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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Dec 14, 2002

Session Start: Sat Dec 14 15:44:20 2002
(MrOdd) I'm in new york city
(Bailey) the Lott fantago is just a destraction from the Bush rape charges IMHO
(GeneAum) who comes after Lott could be even worse
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: Steve and Naji have secured another set of images on Dec 13th. PX is bigger, brighter, moons larger, dust cloud/tail more evident, and both white and red personas obvious. White is SPOT ON between Dec 6 and 18 coordiante points. Red is closer to white now, as is more directly overhead.
(GeneAum) FYI: Great left of center radio at:
(SteveH) the Dec 14 images show it very well, extremely obvious
(NancyL) For those looking to get the FITS files, there is a link from the TEAM page ../teams/tteam342.htm to a Yahoo site, but Steve will begin deleted these as he needs to space there for more stuff.
(Kwandrie) i cant wait to see those images
(Jeremy) We have finally reached the undeniable sighting period!
(NancyL) I will put the FITS files on the Alph ZT site ( soon, hopefully tomorrow, for downloading by the anxious mob qualified to read FITS fiels.
(Obany) SteveH: only yahoo is well slow maybe because of the downloads
(Cybervvizz) Nancy did You got the stock market screenshots ?
(SteveH) I will post my link on sci.astro Nancy
(SteveH) It might get pretty slow though
(Silk-away) its already crawling
(Jeremy) I'm looking forward to see those snarling, smug sci.astro eat humble pie eventually
(Zetapal) as we talked, His war buddy "Jimmy" came over and sat down. Jimmy had no teeth anymore and one eye, a bad one. The old man continued, "Once I got up to go take a leak out the bombay of a B-24, it froze and bounced off the bombay doors." Finishing our convo, he looked up "Sometimes I think back to all that happened being a pilot in WW2, I don't know how the hell we ever got through it all."
(MrOdd) will we be able to ask questions during this session?
(Jeremy) Mr Odd: You just asked one :)
(Jeremy) hehe
(Kwandrie) that sounds interesting Zetapal, not too many of those vets left
(Nibiru) #Troubled_Times can't join channel (channel is full)
(Silk) Steve, why are these files 4 megs, no binning?
(MikeO) I tend to vote Democratic, but I think Lott is being hung out to dry unfairly by both Democrats and Republicans with ulterior motives. Shameful performance from both parties regarding an innocent comment from Lott.
(Vaulb) I'm cool with px as long as it doesn't affect Finland very much :)
(SteveH) becuase I've grouped them into folders and zipped on my site
(Kwandrie) i agree MikeO
(NancyL) Cyber, I went there but a day late and didn't see what you were referring to. Can you report to the group here what you SAW? Very interesting! And I think a valid ZQ today!
(Jeremy) MikeO: I agree, why should people be persecuted for politically incorrect opinions
(Silk) so two files per zip?
(SteveH) the fits files are 2MB each
(Silk) ok
(Kwandrie) he had one episode of foot in mouth disease and they want him to quit over it
(Cybervvizz) Did You see the gifs I took ?
(Kwandrie) most of them have done far worse
(JubJub963) comments were not innocent, similar comments were made in 1980 and other occasions, he fought strongly also to maintain segregation in his fraternity
(NancyL) Mr Odd, yes, I'm collecting an agenda, have only the Taken (TV Series) Q and Cyber's Stock Market Q.
(JubJub963) that dude is a racist
(GeneAum) Nancy: Recentlyon George Noory's show you mentioned that PlanetX is inhabited by people. With an orbit such as P-X has how would a lifeform exist with such an orbit - at one point being close to a Sun, but at other points being extremely far from a Sun?
(JWilliam) Steve: getting a 20 min then 15 4 min and another 20 min after is excellent. PX is very strong on both 20's. Reference points for work on the 15. good strategy ;o)
(NancyL) Cyber, no, can you tell the group here what YOU captured?
(Redeye) interesting point gene
(Cybervvizz) from CNN money
(Cybervvizz) on the top bar the stock market was almost 30% more as the graphcs below
(GeneAum) they must not be carbon-based :*)
(NancyL) Gene, Px (12th) is inhabited and generates its own heat/light. There is a lot of info in the Worlds section re this, go read.
(GeneAum) ok, thnx
(Redeye) blimey I guess I missed that
(Torbj) öhh...hello?
(Kwandrie) nancy, did you hear the Stan Ddeyo interview
(Kwandrie) on Coast to Coast
(GeneAum) me too. but even w/ their own heat/light, could you imagine a scenario like this on, say, Pluto?
(Obany) no other questions ???
(MrOdd) what do the zetas say is the source of the so-called "dark energy" which is currently thought to pervade the universe, and is the force driving the accelerating rate of expansion that the universe is undergoing as shown by recent studies of distant supernovae?
(Fetus) What do the zetas have to say about Jim Mccanney's comet model?
(MrOdd) and what of the nuclear terrestrial inner core theory that is gaining momentum at a tremendous pace that would likely make a magentic pole shift almost entirely without effect? (as reported in the popular and respected science magazine Discover [ ] , as well as in proper scientific papers)
(NancyL) Kwan, no, what did Deyo disinfo this time?
