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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Dec 28, 2002

Session Start: Sat Dec 28 16:00:44 2002
(Howmo) Dell, no "fuck off" this time?
(MrYou) Donmb: in theory an object in orbit is already under "influence" or it would not be in orbit..
(Humvee) y should b getting closer faster
(Endeavour3d) Howmo, only if you hammer
(NancyL) Howmo, you're being proved WRONG steadily by the imaging ongoing.
(Alex2221) fuck all u newcomers
(JWilliam) HBO: The size has gone on PX White, from 1 pixel on Sept 21, to 3 pixels on most of the recent sets
(NancyL) THAT is your answer, to all your garbage.
(Alex2221) oh sorry
(Endeavour3d) wow, that was a fast response
(Zetapal) Just had a pvt with Butch - he's lived in West Virginia for the past 2 yrs or so, in talking to Jim about the area briefly, he mentioned this:
(Zetapal) Butch: but at least i know my way around here now... one thing that scares me though is the natural gas wells around here... they're everywhere... a few good earthquakes and i could see this place going up like a match..
(Zetapal) Butch: in fact there was a few pipe ruptures a during the summer... the local news said it was due to shifting ground...
(QuarkBurger) Does anyone here know orbital mechanics?
(MrYou) no one should fear death.
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: Steve Havas et al have taken more images, now available for download from the TEAM page.
(Howmo) Nancy, does Obany screen your questions now?
(MrYou) Nancy: URL?
(NancyL) Dec 27 and Dec 28, both nights, and PX is tracking right along where the Zetas said it would be.
(Howmo) He is telling me wha t I can ask.
(Alex2221) Q : what do have to say about the prophency of the "Gog War"?
(Jeremy) Nancy: I downloaded the red filtered ones and examined a couple of them myself this morning
(NancyL) Getting larger, brighter, moons now increasingly evident (you can almost count them).
(AlphaCentauri) NancyL: Why did you refuse to answer the question from Yugo about the String Theory last session?
(Rich) "Gog War" ?? Russia?
(QuarkBurger) MrYou, DonMB, Do either of you know orbital mechanics?
(Inkpen) Howmo that is rude
(MrYou) not I.
(QuarkBurger) Does anyone here know orbital mechanics?
(Alex2221) Russia??????
(Sano) Rich Gog War - what is it?
(NancyL) Alph, I also refuse to respond to the Needle theory. Oh, never heard of that? Just another whacko human theory without grounds.
(NancyL) I save my breath, in other words.
(BoY) lol
(NancyL) Just because YOU think it valid does not make it so.
(Rich) Magog & Gog in Bible ? I don't know
(BrianC) Open session today?
(MrYou) string theory is becoming accepted.
(AlphaCentauri) NancyL: ok I understand and agrre
(Endeavour3d) JWilliam, the ASKC has an $18,000 CCD camera on loan from NASA, so I am quite certain it will give the images people have been wanting. The view of Saturn was spectacular
(AlphaCentauri) agree
(Alex2221) yes Magog and Gog!!!
(DonMB) Nor I. But I'm not sure are finest know as much as they pretend as they have not been off the planet
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, can I ask you a question about Planet X's trajectory?
(NancyL) Alex, who says the Gog War exists? Folks, as I've stated endlessly, if someone ELSE says it is so, we will NOT comment unless 1. they predict, 2. they have an accuracy track record.
(ChiefSimi) Nancy, can I ask question to have an agenda, or do you already have one?
(Rich) Alex been many years since I read Book Of Revelations
(Gyflex) is the current stocks decline the decisive one?
(Rich) that's where its mentioned
(NancyL) Howmo, this IRC is not HowmoTalk, which you want it to be.
(Alex2221) Nancy -
(BrianC) Where the Raelians company Clonaid successful in cloning a human?
(NancyL) Have your own session and see who comes. No one.
(MrYou) Nancy: do the Zetas refer to something we call "Akashic Records" (NOT the book).
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, can I ask you a question about Planet X's trajectory?
(Inkpen) Quark: imagine where PX is now and what angle to the earth it would have to be to cause a 90 degree shit
(Sano) Rich can u explain me what its means Gog War???
(Obany) Howmo: i told you ... don't demand or else leave
(NancyL) Are we talking HUMAN Orbital Mechanics? Ah, one step up from the Flat Earth Society and SO ARROGANT about being "right".
(Howmo) Nancy, so scope and magnitude questions are not allowed?
(Redeye) lol Inkpen
(Jeremy) Inkpen: lol
(ChiefSimi) in S126 the Zetas described that the speed of passage is:
(ChiefSimi) "increase in speed to leave the inner solar system as the laser blasts of gravity particles coming from the Sun added to the momentum past the Sun already in place combine to speed it on its way."
(ChiefSimi) Is it perhaps a restrained momentum? Would the Zetas please explain why Planet X pick up speed then?
(NancyL) MrYou, but humans who used to think the Earth was Flat, etc.
(Rich) Sano: read
(NancyL) Quark, yes, what is your Q?
(MrYou) Nancy: huh?
(MrYou) Nancy: what does that have to do with my question?
(Jeremy) Inkpen: all it takes is a missing f ;)
(JWilliam) Endeavour: I look forward to your images. Don't forget the Red Filters.
(NancyL) Clone Q accepted.
(MichaeLCunningham) at least OUR orbital mechanics and physics work
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, I have also mistrusted Kepler's orbital mechanics, but I can't find out where it's in error. Do you know?
(SpaceCadet) Nancy: how accurate are the things written about the "Annunaki" in the Necronomicon?
(Jeremy) hey Michael C!
