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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Dec 21, 2002

Session Start: Sat Dec 21 15:55:55 2002
(Bearz) they too have 7 sisters
(Rokkit) TW-have you read the zetatalk site?
(DrGreen) Terror, somewhere from that region. It's not needed to know where exactly according to contactees.
(TheWanderer) What about their predictions about Hale-Bopp? That didn't seem very accurate.
(Acp128) DoroHog: seem the music has gone downhill since that time... haven't bought much lately
(Howmo) JWilliam, what is the magnitude of PX in the latest images?
(GWilra) Zetapal: oh, boy! what's an rm file? I
(Bearz) this could be an incredible opportunity for the evolution of the Human Species
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dec 13-14 images have been analyzed, on the web at ../teams/tteam342.htm
(Obany) okay Howmo: you know what i said in the other channel
(DoroHog) Acp128 yes the music has a different feel to it... The old stuff sounds more mystical.
(Obany) well there you go
(NancyL) 1. the White Persona is where one would expect, between Dec 6th and 18th spots.
(Obany) !kick howmo i warned you
(GWilra) Zetapal: i'm using mIRC, it seems to be already set up for DCC
(Hello) TerrorDactyl: there is much material on the Pleiadians available freely on the internet.. most of their msgs deal with planetary wide ascension skills anyone can claim to avoid the cataclysms
(Redeye) evening all
(Mansur) Who analyzed them Nancy?
(DrGreen) I cannot believe how obvious the new images are. PX looks real large. Seems like it's truly zooming since the last couple of pics. The latest two sessions are really obvious.
(DrGreen) sorry
(NancyL) 2. The Red moved slightly during the LONG imaging night, as one would expect, closer to the White as it was all overhead.
(NancyL) 3. the Moons swirls can be identified and also move slightly during the night.
(Bearz) it's be possible to create a containment field around the earth
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, can you ask the zeta's this please? "if the coastline changes every 3600 years then why do with have granite eroded cliffs circling the UK that take much longer to form?"
(NancyL) 4. it is brighter, larger, obviously inbound, and precisely per Zeta predictions.
(IdolHarobed) Obany: Who is Howmo?
(Z) Howmo is annoying
(Oca) Nancy, by February do we expect the planet to become visible to regular optical telescopes?
(SteveH) Nancy, the link "moved" is not working yet
(Tied2) lol
(NancyL) By the by, I got some math run up per my request, re SIZE to expect, and this math states that is should be, now, about 4% of Jupiter size, vs 3% in mid Sept.
(Franci66) hello, please give us some good Pleiadians links on the web
(Hello) Franci66: search on
(TheWanderer) Question: If the predictions made by the Zetas are accurate, then what about this: "Hale-Bopp is nothing more than a distant star, and will draw no closer." from ../poleshft/p46.htm
(DrGreen) Hey Steve got any plans for a next session?
(Bearz) Nancy is this "Surprise Coment" a cover possibly for Px?
(NancyL) The White Persona looks about like that, not much larger, but the red and Moons are WAY outside that size, Moons in particular, the swirls.
(Bearz) Surprise Comet Streaks Into Solar System
(Bearz) National Geographic News
(Bearz) December 19, 2002
(Queen-away) Ffranci: i'd be wary of anything that sells the idea that you can escape the poleshift...
(DrGreen) The Wanderer, it's all very well explained by the Z's, read all of the Halebopp material first.
(NancyL) Perhaps the tail with moons is LARGER than the Moon upon passage, long tail or whatever.
(Obany) TheWanderer: just do some reading
(SteveH) DrGreen, weather has been bad as of late
(Bailey) well said Queen
(Hello) Queen-away: it isnt a matter of selling.. once you become more spiritually advanced you realize that hardly much is out of our boundaries
(Mansur) Has he processed them properly Nancy?
(Queen-away) Hello: yeah, right
(DrGreen) sorry for that. great work on the latest set of images, also to Naji and JWD.
(Bailey) LOL
(Bailey) sorry
(NancyL) Terror, the UK as the East Coast have been DRAGGED Down for millenia, so used to be mountain tops, for instance.
(TerrorDactyl) the cliffs are on the west - the east is flat
(SteveH) Mansur, the images have were processed by subtracting the dark, bias, and flat frames. Anyone can do that also al the original raw fits files are available
(NancyL) Oca, 7 weeks before passage seen by the unaided eye, that would be late March earliest.