(Kwandrie) nancy, Stan Deyo was spilling his guts ie black ops and UFOs or so we were supposed to think
(NancyL) Deyo does not think that the Zetas should be listened to, as they are not Bible thumpers! Fact!
(CMelton) Q: can we learn anything, in regards to survival, by looking at the surviving vildlifes behavior ?
(Obany) MrOdd: if you are trying to be anoying .. then you won't get a chance you know that
(MrOdd) I'm not trying to be annoying
(Kwandrie) he said Roswell happened and that the aliens want to take over and are not good
(MrOdd) these are legit questions
(MrOdd) I would kill to know the answer to the dark energy one
(Redeye) Mr Odd, sounds like complete BS
(NancyL) Mr Odd, you are supposing that human assumptions are correct! Humans are SO off as to practially be in the Flat Earth Society still.
(Kwandrie) and was talking about the hybrid program
(Vaulb) omg what freaks :D
(Vaulb) kill...
(NancyL) NO comment on the latest human theory, sorry.
(ZetaCurious) never underestimate humans
(Kwandrie) whole bunch of stuff
(Kwandrie) just wondered as someone asked about Planet X and he acted like he knew very little
(Bailey) Nancy, thank you for making sense of all this smallpox stuff thank you. Is there any chance some genetic DNA manipulation has been taking place through vaccines with any ET partisipation?
(Zetapal) never overestimate them
(NancyL) Fetus, McCanny is a dolt. He's got everyone looking in the WRONG direction, never mind that Px is arriving just where the Zetas said it would!
(NancyL) Don't bother McCanny with facts, he's too stuck on himself.
(Torbj) Can the Zeta tell me what´s in this solarphoto taken yesterday (about 8´oclock near the edge of the sun)?
(Nightbird) Deyo may be way off and too fundamentalist for my taste... but does have good survival info..
(Obany) Kwandrie: a researcher called Jacobs.. he wrote a book about the hybrids also ... the treath or so .. There are people who see hybrids coming to this earth as a takeover
(Cybervvizz) -noflood I think they altered the information, but they have forgotten to alter
(Cybervvizz) the graphics. The chart is automaticaly and daily drawn by a piece of software
(Cybervvizz) (servlet) on CNN, the result is a picture which can be stored on the
(Cybervvizz) cache of the webserver or a dedicated proxyserver. It could be they
(Cybervvizz) alter the data at a given time, but the proxy or cache does not
(Cybervvizz) refresh so fast because this refresh is 'scheduled' by his scheme. Or
(Cybervvizz) it could be the servlet has made some mistakes, but this would be much
(NancyL) Mr Odd, that theory is also garbage, not worth commenting upon. Want the truth? Read ZetaTalk, and if any human theory differs, it is wrong.
(Cybervvizz) coincidence, and why would it be at least 25-30% off the value ?
(NancyL) So Deyo KNOWS that Roswell happened. Gee, maybe he'd like to share his data :-). He's spouting opinions, solely.
(Fetus) does ZT talk about comet tails?
(Kwandrie) oh ok, well he claimed to have been part of black ops back then
(MrOdd) so assuming human suppositions to be false, that would make planetx's observance as pertaining to these red and white personas, the first ever record of such human "laws" being violated. Quite a coincidence, no? I mean, among billions of celestial observations, this is the one and only time such an effect has been reported
(Obany) he maybe heard or read about the hybrids... and saying it's like a takeover fits well with his religious ideas
(Cmell) Q 4 ZT: can we learn anything, in regards to survival, by looking at the surviving vildlifes behavior?
(NancyL) The disinfo mode lately is for everyone to DENY that a PS will happen in 2003, nevermind the ZT accuracy on everything, and here's the inbound bugger JUST where the Zetas said it would be, right size, increasing size, etc.
(Kwandrie) he said that a war was going on in another dimension where the aliens come from and we were being used as part of the war games
(Nightbird) Obany, since everyone will be a hybrid (that make it to the 4th density) isn't that a form of takeover? Afterall this model of bodies will be retired eventualy.
(Cmell) wildlifes
(JWilliam) Mr Odd: Ever heard of a mirage?
(NancyL) My my, but we're supposed to listen to them, spout their theories.
(MrOdd) indeed I have heard of a mirage
(SteveH) question for ZT: The Zeta's have said pollution in the oceans will be widely dispursed after the pole shift and hence will not be a major problem. Can the Zeta's comment on how polluted ocean areas near major cities will in the months after the pole shift and how this wil affect the marine life in those immediate area?
(Obany) Nightbird: i don't see it as a takeover
(MrOdd) but in space there is no heat, and nothing to make a reflection off of
(MrOdd) so I can't see how that's at all pertinant
(Torbj) did you see my Q?
(MrOdd) pertinent*
(Obany) something that has been agreed upon is not a takeover
(JWilliam) Mr Odd : Dust cloud perhaps ?
(NancyL) Torbj, I'm not going to look at a NASA photo of the Sun. They are trying to claim it is causing current earth problems, and this is a lie, so could be any kind of doctoring.
(AL1) will La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands, which is already damaged, experience an earthquake and fall into the sea prior to the poleshift and therby cause a huge tsumnami
(MrOdd) dust cloud? I sincerely hope you're joking
(Bailey) most bible thumpers think all ET life are spirit demons, prob still think world is flat too :o)
(NancyL) Mr Odd, humans are intellectual infants, and very arrogant, yes.