(Obany) MichaeLCunningham: keep your mouth shut please
(Redeye) lol Obany
(MichaeLCunningham) lol!
(Alex2221) Nancy do the zetas are draconians?
(AlphaCentauri) Rael recruits members among the scientists of the French, and surely American universities.
(DonMB) Nancy, how are you?
(AlphaCentauri) SpaceCadet: you own a copy of the Necronomicon?
(NancyL) MC, so says YOU. What I want to know, MC, is if you're going to be available to all those you've mislead when the PS happens!
(SpaceCadet) a friend does, but I've read a bit of it
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, I have also mistrusted Kepler's orbital mechanics, but I can't find out where it's in error. Do you know?
(NancyL) Where are you located, Mr Disinfo artist, paid as well to do this.
(MichaeLCunningham) I'm ALWAYS available Nancy
(AlphaCentauri) SpaceCadet: the Necronomicon doesn't exist.
(MrYou) Nancy: can you answer my question please? Are you familiar with the "Akashic Records" (NOT the book)?
(NancyL) Quark, I'm not the keeper of Kepler, no.
(SpaceCadet) oh really? :p
(ChiefSimi) Dr. Herbert Illig made scientific investigations and presented proofs that 300 years were added into our history by King Constantin in the past, creating history on paper. So it looks like that the years AD 614 - AD 911 are missing. I'm sure the Zetas would like to comment this.
(Rich) hello Nancy from New Zealand. This is my first #zetatalk visit
(MikeAus) thanks Obany!
(AGreenspan) Please explain the structure of your society, specifically - how are major matters decided? What role if any do the elderly "play" in your society? What do you derive pleasure from most? Thank you.
(Jeremy) Obany: Come on, that wasn't warranted
(NancyL) OK, the hour is here and I have a couple accepted Q's. Going to start with Q1
(NancyL) Chief, I'll take your Q too.
(Obany) Jeremy: it wasn't a ban just a warning ... nothing more
(NancyL) 1. True that US and Russia are not enemies when Reagan and Gorbachev met in the capital of Island Reykyavik, on the press-conference Reagan said as a joke: If aliens will come down on earth then US and Soviet Union will join in union to fight these aliens. But it was not just brief note, it was one of the long discussed issues between SU and US. They spent few hours talking about it.
(NancyL) ZT: It has long been rumored, due mostly to Reagan's tendency to have lose lips while dealing with early senility, that high level discussions about aliens, and Armaghedon, occurred among heads of state.
(NancyL) ZT: Reagan was rumored to be obsessed with Armaghedon, the End Times, talking at lenght about this to visitors to the White Hourse.
(NancyL) ZT: Reagan was known to have made the statements, publically and on film, that were the Earth to be invaded by aliens from outer space, that all countries would band together, put their differences aside.
(NancyL) ZT: Were there such high level talks, in particular between Russian and the US during Reagan's time?
(NancyL) ZT: Indeed there were, and they went beyond talk.
(NancyL) ZT: Agreements were signed, locked away in the places the secret governments of both countries maintained in those days, NOT to be available to the public who was being misled utterly about the alien presence.
(NancyL) ZT: Like the rumors about Martial Law about to be imposed in the US, papers signed, FEMA put into control, and the ultra-right in the US trying to start this process early by the OKC bombing and the TWA800 missile attack.
(NancyL) ZT: These rumors have a solid basis in truth, but what is NOT understood is how difficult it is for such secret agreements to become law, accepted by the populace.
(NancyL) ZT: One day Russian and the US are enemies, on all fronts, and the next they are working as partners?
(NancyL) ZT: Never mind what you were told yesterday, your emotions engaged, all manner of exageration given to enflame your emotions, TODAY it is all different.
(NancyL) ZT: This simply does not fly, and the public figure trying to work such a quick-change viewed with suspicion.
(NancyL) ZT: Perhaps they have gone mad, been taking drugs, had a stroke, or otherwise lost it.
(NancyL) ZT: They are DISCOUNTED.
(NancyL) ZT: In like manner, should the Bush Administration, by general agreement or forced to do so, decide that Martial Law should be imposed, the public would hardly just go along.
(NancyL) ZT: The relutance would be so disruptive, passive aggressive at the very least, that the nation would come to a standstill.
(NancyL) ZT: This would NOT simply be the public, assumed to be pushed around by guns, but the gun holders, the military!
(NancyL) ZT: Such quick-change, without explanation, ordered from above, does not succeed.
(NancyL) ZT: What was the agreement the Russians and the US signed, back in Reagans day?
(NancyL) ZT: As stated by the senile President Reagan to the public, all guns would be pointed outward, all information shared, with neither joining into an agreement with the aliens.
(NancyL) ZT: It has been rumored that Russia has its version of MJ12 as well, and this is TRUE.
(NancyL) ZT: A secret government, aware of the alien presence, and ambitious for alien technology.
(NancyL) ZT: Where the US had possession of alien ships, which they could NOT reverse engineer or control, the Russians were only allowed to participate on the good graces of the US military, who was very jealous of their possessions.
(NancyL) ZT: What was clear to the Russians, however, was that the US was not succeeding in gaining any technology, and thus these talks fell by the wayside.
(NancyL) ZT: The truth of the matter became apparent, that NO technology would be made available to humans, and NO invasion was pending.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, what years was Alternative 3 in operation, during Reagan era ?
(Inkpen) Nancy: i heard Reagan has developed alzhiemers; seems rather convieniant... was this diliberet? (sorry for bad spelling, heh)
(Jeremy) Please keep follow up questions relevant to previous ZT answer :)
(AlphaCentauri) What about other "nuclear" countries, such as France or the UK?
