be crazy
(Obany) prichard: has been explained already see the science section of zetatalk
(Darksoulz) i didnt say Planet X isnt a possibility
(Jeremy) Prichard: the pole shift is magnetic, in the sense that the core of the earth magentically aligns with PXs magnetic field
(NancyL) ZT: Trail derailments in Maryland, where tracks were inspected just hours before the tracks zip zagged, was stated to be a "warm day"!
(NancyL) Motai, because the wreckage is MORE than just that. It is evidence what they have been up to up there, ie getting ready to nuke Px.
(Juish) so the tracks just instanly out of no where went like this ===x===
(NancyL) DarkSoul, yes, your friends are WRONG and ZT RIGHT.
(Johnnie5) again with the muzzle?
(NancyL) ZT has the track record, etc.
(Prichard) Disagree, there is a differemnce bewteen a magnetic and phhysical pole shift
(Inkpen) i can see how bad it would look if the general public though that the shuttle explosion was caused by aliens...invasion scenario ... i hope there werent any sightings of UFOs around the shuttle during the explosion
(Zaphod) what's with the muzz today
(Darksoulz) give me some details plzz
(Torbj) and the coming... named v1?
(MikeO) The feds roped off the shuttle debris the same way they roped off the JFK Jr. debris. With threats.
(Niburu) comment on the new comet at all?
(NancyL) JohnReed, no free energy, as the Zetas have stated.
(Bill) Nancy do u expect anything else to happen like this again?
(Darksoulz) cuz there are never wrong on anything
(Zaphod) ink, c'mon...enter the bounds of reality
(Prichard) A ny comment on Indias recent weather? Is weather going to try to match the new pole shift before it happens
(Niburu) During the next few weeks skywatchers can look for a recently discovered comet that may become plainly visible in the evening sky, and could possibly shine very brightly, just before a close encounter with the sun.
(Niburu) Zeta's any comment?? Is this PX or a newcomer??
(Juish) Nancy i actually have a serious comment
(Juish) actually question
(Halo1) Bush jr looked scared
(Juish) how do u think the pole shift will effect Canada
(NancyL) Prichards Q on weather accepted as a Q
(Phoenix) Yes, Halo1, agreed.
(Juish) cause i live there
(Cur1ous) Vn, that image is photoshopped
(Cur1ous) it's very obvious
(Prichard) Will we see new land masses start to rise before the coming of Planet X ?
(Obany) Juish: check the safe location page in zetatalk ... has been answered upon
(Darksoulz) hmmm i think i know enough
(Cur1ous) i do graphics work myself and it's filled with tells
(Blinks) Question: This is a question regarding sexuality. It may seem inapproprite, but I was wondering what the zetas think of sexual immorality and for that matter the gay culture (is it an evolutionary erradication of weaker genes?!) ?
(Negi) off Cuba?
(Darksoulz) thanks Nancy
(BobMaccy) how do you feel about the plan to build a fussion recator
(Inkpen) Bush always looks scared... and when he doesnt he wears glasses to look smart
(Redeye) Juish, go look in safe locations in troubled times
(Juish) hahhaahhah vn u r0x0r
(NancyL) Nibiru, what are the coordiantes? I get a lot of email along these lines, and always ask the X,Y in the sky. If NOT where they Zetas are pointing, then NOT Px.
(MB) Nancy, I can't believe you using this tragedy as a way to prove ZT.
(Torbj) soo... the "hotspot" will not be adressed?
(Niburu) unfortunately the article doesnt say but interesting the idea of a bright daytime object
(Redeye) Nancy, is the NASA crash on the agenda ?
(Prichard) When do you predict seas to rise in the Atlantic to gravitate towards the planet?
(NancyL) Prichard, I added that second part re new land rising, etc. as pre-shift how-much kind of Q.
(NancyL) Going to start as the hour is upon us!
(Torbj) the SUN!!!!
(Z) i think the sun is coming up here

(NancyL) 1. Will the the angle of the Earth's axis in relation to the Sun be changed by the shift? Without this tilt we will all experience one constant temperature year round based on our distance from the equator - no seasons.
(Obany) !ban z
Session Close: Sat Feb 01 16:07:37 2003
Session Start: Sat Feb 01 16:10:36 2003
(NancyL) Sorry, phone line got disconnected for some reason!
(NancyL) Will continue.
(NancyL) ZT: During any pole shift, just WHAT the tilt will be, WHAT the lenght of the day will be, and WHETHER the magnetic and geographic alignment line up is subject to change and chance.
(NancyL) ZT: However, there are STAT influences in the solar system, in the environment that surrounds and influences the solar system, that are not subject to change simply because PX decides to pass through.
(NancyL) ZT: The magnetic alignment is one. This is dominated, set, by the alignment of the Sun, which has its alignment due to outside influences, and the Earth lines up with this.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, one can expect their compasses to point NORTH, but just where north is re the lay of the land may varry.
(NancyL) ZT: When rotation returns, it is subject to pulls on the liquid parts of the core that are SET, as far as where these pulls are located.
(NancyL) ZT: The core, however, is NOT set, and as has been reported by Plato, in the history of man, it has been noted that at times the Earth rotates in the OPPOSITE direction, if the swirling core starts to move in this direction after the shift, and momentum continuing the direction.
(NancyL) ZT: During these times, the day was much longer, as there was a tug BACKWARDS as well as in the normal direction the liquid core moves.
(NancyL) ZT: Should the Earth start to rotate EARLY, due to a close passage, as happened last, the North/South may not be quite set before rotation starts, and there may be some pull to CONTINUE due to momentum, in spite of the actual tug on the core being otherwise.
(NancyL) ZT: So, is the tilt of the Earth NOW, wrong, and what is the likely tilt in future, after the coming shift?
(NancyL) ZT: During the last shift, the passage of PX was much closer than the coming shift, and thus as we have stated the jerk to align with an upside-down shift was closely followed by a jerk to ALIGN back to be the same due to the quick passage, and thus only a slight crustal shift occurred.
