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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Dec 1, 2001

Session Start: Sat Dec 01 15:45:03 2001
(NancyL) Hi folks. Kiko, who is unable to make the regular chats, asked a follow-on question re Mountain Building, and the Zetas responded via e-mail. I'm going to post this to the log, for everyone's info. Sorry for the flooding.
(Jurian) Hey there nancy :-)
(Jos) Hi Nancy
(NancyL) Oh, Kiko's question related to WHY the Alps will experience LESS this time around, and how safe this or that range might be, accordingly.
(NancyL) Mountain building during this coming shift will be in proportion to the compression any given range comes under.
(NancyL) Those areas in the world where mountain building HAS occurred in the past are obvious, as sheer rock is broken into cliffs or jutts skyward like a missile or monstrous rocks are in a jumble.
(NancyL) The rock is fresh, not weathered and broken down, and often covered with trees or vegetation, soil having formed from the dust that lodges there.
(NancyL) Often these are called new mountain ranges or old ranges, to differentiate.
(NancyL) Why would a new range BECOME an old range, and how might this information help those seeking safe places during the coming shift?
(NancyL) At one point in the Earth's history, the land mass was all in one clump, the Earth having been injured with a gaping wound where the Pacific is now, so that it became lopsided.
(NancyL) Water pooled in the low places, leaving the land all on one side.
(NancyL) Repeated pole shifts jerked this land mass to and fro until weak spots tore and the continental drift, or rip as we prefer to call it, began.
(NancyL) Very old land shows less marks of mountain building and more hardened mud flats, but in the interim, when the plates were separating, lava hardening in between, and then thrust against each other during forthcoming pole shifts, mountain building BEGAN.
(NancyL) - The Hymalayas are a good example of a spot on the Earth where mountain building invariably occurs. These mountains are backed up against a solid old land mass, with broken and smaller plates subducting UNDER them at each shift.
(NancyL) Thus, these are both old and new mountain, never escaping fresh discombobulation.
(NancyL) - The mountains lining the west coast of both North and South America are likewise never at peace, as they form the cutting edge of land being pushed INTO the Pacific where the plates in the Pacific are being pushed UNDER this edge.
(NancyL) Each time the Pacific shortens, these ranges go through rock and roll, with new mountain building occurring.
(NancyL) - The mountains on the east coast of both the North and South Americas are old mountains, with notably NO volcanoes active and no stress toward mountain building because the land to the east is being stretched, not compressed.
(NancyL) These old mountains were built when the plates first separated and were bumping against each other during those early periods.
(NancyL) These times are past, for these lands masses, now
(NancyL) - This is likewise the case within Africa, where the mountains are covered with trees unless to high to sustain vegetation and the only sign of stress volcanoes caused by weak places make thin by the STRETCH of the land.
(NancyL) African volcanoes, recently active, can be expected to erupt, but very ancient volcanoes will not as the stress is LESS on this land mass now.
(NancyL) - The high deserts in Mongolia and the Urals in Russia are likewise not under stress, being too far inland to suffer subduction of plates, and not being stretched.
(NancyL) But where the land masses of Russia and Area front the Pacific Rim, volcanoes will erupt with great force.
(NancyL) This will devastate land from the Russian peninsula in the north through Japan to Indonsia in the south.
(NancyL) Mountain building in these areas will not be noticed, as death will come from volcanic hot ash and gas.
(NancyL) - The Mediterranean area is a weak spot in the plates, where movement has invariably occurred. During the times when the plates were separating, the Alps were built, due to bumping between the plates on the move.
(NancyL) As Africa is a very solid land mass, Europe invariably was the loser during this bumping, creating the Alps. However, during this coming shift, the strong stretch of the Atlantic will pull Africa AWAY from Europe, not a push toward.
(NancyL) The volcanoes in the Mediterranean will explode due to churning of the core, and an increased thining in the crust. All mountains surrounding the area will not experience strong mountain building, as a consequence.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) I'll post tonights Agenda now ...
(NancyL) 1. Does the Book of Revelation to St.John in the New Testament, in particular chapter 8, describe the coming PS? What is the Star Wormwood in that book? PX?
(NancyL) 2. What are the infamous "three days of darkness" in so many visions, prophecies, channelings etc.? Why exactly three days and not two or four or five days?
(NancyL) 1. Would it not be a great service to mankind to shoot the giant comet out of the sky with Star Wars? Would it not be STO?
(NancyL) 1. how much would P-X's tail and orbiting debris affect its apparent size when viewing or imaging.