(NancyL) Leb, I forget what Alt 3 was, now, let me go check.
(AGreenspan) Leave the planet..
(Obany) and don't ask irreleveant questions
(Inkpen) head for Mars
(MrYou) how is it that OKC bombing had political reasons behind it????
(NancyL) Alternative 3 was Mt Weather, going underground? I'm sure this was big time push during Reagan, seems to me.
(Rich) run on TV in UK in early 70's prior to Reagen
(Phoenix) How aware was Pres. Truman of the STS slant of early MJ12, CIA?
(NancyL) InkPen, he was probably chosen because of this, weak, taking orders, etc.
(galaxyexplorer) Q to Nancy: Was there a joint operation between US and Russia for Mars exploration?
(Lebrasse) No, Alternative 3 was going to Moon/Mars
(Inkpen) ok...thx Nancy
(NancyL) Alpha, no agreements with France and UK, but they became aware of pole shift and aliens, at least at high levels.
(AlphaCentauri) ok
(NancyL) MrYou, this is in ZT, re OKC, was trying to SPARK Martial Law by claiming that terrorists did it, etc.
(MrYou) but thats not ture.
(Rich) TV chiefs tryed to downplay Alt 3 as April Fools joke on TV after it aired
(MrYou) how does one bombing spark martial law? thats not logical.
(Alex) question to Nency : what are the requiremented properies and attributions from a public figure in order to be told of the poleshift ??
(MrYou) sorry I disagree.
(MrYou) I have a very important nonrelated question tho..
(BrianC) Nancy: How do the Zetas suggest we deal with anger? How do STO deal with anger?
(NancyL) ZT to Galaxy: Satellites, Space Stations, Mars Exploration, are up front and need no secret agreements.
(Endeavour3d) Howmo is a very strange person, I've been tlaking to him privately but his intentions are very unclear to me.
(NancyL) ZT: Secret agreements are in place to cover those matters the public is NOT to even be aware of, such as aliens, the coming pole shift.
(NancyL) End ZT to Galaxy.
(NancyL) MrYou, please read the Govmt section re OKC, TWA800, etc.
(MrYou) from Edgar Cayces example of accessing the "Akashic Records" and providing medicinal recipes to the public.. a very respectable and needed public service.. what do the Zetas say in regards to this?
(MrYou) Nancy: its illogical I'm sorry.
(Inkpen) MrYou what evidence can you use top support your claim?
(MrYou) which?
(Inkpen) the former
(NancyL) Brian, dealing with anger is nothing NEW, for man. Why ask the Zetas re this?
(MrYou) a single bombing has not once in history created or sparked martial law.
(NancyL) Endeavor, I'd not trust Howmo.
(Rich) MrYou start of WW1
(Endeavour3d) I concur, I'm just very confused by him, he reminds me of Gollum
(SpaceCadet) actually, that wasn't a bombing at all.. just an assassination ;p
(Inkpen) no, but it is like a puzzle that bombing was a piece of adding to the eventual buildup to martial law mr you
(Rich) Gollum: lol
(NancyL) MrYou, are you suggesting the Zetas gen up Cayce clones?
(MrYou) Inkpen: with zero results.
(MrYou) Nancy: wth?!?!?
(NancyL) MrYou, this is not how it all works.
(Obany) how could conctactees, starchildren who are aware of their tasks after the pole shift, like continueing to inform and help with the transformation 'achieve' this.. If they want to reach out to folks etc?
(MrYou) Nancy: are you reading my questions properly?
(JWilliam) Mr You: remember the Maine? Cuba
(NancyL) OK, doing Q2 re Cloning.
(NancyL) CLONE
(NancyL) 1. Where the Raelians company Clonaid successful in cloning a human?
(NancyL) ZT: Cloning, as with the Sheep Dolly, is not difficult.
(NancyL) ZT: The difficulty is having a 100% success, such that no one can claim an injury has occurred.
(NancyL) ZT: Childbirth, conception, and having a heathy baby is not guaranteed even under normal circumstances.
(NancyL) ZT: However, parents who proceed and have a damaged child normally do not have a right to sue, or complain, unless clear malpractice by the doctor or hospital occurred.
(NancyL) ZT: If it is a genetic toss of the dice, then no complaints are filed.
(NancyL) ZT: Cloning should, theoretically, produce an offspring identical to the parents, but what if all the DNA does not transfer, or during early development expresses differently becuase of a different early environmnet?
(NancyL) ZT: A leg not forming, as the nudge to do so is not there, the DNA perfect but the nudge lacking.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, cloned human infants ARE being developed, HAVE been developed, but until the product is certain, no publicity will be forthcoming.
(NancyL) ZT: Those making the most noise, however, have NOT, themselves, done this cloning.
(NancyL) ZT: They are seeking the spotlight, and have secured it, as no court in the land can force them to produce something protected under doctor/patient laws.
(NancyL) ZT: Before court orders can ensure, an injury must be produced.
(NancyL) ZT: Was a law broken) No law for human cloning exists that would put the claimants in jail, certainly not without proof of their actions.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, their strutting on stage is safe.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(MikeAus) Q: of what orientation is the head of the Raelians? Is he a contactee?
(Inkpen) fascinating
(AlphaCentauri) And what about the cloning project of the Italian gynaecologist Severino Antinori?
(BrianC) Was she a perfect clone?
(MrYou) with all respect Nancy, why are you avoiding my question about Edgar Cayce and specificly the Akashic Records?
(groomee) just because we compell a human form to grow by it compelled to have a soul also?