(NancyL) ZT: In that the shift, and shift BACK, was so quick, the core was able to reinstitute rotation quickly, and did so before the Earth was aligned with its magnetic alignement, which then followed.
(NancyL) ZT: However, normally, rotation is MUCH more aligned with the magnetic alignment than at present.
(NancyL) ZT: A tilt DOES occur, so seasons such as winter and summer DO occur, in fact, a bit more extreme than at present.
(NancyL) ZT: But as those humans incarnated, alive at present, will find the Earth cooling down for some time, due to the friction of the core and heated land masses, they will not find the winters extreme to the point of freezing in colder climes.
(NancyL) ZT: And due to the increasing ocean surface, where the moderating effect of ocean currents can condition the air above land, they will likewise not find themselves frying.
(NancyL) ZT: The future, for the hybrids and the new cities of the future, will take into account the changed seasons, so not to worry.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?

(Ricky2772) Nancy, what about the COMET 'Kudo-Fujikawa' going around the sun... looks like it is huge. It looks like it is coming out way. What is its relationship to PX??
(Watcher01) NancyL, navigation after the shift will be a new beginning, correct? Time and celestial cues are essential. What do the Z's have to say about how navigation, land or sea, can be accomplished?
(Prichard) Will the earth still have its wobble after the shift? Also, since the sun is supposedly about ready to go thru a magnetic shift, will it affect the earth befroe the paage of the planet?
(Franci66) How is it then that after last PS in Egypt the great pyramid is still in alignment N/S E/W?
(Beyond) Nancy, the Zetas said PX would be visible last August. We're FIVE MONTHS past that, and only about two months away from 'the seven weeks prior..', yet PX has not gotten ONE IOTA bigger! I'm beginning to think this is all a hoax. Why shouldn't I?
(NancyL) Ricky, what about it? Comets happen, and are a distraction as Hale-Bopp was used as a distraction.
(NancyL) Ricky, more space trash comes thru due to Px inbound, and this would include comets.
(Prichard) Weather will be more extreme then,after the shift?
(NancyL) They are still dirty snowballs, nothing more.
(Woofferbr) I wholeheartedly agree with Beyond.
(BobMaccy) what will you do Nancy if The time comes and then passes and PX doesnt show up?
(JohnReed) Nancy, why cant the existence of Zetatalk be validated by presenting complex scientific questions/equations, whose results can be confirmed, under controlled conditions?
(NancyL) Watcher, the heavens will remain the same, jsut where YOU are located will change!
(BobMaccy) and I also agree with Beyond
(Prichard) Same as you BobMaccy. Live your life as normal
(Torbj) dirty snowballs... as in oxygen present?
(Halo1) When Px stops does any of the dust hit PX
(NancyL) Prichard, the magnetic shift will happen AT the shift, not as man is supposing (shift for no known reason, now, etc)
(Watcher01) thx
(Obany) ever heard of the word follow up question ... follow up questions have to be RELATED
(Negi) hahahah
(Prichard) WIll our placement in the solar system remain the same? Will we be closer or farther to the sun?
(NancyL) Prichard, yes the wobble will remain, and be more so, per what the Z's just said.
(Groomee) I also agree with Beyond
(Negi) rofl
(NancyL) Prichard, this stuff about the Sun shifting is BS. Read ZT accuracy on this.
(Prichard) OK
(JoeBeets) Nancy, what was the REAL cause of the Columbia disaster today at 8:00am CT? Wasw it an encounter with a meterite or damage to a tile on the left wing leading edge? Please ask the Zetas for the actual cause and its significance.
(Niburu) ppl keep trying to find proof in the sky why not look around at the earth and the changes there heating up oceans etc
(NancyL) Beyond, wrong quote. By amateur scopes! And what do you suppose is being imaged!
(Obany) JoeBeets: has been answered upon in a previous session
(Beyond) all I see are background stars
(Ricky2772) any alien ships where present by the shuttle disaster?
(Johnnie5) isn't anyone taking this seriously? i sure am.
(NancyL) JohnReed, because mankinds equations are WRONG.
(Ibid) do the zetas say that comets are 'dirty snowballs'?
(Prichard) I assume the wobble is caused by the polar poles not being aligned with the magnetic poles then?
(NancyL) To those asking about shuttle, answered last #poleshiftdiscussion session, check the logs.
(Obany) ibid: what has that question to do with the previous answer... nothing nothing whatsoever
(NancyL) Yes, it was NOT an accident, done as a message to Bush et al.
(MB) Nancy, I've looked at dozens of images, and no PX.
(Niburu) regarding a comet though being visible during the day is this to prepare the public not to panic when PX is visible?
(Woofferbr) How can I check the logs?
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q2 now ...
(Starstalker) JoeBeets: Nancy/Zeta's said earlier that Columbia's destruction was caused by aliens and saction/supported by the Council of Worlds.

(NancyL) 1. We have been told repeatedly that Planet X will be naked eye visible in the daytime sky seven (7) weeks prior to the arrival time of 15 May 2003. Seven weeks prior is March 26, 2003, that is 54 days from now. That being the case, when will Planet X be naked eye (human) visibile in the nighttime sky?
(NancyL) ZT: Indeed, as the date when PX is visible only in the daytime skies, due to Orion and neighboring constellations being in the Sun, it will become increasingly visible in the night sky.
(NancyL) ZT: At present, the dead of night is the very best time to be viewing and imaging the inbound planet and its complex of moons and dust cloud
(NancyL) ZT: And depending on visibility, clear skies, location looking directly overhead so that light bending is less of a factor, and quality of equipment such as binoculars used, the Px complex MAY be visible in the night sky just ahead of the date we have given.
(NancyL) ZT: There is a great deal of variation in visibility, due to where the viewer is located, light or atmospheric pollution clouding the viewers line of sight, and angle of view, such as overhead vs looking toward the horizon.