(JWilliam) Mr Odd: read Zeta talk on composition of PX and its travelling cloud
(Jeremy) Nancy: I knew we would reach this stage evenutally with PX imaging, but I suspected it would take several months after September. Seems I was right there
(Phoenix) Question: Did the young students in USA (Michigan?) who purport to have built a zero-gravity ship of sorts? (I saw an interesting video of it on web, don't have site.)
(NancyL) Red and White personas on a red object CLOSE to the solar system has NOT been recorded over history, please.
(MrOdd) despite all that, though, this would be the only time such a thing has ever been observed. What makes PX so special as to demonstrate this effect where no other celestial object ever has?
(Matt) what are these red and white personaes?
(Nightbird) I see your point, Obany.. I just mean their style of bodies is what we will all have then... so I can see their side too
(Nmi) do you know about the Hathors?
(Torbj) Yes...but this "anomaly " they been hiding erlier....but it will not go here it is everyday on the dayly soho images....
(SteveH) MrOdd, the red dust cloud
(MrOdd) red dust cloud?
(NancyL) SteveH Q on pollution accepted.
(NancyL) Ali Q on Canary accepted.
(SteveH) so primarily only some light in the red spectrum passes through
(DonMB) Nancy: how are you holding up and are you scheduled for any more radio interviews?
(MrOdd) but then that would merely be a filter
(MrOdd) it would hardly create a second instance
(Phoenix) Matt, see Zetatalk, Planet X sightings heading, pls.
(JWilliam) Mr odd: or a projector
(NancyL) Phoenix, purported to have built? Right. They didn't.
(Matt) :/
(MrOdd) the only thing that could create a second instance of an observed object is gravitic lensing
(Cmell) did you see my Q
(Phoenix) OK, I didn't think so, but it was an interesting video.
(JubJub963) Nancy, are quasars mistakenly presumed to be really far away because of their high red shift value
(NancyL) Mr Odd, distance, is it NOT a distant star or nova so does not lose its bending red light (they are many spectrums) along the way.
(Nibiru) can you tell me URL's with Nibiru pics
(NancyL) Matt, please DO go read in the TEAM section, and in particularly the Science pages, links, re this.
(NancyL) Pages in Science section called Red Light in the PX linking paragraphs, not too hard to find ...
(AGreenspan) How do you explain the Elightened idividual in the context of your statement that humans are limited by their genetic makeup? Thanks.
(SteveH) ../teams/tteam342.htm
(MrOdd) indeed. The red light does in fact bend. However, "white" light won't bend as one apparition, because it in fact is NOT one - it is many, the combined spectrum of several distinct colors of light, each with it's own refractability
(AGreenspan) Read: Enlightened.
(NancyL) DonMB, I have been invited for many interviews, but am getting more picky. Not back on Coast yet, no, but an interview with the After Dark was supposed to be in their Dec issue.
(DonMB) Thank you, Nancy. And Your health
(DonMB) ?
(NancyL) However, there are secondary exposure. I heard from Ichi, Japanese translator, who included photos of this Mag article in MU, that I was featured.
(Silk) Red shift is an especially good one Mr Odd
(MrOdd) that still doesn't explain how many different colors, RED INCLUDED, could appear as one object
(NancyL) Well, PX in all its ramifications, Sitchin, the PX Video (my pic and zetatalk mention), et all in the article.
(NancyL) And this is happening elsewhere too, not directly ME, but indirectly, what I've stated, etc.
(Obany) !kick silk don't give it a try
(MrOdd) "many different colors" referring to white
(Obany) !kick Mr_Odd don't give it a try
(Jeremy) Steve: Did you notice my earlier comment that PX was featured as a cover page story on The New Scientist magazine?
(Kcin) after the PS, will the survivors learn anything from observing animal behavior?
(NancyL) OK, hour is here, and will start with Q1.
(MrOdd) ...
(NancyL) TAKEN
(NancyL) 1. What do you think of the Taken miniseries?
(NancyL) ZT: Spielberg produced, in the past, the ET movie, Close Encounters, and was know to be ET friendly in this regard.
(NancyL) ZT: A Star Child, well versed in his past life experiences and educated in his present incarnation with the variety of life forms and the rules the Univers operate under, he was here on a mission.
(NancyL) ZT: It was announced that ET would be RE-released in theatres this past summer, but this did not occur, merely a CD version for sale.
(NancyL) ZT: Instead, in the manner of recent film releases, Taken was produced, obvious from the commercials to be akin to the message given by ID4, Signs, and Independence Day.
(NancyL) (Oops, I think ID4 and Independence Day are the same)
(NancyL) ZT: The aliens are here to eat you, takeover the planet, but mankind going into hand-to-hand combat with aliens can win the day!
(NancyL) ZT: This tone in the recent movies is reflective of WHAT is being allowed to be presented to the public, via Hollywood, which does indeed get censored by the powers in the White House.
(NancyL) ZT: So how would Spielberg, given his message, but only allowed to produce a movie in line with the anti-alien strongarm tactics in place since the Bush administration assumed a virtual Martial Law of the media, tell the truth?