(BrianC) Was the Realian leader Real really visited by any sort of aliens? Is his story true?
(NancyL) Someone that stuck on himself is hardly STO, my thinking.
(MikeAus) agreed
(Endeavour3d) DNA does not create souls, a persond decides for themselves if they want to incarnate
(Alex) MrYou: you go man!
(MichaeLCunningham) Dell: Martial law was never decreeded after the Maine incident. The Spanish-American War ensued but martial law was never declared in this country.
(MrYou) from Edgar Cayces example of accessing the "Akashic Records" and providing medicinal recipes to the public.. a very respectable and needed public service.. what do the Zetas say in regards to this?
(NancyL) MrYou, Q declined as being silly. Of COURSE more of Mr Cayce would be nice! So would a lot of things we don't get just because we want them.
(JWilliam) MC: Martial law WAS declared in Cuba after the US invaded ;o)
(Sano) i think that here in chat can be some agents from MJ12 and Russian analog MJ12 :)))
(MikeAus) the Raelians seem to be a cult of personality, similar to Heaven's Gate
(MrYou) I'm asking what the Zetas have to say about the "Akashic Records"... what is silly about that???
(MichaeLCunningham) Dell: D'uh!
(NancyL) MrYou, this is in the Awakening section, I think, I'll go check.
(MrYou) seriously with respect.
(MrYou) I did a search it is not.
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(MikeAus) Cunningham, must you insult people?
(AGreenspan) Keep at it Mr. - great entertainment - 'till Obany gets tired of you
(Alex) the Raelians don't believe in existence of a soul don't they???
(NancyL) MrYou, got to do your homework! Awakening section "The Akashic Records and the book, Keepers of the Garden, are fiction, incorporating bits of this and that such as various messages contactees have relayed, science fiction staples, human hopes, and themes from the Bible. All very entertaining but without any basis in fact whatsoever. Phil, the main character, does not exist, nor does the Council of Worlds channel through humans as implied in this book, nor is the Council composed of 12 or even any set number, nor are the Zetas developing a hybrid race to populate a planet other than Earth. Fiction. All of it."
(DonMB) There is something about the book
(MrYou) I am not refering to a book
(MrYou) !!!!!
(MrYou) as I have mentioned before!!
(MrYou) please do your homework mam.
(BrianC) Nancy, So is there a clone? If there is, is it not perfect?
(BrianC) What do the Zetas say?
(NancyL) There ARE no Akashic Records. The person writing that book made it up.
(Parlous2112) Question 2 Zetas: why can u spin a a conductive disc next to a magnet and get a voltage on the conducting disc, but if u spin the magnet only, no voltage is induced (all motions relative to space)?
(MrYou) Nancy: then what was Edgar Cayce and many others accessing?!?!
(MrYou) this is what I ask of the zetas.
(NancyL) 1. if they do not predict, 2 if they have no prediction accuracy ... NO COMMENT ON THE GARBAGE OTHERS STATE.
(NancyL) OK, onto Q3.
(MrYou) this is common knowledge..
(NancyL) 1 Dr. Herbert Illig made scientific investigations and presented proofs that 300 years were added into our history by King Constantin in the past, creating history on paper. So it looks like that the years AD 614 - AD 911 are missing. I'm sure the Zetas would like to comment this.
(NancyL) Well, no need for the Zetas to comment, as this is well documented that there is confusion re the TIME of the last shift.
(NancyL) The Jewish Exodus is speculated to be 1,550 BC, or perhaps 1,300 BC or some such.
(NancyL) Thera, the volcanoe that blew in the Mediterranean at that time is speculated perhaps to be 1,628 BC, latest and best guess.
(NancyL) The Egyptian census keeping STOPPED, for centuries, after the last pole shift.
(NancyL) So no exact dates are available, counting backwards, to verify the 3,600 or 3,657 year cycle.
(NancyL) Here Chief's Q seems to be the opposite, that rather than MISSING 300 years, we had them stuffed into the time line.
(NancyL) ZT: In the past, following the last pole shift, record keeping stopped and did not reinstitute for centuries.
(NancyL) ZT: In some areas, there was record keeping by some means that or another, such as counting the days that passed, the number of seasons that passed, and eventually these records came to the attention of those with time to muse on these issues.
(NancyL) ZT: Where one cilivization failed to record during this or that period, another perhaps stepped into the void and kept reasonable records.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, putting all this together, it became clear that some centuries were MISSING here or there, and to keep all in sync, theese missing centuries should be inserted.\
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, they did not insert enough time, but were trying to be conservative.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, there is utter confusion, in human record keeping, on the timing of the last pole shift, which is seen as occurring too CLOSE to the birht of Chirst to fit the 3,600 model arriving at 2003.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(NancyL) Followup?
(MrYou) I'm sorry I disagree as much astral projection experimentation has found the Akashic Records to be true. I have had my own visions as confirmation. Good luck to you all.
(BrianC) Nancy, The Zetas weren't clear on the last question about the clone. Was there a successful clone or not? Also could the Zetas give there predictions for 2003 leading up to the shift?
(Inkpen) when i use the 3657 year figure, i have found most major catalcysms occure in this interval, really interesting
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, I don't know if you endorse the time left until visibility on the Shift2003 website. It doesn't work out though. I'd like to show you what I've come up with. Were you going to address that?
(Jeremy) Inkpen: indeed, I have noticed that too.
(Endeavour3d) About what MrYou said, I think that what he wanted to know is what the the "Source" of their messages? also known as the Akashic Records? Not the book, but the source of universal information.
(MrYou) correct.