(NancyL) ZT: Our best advice is to follow the image sessions closely, get accustomed to the size and appearance of this complex in amateur equipment, and the size related to neighboring stars.
(NancyL) ZT: Place the star charts you are familiar with next to the stars in the images, FIND the spot where this complex is currently sighted at, and look at it regularly in the night sky.
(NancyL) ZT: As the date approaches, the 7 week before passage point, you will BEGIN to see something in the skies not there before!
(NancyL) ZT: Something reddish, something moving over the evening unlike the stars you are anchored to.
(NancyL) ZT: This portion of the sky will be coming into light polution about that time, due to the position of the Earth moving to place the Sun between itself and Orion.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, this will be complicated by light pollution, but at the same time will be growing SO much larger, SO rapidly, that this will be a clue to those looking with unaided eye that they are looking AT the Px complex.
(NancyL) ZT: Daily checks, then, watching this complex move as our coordinates will indicate it SHOULD, will have you looking AT this complex in the very early dawn going into the time when it will be visible in the daytime sky.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, for those wanting the very earliest indication that this is real, their own work can place them in this situation.
(NancyL) ZT: THEY will have the information in hand, can bring their neighbors and friends to the early morning sightings session, and need no other to do this.
(NancyL) ZT: Take CONTROL of this process, for yourselves, is our advice, as the disinformation barrage will only increase as the time draws near.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?

(Niburu) can the images ppl are getting these fts images be already doctored to omit said object or are ppl getting pure images that show nothing??
(MikeO) I've never heard of a comet being visible to the naked eye in the daytime sky. But in the last couple days, it's been announced that comet 'NEAT' may be visible this way, and soon. Any comments from the Zetas whether this is part of a disinformation campaign?
(Gelo`) so those who are in equatorial regions can easily see Px with the naked eye?
(Renfro) Imaging noise and calling it The Planet of Doom. Imaging asteroids and calling them moons. And all of it at Mag 18. And yes in the middle of the night is best. In YOUR DREAMS!
(Philo) Do Zs know if any astronomers are watching PX and will announce it?
(Prichard) What will PlanetX look like in the night sky? A comet? (trailing tail), A bright star?
(MB) NancyL: Why have all of the attempts to image Px failed?
(Torbj) is this the "object" V1?....perihelion sun mid Feb?....and redish is allso planet Mars this spring aa itīs closing!
(JoeBeets) Those poor astronauts! I hope and pray their souls were all in agreement for their sacrificial roles. What beautiful STO's!
(Shaman464) Do you think that when its that close they will claim it to be Mars since it so close now?
(Okidok) when will Px be visible with a 11" scope??
(Ricky2772) still blows me away that 54 days before being visible at naked-eye, we are still looking at "tentative" images, with no clear-cut PX. how can that be
(Lombo243) when will the earthrotation slow down measurable
(Jenny1) what do you think to the space craft accident in America Nancy?
(BobMaccy) Nancy will I suffer a great deal of pain during the polarshift when PX comes around???
(Beyond) (ZETATALK, June 22, 2002:)(NancyL) ZT: Thus, a rapid increase in size and visibility as in brightness will occur during the Fall and into the Winter of 2003.
(JWilliam) MB: You have failed?
(Obany) BobMaccy: no personal questions please
(NancyL) Nibiru, the images from the TEAM are good, and as they are so, the debunkers have not tried to doctor them.
(BobMaccy) sorry
(Silk) no need to Nancy
(Silk) nothing on the images to doctor
(CyberVViz) i think most of us wouldn't distinct PlanetX from Venus or Mars, known as the morning (evening) star...
(Silk) lol
(NancyL) Doctoring attempts would prove what they are up to, thus they just yell "noise" or whatever.
(Starstalker) Can the astronomers of the group give a reference between PX and a known named star, such as Betelguese? Few laypersons can determine a location (in their back yard with binoculars) from coordinates.
(Obany) Silk: if you are here to do your thing again don't do it, behave please
(BobMaccy) is the Army making plans to try and stop PX from happening?
(NancyL) In fact, Scotti said "noise" before the 1/28 images were available to him!
(MB) JWilliam: I believe you have.
(Prichard) Will the planet look like a comet with a tail in the night sky?
(RewindMe) check the site
(Silk) what's my "thing" Obany?
(Jeremy) Starstalker: PX should be situated to the top right of Orion. Right of Bellatrix, I believe
(NancyL) MikeO, the key is what the X,Y coordinates are. Same as Px?
(Starstalker) Thank you, Jeremy
(CyberVViz) Silk, a buzzy butterfly? (guess)
(BrianC) wow about 150 people participating in this chat now...
(RewindMe) has anyone saw it?
(Obany) if you will behave i won't ban you... Silk making it in your own i want to get attention channel ... that
(Jurian) over 160 :p
(Niburu) regarding Mars hop why make a statement of fast ship if the timeline still wont allow more than 3 months to get there they have to build the ship too
(Hysterix) Planetx will come out of the top right of Orion???
(Torbj) the crusual here..... YOU!!! at all time!!!!!
(Torbj) YOU!!!!!
(Gelo`) so those who are in equatorial regions can easily see Px with the naked eye?
(NancyL) Ricky, the SIZE of PX at this time was established last summer, with human math, on sci.astro.
(Negi) thank you.
(Torbj) YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
(MB) NancyL: That's because Scotti knows you, ;-)
(Ricky2772) why no CLEAR-CUT image of PX is available 54 days before its supposed naked-eye visibility???
(MIT) Nancy any comment on the shuttle landing mishap?
(Torbj) within!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(Yoda) StarStalker, agree where is "there"
(NancyL) It is the proper SIZE, and the size increasing per the distance the Z's said it would be.
(BrianC) does Bush even know that the space shuttle crash was a message?? hmm
(Prichard) Will the planet look like a comet with a tail in the night sky?
(RewindMe) Has any one located PX personally in here?
(Beyond) Ricky2772: I second that!
(Obany) MIT: has been answerd upon
(NancyL) All this gargage about it should be HUGE and burning your eyes out now is NOT based on size and distance given by the Z's.