(NancyL) ZT: Nancy had been asked about this, before it was aired, and simply stated via email to wait to see what Speilberg would DO with the series.
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, the commercials would NOT forcast the ultimate message, and they did NOT.
(NancyL) ZT: There is a mixture of truth and fiction, as usual in the movies.
(NancyL) ZT: Truth is primarily about the GOVERNMENT role, their agenda, from start to end.
(NancyL) ZT: Shown as ambitious for the technology, coveting this for themselves in elite groups, and keeping the truth from the public.
(NancyL) ZT True in that the CIA, highly influenctial to the point of dominating MJ12 in the early days, would experiemnt on humans suspected of being contactees or use military personnel like lab rats.
(NancyL) ZT: Truth in assassinations freely done, by those in the Secret Government, outside of the official rules the Governing Board operated under, but allowable under the need-to-know secrecy that kept MOST operations from being discovered.
(NancyL) ZT: Speilberg was allowed to display the government, the CIA, with this degree of truth as he presented the contactee experience as TAKEN, an abduction.
(NancyL) ZT: But look to the actual effect or real contactees! Even in the contactee support group, the rampaging gunman was NOT a contactee, but someone abused and angry and looking for attention in his denial of his actual abuse.
(NancyL) ZT: Contactees, while screaming and enraged at being TAKEN, later were presented, to a one, as having integrity, being loving and protective of others, and basically in the STO orientation.
(NancyL) ZT: And what about the agenda of the aliens, clearly presented as Zetas.
(NancyL) ZT: They are shown coopearting with honest requests, as the MJ12 agent wanting to see his dead father again, even at the sacrifice of the Zeta life in this cooperation.
(NancyL) ZT: They are shown as wanting hybrids, which is a TRUTH, although the real reasons for the hybrid program were disguised into scientific curiosity rather than in step with the Transformation of the Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: It was implied that humans died under their hand, during early DNA or hybrid attempts.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a falsehood insofar as human devastation, but NOT insofar as Hybrid devastation, as our early attempts were often failures, and those incarnating sould living out their lives, by choice, in diminished bodies as a result.
(NancyL) ZT: The Zetas are shown as being protective of their hybrids, a truth.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, in the end, the general tone comes across as PRO Zeta as scientists, PRO hybrid as strongly STO, PRO contactee as high integrity and self sacrificing and protective of othes, and ANTI CIA and MJ12 in their human agendas and ruthless actions!
(NancyL) ZT: NOt bad, Spielberg, while operating under gun fire and with an almost impossible agenda to achieve!
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(MikeO) Besides ZetaTalk, and to a lesser degree the BBC and Jeff Rense or maybe Pravda, where can humans go to get REAL news and analysis, uncompromised by the Bush Regime?
(Redeye) given no restraints, what would speilberg have released ? were ideas for Taken alot different before being wrongly influenced ?
(Carlo) zetas confused id4 and independace day? or Nancy did?
(DonMB) +m
(IdolHarobed) Nancy, ET was indeed re-relased here in Brazil, to celebrate 20 years after the first release.
(NancyL) Nancy did :-) They corrected me promptly.
(Mikeaus) can the Zetas comment on the smallpox vaccinations?
(Obany) Mikeaus: they already did in #poleshifdiscussion ?
(NancyL) Mike, this was addressed in the earlier session, and will be in the logs shortly, etc. on the web.
(Mikeaus) yes,but Bush saying he's had one etc
(Mikeaus) ok,thanks
(AGreenspan) Speaking of hybrids, can you please have one of them respond to questions, next sessions?
(NancyL) RedEye, I think he wanted ET prominent in the theatres again, but was refused!
(Bailey) after viewing taken, people I know don't think I as nuts as they did before lol
(Redeye) Nancy, right
(TerrorDactyl) is it always the same zeta that speaks to Nancy?
(Phoenix) Are some people inmainstream media trying to crack through the control program?
(Redeye) a shame
(SteveH) I just about finished reading the book Taken, don't get the channel
(Domicile) Is the establishment holding back the release of The Core? It was supposed to come out in November.
(Obany) The Hybrid project is finished by now righ, Ithink ? AGreenspan it has been mentioned in a previous session that the hybrids are on earth right now in 4th density .. for what I remember?
(JubJub963) if sto is already the choice of Earth, why does spielberg do what he does, to ease the process?
(NancyL) MikeO, I'd suggest looking for slip-ups, as the controlled media will get loose around the edges as things start to unravel in these next few months.
(NancyL) Look for the contractions, the slips, etc. MORE revealing than anything!
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, do you speak to the same zeta each time or lots of individuals?
(orion) why was the core movie postponed until march? the real reason. not to work on special effects
(NancyL) AGreen, this is ZetaTalk, not HybridTalk, but I think they are part of the teams answering in anycase.
(Mikeaus) were the recent satellites being sent up to examine PX ie. the Aussie satellite?
(Redeye) terror, the zetas operate as a collective unit, i dont think it matters
(AGreenspan) He could've called it 'Abducted' - he did not.
(Mikeaus) i noticed many failed
(Mikeaus) ie. the Euro sats
(NancyL) Phoenix, the Z's have said of the recent slips (UK UFO eipsode released, etc) that folks are just WAITING for a chance, also NASA posting of Mars images, which Hoagland got his hands on promptly, etc.