(Hello) QueenVee: the zeta are spiritual as well, you can at least follow their lead in that regard if it will help
(Oca) thanks :)
(NancyL) Wanderer, if you say, in the morning, that the sun is in the EAST and I quote you as though you said that at NIGHT, you'd be ridiculed.
(SteveH) so yes, they have been processed properly and anyone can duplicate the results
(DrGreen) I did so also Mansur, and PX is quite obvious, nothing in the area like it. Very diffuse like the Z's said.
(QueenVee) gee, i guess Hello wasn't spiritually advanced enough to escape getting disconnected....
(NancyL) Read the ../poleshft/p46.htm page with ALL links.
(Bearz) QV-*smiles*
(NancyL) In 1995 HB was a nova, and this is what was being referred to.
(TheWanderer) NancyL Huh?
(Mansur) Have you stacked them to filter out noise Havas?
(TerrorDactyl) the east coast of the uk is next to the north sea which is a shallow flat bedded sea, it is not mountainous beneath the waves
(NancyL) ESO found NO comet emissions in 1995, also.
(DrGreen) Mansur, I have and PX is still very obvious.
(TheWanderer) Hale-Bopp was a nova in 1995, then chenaged into a comet?
(NancyL) Bearz, I was given a link for that "surprise comet" and found it was in Hercules constellation, seems not close to Px, no.
(Torbj) a Q: As reported on the orbitīs site ther had been photos taken from the suns flare chowing a "cube"..i have now some photage from the moon shoving "cubic figures" there some alien groups trying to say something to us with this?
(Mansur) Drgreen, where can I see your pictures?
(Bearz) thank you Nancy : )
(Torbj) sorry for my bad english
(Obany) TheWanderer: check ../halebopp/hb000001.htm
(TheWanderer) OK
(KA) Hello All!
(Rinoa) Didn't the Zeta's say that was all a white lie?
(NancyL) Torbj, who the heck said the "cube" thing? Probably bull.
(Mansur) Havas, which software do you use to process fits files and where can I get it?
(NancyL) Mansur, this is not astronomy 101 class, if you're a dummy, then go read a book.
(SteveH) cadet and IRIS, also use DS9 and avis
(Obany) Rinoa: well check the answer again ... Riona
(Torbj) cyberspaceorbit
(NancyL) OK, I have no agenda, looking for Q's
(Jeremy) Great..
(Lebrasse) CNN says Baby Bush just had his smallpox vaccination today
(Rinoa) I mean in an IRC chat a few weks back Obany
(Jeremy) Nancy: Just recently I've noticed time seems to be flying by. Is this just me (!) or is subconscious awareness of earth changes somehow affecting the way many people perceive the passage of time these days?
(Mansur) While I here Iīm asking Nanc
(JWilliam) Mansur:
(Mansur) Thanks JW
(Walt2525) Nancy, How about is Osama Bin Laden really dead now?
(NancyL) Baby Bush is treated by his own White House doctor, so we can count on all this being true. Probably was water only :-)
(JWilliam) Mansur: Cadet
(KeyBoarDz) NancyL: Do they zetas ever communicate with you when you're not wanting communication?
(Bearz) Nancy theres around 5 months b4 the shift, will time seem faster as thought everything is speeding up more than it does now?
(NancyL) Jeremy, probably just anxiousness, time is NOT moving faster, etc.
(JWilliam) Mansur: Avis
(GWilra) Q suggestion: When will the White House run out of diversions?
(Tcards) NL: would the Zetas like to comment on the recent report in the news that the aurora borealis is visible in some places as far south as the Equator?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Yes I understand, just if peoples *perception* of it was
(TheWanderer) "The "Zetas warned that the orbit was being manipulated in 1996 to line up with a real comet located by the NEAT Program." So who was doing this manipulation?
(NancyL) Walt, the Z's said he was alive, would be heard from and he WAS. He's not dead, no.
(Oca) in the 5 months leading to the shift, when will time slowing become undeniably start to be evident?
(YugoBoss) What's the kind of truth behind the Superstring Theory?
(AGreenspan) Dancing with the Zetas, act 1 : How do you explain the Enlightened individual in the context of your statement that man is limited by his genetic makeup? Thanks.
(Lebrasse) Nancy, can u give us update on Iraq situation and when US lan to start the war please
(Me) Is there a waiting period before vaccines take effect?