(NancyL) 1 Will gaining body mass before the PS in conjuntion with increasing physical fitness to enhance chances and longevity of survival?
(NancyL) 2 How well should algea crops like spirulina be expected to grow after the shift either in manmade ponds or wild in lakes etc.?
(NancyL) 3 Will the group formerly know as MJ12 continue to function in anyway or maintain contact with ET groups after the shift?
(NancyL) HEARLDING Core of Earth
(NancyL) 1. What is the scientific explanation on that the 12th planet affects to the core of the Earth from the distance?
(NancyL) 2. Is there any relation with this to the phenomenon which is described under 'Spin' at the science section
(NancyL) of ZetaTalk?
(NancyL) End of Agenda. Probably won't get to it all ...
(NancyL) I got an e-mail. Oh, seeing your message Jurian.
(NancyL) We'll start in 2 minutes.
(NancyL) I posted the Agenda but will be reposting as we go along.
(NancyL) I was just reading the Bible, Revelations, Chp 8 on, and it sure sounds like a pole shift/passage warning.
(NancyL) I think we can start. My PC clock is a bit off, but I think it's the hour.
(Jurian) yeah, almost :)
(NancyL) 1. Does the Book of Revelation to St.John in the New Testament, in particular chapter 8, describe the coming PS? What is the Star Wormwood in that book? PX?
(NancyL) 2. What are the infamous "three days of darkness" in so many visions, prophecies, channelings etc.? Why exactly three days and not two or four or five days?
(NancyL) ZT: Many prophecies has alluded to the coming pole shift, which is a KNOWN date and thus was wedded to the millennium in many prophecies as 2003 comes so close on the heels of the year 2000.
(NancyL) ZT: In addition to prophecies written years ago, there are many valid channels who are writing warnings about the coming times, and contactees reporting similar visions.
(DraganR) :0)
(NancyL) ZT: At times, the prophecies seem to differ, and this causes consternation among those reading them and looking for a firm guidance during troubled times.
(NancyL) ZT: it is like to proverbial blind men, walking about the elephant, each describing a differnt FEEL of the object they have encountered. What is the truth?
(NancyL) ZT: In fact, all is truth, but one must sort it out by seeing the SIMILARITIES, not the differences.
(NancyL) ZT: For instance, the blind men groping at the elephant could all report the same skin feel, the same height of the beast, that it felt warm, was alive,
(NancyL) ZT: They could likewise have reported each from their position that this felt like a leg, or moved as though not supporting the beast as in a trunk or an ear.
(NancyL) ZT: This is the approach that those reading prophecy or channeled work should take.
(NancyL) ZT: Where has the coming shift been reported, with some accuracy, in ancient or recent writings?
(NancyL) ZT: The Bible, in Revelations, is often quoted and is most definitely reporting the occurence of a pole shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Hail, quakes, volcanoes, fire from the sky, meteors, and waters turned bitter and red with the red dust.
(NancyL) ZT: Often the appearances from the sky are described as creatures, such as a dragon or lion or scorpion.
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine a frightened populace seeing fire storms descending upon them, wipped by winds, and hearing the earth moan about them as the crust resisted separating from the core.
(NancyL) ZT: The Bible was describing a scene for PRIMITIVE peoples, without the science knowledge of today, and without communications capabilities to know what the rest of the world was experiencing.
(NancyL) ZT: The Oahspe describes pole shifts accurately, and Mother Shipton has placed here warning with great detail.
(NancyL) ZT: There are also many valid channeled works which avoid mention of the shift, due to the propensity of the entities channeled or the channel itself.
(NancyL) ZT: Some simply cannot bear to be the bearers of bad tiding.
(NancyL) ZT: Regarding the Bible's mention, in Revelation, of the "mark in the forehead", related to those who would be saved.
(NancyL) ZT: This is often interpreted to mean those of faith, who follow the rules put forth by their Christian leadership.
(NancyL) ZT: Following rules, as we have stated repeatedly, is NOT the same as being a Service-to-Other individual.
(NancyL) ZT: The mark referred to is an implant, to be put into the bodies of those in the STO orientation who have accepted the offer of assistance during the hour of the shift.
(NancyL) ZT: Implants as we have stated, are locating devices, to expedite the process during that hurried time.
(NancyL) ZT: There is also confusion about 3 days of darkness, vs the week of rotation stoppage we have predicted.
(NancyL) ZT: Why 3 days? A human in shock, experiencing stoppage without knowledge of why this is occurring, will have some delays in their sensory intake.