(NonShlnt) Bush admin. influences media, but has previous admin. also done so?
(Torbj) if there is room for a new q: can the zeta tell me if my hunch of "DNA as the mirror of your self" is right?
(NancyL) ZT to Domicile re Core:
(Plow) why
(NancyL) ZT: The Core, as we have stated, is another movie to point the public indirectly to the earth changes that will soon consume them.
(NancyL) ZT: Like prior moves of this ilk, Postman, Volcano, Deep Impact, this is a lightly veiled version of pole shift phenomena.
(NancyL) ZT: What is causing a delay is the REAL increase in quakes, and the undeniable imaging of the inbound Planet X JUST where we said it would be sightings.
(NancyL) ZT: A little close for comfort now, and second thoughts about the wisedome of featuring Core in the theatres.
(NancyL) End ZT to Domicilie.
(Cjack4) Anybody here familiar with Kryon
(DonMB) #+m
(Nightbird) Nancy, I have noticed that the Discovery Channel is always having earth devastation shows on their channel on saturdays.. is this to prepare our minds about the coming events? Zeta's care to comment?
(NancyL) JubJub, since STO is the choice of Earth, why feed the starving, is that your logic?
(NancyL) MikeAus, many probes et al recently for Px viewing. Yes.
(Mikeaus) ok, thanx
(Scuba) ive had this feeling since the 70's,heard u on art bell,then all fit to gether..also sleep paralyisi has been happening to me since the 70's is this a connection?
(Mikeaus) thought so
(JubJub963) i mean , Spielberg trying to convince people of benevolence of ets, do we need convincing?
(JubJub963) but good point from ZT tho
(NancyL) Nonshlnt, previous White House probably not, but MJ12 et al, yes. Earlier, before Bush, it was expected more honesty, more ET type movies, but this changed of course after the coup.
(NibiruAFK) me too i have sleep paralysi
(TerrorDactyl) whats behind the tiny alien probe the CIA found this week - the size of an insect?
(k000t) i think most ppl would want to kill an apparent invader,
(Mikeaus) all those satellites collecting "cosmic dust"...must be interesting dust! ;)
(howie) abductions and angel like music,has anyone else had this
(NancyL) ZT to Nightbird: Discovery channel has WANTED to produce informative programs to prepare the public, but been denied.
(3j) hehe weekly world news is tabloids
(Me) Cjack4: Yes. Does he mention PX?
(NancyL) ZT: They have been leaned on to emphasize the Sun as the cause, but resisted.
(Obany) jubjub963: yes, as after the shift mankind (those who are service to others) will deal with them
(NancyL) ZT: They early approached Nancy on PX and Troubled Times type content, but this was squelched.
(NancyL) ZT: They are doing their best with a difficult situation, like Spielberg.
(NancyL) ZT: Depending on human hands, and which way this or that jumps, MANY dramas could ensue over the next few weeks and months.
(NancyL) OK, onto Q2 ...
(NancyL) 1. The Zeta's have said pollution in the oceans will be widely dispursed after the pole shift and hence will not be a major problem. Can the Zeta's comment on how polluted ocean areas near major cities will in the months after the pole shift and how this wil affect the marine life in those immediate area?
(NancyL) ZT: Industrial sites will not be pleasant during or after the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Tanks of chemicals, often dangerous or explosive if mixed, will rupture and mix, spewing death in the surrounding areas.
(NancyL) ZT: Pooling in the area, even under the continuous drizzle expected, the hurricane force winds disbursing such chemical mix, they will be around for years, a stinking death pool.
(NancyL) ZT: Such areas MAY be cleaned up in the Aftertime, depending upon the rules that the Council of Worlds imposes.
(NancyL) ZT: This is dependent upon the orientation of the survivors in the area, as if solidly under the control of STO leadership, such cleanup would be allowed.
(NancyL) ZT: If NOT strongly under such leadership, or in the hands of STS, then it would be considered a continuing lesson for those souls incarnated in the human survivors, and allowed to continue.
(NancyL) ZT: This is, of course, no different than existing situations today, where a quake or industrial accident causes such a mess.
(NancyL) ZT: Industrial accidents, in developing countries where rules are relaxed and inhumane situation allowed to be imposed on the workers, are known to day.
(NancyL) ZT: The Texas/Mexican border has a high rate of birth defects due to the pollution rules being relaxed by the current President by Coup, who had the WORSE environmental record of any state in the Union.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, is it not that the Council if IMPOSING pollution, but rather allowing the current human status quo to continue!
(NancyL) ZT: We would most certianly advise would-be survivors to NOT be in the poximity of industrial areas, where such tanks are in evidence.
(NancyL) ZT: It is no secret what chemicals are stored there, nor any secret what would occur if mixed!.
(NancyL) ZT: OBVIOULY, the choice it so be elsewhere, especially since the jobs in these industries will be diminishing steadily going into the time of the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: MOVE!
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(Nibiru) NancyL i wanna leave the planet.. u can help me.. i'm absoliutly serious.. i will send you letter with more information soon. Remember me? The one who create site about Nibiru in Bulgarian.. still the only one..
(Mikeaus) give George and Jeb a mop and get THEM to clean it up :)
(Longint) Followup: Up to what degree are the actions of 4th density entities interwined with actions of higher density entities?