(Zetapal) well there's an old face, Starstalker how are you old gal
(CyberVViz) Torbj ? you are talking wierdo ?!
(Torbj) do NOT forget looking up the skies!!!
(Starstalker) Thanks also, Yoda.
(Torbj) im not talking wierdo
(NancyL) It is disinfo, to keep you DUMB until the last mintue, so smarten up.
(CyberVViz) explain plz
(Niburu) do they maintain May 15th or so for passage
(Manzour) It should be very bright by now Nancy.
(Hysterix) Planetx will come out of the top right of Orion, Is that correct?
(Silk) so, what magnitude is it Nancy?
(NancyL) MB thinks no images have been taken :-)
(MIT) sorry wasnt here will read the logs latter thn
(Prichard) Lets get on to something else. This topic doesn't seem to interest anyone.
(Beyond) PX is still the same as it looked months ago
(Niburu) Manzour the info about the comet NEAT shows what happens when scientists try to explain albedo
(Manzour) Magnitude -2.19
(Niburu) unpredictable
(NancyL) StarStalk, the Z's were suggesting they get a star chart and get ORIENTED.
(Torbj) do NOT forget yorselves.....
(Obany) Silk: ooh you are turning into Howmo the second .... just dm
(Obany) dm
(Torbj) ACT!!!
(Negi) since i live in the Bay Area..u guys think its a good idea for me to drop all of my classes to prepare for all of these events?
(Manzour) Thatīs very brught!
(Obany) don't do that
(Gelo`) actually it has gotten larger on the latest images, taking the appearance of a "cross"
(Torbj) MOVE!!
(Jenny1) can i ask a question please?
(Niburu) Negi wait until it is undeniably there in the sky id say
(Niburu) still gives you weeks to prepare
(NancyL) BobMacy, yes, one reason why the shuttle disaster "happened", check the earlier log when it is posted.
(Negi) yea
(Torbj) and bye all means..... look at the sun!!!!!!
(Negi) thanx.
(Renfro) I suggest you look all the stuff that is really there and not try to find a non-exsistant planet.
(Gelo`) i'd go blind Torbj
(Dim) Jenny1 ask away.
(Prichard) Will the planet look like a comet with a tail in the night sky? This is a releveant followup; question, could help with sighting.
(Jenny1) What do you guys think happened to the US space craft
(NancyL) Nibiru, the excuse given for the NASA quick trip to Mars funding is unlikely the REAL reason for funding.
(Manzour) We ahve calculated on that Nancy, did you know that?
(Niburu) there are train derailments, earthquakes, volcanoes, heating oceans etc something is up with Earth
(Redeye) Prichard, READ THE SITE
(Negi) should we be in fear if we do not see it 7 weeks prior? or will there be a good explanation for not seeing it.
(Obany) Manzour: and this is not sci.astro do you know that
(Torbj) look at then thruogh the LASCO!
(Niburu) Nancy I was thinking that might be so a nice cash cow to sink money into to hide it
(Renfro) Nancy says the STO's took care of the shuttle. I think I would rather be STS.
(Manzour) Yes Oh ban me
(NancyL) Negi, and all who ask WHAT they should do with their lives, this is up to YOU. You get a bad weather report, YOU decide what to do.
(MB) NancyL: Zetas destroyed the shuttle because its was going to nuke Px, right?
(Dim) Jenny1 this has been answered, check the logs tomorrow.
(NancyL) MB, one reason, yes, for the "accident".
(Niburu) I feel no compulsion to do anything but play playstation and work my job LOL
(MikeO) For the Zetas: The shuttle disaster may get the Bush Crowd to think twice about nuking Planet X. It may get them to think again about invading Iraq. But also, was it intended to make them re-think their coverup of the return of Planet X?
(NancyL) Onto last Q re changes up to the shift, etc.
(Jenny1) oh sorry but i dont know how to do that i was just hoping for a quick anwser
(CambellSoup) I planning to commit suicide the 16th
(Prichard) Lets stop wasting time then, and get onto the next topic. Nothing getting accomplished right now
(BrianC) Nancy, any other foods other than spirulina that the Zetas can suggest us growing?
(Freedom) if you want a good earthquake site... go to this swedish one....
(Paneer) The mission had ended.

(NancyL) 1. Any comment on Indias recent weather? Is weather going to try to match the new pole shift before it happens
(NancyL) 2. Will we see new land masses start to rise before the coming of Planet X ?
(NancyL) ZT: As can be sensed from the Earth changes that are already surprising scientists and weathermen, the Earth does not simply wait until the passage, until the moment of the shift, to begin expressing what it will DO during the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Stretching of the Atlantic has already been expressed with train derailments along the East Cost of North America and parts of Europe subject to the stretch, such as the UK and Spain.
(NancyL) ZT: Buildings collapse in Texas, a bridge dislodges in Kansas, and a factory suddenly is engulfed in explosions not experienced or expected in its lifetime, unexplained.
(NancyL) ZT: The North Carolina factory explosion was NOT caused by rubber dust, as this would have been a constant factor during the life of the factory.
(NancyL) ZT: This is no more the reason for the explosion than a hot day causing trail derailments in Maryland.
(NancyL) ZT: These types of building implosions, structural movements that cause anything likely to collapse to DO so, or likely to expode to DO so, will continue apace.
(NancyL) ZT: Weather irregularities, with sudden deluges rushing water down ravines and rivers, or developing into hurricane force winds with little warning off the coasts, will continue to become more extreme than the past few months and years have led man to expect.
(NancyL) ZT: Earthquake will increase in both number and severity, such that they will start to occur in areas NOT expecting them, thus most devastated by their occurence.
(NancyL) ZT: We have pointed out recently that the quake patterns now are not simply dominoe, where one plate pushes another within a day, but almost instantaneous in this push on the other side of the plate affected.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, that these quakes are exhibiting a pole shift pattern, with a stretching of the Atlantic and a compression of the Pacific ALONG THE LINES OF THE PLATE ADJUSTMENT WE HAVE PREDICTED.