(NancyL) Lack of sleep will mean that a night has not passed, and anxious people do not sleep well.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, a week has been compressed, in general understanding of the human ability to measure time when the sun does not rise of set, to be 3 days.
(NancyL) ZT: That 3 days, not 7, appears in so many prophecies is an indication that many groups, visiting Earth and wishing to help mankind during this time, talk to each other and share their interpretations!
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) Any follow-on questions?
(Dumuzi) yes
(DavidS) Do all abductees all over the world get message of the coming pole-shift from the et`s they have met?
(Dumuzi) who was responsible for giving the prophetic visions in the Revelation?
(Zunisunface) Are the people to be implanted already implanted now and if so do they know they are?
(Trilluser) how is any of this news? It's been suggested for ages?
(DraganR) Am I the one?
(NancyL) ZT: Contactees are informed to the degree that they with to be. Many are intuitively understood to be resistant, and as they are refusing unpleasnt information, they are not told.
(NancyL) ZT: Revelations was reported by the group of entites in support of Jesus, who certainly did not leave Earth simply because his human body had died.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) 1. Would it not be a great service to mankind to shoot the giant comet out of the sky with Star Wars? Would it not be STO?
(NancyL) ZT: Star Wars is being cloaked in the auro of asteroid protection, with the announcement of new Near Earth Orbit asteroids coming on the heels of one another lately.
(NancyL) ZT: It is often pointed out that the orbit of these asteroids has been in place for eons, known for decades, and is nothing new.
(NancyL) ZT: The establishment would like to address the possibility of a pole shift in the following ways:
(NancyL) ZT: 1. Keep panic down until the last minutes, in case cataclysms actually do NOT occur, so the rich and powerful can continue in place.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. Prepare for the worst, among the elite, storing up goods and creating secure enclaves, while denying the general public this information.
(NancyL) ZT: The less competition for safe places and goods to be stored, the better.
(NancyL) ZT: 3. Shoot the bastards causing problems DOWN, as in aiming guns at a rioting populace, aiming a tank at an enemy, or aiming an anti-missle missle at an inbound weapon.
(NancyL) ZT: 4. Escape, leaving the public stunned and vulnerable, to Mars, or underground, or the Moon, or wherever might be a getaway.
(NancyL) ZT: All this is a Service-to-Self package, and the folks trumpeting Star Wars are part of this package.
(NancyL) ZT: They know of the POSSIBILITY of a passage and pole shift, but are warning only their rich and powerful friends.
(NancyL) ZT: They are hoarding, while putting into place punishments for the general public who might do likewise.
(NancyL) ZT: They are trying to figure out HOW to shoot the bastard down, by sending nuclear material forth in their probes and planning a laser defense in space that is scaresely operational.
(NancyL) ZT: They are trying to get to Mars, to ride out the shift in safety, returning as kings when the worst is over.
(NancyL) Therefore, Star Wars, as a part of the solution promulgated by this crowd, is NOT a Service-to-Other effort, meant to save earth.
(NancyL) ZT: Any effort with this press would inform the public, distribute good to those most vulnerable, and spend the monies in the treasuries to create havens for the general populace. Is any of this being done? Place this measure against what you see the establishemtn doing, before you call forht their orientation.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) Any follow-on quesitons?
(Dumuzi) Would they succeed in getting to Mars or refuge in outer space?
(Spanky) What really happened with tupac/biggie smalls?
(PS2003) If the threat is real, why is the US only interested in star wars?
(NancyL) ZT: As we have stated, this will NOT be allowed even should their technology support this. No escape will be allowed, due to a ruling of the Council of Worlds.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, you will see some interesting twists in the establishment going into the shift, when they realize they are TRAPPED.
(NancyL) Spanky, I have no idea waht tupac/biggie smalls is. Can you explain? If this does not relate to the question at hand, it will be ignored.
(Spanky) OK nothing to do with star wars
(DV) Wouldn't support systems have to be set up prior to the launch to Mars or where ever?
(NancyL) ZT: The US is NOT only interested in Star Wars. Prior to this era, they had Mt Weather and underground facilites, escape to the Earth twin, etc.
(PS2003) I meant that Europe,China,Russia oppose Star Wars
(NancyL) ZT: Star Wars is most visible, as it much talk about how we MUST learn about Mars while the majority of humanity on Earth is starving. How it is that Mars is so vital? Certainly not to the general public, who are being led about.