(Cmell) was the previous invironmental disaster of the coast of Spain and Portugal a genuine disaster, or were there other "forces" at play ?
(NancyL) Nibiru, grow up.
(NibiruAFK) lol
(NorCal) hah
(Nightbird) Do the Zetas see a problam with propane tanks and the like rupturing during the quakes?
(DonMB) You say the Salt Flats are relatively safe... What about the chemicals stored to the south?
(Nibiru) NancyL today fantasy is tomorow reality.. grow up is for kids..
(NorCal) salt flats?....... in the winter time they turn into huge salt water puddles
(NancyL) Long, this is too abstract! Counting angels on the head of a pin type stuff. Declined!
(PlanetX) i add sleep paralysi before learning about all this is it related?
(ZzMike) is there any way of getting over the fear of seeing a zeta without repeated pleasant exposure?
(AGreenspan) Nibiru, i bet you they want to leave this session, but they're here answering these (...), q. - you ain't going anywhere, pal.
(NancyL) CMell, aliens to not CAUSE these disasters, man does.
(Cmell) k, just what I wanted to know
(Dwander) why would you fear a zeta, ZZ?
(Cmell) I have fear Dwander
(ZzMike) past experience
(NancyL) Nightbird, I'd not have ANYTHING explosive around me, period. This shift is going to be an across-the-board disaster.
(Bailey) Nibiru, I feel like that too some times
(AGreenspan) what cities was this guy asking about?
(Nightbird) Ok Nancy.. Thank you and thank the Zetas for the Dicovery Channel answer for me, please.
(NancyL) High winds, quakes as big as anything immaginable, and a propane tank has a spout, a valve, no?
(Carlo) when will you be back on the Art Bell show?
(NancyL) AGreen, ANY industrial area, ANYwhere.
(Nightbird) Yes, Mam they do
(Torbj) DNA is not "to abstaract"....can the zeta´s comment on my hunch that DNA is the mirror of you...? (and not the opposite)
(NancyL) Onto Q 4 ....
(NancyL) 1. Will La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands, which is already damaged, experience an earthquake and fall into the sea prior to the poleshift and therby cause a huge tsumnami
(NancyL) ZT: It has long been postulated that the Canary Islands are fragile, and will collapse into the sea upon another quakes, creating a Usumnami.
(NancyL) Tsumanmi
(NancyL) ZT: This is a HUMAN theory, and absurd.
(NancyL) ZT: First, monstrously high waves are NOT caused by displacement of water across the ocean, as water moves in ALL directions, and the pressure reduces steadily during the distance traveled.
(NancyL) ZT: Do these human theorists presume that TUNNEL VISION exists in the ocean, such that pressure only moves in one direction?
(NancyL) ZT: This is akin to the human propensity to divide what they are dealing with into tiny bits, and ONLY consider a bit at a time, as though putting the bits together is too much of a headache.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, Newton's supposed Laws are considered separately from Einsteins math, as they don't work together.
(NancyL) ZT: A land slide, under water, will create NOT a force of water moving across the ocean, but a void causing water to FILL that void.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, a swirl of water, moving into the void and then out again, would occur, locally.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter, followup?
(DonMB) I have a question about Holodynamics. Since I have experienced the shift of STS to a more STO using the techniques taught, is this a valuable method of saving those that are STS?
(NancyL) JWilliam, has anyone made an announcement on sci.astro about the Dec 13th images, or too soon?
(Jeremy) DonMb: Sorry, not relevant to follow up...
(JWilliam) I haven't checked will do and Email you.
(JubJub963) Steve did
(Obany) Steveh did
(NancyL) I would like to know what IMO will say about the admitted NEW object (the Red on Dec 4th) now being absent, but APPREARING close to the new Coordinate point.
(TonyO) they know.
(DonMB) No one seemed to have a follow up
(Redeye) haha
(NancyL) And Tholen will say yet more "variable stars", winking on and off at the Zeta locations, over time :-).\
(Obany) DonMB: you can't change someone who is STS into a STO person ...
(Beta) no one can download it... way too slow
(Franci66) will Council of world lift the gloom over strong STO areas?
(NancyL) Soon, I suspect, they will call this an asteroid batch, or a comet, or some such.
(AL1) so the Swiss scientists who modeled this on computers and in tanks are all wrong . They said 500 million tons of earth falling into the sea will create a 350 foot high wall of water on the other side of the atlantic in 7 hours ?
(Phoenix) Could the Zetas tell us more about the new underwater volcano off the coast of Oregon?
(DonMB) You'd be surprised...
(NancyL) Come up with an orbit path that aligns where they THINK it will be over the next few weeks.
(NancyL) But the world will know they are pointing to the SAME spot that the Zetas have been, since jump, 1005.
(NancyL) 1995.
(LadyInRed) good question phoenix
(Obany) DonMB: well if they are undecided, but an STS type of person nah i realy don't think so
(JWilliam) Nancy: I'm still trying to absorb these pics. That Tail is looong ;o) and PX so bright
(Dave7) Gidday everyone/Zeta's,me/us/one.When will we recognise the truth of the oneness of all things?
(Phoenix) As in current activity, relationship to recent quakes off coast of Oregon?