(Obany) TheWanderer: please not here
(Bearz) Nancy You said "Chentrails" are local is that to affect a certain area Whats the purpose of these things?
(Walt2525) Nancy, I know but I mean has he recently died.
(Zetapal) Hello - accept file
(NancyL) QWila, remember the Monica Lewinsky year? I was amazed at how a single silly thing could go for a year. Iraq has not had its year yet :-)
(QueenVee) Bearz: there is lots of info on chemtrails in ZT already
(MikeO) Any more hints from the Zetas about how and when to approach other people with news about an impending shift, with an eye toward viewing these folks as possible partners in a post-shift world?
(TheWanderer) Obany: please not here what?
(NancyL) Tcards Q accepted re the Aurora:
(EcclesP) Q: Will earthquakes on USA's West Coast and NYC occur before April?
(Obany) right now it's no the time for a Hale Bopp discussion
(TheWanderer) I see.....
(Tcards) thnx
(NancyL) ZT: The Auroras, as we have stated, are NOT magnetic at all but light rays bent by gravity.
(Steve) Nancy, Are the STS aliens still interacting with anyone in the bush circle, or they going on previous info (before the demise of old MJ12)?
(NancyL) ZT: This has been much ridiculed as it does not fit into the current human way of thinking.
(NancyL) ZT: Light bends when going through water, bends in a prism, but somehow the idea of light bending in other circumstances is rediculous.
(NancyL) ZT: The fact that mankind is even aware of a light spectrum is BECAUSE light bends.
(NancyL) ZT: The rainbow, the prism, and suddenly there is a light spectrum.
(NancyL) ZT: Red light bends toward gravity pulls, as can be seen by the just rising or just setting sun, which BROADEN and ENLARGE.
(NancyL) ZT: Light that is heading out into space, missing Earth altogether, is bend back DOWN toward the earth to arrive at the eye of the beholder.
(NancyL) ZT: It arrives NOT where it would have if moving straight, but is bend BACK so is coming in from the sides, thus the fat sun.
(NancyL) ZT: This also explains the red sunset and sunrise, as red light waves bend more than others.
(NancyL) ZT: Like magnetism, gravity flows are NOT universal about a body, but have a field.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not widely noted, as it is slight, but has been noted recently in the discovery by probes that the Earth's middle would seem to be fatter, gravity wise, though no shape has changed.
(NancyL) ZT: This hit the scientific news, a fact reported by the probes which no human scientist had any explanation for.
(NancyL) ZT: It was a change in the core of the Earth, which parts of the core are moving, and in what directions, and this motion creating disruptions in the gravity FIELD around the Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: This is all to say that the Auraus moving toward the Equator, should not be surprising, as the gravity flow back TOWARD the Equator are obviously increasing.
(NancyL) ZT: The field has switched, more pull in at the Equator, so the light bending TOWARD the gravity flow is seen more toward the Equator.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Dan33) So gravity fields are not stable if the auroras dance around in the sky and are brighter with sun activity?
(Rinoa) How do the Zetas explain why Auroras only occer during geomagnetic storms?
(DRG-away) Mansur, I do not have them online at the moment. Will do so maybe tonight. What do you want to know about imageprocessing? I'll explain after the ZT session if you wish.
(Halo) Will the 12th Planet miners on Phobos have a hard time adjusting back to their planets gravity? Phobos has a diameter of about 14 miles compared to the 12th about 22,000miles
(Dave7) My species may not be too bright ZT, but we know how to Love and laugh and cry and die and try.
(Walt2525) Nancy, Is North Korea planning to take advantage of our attacking Iraq? How about China?
(BoZack) during the passage, how will Earth's magnetic field be affected, and will the tidal lock of the moon be affected at all?
(Samsara2003) Does anyone have a link to the news source that reported this?
(NancyL) Dan33, who says they are brighter with sun activity? Lying NASA?
(Obany) Walt2525: that is well not like a follow up question
(Rinoa) that's their answer?
(Tcards) It was on BBC news in the UK
(Mantix) Question Nancy: How can we express the coming shift to other STO individuals who are unaware, without sounding misinformed or causing fear, but getting the point across?
(Tcards) couldn`t find much on the internet about it
(Rinoa) or was that a Nancy answer?
(Phoenix) Does this change in magnetic flow have an affect on human balance?