(NancyL) ZT: The likelyhood of an escape to Mars is so far from being likely that it is absurd. There is no atmosphere, water frozen underground, and the Space Station which would be a launching port not established.
(DV) Exploration of other places helps us learn about our own and perhaps learn new ways of providing.
(NancyL) ZT: Add to this the problems that will soon be encountered with satellites, and high winds in the atmosphere.
(Skeleton) If the possibility of surviving there is really so absurd, then can we assume that the government's plans to escape are in their infancy?
(Spanky) How come SETI cannot pick up radio signals, when there are probably dozens of 3rd density worlds in range that are using radio like earth is now, including one in our own backyard (the 12th)
(NancyL) ZT: The mission is doomed, but to reassure any among those to be left behind, we are stating that even SHOULD they succeed, they would not be allowed to do so.
(NancyL) End ZT
(Skeleton) Is this just an alternative that the elite have on the backburner, escaping to Mars or are they really hoping it will be their ticket to freedom?
(NancyL) ZT: Star Wars and Mars are known to the public, as an obvious establishment escape, because this is an effort that cannot be hidden from the public.
(DV) Spanky's question is a good one and deserves answering
(NancyL) ZT: The many steps the establishment is taking outside the public view have been ongoing for decades, and are under intense discussion daily in the halls of power and the back rooms where the elite rule the world, in point of fact.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) Spanky, SETI is not under discussion. You must get this on the Agenda, before hand.
(DV) Does the Gov't interact with Zeta or other factions and know about these areas like the 12th? Could they be planning something for the 12th?
(NancyL) ZT: If the odds are so great, then why BOTHER with Mars or Star Wars?
(NancyL) ZT: These of course are not the only options the elite are entertaining, just options that the public cannot fail to notice. Thus, the public is given some excuse, and included.
(DV) I don't understand "if the odds are so great" ? what does that mean?
(NancyL) ZT: The options MOST pressed by the elite are moving inland and to high ground, creating serf or slave cultures around them by some sort of bondage secured ahead of the shift, which we warn about repeatedly, and putting up stores.
(NancyL) ZT: Prior to the full meaning of a catastrophic shift being known, a favored resort was to go underground, locking the doors against the staring public.
(NancyL) ZT: This fell out of favor when it was realized that these bunkers could become tombs, burried alive, etc.
(NancyL) End ZT
(Skeleton) Does "ahead of the shift" mean before or after it?
(S7L) Skeleton: before
(NancyL) ZT: MJ12 and the US government was informed of the approach of Planet X/12th shortly after Roswell. This is why they went looking in the 1980's and found X in 1983.
(Skeleton) And, how can one be sure that they their loved ones are not enslaved, besides trying to be sure that there are no government installations near your area?
(NancyL) ZT: They simply fail to share this information with the public, whose tax dollars they use.
(NancyL) End ZT
(DavidS) So MJ12 gave instructions to IRAS about watching Planet X Nibiru in 1980s?
(NancyL) ZT: We have warned against moving toward the rich, with offers of employment, ahead of the shift. This is not employment, this is enslavement.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) 1. how much would P-X's tail and orbiting debris affect its apparent size when viewing or imaging.
(NancyL) ZT: Steve has asked whether what he sighted, at Vancouver, was PX or PX enhanced by its tail and moons.
(NancyL) ZT: As the story of Pluto's discovery tells, Moons can increase the size of a small object, creating the illusion of a LARGER object.
(NancyL) ZT: Indeed, PX's Moons do not circle it while out in space and moving, but trail behind.
(NancyL) ZT: They do not simply line up behind in a straight line, but twirl, moving ABOUT each other in the manner whirlwinds or tornadoes do.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, viewing PX from the front, as it approaches, one would see not only PX but a halo of moving Moons.
(NancyL) ZT: In that PX also is surrounded by magnetic iron ore dust, there is reflection of light from this dust.
(NancyL) ZT: When PX becomes visible from Earth, to those gazing up from their yards weeks ahead of the shift, it will be seen as a red object because of this dust.
(NancyL) ZT: Light from PX is thus bounced FROM the dust cloud, creating the illusion of a larger red object approaching.
(NancyL) ZT: To answer Steve's question directly, he was seeing MORE than pX in his sights, last April.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) Follow-on questions?
(DavidS) So app 7 weeks before pole-shift in year 2003 we ALL people on the world will see Nibiru Planet X?Or only some parts of Earth?
(Skeleton) a question concerning the 12th planet's visibility and the governments effort to find it- how could the 1983 IRAS sighting have been the actual 12th planet when it was described to have temperature no greater than 40 K ?