(MrYou) and zetatalk states they were from beings.
(Inkpen) Mr You...perhaps the Akashic Records are a mental crutch used to triggure what ESP you already have
(NancyL) MrYou, sorry, back to the prediction thing. I don't care WHAT someone else SAYS. They have zero validity.
(MrYou) in regards to Edgar Cayce.
(QueenVee) Quarkburger: take that up with me; it is meant to reflect what zetatalk has predicted. if there is an error, email me about it:
(NancyL) Brian, yes, successful cloning of humans has been done.
(MrYou) Nancy: thats fine, I've had my own confirmation which correlates to many others.
(QuistisAway) NancyL: Someone that stuck on himself is hardly STO, my thinking.
(NancyL) Brian, these are just a handful of babies, what does this have to do with the shift?
(Endeavour3d) however....that is what the Zetas think, but even those very VERY high density non-coporeal beings are limited. Wouldn't the source come from God as well?
(Alex2221) QV : what was wrong with my question back then?
(Inkpen) why point that out Quistis?
(BrianC) Nothing, just a prediction thing.
(QuistisAway) Read it as Nancy is "stuck on herself"
(NancyL) Quark, what are you talking about "visibility of the Shift2003 website"?
(Inkpen) q... that is very rude@!
(NancyL) Popularity, being known, or what?
(AlphaCentauri) Nobody knows of what origin were the Sumerians. Could the Zetas put a light on this?
(BrianC) Nancy, Anger has a lot to do with the shift as the Zetas said lots of people will be angry. Do they have any suggestions on dealing with anger?
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, the countdown to Planet X visibility
(MrYou) when people experience the Akashic Records there is often a being there willing to help, but the energy associated with the information from these records (past or future) is never a being.. it is an energy....
(MikeO) Can the Zetas remind us when Planet X should be visible in the daytime sky . . . late March? I'm using this as a benchmark to start telling other people.
(NancyL) Endeavor, the source of info is defined in the ZT section the Call, from other spirits. This is what Cayce stated in fact, and souls never forget anything, stated in the Density section of ZT.
(Alex2222) i'm sorry Obany
(MrYou) people experience this energy often as a library... I'll leave it alone now.
(Obany) There are many ways to deal with anger, and being scared because of the shift
(BrianC) The Zetas haven't commented on dealing with anger yet
(NancyL) Alpha, Sumerians were humans, but also were visiting the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, interacting with them.
(Alex2222) ok Obany
(MrYou) Brianc: The Hathors have ;-)
(Parlous2112) will the zetas comment on spinning magnets and conductive discs close at hand ? like why it seems only the conductive disc and mag field matters relative to the rest of space ?
(Rich) Breath deeply
(Endeavour3d) there has to be more than Spirits, I understand that the Zetas have the same understanding about God as us, but what I mean is, isn't it possible; That God is a source, not just spirits? Unless of course God is a unified being?
(MrYou) zetas can kiss my butt.
(NancyL) BrianC re anger, this came up recently month or so ago on chat, and Zetas did a piece on DIRECTING this to action.
(MrYou) ;-)
(AlphaCentauri) I know but I would like to know of what race?
(NancyL) Take the What's New links back and find this, I think may be titled Hour After, as anger will be rampant, natural response, in all.
(Obany) Endeavour3d: God himself doesn't give the messages... for what i know, that's not how it works
(Inkpen) Mr...sigh
(Alex2222) MrYou be careful what u wishing for
(MrYou) Alex: hahaha
(BrianC) Yes. hmm thanks.
(NancyL) Parlous, have you read the existing ZT on Magnetism? It is a particle flow.
(AlphaCentauri) They didn't semme to be the same ethnic as Assyrians or Babylonians
(Redeye) haha
(NancyL) Endav, Zetas have stated they do not know what God is any more than we do, so they cannot comment.
(AGreenspan) Better later than never
(BrianC) Nancy: What are the Zeta's predictions for 2003?
(BrianC) Leading into the shift that is.
(NancyL) Alpha, they were the same race as the humans living there today! Very little interbreeding with the giants, and this is already in ZT.
(NancyL) Read King David in the Myths section.
(Rich) is the Jewish Passover at Easter Time?
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, I just said that, I'm saying like us, can they make....a guess? a Spiritual guestumation?
(Torbj) hello!
(Redeye) hi
(CMell) hey
(MikeAus) hi Torbj
(AlphaCentauri) but theur origins, where they come, is still obscure, apparently they came form India
(NancyL) BrianC, your Q on 2003 predictions held over as we are out of time now, good Q. Top of the agenda for next Sat, appropriate for the coming New Year holiday, etc.
(Parlous2112) i agreee with everything the zetas have said in the science section; the only thing i can gather is after mag energy flows thru the nucleus, and flys thru the electrons (i am guessing the mag particles 'funnel' out ?) they move without caring how the magnetic-spitting material rotates about - but only to a certain degree? i am unsure ultimately tho
(BrianC) Thank You Nancy.
(Tied2) op I have never seen Obany do anything out of line
(Endeavour3d) heh, day, I can have this discussion with a zeta myself
(NancyL) Endeav, request for wild ass Zeta speculation declined :-)
(Endeavour3d) I was thinking, maybe Nancy could get an Alienware Computer, the MJ12 comp is increbile
(ChiefSimi) Nancy, I didn't ask that because of last pole shift time. According to Illig, King Constantin had deliberately cheated, wrote his glorious history, which he hadn't. Thanks for asking anyway!
(DonMB) Nancy L: How are you doing?