(NancyL) ZT: This will continue, with Hawaii rising, Japan exploding, Indonesia erupting, and Australia tilting.
(NancyL) ZT: The Rifts in Africa and the Red Sea will spread, Pakistan experience precursors of the rip to occur there, and India finding itself particularly vulnerable to unexpected flood tides.
(NancyL) ZT: To prepare for what might happen to YOUR locale, read the Scripted Drama page we have presented previously, and memorize this.
(NancyL) ZT: Expect, in small part, what we have described for your locale to occur EARLY, so you will not be surprised.
(NancyL) ZT: If you are in an area that can be flooded, due to tides or a deluge, then mentally prepare for this.
(NancyL) ZT: If you are in an area that has never experienced quakes, then read a book or watch a movie to get acquainted with what this is all about!
(NancyL) ZT: If you have never had muddy water rise up in your plumbing, taking the city water supply for granted, and this suddenly happens because of Earth movements in your area, you have only yourself to blame for NOT having spare water at hand for such a situation!
(NancyL) ZT: Rather than expecting someone to knock at your door and INFORM you when your life will not plod along as usual, take some responsibility for this!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?

(RudyJoe) Thanks for another interesting session.
(Phoenix) With this geologic activity will come increasing interruption to internet access. Can we expect further clarification on the date of passage, ie if later than May 15, how much later?
(Franci66) what significant PS precursors are expected in Europe and Mediteranean sea?
(Yoda) Nancy: when and how much will Hawaii rise in comparison to the increase in sea level that will follow over the next 2 years?
(NancyL) Another ZT lecture :-)
(Jeremy) Nancy: Was the recent train crash in Zimbabwe related to PX induced effects?
(MB) NancyL: What exactly are these "trail derailments" the Zetas speak of?
(Prichard) I appreciate the more specific information that you appear to be now giving, expecially the geographical ones. These are becoming very important., and can really help people. Hope it ocontinues
(Tizza) how soon b4 the PS could one expect Western Australia to begin tilting downward?
(Hysterix) very intresting!
(NickAway) NancyL: ZT has stated that there is no absolute zero, but has also stated that what we call 'heat' is caused by the presence of heat-particles in a substance. If we are dealing with particles, then one must assume that the particles are finite to a degree. So couldn't absolute zero be attained by simply removing ALL heat particles from a substance? ZT has stated that there is no absolute zero, but has also stated that what we call 'heat' is caused by the presence of heat-particles in a substance. If we are dealing with particles, then one must assume that the particles are finite to a degree.
(Beyond) Will those of us who die be allowed to linger, in spirit, and possible message surviving loved ones to cope?
(NancyL) Jeremy, can you describe this train derailment?
(NickAway) So couldn't absolute zero be attained by simply removing ALL heat particles from a substance?
(Jenny1) why are we all talking crap?
(NickAway) ZT has stated that there is no absolute zero, but has also stated that what we call 'heat' is caused by the presence of heat-particles in a substance. If we are dealing with particles, then one must assume that the particles are finite to a degree. So couldn't absolute zero be attained by simply removing ALL heat particles from a substance? NancyL: ZT has stated that there is no absolute zero, but has also stated that
(Hysterix) my God
(MikeOz) thanks for that Q Tizza ;)
(NancyL) Tizza, like some of the precursor quakes in the US, may happen a little bit now and then.
(NancyL) Are you having higher tides, or a slight tilt?
(Renfro) Hmmm it was landing so how was it going to nuke the Big Red Planet of Doom? And Nancy take your meds
(Hysterix) Nancy, L.A. is having strange weather lately
(Cos) he Obany, i am typing something, please ban me
(Gelo`) good Q beyond
(Hysterix) hey QV!
(Humvee) How much will HAWAII rise up?
(MikeOz) very LOW tides, following VERY high tides
(James) What happened with the shuttle disaster today Nancy?
(Jenny1) im having non and if i was it aint down to silly little men from space
(Tizza) Nancy... southern Australia is having king tides.... WA is having very low tides
(Jeremy) Nancy: Initial reports described it as a collision between two trains, with one derailing. Not sure of exact cause of it yet.
(Obany) this was like a flood .. it was to disrupt not to ask a question
(Shaman464) Can you go in deeper on how Michigan will fare after the shift, the part on the site is a little thin (no offense)
(NancyL) Hysterix, strange in what way?
(MikeO) Excellent moderating job tonight. As hard as they tried, the paid detractors didn't get to hog the stage.
(Silk) maybe becuase we didn't try?
(Hysterix) well, normally in January/Febuary it's very nice and cool, we've had days of 90 to 100 degrees!!! NOT normal!
(Silk) and where's my check?
(Niburu) im taking it very seriously and maybe others are thinking hmm there is something here after all
(Torbj) Ablow... you/i are here for a purpose of your own!! to "melt" with your emidiate sourondings.
(RudyJoe) The check is in the mail.
(Beyond) Still doesn't make sense to go from invisible, immediately to 'naked-eye viewable'. Sorry, I just can't get past that. Don't you wonder about that as well Nancy?
(Jenny1) yea like a lot of very mad people
(NancyL) Jeremy, I'm getting that this is NOT a rail problem, like a stretch, but a human distraction problem.
(Silk) lol Rudy, sure it is
(EcclesP) MB: Read about 12 train derailments in the last 10 days at
(Jeremy) Nancy: The article is here:
(NancyL) Shaman, can you tell ME what is missing for MI?
(MB) Silk: Have you seen the zetababble reason for the shuttle accident?
(Silk) yes Mb - lol
(Zetapal) James - did you just wake up - its all been done
(Jeremy) Nancy: Yes, that crossed my mind too
(Hysterix) Mb, you should be banned!
(MattL) yeah we are having big problems with train tracks buckleing here in NZ
(James) No, but I only JUST came online. OKAY?