(Jeremy) Halo: Interesting question
(NancyL) Rinoa, who says THAT? Lying NASA? NASA says the sun reverses magnetism every 11 years. Their own probe Ulysses proved them wrong! Zetas RIGHT!
(Tcards) one site had it but said it was due to increased sunspot activity
(Obany) Rinoa: if you are the one known as Silk then leave ... you get the point
(Dan33) why do auroras dance in the sky?
(Rinoa) So, all the info that people rely on, is incorrect?
(Mansur) Drg: Thanks for asking, I have no questions to you for time being
(NancyL) Halo, I suspect miners on Phoebos cannot return to heavy gravity 12th Planet, yes.
(BoZack) zetas 50, NASA 0; :P
(Thunderoc) Q: Regarding Planet X's eliptical jourrney which is not perfect...what influences it's movement through the heavans so that it is NOT a perfect path..and thus moves closer, or farther away from the earth and other planets? and Q:#2 Is the light from Planet x that reachs our eyes..from the 'past'?s'
(NancyL) BoZack, the tidal lock of the moon will return, Moon not leaving Earth, etc.
(Walt2525) Nancy, Is North Korea planning to take advantage of our attacking Iraq? How about China?
(Mansur) Drg: whatīs you siteīs name?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, are the Bush crowd heeding Russias' smallpox warnings or still planning to invade Iraq?
(Obany) !kick rinoa please keep this type of comments oout of the channel during the session
(NancyL) ZT to Walk Q accepted re Korea/Iraq:
(Obany) Lebrasee: not as follow up question
(Acp128) NancyL: Bush recent received the smallpox vaccination ( any comments?
(NancyL) ZT: As we mentioned some months ago, sabre rattling will increase going into the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Such war mongering stances have been used throughout mankinds history as a distraction.
(NancyL) ZT: A country dealing with starvation points across the borders and creates threats, as the populace falls into line, thus.
(NancyL) ZT: North Korea has been placated with food for some months, but lately had been denied all that they wish.
(NancyL) ZT: They are doing MORE than asserting they are a nuclear power, which they are, they are demanding MORE FOOD, or else.
(NancyL) ZT: The alternative, per this ploy, is for them to become an arms merchant, selling to Yemen or other terrorist sites.
(NancyL) ZT: Will this likely become a full blown war? Hardly, even if the food is not provided.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a flea sneezing on a bulls butt, nothing more.
(NancyL) End ZT to Walt.
(YugoBoss) What's the kind of thruth behind the Superstring Theory (2nd time I ask this question)?
(Emmanuel) lol
(BoZack) lol
(Walt2525) thank you
(Humvee) Question: how to help those who come at the last minute bringing no provisions - without getting tapped out ourselves?
(Thunderoc) good question..
(Domicile) Q: When giving "The Call", is it wise to ask for unrealistic assistance, by our standards, such as to quickly heal or mend a broken leg of someone?
(NancyL) Matrix, re talking to others, this is SO variable, depends on the individuals involved, that no answer can suffice.
(NancyL) Humvee, since the start of Troubled Times, we have stated that if a group, a family, allows themselves to be overwhelmed they all will suffer, etc.
(BoZack) about the marine ET's which are mostly responsible for our crop circles. Do they come within our solar systm, or furhter beyond? Does Jupiter's Europa or Io serve as life giving moon and would europa be a good inhabiting moon for marine creatures since it receives heated radiation from Jupiter. And also what lies benith the only moon atmosphere of (Triton or remember which one) (sorry about the quantity, just curio
(Obany) no one has questions about the aftertime.... Like about the hybrids etc etc??
(Redeye) what sort of plans does Saddam have prepared to counter the U.S. aggression ?
(NancyL) Bottom line, you must live with your neighbors, and if there is not enought to go around, they all starve, etc.
(Carl) Hybids?
(JeanMarie) Q to ZT: Could we get advices on how to deal with major diseases in the aftertime?
(Obany) Hybrids
(Obany) check for info
(NancyL) Don't be in cities, don't be in crowds, don't tell folks where your isolated site is, don't invite the selfish, etc.
(Jeremy) Domicile: Only if you are literally begging to sacrafcice your own life in place to save the person you wish to get better or miracaously heal. Think thats what ZT will say.
(Carl) Why don't you allow any discussion about Comet H-B and the zetas really bad predictions?