(NancyL) Alpha, India is just around the corner from Sumeria! Mankind migrated. Gypsies also origin from India, right? They are all over Europe.
(Endeavour3d) oh bah! I knew it :P Nancy is like a credit card company declined declined declined :)
(Obany) it was a good session again Nancy, thank you and the Zetas for that
(BrianC) Nancy: Do the Zetas have any predictions of approx. when the actual planet will be mentioned on National News like CNN?
(Rich) Nancy bread prices and all baked goods prices are going up (approx 30%) here in NZ. Fresh veggies in Australia and NZ getting pricey.
(Silk) Gypsies are Hungarian/Romanian Nancy
(AGreenspan) Gypsies originated from Egypt, hence the name.
(NancyL) Chief, humm, apparently he saw an opportunity! If the records had been firm, he may have hesitated.
(Obany) AGreenspan: no from India not from Egypt ... Silk from India ... or do you only know about astronomy
(Longint) Silk: they are not.
(Parlous2112) well, this DEFINATE:Y comes to mind; if all is relative, as they say, and nothing moves without reason, as they say - then how does this substance of time 'push' at everything ? what pushes the time material ? is the their current 'unknown' ? like how does God do that ?
(Silk) Really Obany? Where did you read that?
(Me) I also have read, from India.
(NancyL) Rich, I got a forward via email re homelessness and hunger in Denver, CO of all places.
(NancyL) Skyrocketing, and they don't know how to feed them anymore.
(AGreenspan) I stand corrected, gypsies originated from Northern India.
(NancyL) NOT in the major media, of course.
(Jeremy) Argentina is suffering very badly now from hunger, poverty
(NancyL) Silk, and very dark skinned.
(Rich) nope local papers only
(Ptomais) (blame the WTO for that!)
(Nightbird) Nancy, Z's right again concerning North Korea
(Ptomais) for
(Silk) As are most Hungarians
(Alex2222) question : i'm a student - and awering of the poleshift approach led me to abandoning my studies. because of that it's now hard for me to deal with the optional fact of no poleshit and i'm really scared and confused now. i need some advice.
(NancyL) Long is Hungarian, Silk.
(MrYou) thanks.
(SteveH) Hungarians are fairly light skinned
(MrYou) sorry about my comment, I don't care for them too much tho..
(Rich) Alex you need to lead a double life
(BrianC) Nancy: How much longer do the Zetas think Planet X can be kept out of National News such as CNN?
(Silk) No Steve, they are not.
(NancyL) Nightbird, yes, I noted that the papers even stress that N Korea is trying to negotiate "benefits" from the US re this nuke rattling they are doing.
(Rich) study & prepare
(SteveH) My family is Hungarian
(Rich) its tough
(MikeAus) CNN is the LAST place you'll hear about it
(Parlous2112) why would the government be allowed to even start messing with density shifting, like the Philadelphia experiment, which would lead to all sorts of physics theories at least if not technology, if we are a playpen of 3rd Density babies? is that not a loaded gun?
(Silk) That means nothing Steve
(Obany) Silk: Gypsies are not from Hungaria
(NancyL) Alex, if the weatherman warns of a storm coming and you worry about that, this is YOUR problem, not the weatherman's problem.
(Longint) Havas means snowy :)
(MichaeLCunningham) LOL!
(Inkpen) heh
(Rich) i like that Nancy
(MrYou) we should start worrying when amateur astronomers plot the course of Planet-X
(Silk) Where's Hungaria Obany?
(Alex2222) hehe
(MrYou) cause by that time, professional astronomers should have done the same.
(Torbj) im late....can the Zetas coment on the newly aproach from the NASA that is "blurring" the SOHO images
(ChiefSimi) I'm Hungarian too, and Hungarians are not gypsies! Nonsense!
(NancyL) Silk is going to explain to you all where you can FIND her when the pole shift starts to happen and you want to ask her why she mislead you!
(Nmi) a lot of Hungarians here
(Parlous2112) density shifting relates to Einstein's unified field theory; they know what that could bring; why not more attention to the phenomenon from the establishment's secret groups?
(BrianC) There are a lot of people who can't think for themselves and won't believe a thing until they can see it on the News.
(NancyL) Is it Manhattan? Silk, where you live?
(Nmi) me too
(InsideRevolution) Hungarians everywhere :)
(Beta) Based on linguistic evidence (the similarity of the Romany language to Hindi, Panjabi, and related languages of Northern India) and anthropological evidence (body habitus and ABO blood group distributions closely approximating those of the warrior classes of northern India)(7), there is now a clear consensus of opinion that the modern day Roma of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas originated in Northwestern India.
(NancyL) Can those angry at being mislead come to say this to your face?
(InsideRevolution) Hungarians from the Mars
(Sano) ChiefSimi Hungarian -nationality u mean?
(Torbj) of the sun
(InsideRevolution) said Ede Teller
(Rich) God help them afterwards then BrianC
(QuarkBurger) QueenVee, did you do the counter on Shift2003?
(Silk) lol, so you all the Mediteranean and Middle East is Indian as well?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Before you depart, could you possibly pose a question to the Zs about the distance of PX from earth when PX just becomes visible to the naked eye? Or perhaps for next week please?
(NancyL) Beta :-) Yup, I recall similar studies. So SILK WRONG AGAIN!
(Silk) why not just say all of Europe are Gypsies?
(BrianC) Rich, It's hard to cope when they are friends and family.
(TakeMeHome) Good question Jeremy!
(MikeO) Thanks, Steve and Naji for your continuing work on the Planet X images.
(QuarkBurger) Jeremy, I think I might have an answer on that
(InsideRevolution) Nancy how can Hungary prepare for invasion of homeless people?