(NancyL) Hysterix, thanks for the weather report :-)
(Niburu) Jeremy can you explain telltale signs like oceans heating from the bottom up and vents in the ocean thought to be dormant flourishing
(Freedom) Utah has had the driest and warmest record on record for Jan
(BakerFarm) Will PX come between the Earth and the Sun more than once before it goes along on its way?
(Vn) Nancy can you answer renfro's question ?
(Hysterix) No prob. Nancy, just trying to help! :-)
(Motai) Florida has been much colder than usual recently
(Shaman464) overall whats it gunna be like after the shift you say that it will be good durning the shift but little about after
(Niburu) i wonder what Bible prophecy you mean Nancy when you say Bush is trying to put Sharon there etc or prove we are the choosen ones??
(NancyL) Mattl really! Track buckling!
(Richard) Renfro left
(MattL) yes causing much commuter stress...
(Jeremy) Niburu: The heating ocean floor due to the core of the earth heating up in response to the approach of PX
(James) I was Chosen once...
(NancyL) Baker, it does a second pass 7 or so years later, but then the Sun stands between Earth and Px so only high tides.
(BrianC) Nancy, it seems as though even the strong won't survive, so many have fallen.. do the zetas wish to comment?
(Johnnie5) i wish Silk would take a long walk off a short pier.
(MattL) trains not running sometimes or VERY late...
(Jim) will the second pass be as destructive?
(NancyL) Shaman, have you read the new Aftertime section of ZT??!!??
(Obany) Jim: no
(Vn) shuttle was landing so how was it going to nuke the PX ?
(Niburu) right so if you allow that approach why not accept that its hard to see right now
(Jim) thank you
(Torbj) TalkTalkTalk.... smalTalk.... the little "egg" do not see it self being "molded"
(Lombo243) NancyL:When will the earth start to slowing the rotation?
(Obany) Lombo243: it already is ... read ZT
(NancyL) Nibiru, not addressing a Bible prophecy, but Bush Sr. may have been trying to build one by arming Iraq with poison and weapons as he did before the 1st Gulf War.
(Okidok) Its easy to be addicted to conspirasy obsession
(Jenny1) thats a good point Vn why would it be a fear to them on landing?
(Shaman464) sorry most of what i know is form your book, sorry
(Torbj) MOVE your attension TOWARDS your skies,!!!!
(Humvee) Vn shuttle was 2 b used to staff space station
(Guest26) Get an education, idiots. See you 15th of May.
(Jeremy) Niburu: I know its hard to see right now. Why do you pose that question to me?
(James) I'm gonna shoot PX into little pieces with my catapult when it comes o save mankind!!!
(NancyL) Then LEAVING him there so he could continue, and his puppet son would declare war necessary!
(Niburu) sorry I meant it to Beyond read wrong thought you said it
(NancyL) Seems they have built this scenario.
(Prichard) Slowing rotation? I thought there wasn't any slowing going on right now
(Vn) but they were landing
(Jim) Nancy how did the latest images of Planet-X look?
(Zetapal) James - why don't you show everyone your new choo choo
(Lombo243) yup thats why i ask when
(Obany) Prichard: check obvious at the new zetatalk
(MikeO) Nancy, in the 1980's, KROQ was the last bastion of musical civilization, pushing STO bands like Depeche Mode when no one else in the USA would. Good luck there.
(Niburu) KROQ rocks man I used to live there last year
(NancyL) Lombo, the Z's have stated in prior IRC sessions that Moon phases as evidence of slowing rotation not evident until April 1st or so (no fooling).
(Jim) are the latest images going according to plan?
(Humvee) yes but 2 get ready 4 next trip - do u expect them to bomb it on the ground - da
(Niburu) someone plz archive it they dont seem to stream
(Swindle) this is nothing but swindle!
(Gelo`) they werent going to nuke Px at that moment Vn, they were building on doing it
(NancyL) And that slowing rotation to a STOP occurs "within a day".
(Lombo243) tx
(NancyL) So, not exactly linear, I gather.
(Beyond) RE Slowing: I've taken time measurements comparing digital watches with time broadcasts on shortwave. Plotted on a graph, they make a FLAT LINE! That proves time adjustments ARE NOT being stepped up. (Data available on request)
(Niburu) is there any way to get that station on the net re: KROQ??
(Prichard) I hope you realize that the stopping of the rotation will age us all
(NancyL) Jim, I've only got up to Jan 25th on the web and we are shifting to a new approach to let the TEAM get the images available to the public faster, and early analysis too.
(Shaman464) Nancy will you Publish an updated verison for the aftertime?
(Niburu) LA is gonna love this stuff
(Jenny1) Ive never heard such twaddle poor people were killed today by a freak accident and all i hear is people trying to play it up
(Philo) Do Zs know: Will any astronomer break ranks to announce PX?
(Jim) thank you Nancy
(Jurian) Prichard: WTF? how'd you work that out?
(NancyL) What I know is that earlier before the Mewlon 300 we had less pixels for Px, so it appeared smaller.
(Starstalker) I'm still not PX to be daytime naked-eye visible, or nighttime naked-eye visible 7 weeks before the passage?
(Vern) Nancy do you know if you will be back on Coast2Coast?
(Phoenix) Jenny1, take a hike!
(Lombo243) moonphases? there is a much simpler way to measure earth rotation slowdown
(Tizza) Nancy : do we have a link to this new page of Steve/Naji/JW?
(Niburu) what if also the astronauts knew something and might have wanted to say something about it
(Prichard) Einsteins theory proves it. Slow down in time, you're going to age.
(Jenny1) I can at least but those poor 7 dead people cvant can they?
(Jurian) Prichard: how is rotation slowing down, slow time?
(James) Hail NANCY, our Saviour. She is the Seconf Coming, no doubt!
(NancyL) On Dec 27-28 when we saw the HUGE SPLOTCH of the tail, we were seeing the tail, tail swirls overlappping.