(NancyL) Anyone can have their supplies stolen from them, and likely will, so consider your skills, your seed, your tools, more important!
(Obany) !kick carl not now please
(Xenshin) Q: Will such things as music, art, poetry etc in the main survive the poleshift?
(NancyL) There is no magic answer to having folks drop in on you last minute! YOU must plan this out for yourself.
(Thunderoc) no room at the inn?..
(NancyL) Domicile, the Call is not a child calling out to parents, it is a request for a CONFERENCE, advice.
(Rokkit) will the plants and animals that survive immediately mutate (2nd or 3rd gen after) or will it take longer?
(Starstalker) Question for zetatalk: Recently in the news, see , there is talk of an impact crater in Iraq that may have caused the destruction of many civilizations about 4000 years ago. Is it linked to PX and debris from its tail?
(NancyL) Thus, the Call is so YOU can deal with your life, figure out how to help others, etc. The Call is not 911 phone call!
(YugoBoss) So the Superstring Theory is not as interessant as North Korea...
(NancyL) BoZak, where the aliens who do crop circles come from is not important, is it?
(YugoBoss) I understand...
(BoZack) no, sorry...just curious
(CMell) of course not Yugo
(Obany) what are some signs that someone is guided to a location or place. In what direction he or she should head. For example those who might live with the hybrids, or those guided to a community with of people who are STO???
(NancyL) ZT to StarStalker re Iraq crater accepted:
(YugoBoss) It's a so beautiful theory.
(Samsara2003) If a STO community is deemed worthy, what will be the general process of assimilation between Zeta hybrid culture and that particular community?
(Rokkit) patience, Yougo, alot came at once.
(Starstalker) Thanks!
(Obany) would one change their plans, move at a different time etc?
(Needle) Yugo: Its a beautiful world!
(NancyL) ZT: During every passage, there are SOME debris which land on the surface of Earth, as the atmosphere is stripped away to a great extent and the tail of the passing comet contains much large debris.
(NancyL) ZT: Boulders drop, thudding to Earth and crushing quickly anything beneath them.
(NancyL) ZT: It is reported in folklore that hail stones, gravel, lashes the Earth, but those reporting this have sought shelter and are thus alive to report.
(NancyL) ZT: During the last passage the reports stated that crops and small trees were utterly destroyed by these hail storms.
(NancyL) That some craters are in the news lately is NOT because they have just been discovered, but because there is increasing talk about Star Wars, asteroid shields, Near Earth Orbit passes, and this has awakened concerns.
(NancyL) ZT: The establishment WANTS this heightened concern, as they still hope to erect some magic shield to zap out anything coming close, which is fantasy.
(NancyL) ZT: In the first place, such a shield itself would be torn from the skies, ineffectual, absent, and probably crashing to Earth itself as a source of destruction.
(NancyL) ZT: In the second place, the trash is so intense that any zapping laser would not keep up with it.
(NancyL) ZT: The best defense for humans is to huddle near cliffs, out of the wind, NOT in open fields, as most missles that crash to Earth, large boulders, will NOT drop straight down!
(NancyL) ZT: They come in at an angle, and will glance off hilltops, bouncing about.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those in ravines are unlikely to experience a direct hit.
(NancyL) End ZT on Iraq crater.
(Phoenix) During the shift, at what altitude will so much atmosphere be stripped as to endanger human survival there?
(Guest) In the future when the earth move to 4thD will many diffrent alien types live on earth or just Hybrids? Would they live in the same citys or keep to themselves in their own groups like they do when they are working?
(Steve) Nancy, Are the STS aliens still interacting with anyone in the Bush circle, or they going on previous info (before the demise of old MJ12)?
(CMell) hhmm nothing specific on Iraq :)
(NancyL) Obany, signs are so very individual, that nothing can be stated that would cover WHAT signs, WHAT direction, etc. Each is different!
(Obany) okay okay
(Walt2525) Nancy, Do the Zetas wish to answer a question we have not asked?
(CMell) ??
(NancyL) Guest, the Earth will be certainly visited by aliens not just hybrids humans and zetas, yes.
(Thunderoc) Question... given man's knowledge of nutrition... could a food bar be made in advance (of Px's arrival),.of all the known vitamins and minerals man needs ..SInce most of what we eat is waste anyways, why not "just" what we need?...and would this be usefull in the aftertime?