(Beta) Roma ppl of the mideast.. try reading Silk
(Beta) Roma equals Ggypsy
(Silk) lol
(Rich) BrianC: I have a 2 month old grandson ... my first
(QuarkBurger) Jeremy, Nancy, that relates to my question to Nancy
(Jeremy) TakeMeHome: Its intrigued me for a long time actually
(NancyL) Jeremey, the distance charts are fairly on target, let me go check that ...
(SteveH) QueenVee, what is your URL?
(Silk) Hey Steve, I see your blotches didn't move on the images
(MrYou) if anyone is interested #ufo on is a nice channel for open discussion ;-)
(Rich) but my daugher doesn't believe
(ChiefSimi) Hungarians live in Hungary, Central-Europe, their relatives are the Finns
(BrianC) Rich: I have a 1 month old son.
(TakeMeHome) Yes be nice to know where PX is now!
(Rich) I'm resigned to the fate if it happens
(InsideRevolution) it is not true
(InsideRevolution) Sumerians are the relatives
(InsideRevolution) not Finnish
(InsideRevolution) it was a great misleading of scients
(Rich) stay strong ... inner strength
(Obany) this is zetatalk, not #antropology
(Jeremy) The Zetas have given a 14 million mile figure for the pole shift, so I hoped they could give one for the distance just when PX is on the threshold of naked visiblity
(Parlous2112) PX isn't supposed to come anymore the 14 million miles from earth i think during the first passage
(ChiefSimi) Inside, ok. you are joking :)
(Endeavour3d) after talking with Howmo, I actually feel sorry for him. He questions everything, I told him I will wish the ebst for him and he questioned what "best" I would wish. I think his spirit is scared
(Sano) ChiefSimi and wots wrong with Hungary?
(Torbj) the Finns are my neighbourg´s
(Rich) remeber only your outer shell will pass away
(Silk) Steve? No comment?
(Obany) Silk: HUSH
(SteveH) Silk, your comments and opinions are irrelevant to me
(InsideRevolution) no matter who is relatives :)
(MrYou) endeavour: the reality is any who questions this now will still be able to survive later... IMO.
(Silk) Gee Obany, I can't talk to Steve?
(InsideRevolution) Gens una sumus
(Parlous2112) why does it matter WHEN u can really see it anyway...
(QuarkBurger) QueenVee, did you do the counter on Shift2003?
(NancyL) The distance chart says, for 4/2/03 which is about 6 weeks ahead of May 15, 2003, it will be 5.0412 Billion Miles
(Parlous2112) it'll come too soon in any case
(InsideRevolution) We are 1 family :)
(InsideRevolution) children of God
(Parlous2112) i hate that horrid thing, Planet X
(MichaeLCunningham) 5.0412 billion from us or the sun?
(DonMB) Nancy L: How are you doing?
(NancyL) Maybe Silk would like to explain the NEW star that keeps moving, etc, right ON the Zeta coordinates.
(InsideRevolution) What is the speed of Planet X?
(Jeremy) NancyL: Yes thx for checking, but the Zetas said the human figures weren't correct, if I remember right
(NancyL) Apparently, all she can do is come in there and snarl.
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, 5 billion miles is way past pluto
(Silk) There you go
(Silk) No star, noise on images, last 6 prove it
(NancyL) Poor looser, Silk, the game is up but she can't admit that.
(Obany) Silk: already made a coment on sci.astro that there is nothing there
(QuarkBurger) Nancy??
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, 5 billion miles is way past pluto
(MichaeLCunningham) 5 billion from us or the sun?
(Silk) Hardly Nancy, I'd say the game is up for you
(Parlous2112) PX is bigger the pluto and gives off light
(MrYou) Nancy: no need for personal attacks.
(Jeremy) For PX to be visible to the naked eye as a reddish cross I would surmise it would be within Jupiters orbit
(Endeavour3d) you know what worries me, why the beings on PX have been left in the cold while we are going to be pushed ahead of them. They have been around alot longer than we have, so why are we being pushed ahead of them?
(JWilliam) This noise moves , gets brighter and follows a path "Amazing noise"
(Silk) Moves with the scope Dell, how obvious - my kids even saw it
(TakeMeHome) What spedd will PX be travelling at to reach us - it will be flying through the solar sysyem then if beyond Pluto 6 weeks before May 15th!
(MikeAus) the noise has moons too-amazing
(Endeavour3d) brb, kick arse sunset otuside!
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, I think there's something wrong with that chart
(Silk) And what magnitude has it increased from Dell?
(NancyL) Quark, this was from a distance chart human math done up. NOT ZetaTalk,
(Torbj) no answer from the Zeta regarding the NASA blurring of the SOHO Sun images?
(SteveH) noise is random, a large spot of light being caught by the CCD on all images is not noise
(JWilliam) Silk: your grasping at straws. Why? I don't know.
(Silk) It is when it moves with the scope Steve
(NancyL) My question to YOU is, why does it matter the exact distance?
(MichaeLCunningham) Nancy... 5 billion from earth or the sun?
(Silk) and all the stars don't
(Obany) Silk because well you indoctrinate your kids probably
(QuarkBurger) Nancy is this a touchy subject?
(NancyL) Quark, when the Zetas were asked about it, they said it was not correct.
(Jeremy) PX admitedlly emits dim light of its own, but to be visible as a reddish cross to the naked eye it would have to be well within the solar system I believe
(Silk) Harly Obany. I let them do the analysis so theycould learn
(Silk) And they did it much better than Dell
(NancyL) PX moves IN faster, then slows down when it gets to the outer edge of the solar system.