(DonMB) Has been done
(NancyL) Frani66, this would be kind of a guiding light to the STO areas, don't you think "-) Like go HERE signal to the STS gangs, think not.
(Jeremy) Phoenix: I noticed a lot of quakes off the coast of Oregon recently on the USGS site
(Torbj) when you see a person in "panic" can see if the person is STO or STS
(JWilliam) Time to see if the Shepherd is still in Denial ;o) and rattle his anonymous cage ;o)
(Me) :Previous Z question referred to half a volcano fallling INTO the ocean--not an underwater landslide. Also, such landslides do cause tsunamis, and tsunamis do cross oceans.
(NancyL) Ali, yes, wrong. Using wrong human math, theories, etc.
(PmlOnline) the site's been too slow for me:
(NancyL) Phoenix, just more volcanic eruptions, more quakes, etc. Get used to it, etc.
(PmlOnline) haven't seen the pics yet
(NancyL) JWilliam, yes, I'm looking for new SIZE math from SOMEONE as the Sep 15th size thingie is no longer relevant! It is bigger now.
(Torbj) a "paniced" person is a "true" person
(NancyL) And I'd like to come up with some math on the length,spread of the TAIL, and distance of the moons, etc.
(NancyL) We know apx distance of PX, so the RA and Dec length of the tail can be computed, I think.
(MrOdd) how does a planet have a tail? I thought that was comets?
(Cmell) you'r right Torbj, that when the real nature of a person shows
(JWilliam) I'll be working on it, something by tonite more by late Sunday nite
(TonyO) IMO is kinda quiet these days. :) these new images should really stir up sci-astro!
(NancyL) Being a math challenged person, I'd like some help in this area from the readership.
(Xenu) You've imaged moons 15 billion miles out?
(N18) Tsunami info:
(SteveH) I'm back...
(N18) Tsunami info:
(JubJub963) mr_odd trail of moons
(MrOdd) ooh
(Obany) welcome back Steve
(NancyL) Phoenix, the West Coast is due for quake slipslide activity, no question.
(Dwander) has ZT confirmed a current aprox distance?
(TonyO) you da man, Steve!
(Phoenix) Ok, thx Nancy. We just don't hear much in the news, but something is going on there for sure. Just more deafening silence from the media, I guess.
(Serbeo) after the shift how much will the average world wide temperture drop due to cloud cover?
(Jeremy) Some of PXs moons are as big as our moon, which also implies they are larger than Pluto
(Okidok) the thruth is real when you bye your own eyes can see the 12th planet,,,before that event it is only a theory
(NancyL) ME, give evidence of this, not just human statements, theory, re tsumami
(Torbj) well....giong to load my computors with a 20 min videofotage of the moon, 3 ours ago, and meditate uponit!...i LOVE Yuo ALL!
(Xenu) yes, but 15 billion miles Jeremy?
(NancyL) Xenu, reflecting light from Px, yes, in the dust cloud that the tail is comprised of, yes.
(JWilliam) Hey TonyO : glad to see you, I know your not me but the confused sheep on Sci.astro remain confused.
(Me) Info is from recent Discovery Channel program.
(Xenu) OK, a 13" telescope can image moons the size of pluto at 15 billion miles?
(Jeremy) Xenu: Possibly, also depends on the albedo (reflectivity) of the moons
(NancyL) Serbeo, NO temp drop and this is in existing ZT, please read.
(TonyO) they are such a "warm" group, eh jwilliam? lol!
(Serbeo) ok
(SteveH) Hi TonyO! Nice pressuring on sci.astro!
(NancyL) SteveH, what did you announce on sci.astro, I'm curious and unlikely to get there soon!
(Xenu) How is that possible?
(SteveH) hold on...
(JWilliam) Warm and Fuzzy ;o)
(SteveH) The images (fits files and BMP's) can be download here:
(SteveH) Dec 13, 15 x 240sec exposures, 4 x 1200sec exposures Red filter
(SteveH) Dec14, 15 x 240sec exposures Red filter
(SteveH) The new objects are obvious, especially on the Dec13-1200-1 image and all the 15 Dec 14 images.
(SteveH) Something huge shows up very near the Dec 18 coordinates Ra: 4 22 31, Dec: 12 7 15.7 and other large
(SteveH) objects can be seen trailing below and to the left. Again, not on DSS or NEAT images.
(NancyL) The confused Sheperds of sci.astro think all posters in support of ZT are me :-).
(SteveH) it's an ongoing thing, everyone is Nancy!
(Xenu) How huge is huge, how many arc-seconds Steve?
(MikeO) Steve/Nancy: There are 15 fits files on the latest Yahoo page. Are there any one or two we should look at first?
(NancyL) Yes, TonyO, I lifted your posting for inclusion on my sci.astro web pages. :-) A1!
(DonMB) How metaphysical of you
(SteveH) It looks to be the largest thing on the image, not sure arc second size
(Obany) like if they respond to ABC they are saying ABC (Nancy) ... sigh
(Dave7) If this body was in the states with money, it would visit Tom Browns Tracking school.
(SteveH) I think the dust cloud is really becoming visible now
(NancyL) Great! Many thanks to both Steve AND Naji, who BOTH did this image session in effect.
(MikeO) I mean ZIP files
(Redeye) good work fellas !