(Negiv) wut about the Sumerian gods are they gonna stop by earth?
(Torbj) Obanys Q about guidenings to places was a good one!
(NancyL) ZT to Steve re STS in Bush Admin, giving Call, accepted Q:
(NancyL) ZT: In the past, during the early days of MJ12, STS aliens were the first to arrive and most influential.
(Obany) Torbj: but well i understand what Nancy is saying for each person it will be different
(NancyL) ZT: As with the Nazis in times past, they had their advocates who continued to give the Call to these aliens.
(NancyL) ZT: This is an individual matter, but as a general guideline, the STS aliens answering such a Call gauge how their time might best be spent.
(NancyL) ZT: What is to be gained, what won, as THEIR task masters are expecting a good return for their efforts, and punishments are not light.
(NancyL) ZT: The US was formerly the site of many cattle mutilations, now gone and only lingering in South America.
(NancyL) ZT: Any hope of effecting an STS victory in the North American continent was long ago lost, and South American continent is likewise considered a loss to the STS.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, Bush Sr and others who aligned tightly with the STS aliens in the past have lost out, been abandoned, though they hardly agree to this and keep trying.
(NancyL) ZT: It is not that THEY, the humans, have changed, it is just that their Call gets little attention, and no resources.
(NancyL) End ZT to Steve.
(Steve) Thanks Nancy!
(Guest) Do you think the Bush crowd might try more extremes to attack Iraq such as allowing military persons to be taken hostage by terrorist forces to gain more support?
(BoZack) wow...thank you
(NancyL) Thunder, there is no magic food bar, no.
(Xenshin) Q: Will such things such as music, art, literature, the main survive the poleshift and beyond?
(Humvee) nutrition bars: yes we r working on mana wafers - just such a thing /
(Obany) Guest: could you change your nick please, just use /nick .... nickname
(Jeremy) Nancy: Will there be an earth based United Nations again in the far future when new nations have formed, and a few old ones have re-emerged?
(Walt2525) Nancy, Is the Bush rape story true?
(Guest) yes
(NancyL) Torbj and Obany, YOU must listen to your instincts re being guided! There is no single SIGN etc and no single way of reading it!
(Acp128) NancyL: Bush recently received the smallpox vaccine... did he fear that he would be a target?
(Negiv) do the Sumerian gods and zetas have a relationship
(Obany) NancyL: i know
(NancyL) Guest, I would not put anything whatsoever past the Bush crowd, no.
(Dave7) Thunderoc, Multi-vitamin tablets $20 a plastic bottle 2months supply. X 6 (Transition energy)
(NancyL) However, even if they start a war, they won't win anything as the shift is upon us!
(dwander) more likely that Bush intends to secretly release smallpox from the US reserves...
(BoZack) why pre-occxupy himselft with war, when Bush knows about the poleshift?
(NancyL) Zenshin, depends upon YOU, as to what YOU consider valuable and save.
(Scuba) who in the admin would be concedered STO?
(YugoBoss) and about the String Theory (3rd time)? (
(Dan33) Will new cities form after the shift and where relative to cities of today?
(Emmanuel) Nancy: how long are u gonna be doing these IRC sessions?
(NancyL) ZT to Jeremy re UN in future:
(Negiv) who is more advanced, sumerian gods or the zetas.
(NancyL) ZT: The United Nations today depends upon many factors in order to exist.
(NancyL) ZT: It is funded by many nations, communications and travel arrangements allow all from around the world to participate, and all this is over and above the desire to HAVE a United Nations force.
(NancyL) ZT: Now comes the shift, wherein all travel such as air travel, rail travel, travel overland over bridges and roads, will stop.,
(NancyL) ZT: Fuels such as oil and gas will burn and not be pumped or refined, nuclear fuels will be shattered, the equipment not working, and man back to foot and horseback.
(NancyL) ZT: Phone lines not work, short wave only intermittantly between STO groups supported, and ALL people worried about starvation and illness in the extreme.
(NancyL) ZT: In such a setting, the last thing survivors are going to be worried about is whether folks from around the world are conferring or having conferences.
(NancyL) End ZT to Jerremey.
(Thunderoc) Question: RE Zeta's " nutritional "baths"...sice we are of not too disimilar DNA, could these nutritional baths be extended to humans via (not magic but science) food bar with all know trace mineras n vtamins needed without the waste products?s
(YugoBoss) I didn't imagine that this String Theory was so boring for aliens... Good bye!