(Beyond) Going from INVISIBLE to NAKED-EYE VIEWABLE just doesn't add up.
(Jim) very interesting
(PenAaway) NancyL: will there be a revized ZT book in the future?
(MattL) lucky 7 dead surely?...
(NancyL) Since then we have begun to see individual MOONs in the images, many many of them.
(Niburu) is there a way to hear the Coast2Coast broadcast?
(Torbj) noone in here thatīs been dancing in the "night" to night?
(Jenny1) yea telll that to there familys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
(Silk1) no new obejcts
(NancyL) Silk getting her weekly free advertisment in :-)
(Silk1) in fact, previous claims are laid to rest as artifacts
(MikeOz) hehe
(Zetapal) James - why don't you show everyone your new choo choo
(Motai) NancyL: Rotation slowing down... could that be a factor for the shuttle to crash?
(Silk1) proved it themselves
(Motai) earth rotation
(Tizza) funny how others get banned for "spamming" here
(NancyL) So what we are seeing is that the complex is spread out over a LARGER area, the tail and dust now evident in individual moons.
(James) Zetapal, you first, your choo choo is better than mine.
(JWilliam) Thanks for the assist on Jan 25 images Silk. Pierre Eric median confirms your imageg
(Torbj) ahh
(Prichard) Time passes you by if you slow down in time. Simple. Speed up, and your aging slows down because you keep up faster with the flow of time
(Halo1) Bye (-_-)
(GalacticExplorer) Nancy. Please look at this map, and say what you think about it.
(NancyL) At the same time, due to being closer, the Px body itself is more diffuse, it is LARGER, and the light scattering in the close hugging dust cloud.
(GalacticExplorer) Pictures are big
(Spunky) maybe the shuttle collided with a PX moon :)
(Jurian) Prichard: yes, but slower earth rotation wont affect the "speed of time" at all
(Silk1) J William, you mean that 20 mag star you circled?
(NancyL) SO, there are different manifestations as it draws closer.
(Prichard) Sure will. The earth is rotating at several thousand miles per hour
(MikeOz) I can't help wondering "Silk"-what's the going price to sell out your own SPECIES?
(Silk1) along with the other 36 circles?
(NancyL) At first, only a dot that comes through on the sum, not the median.
(MikeO) Silk, on your last set of images you really got caught with your pants down. But alas, that's life.
(BobMaccy) the shuttle didnt collide with a moon
(Jurian) Prichard: not on the poles it isn't
(Jim) Nancy do u have an idea of what the Dow and Nasdaq will be at the return of planet-x?
(NancyL) Then, the tail evident in pixel brightness only.
(JWilliam) You do nice work on medians, Silk I appreciate the assist.
(Prichard) Thats why we don't live at the poles. you wouldn't live very long!
(Silk1) Nothing there MikeO
(James) My TV stopped working today, could that be because of PX's influence on the electromagnetic fields of Earth sending EMF pulses?
(Jim) Will the Dow be lower than 6000
(NancyL) Then, the tail swirls overlapping to become a huge splotch (boy, was that dramatic!)
(Torbj) Do not forget in ANY surcumstance that the best wiever of yourselves is YOU looking on the MOON!!!!
(Okidok) nothing much to observe in Silk?s 28th animation
(NancyL) Then, individual moons evident.
(Jurian) Prichard: HAHAHAHA, that must be why Africans usually get over 200!!
(RudyJoe) Nancy, anything good on TV tonight? Do the ZTs have any suggestions?
(Jurian) Prichard: do the math, get a clue? :p
(Spunky) why can you see the smaller moons and not the huge Px?
(James) Do the Zetas watch Eastenders or Dallas?
(Torbj) godnight... and i love this hugging of you Nancy... HUG
(Prichard) Not quite, but we all liuve withing a certain degree of the equator. Probably not by chance
(Niburu) please will anyone here possibly recored the KROQ session and post it ??
(NancyL) Then, last time Jan 25, showing up on the medians images both on Silks site and Pierre's median (check the Jan 25 image pickup page)
(Gelo`) James get a life please :-)
(Silk1) lol, that's funny Nancy
(NancyL) So, this is a drama unfolding, everytime a surprise.
(Beyond) The Zetas like those Pentium4 commercials
(Niburu) Beyond LOL
(JWilliam) LOL
(Niburu) they are in mass conciousness though
(James) Gelo - As a gentleman, I must allow you the honour first...
(Silk1) they draw some 40 circles on an image and ask you to geuss where it is ")
(Beyond) they wipe their asses with them
(Jurian) prichard: that'd be because it's rather COLD at the poles, not cause you age 2 times as fast
(BrianC) Nancy where will you be staying?
(MB) Silk1: Ain't she a hoot, tho?
(Silk1) great astrometrics
(Niburu) the UFO uncoverup we used to talk abot in the 90s
(Jenny1) like spot the ball
(Zetapal) today is James birthday, show the nice lady how old you are James
(Silk1) amazing MB
(NancyL) I kind of expect that we will begin to see the Px body not ONLY in a bright "dot" but as a diffuse body of close hugging dust, perhaps pixel analysis as JWilliam so painstakingly does.
(NancyL) This TEAM never sleeps :-)
(Silk1) single hot pixels
(Jenny1) maybe it should lol
(Spunky) Nancy - will you hang your sorry lying ass bitch when you get found out as a fucking liar in one months time?
(Jim) Nancy can u ask the zeta's what the DOW and NASDAQ will read at the time of Planet-X's return?
(NancyL) Unlike the debunking team that just pronounces 'NOISE" even before the images are available to them!
(Silk1) one pixel out a million
(Shaman464) how big will Px be just before the shift?
(James) Really big
(Prichard) Very funny Silk1
(Niburu) who will care about the Dow man
(NancyL) Such as MCunningham did with Pierre's Jan 19th infrared, "FRAUD" before ever looking.
(Dim) Get rid of Spunky.
(Phoenix) Spunky - go to bed.