(NancyL) But, close enough, etc.
(Rich) Jeremy : my Q was when is the Jewish Passover ... Easter?
(Alex2222) Nancy : what do you think about Gil Weinstein?
(NancyL) Torbj, NASA lies, what can we say beyond that?
(NancyL) Silk is beating dead horses, poor looser that she is.
(Jeremy) Rich: I'm sorry I totally lost what you said earlier
(QuarkBurger) If Planet X is on a 3657 year orbit, and it's going to be here in may, it HAS to be 232 million miles away now
(Endeavour3d) peace and love guys, I'm out
(Silk) Yep, been lying to everyone about the Aurora for decades
(Inkpen) Nancy: a few have asked this befor w/ no reply...but i was just woundering if could could comment (anything!) about what rods are or anything surrounding this subject plz
(Rich) does the passover celebrate the coming of the red cross seen with the naked eye?
(NancyL) Alex, who is Gil Weinstein?
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, If Planet X is on a 3657 year orbit, and it's going to be here in May, it HAS to be 232 million miles away now
(Obany) NancyL: Alex says that Gil Weinstein says that the pole shift won't occur in 2003
(NancyL) Quark, only by human math, which is WRONG, about just about everything to some degree.
(MichaeLCunningham) The Zeta don't do orbital mechanics QuarkBurger
(Alex2222) he's translating zetatalk to Hebrew
(Silk) Yep Zetas don't use a null in their comptations
(DonMB) QuarkB: only if it is in a known solar pattern
(NancyL) Ink, Rods are NOT alive, aliens, etc. That's all the Zetas want to say as the speculation about them is silly.
(Inkpen) ok
(Inkpen) thank you
(Rich) don't jump to conclusion Alex
(Alex2222) he calim to being contacted by the zetas
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, do you have an astronomer or physics person I can talk to on this?
(MikeO) I can stop preparing now . . . Gil Weinstein says it won't happen!
(MrYou) oh my.
(BrianC) Nancy: Can the Zetas openly talk about whatever they like? We don't always have to ask the questions do we?
(Silk) No comment on those GIF's Steve?
(SteveH) The last comments IMO had for the Dec 4 images was that there was indeed a new "stellar" object on the images. Strangely, he has been silent since then...
(NancyL) Well, then Gil Weinstein is WRONG. 1. does he predict? 2. is he accurate? NO? Then why do we care what Gil says?
(JWilliam) Ho hum, Silk your mental thrusts are done with a dull blade. Your capacity to think is overwhelmed by your attempts to fit in with your crowd.
(Torbj) this is a non- burred pic of the sun... look at eight o´clock...
(Silk) No he did not say it was a "stellar" object
(QuarkBurger) Nancy?
(QuarkBurger) do you have an astronomer or physics person I can talk to on this?
(MichaeLCunningham) IMO said you failed to understand his comments SteveH
(NancyL) Quark, no, but they all sputter and claim ZT is wrong, while they themselves are being proved wrong big time.
(Silk) J William, Your insults are amusing
(InsideRevolution) What about Kryon predicts?
(SteveH) I guess for IMO to confirm that there has been new objects on the subsequent images would be out of line for the debunking moto
(InsideRevolution) I found a book today at store
(Silk) See there Steve
(QuarkBurger) Nancy, Orbital Mechanics is pretty reliable so far.
(NancyL) SteveH, he's afraid that the readership will figure out WHO he is, and deliver their anger upon him for his disinfo.
(JWilliam) Where is the wayward shepherd? some of his sheep have wandered in here ;o)
(QuarkBurger) gotta go
(Silk) or there
(Parlous2112) Nancy, will the zetas comment on the spinning conductive discs relative to the spinning magnets ? why does only the spinning disc's relative motion to space seem to matter to induce a voltage on the disc, but not the magnet ?
(NancyL) Deliberately mislead them!
(Torbj) this is a blurred pic of the sun...look at 8 o´clock...
(Obany) MC and silk leave this discussion out of the channel please
(InsideRevolution) is here anybody know something about Kryon?
(Monk) Nancy: Is there anything the zetas would like to tell us before you leave ?
(NancyL) And was SO proud saying he convinced many to just not look THERE, at observatories.
(NancyL) So, how many little children has he killed, by misleading their parents?
(BrianC) Nancy: Yes, can the Zetas talk freely?
(Silk) Only you told people not to look this past summer Nancy
(NancyL) I KNEW he was not being up front about who he is, where he lived, because of this.
(Alex2222) Nancy - do u have new coordinates acording to them the poleshift damage will be "light" in 40%??
(Alex2222) lighter
(NancyL) Silk, however, is going to give you her address. She's SO sure she is RIGHT.
(SteveH) and MC can only through insults and is becoming increasingly shrill, purposely trying to mislead
(NancyL) Monk, yes, it is overtime for me to leave, and I'm saying bye bye.
(Silk) yeah right, trying to intimidate me Nancy?
(Obany) SteveH: i agree, throwing insults
(NancyL) Thank you all for inspiring great ZetaTalk.
(JWilliam) and verbose ;o)
(Silk) really STO
(MichaeLCunningham) Obany, please inform SteveH to leave this out of this conversation
(MikeO) Silk, where DO you live?
(NancyL) Thanks to the cops for keeping good order!
(Obany) who started it
(Silk) Why Mike O?
(NancyL) See you next week, and we'll do 2003 Predictions!!!
(MrYou) sketchy stuff.
(Silk) what's that going to prove?
Session Close: Sat Dec 28 17:18:18 2002