(Oca) Q: won't human archaeologists of the future be distressed to find the ruins of todays civilization?
(JWilliam) Q for Nancy: What could we expect to see occur in CCD images if PX was attracted to another large object in space during the time PX travels towards the sun?
(NancyL) However, I think the spirit of such is the spirit of the future, just not any groups that mankind will organize or administer!
(CMell) In what ways can one identify a STO community over the radio versus a STS community ?
(Scuba) will there be restrictions on travel before the shift,if so when should relocation start?
(Rokkit) how long will lack of sunlight be a factor in gardening food?
(Jeremy) Nancy: Thanks for answering, but I really meant in the long term i.e 100 years ahead when earth had recovered somewhat
(NancyL) Thunder, I don't think you're going to get a food bar. The shift is a natural occurence, YOU are to rise to help your fellow man. Are you doing this?
(Tcards) if anyone`s interested - see - the first albino penguin born in a zoo in the UK recently. the related Zetatalk link can be found here ../myths/m38.htm
(Thunderoc) that is why I am here Nancy..
(NancyL) Oca, you're assuming human archaeologist, humans will die out over hundred years or so.
(Negiv) do the zetas know Enlil and his family from Planet X
(Jed) Nancy, will Planet X affect the orbit of the moon in a way that will be dangerous for earth?
(Obany) Jeremy: well in about 100 years earth also will e in the the 4th density ... so things will be different at that things will change
(Obany) Negiv: Enlil is dead
(NancyL) Scuba, restictions are in human hands, thus cannot be accurately predicted.
(Negiv) ok thanx
(NancyL) I personally think that travel restrictions WILL happen here and there.
(KA) Nancy, my English is not good, sorry for this. May i ask Zeta's about Joan of Ark, she really speak with the God?
(Scuba) ty
(Kwill) Obany: how do you know that Enlil is dead?
(NancyL) For instance, there is a lot more restriction on immigration, Australia being brutal about this, and look to the US re immigration from Mexico, a bit brutal, etc.
(Halo) When the earth moves into 4thD most manmade structures of today will be left behind?
(Negiv) whos move advanced..the sumerian gods or zetas.
(NancyL) ZT to KA re Joan of Ark.
(Thunderoc) Zeta's are neg...
(NancyL) ZT: Joan was intent on countering what she viewed as brutality in the church.
(Jeremy) Kwill: The PX hominoids (Anunnaki) who were alive during the last passage are now long dead. Mentioned on ZT I believe.
(NancyL) ZT: She gave the Call, and was counseled, but her decisions were her own.
(NancyL) ZT: The view from many that God speaks directly to this or that human is faulty, in that most such immagined communications are with spirits.
(NancyL) ZT: Her desire to communicate, and her responses, were akin thus to the Call, only.
(NancyL) End ZT to Ka.
(KA) Thanks Nancy, Zeta's!
(WestCoast) Is the call a conscious effort?
(KeyBoarDz) What do the zetas think of Keylontic Science and Maharic Seal
(Tcards) Negiv: the Summerian gods/Annunaki are in 3rd density on PX, the Zetas are in 4th density therefore more advanced
(Negiv) damn IRC server!
(NancyL) In other words, no, not God, but spirits good hearted as she desired a good thing.
(Negiv) i c
(Jurian) Negiv: nothing wrong with the servers :p
(Dan33) what density were dinosaurs in?
(NancyL) Halo, not sure about manmade structures being left behind, but as this is WAY in the future, it does not matter.
(Negiv) how the hell are they still in 3rd density
(Negiv) if they planted us here 450,000 years ago
(CMell) they didn't
(Halo) ok..thanks
(Scuba) so if a call has good intent, it will be answered by STO?
(NancyL) Dan33, we're all, including dinosaurs, in 3rd Density.
(Obany) Negiv: they didn't planted us
(Negiv) ok so wut did Annunaki do
(Tcards) Negiv it`s all explained in great detail on zetatalk - go take a look
(Negiv) OK
(Negiv) URL thanx
(Jurian) Instant humans.. just add water, and stir :-)
(Negiv) ill stop bothering u guys.
(Thunderoc) in the future...will man be advanced somewhere in his current form or will mankinds DNA be wiped out?