(NancyL) And continusing thanks to JWilliam, who burns the midnight oil on moons and pixels.
(JWilliam) ;o) ThanX
(SteveH) MikoO, hmmm, they are all in folders and zipped so not sure where everything is
(TonyO) Keep the data coming, guys.... great work!
(NancyL) And as always, many thanks to our IRC cops, who work their fingers to the bone behind the scenes keeping order.
(SteveH) the Dec 14 images are the most dramatic though
(MikeO) Regardless, great job.
(JWilliam) this new set is gonna be a bombshell ;o)
(Jeremy) The sci.astro mob seems to think that anyone who believes in ZT is a 'droid' or 'drone'. Perhaps some are, but they [sci.astro] are not astute enough to consider that independent minded thinkers could analyze ZT and draw their own conclusions then be indoctrinated
(PmlOnline) SteveH, can you have your latest pics placed on The yahoo briefcase site is too slow to download anything.
(NancyL) And as always, in the developing body of ZetaTalk, we thank the questioners without whom there would BE no ZetaTalk, as it is an answer to the Call of the Questioner!
(Cmell) thx for a nice set of sessions NL ?
(3j) the last post about the new images people are just saying report it and explain the methods of analysis
(Me) Nancy: You were right. I should have said "Disc. Ch. claims" such and such....
(3j) except that Ceebee one
(AGreenspan) Possibly..yet you think that everyone on Sci.astor is a mob
(SteveH) pmlonline, I think the images will be on ZT soon
(3j) but asides from that, what is wrong
(NancyL) I'd love to know how many arc-seconds the tail and Moon swirl is, so we can align this with ancient folklore on the Fire Dragon that roared through the sky on past pole shift times.
(NancyL) Snaking tail, whipping this way and that in slow motion, following Px as it passes.
(PmlOnline) thanks
(JWilliam) Ill work up a possible gif on it using the 4 20 minutes and send for review.
(SteveH) [3j], there is too much red tape etc. to report and then it would just be ignored anyway so I consider to be a waste of time
(NancyL) I think we should analyze the behavior of the Shepherds.
(NancyL) 1. Tholen admitted to a "variable star" on Nov 15th
(NancyL) 2. IMO admitted to a NEW object not on the charts for Dec 4th
(Mugada) any Australians here wish to chat more email me ,,,
(SteveH) and then by the time you've gone through the trouble, PX will have moved etc. so would not be on the edge
(TonyO) IMO is very quiet lately. :)
(NancyL) I think they picked up from side chatter, among astronomers NOT posting on sci.astro but private email or phone conversations, that the debunking was no longer working.
(NancyL) To CONTINUE to deny anything there would make them irrelevant, so they started admitting.
(JWilliam) at 115 % you can argue - at 175 % you need an excuse ;o)
(SteveH) they are really beginning to sound silly on sci.astro
(NancyL) But they are kind of caught in a catch-22. Now someone will come up with "what" it is, and then the fact that the behavior of the new object(s) is exactly what the Z's predicted will be known, so they are caught.
(SteveH) especially MC going on long rants about
(AGreenspan) All will be resolved in 4 months time, why worry?
(Jeremy) Even Marc Buie of the Lowell Observatory conceded to The New Scientist that PX might be repsonsible for cleaving the outer edge of the Kuiper belt
(NancyL) But the establishment, NASA et al, will claim it will NOT pass Earth.
(SteveH) nothing of any importance, no information or anything to say about the images
(Obany) SteveH: i would agree on that i follow that newsgroup for years now
(NancyL) They may state it is an asteroid, so Star Wars gets all the funding wanted, etc.
(NancyL) They may state it is a comet, outgassing something red, and small and harmless.
(NancyL) My bet is that whatever they call it will be designed to allow the elite to move to their bunkers, etc.
(k000t) what ever the elite say will be full of holes and disinformation
(NancyL) But since ZT has had their RA and Dec for 3/3/03 out there since 1995, kind of hard to take THAT away from them :-)
(JubJub963) jeremy , is there a link to that new scientist article
(k000t) why listernm to them
(Redeye) no doubt, k000t
(Jeremy) JubJub: Sorry, its only in the magazine, but if you go to the site you can see the front page
(SteveH) Jeremy, the guy from Lowell also said something to the affect that there was "something funny going on out there".
(Phoenix) Thankfully, we have learned not to listen to their stories much, by now!
(Jeremy) SteveH: Yeah he gave away hints
(LadyInRed) bye all,later ((huggs))
(NancyL) I think that many will follow TonyO's lead and outright challenge the garbage being spewed on sci.astro.
(Dave7) 'Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life.
(Scuba) i'm new but why spend time debating? it just to close
(LadyInRed) good session!
(NancyL) Yes, I'm taking my leave now too, as I'm behind on wrapping the new ZT into the body of ZT on the web, etc.
(TonyO) It needs to be challenged, especially now... but you do take heat.
(NancyL) The 15th is tomorrow, and I'm not ready with ZT What's New!
(Scuba) thank u nancy
(NancyL) Gotto go, get to work, etc.
(Bailey) thanks Nancy
(SteveH) good work again on there TonyO, not backing down etc.
(NancyL) Bye all!
Session Close: Sat Dec 14 17:18:02 2002