(Silk1) well, it's true
(Niburu) were talking mass extinction
(Jenny1) hey we could change it from spot the ball to spot PX!
(Redeye) Spunky, it will b u who is sorry :-)
(BobMaccy) Nancy what will you say to all your "belivers" if PX doesnt come around?
(BoZack) Spunky Nancy - will you hang your sorry lying ass bitch when you get found out as a fucking liar in one months time? (unacceptable)
(PenAaway) NancyL: will there be a revized ZT book in the future?
(Spunky) she's a loony you sad fuckers
(Jim) Well man that would be a good indication of PX returning or not
(Gelo`) totally unacceptable
(NancyL) And as Scotti did on sci.astro, pronounding Steve's Jan 28th images as "NOISE" before he could have possibly gotten his hands on them!
(MB) NancyL: I've looked at everything, and there is no Px visible in any image. None.
(PenAaway) kick Spunky
(JWilliam) Silk: Look Between the coordinates for PX. Amazing how "noise" keeps showing up on location ;o)
(NancyL) Well, he said it was "HOT PIXELS" :-).
(Silk1) They are noise Nancy, even show your "moon swirls" as image artifacts
(Dim) Thank you Penaway.
(Prichard) She will say "Have a nice day" What would you expect her to say? Get on with your life and thank God the information was wrong. Plan for the worst, hope for the best
(BrianC) I guess location is the most important preperation for the shift...
(Silk1) they move with the telescope when it was repointed
(NancyL) I guess the debunkers master gave him wrong clues again :-).
(JWilliam) MB: I must disagree with your assertion.
(Zetapal) BoZack is pimpin
(Jenny1) hey Nancy should appear on TV
(Niburu) cant we save the is it in the image until April by then it should be undeniable right
(Silk1) plain as day
(Lombo243) Nancy: do you get money from the NASA?
(Dim) Silk is getting really boring.
(BoZack) lol, thanks Zetapal
(NancyL) MB, you're part of the debunking team! Consistent NOISE from YOU over the weeks and months.
(Vern) lol
(James) I have a page on Open-Minded's website showing that noise was picked in one of the images of "PX"...
(Torbj) well... im off..... cry for me
(MB) NancyL: I've looked. You are a fraud. No Px images.
(MikeO) The Zetas caught Scotti in lying, and he didn't even have to post bogus images. He just couched his words so much his game plan became apparent.
(BrianC) Niburu: that would put off a lot of good preperation time! hehe
(BoZack) I have finally seen the PX, about time
(Silk1) The Zetass? You mean YOU Nancy?
(MikeOz) if this is BS Silk,why are you OBSESSED with ZT? You claim Nancy is a "nut": so why don't you engage with every paranoid schizophrenic? Do you argue endlessly with mentally ill street people? Why not? Your being here verifies ZT.
(Shaman464) Debunkers, If you dont anything nice to say dont say it at all!
(NancyL) Spunky, go wash your mouth out with soap and ask your debunking master to up your pay, you're getting testy here!
(MB) NancyL: How nice of you to notice. ;-)
(Vern) MB can i join your team?
(JWilliam) MB: Send me your Fits Files you have taken and I'll have a look ;o)
(Obany) sigh
(Silk1) Do you have evidence the Zetas even exist?
(Tizza) Jeremy : plenty of insults here...... you not mod?
(James) Nancy, can we arrange for me to have a one-to-one discussion with the Zetas?
(yankywanky) NASA tried to strap Nancy to Columbia but her ass was to big on re-entry
(Obany) i don't know what happended
(NancyL) Jenny1, hey, Nancy HAS appeared on TV.
(Obany) but i couldn't connect to the Internet for a moment
(Silk1) J William, the man who couldn't process his own image, so stole someone elses work - lol
(Obany) very very anoying
(Silk1) twice even - lol
(ZooSpecimen) good one MikeOz!
(Secridrose) MikeOz - debunkers do verify
(Dim) Get rid of yanky wanky.
(Jim) Nancy can the zeta's have power to shut down the internet?
(NancyL) Silk is seeing the portfolio of her friends diminish and they are all pressing her to DO SOMETHING.
(Jeremy) Tizza: its hard to keep up with it all
(Jenny1) When has she been on TV?
(JWilliam) Hey when you provided a decent image - why not ?
(Silk1) Hardly Nancy, my "team" is stronger than ever
(Prichard) Is Silk a stoack broker?
(MikeOz) tx Zoo :)
(Silk1) while yours runs away and hides
(Prichard) Stock broker
(Niburu) oh man that would suck to loose the internet hope the cable guys still go to work in the last days
(MB) Silk1: Good one!
(MikeOz) answer the question Silk
(NancyL) Well, we've recorded the tenor or the debunking team here, so I will sign off and prep the logs.
(RudyJoe) Be nice. Be nice. Be nice.
(Shaman464) Debunkers, If you dont anything nice to say dont say it at all!
(BobMaccy) will PX start to effect are thinking capabilities the closer it gets?
(Jim) Nancy what is the % that PX will return May 15th?
(Silk1) What question MikeO?
(Niburu) wonder if alot of ppl would run around trying to procreate in the face of doom
(Tizza) Silk... yes please DO answer the question!!!
(Johnnie5) hmm...
(NancyL) They are their own worst enemies :-). Don't look in the mirror, apparently.
(BrianC) hehe so Silk DOES have a team!? ....hehe
(NancyL) Bye all!
(James) Nancy - why do you refer to you refer to YOURSELF in the tird person??
(Silk1) yep, all the amateur astronomers in the owrld
(BobMaccy) your stupid nancy
(DommSayer) bye you sad old bitch
(Vern) bye nancy your time is runing out
(NancyL) Thanks again to our tireless cops who quick finger this mob into politeness.
(Prichard) Goodbye. This was interesting. We could ue more of the specific geological information next time agin
(Silk1) Nancy ran away, as usual
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZT!
(NancyL) Bye!
(James) Why refer to yourself in the third person?
Session Close: Sat Feb 01 17:21:51 2003