(Mansur) Jurian, lol
(CMell) acme instant human just add hot water :)
(ZooSpecimen) have the hybrids been interacting with humans very much? How are the Humans and Hybrids getting along ( are they understaing each other)?can we get more info on thier developments on the zetatalk site??
(NancyL) Someone send me a news report re Australia "THE worst dry spell in a century has ripped 80 per cent from farm production in a year, and cut the nation's sheep flock to the lowest levels since the 1920s."
(Negiv) cool
(Negiv) where do i get that mix
(Jurian) CMell: must stir!!
(NancyL) It goes on, but is brutal. Yet all is rosy in the media.
(Mansur) For STS, just piss on it ;)
(Zetapal) Negiv -
(Jurian) Negiv: at your local acme shop, of course :)
(CMell) oh ok, forgot that :)
(Dema) NancyL: do you expect the level of ascended masters on this earth to rise as the poleshift looms ever closer?
(KeyBoarDz) NancyL: Are the zetas aware of a Frequency Wave being released today into the Earth's shields?
(MikeAus) the situation is very bad here in Aus, yes
(TechHelp) hows the situation in the US?
(CMell) haha Mansur
(Mansur) And stir of course
(MikeAus) millions of tonnes of soil are being blown away in giant dust storms
(NancyL) Key, what frequency wave, who SAID this, and what is their prediction accuracy track record?
(Jurian) of course :-)
(Dave7) All the media is controlled Nancy, but i'll see what i can find for you.
(CMell) oh ok sorry
(Rokkit) how long can we expect not to be able to farm because of lack of sunlight?
(NancyL) I have only seen one honest report re the US, and that was in Time mag last summer, re the drought effect.
(Deb) MikeAus: can one tell any difference in the food supply at the grocery market?
(Starstalker) Drought has eased, Tech Help, but some strange storms lately.
(Obany) ZooSpecimen: i think it's going fine.. with the interactin between contactees and the hybrids .. i did read in a previous session that the hybrids are on earth now in 4th density
(NancyL) Reported all across the US, devastation.
(JoeyB) TechHelp: The middle of the country is not too bad yet but the coasts are getting hammered.
(MikeAus) Deb: yes, fruits, veggies are shrunken, undeveloped, expensive
(NancyL) Dema, there are no Ascended Masters, just arrogant humans who claim themselves such.
(Obany) ZooSpecimen: and that after the pole shift they will enter 3th... that's what i remember from reading
(ZooSpecimen) will the 'safe locations' map get more detailed as the pole shift gets closer or is that as detailed as it will get?
(NancyL) I've heard from them too, boy, are they full of themselves!
(Dan33) Is gravity stable or does it fluctuate?
(JWilliam) Napa Valley Calif. just had a snowstorm
(Dema) NancyL: you havent heard from all of them... regardless of your contact status, you are not all knowing.. from YOUR experience there are no ascended masters on this planet
(CMell) haha
(NancyL) Well folks, been the hour.
(AGreenspan) Are you saying Enlightenment is false?
(CMell) thx NancyL
(Redeye) haha, Dema u presume too much
(NancyL) Good show SteveH and Naji and JWilliam on the imaging and analysis!
(Dema) NancyL: if there arent any on the planet at the moment, back to my original question.. will the number rise from zero to anything?
(Mantix) Nancy, you're a treat and a delight!
(Obany) Thank you Nancy and the zetas , it was a good session again
(Dan33) bye Nancy, but i still don't understand how auroras dance in the sky?
(NancyL) I keep thiking that we should have quakes affecting cities soon, braced for that for some time, and tides so high they roll into the city streets.
(EcclesP) me too
(Tcards) here`s a little something on Aus heat
(Dema) forget the devesations
(Dema) i will raise my consciousness enough to where i wont have to worry about the impending doom
(JWilliam) Dan33; waltzing ;o)
(NancyL) But all we've had in the news lately have been the Marines and Navy guys getting sich a lot :-)
(CMell) I have this acme instant Px, but the instructions are lost :(
(Dave7) All the best from drought land
(Scuba) ya right
(Jurian) Thunderoc: they're keeping up with these chats.. so they must have :p
(Mantix) Dema: Good luck with that :)
(NancyL) Am bidding you all goodby, and thanks for inspiring great ZetaTalk!
(EcclesP) Embarcadero in San Francisco flooded two days ago.
Session Close: Sat Dec 21 17:06:31 2002