(Spanky) What do I need to see it now, has it gotten brighter since feb when observatories could see it?
(S7L) Skeleton, I understand that was a misinterpretation of the data.
(NancyL) ZT: As we have explained in the Planet X topic, the sighting was misinterpreted. Those seeing it wished it to be a cool object or warm and far away.
(NancyL) ZT: Anything but what it was!
(Dumuzi) Could a small telescope like the one you use at home (not the binocular) be effective in seeing the planet?
(NancyL) ZT: 7 weeks prior to the shift, PX will be visible to all on Earth's surface facing it. It will be south, away from the Sun, so night time mainly.
(NancyL) End ZT
(Jan) In the Northers hemisphere, using a 12" or 16" scope, when will it be possible to see Planet X?
(Chmiel) When will it be in the news?
(NancyL) Check the Rogue Sighting TOPIC in TT (the word) for specs. You will need an observatory until mid-2002
(Dumuzi) Thanks
(NancyL) ZT: Observatory scopes are needed because they are designed to exclude noise, and magnify. Each pixtel becomes many, and LARGE, so objects can be seen and not overlooked.
(NancyL) End ZT
(NancyL) 1. how much would P-X's tail and orbiting debris affect its apparent size when viewing or imaging.
(NancyL) Oops!
(DavidS) :-)
(NancyL) 1 Will gaining body mass before the PS in conjuntion with increasing physical fitness to enhance chances and longevity of survival?
(NancyL) 2 How well should algea crops like spirulina be expected to grow after the shift either in manmade ponds or wild in lakes etc.?
(NancyL) 3 Will the group formerly know as MJ12 continue to function in anyway or maintain contact with ET groups after the shift?
(NancyL) ZT: Humans wishing to survive the starvation and disease that will be rampant after the shift should consider first their general state of health.
(NancyL) ZT: Becoming overweight to store food is counter productive if the general health is adversely affected.
(NancyL) ZT: The body has capabilities most in civilized countries do not realize, as during starvation use of nutrients is altered accordingly.
(NancyL) ZT: The body becomes weak, energy lagging, but the ability to survive a long spell is increased.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who are in good health, exercise and have most importantly a good ATTITUDE, will be in the best position to survive.
(NancyL) ZT: As many doctors and caretakers will report, the will to live is PRIME for survival.
(NancyL) ZT: Patients expected not to see the morrow live and recover, while those without serious injury or disease surcome!
(NancyL) ZT: An attitude of hope, expectation that things will get better, and a sense of excitement about what might be around the corner will do more for survival than layers of fat.
(NancyL) ZT: Consider that a plump person will run slowly, be easily caught, and would be considered a good meal by some groups looking to canabalize.
(NancyL) ZT: Consider also that overweight individuals would also be subject to being left behind by a group on the move, or to be a good meal by hundry dog packs or wolves.
(NancyL) ZT: Can they carry their pack? Are they resented for the food they have gorged themselves with before hand?
(NancyL) ZT: There are many factors to be considered. Eating WELL, of natural foods that you will perforce be required to consume in the Aftertime, will aclimate your body to what is to come.
(NancyL) ZT: Being in good shape, with exercise, will prevent fatigue from becoming a discouragement.
(NancyL) End ZT
(Spanky) it is my observations that the high-survival locations have been populated by STO (canada), and that the low survival areas have been populated by STS (deep south). Is this a co-incidence or by design by the birthing envoys?
(NancyL) ZT: Algae will grow poorly under the sunlight available outdoors, but is an excellent source of food in controlled indoor gardens.
(Dumuzi) Nice observation spanky
(NancyL) ZT: The new MJ12 will be operational, in spades, in the Aftertime. This is a subject that cannot be covered in the shoft time left in this hour, so will be deferred until next time.
(NancyL) ZT: It is time for the populace planning to survive to lift their eyes to the future, PAST the shift, to the years afterwards.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not without hope, not without excitement, and seeing BEYOND a travail helps to survive it.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we are asking the group and Nancy to defer this and give this question prime placement next week.
(NancyL) End ZT.
(NancyL) Followup questions)?
(DavidS) This kind of Irc-session - I hope will be every week until the pole-shift comes! Thanx for another session, Nancy
(NancyL) Once again, the technical question about core and spin is deferred, but I'll keep it on the list. Sorry Lazio.
(Longint) Okay ;)
(NancyL) Well, it's been an hour, and I poop out.
(S7L) This information was very helpful. I also give my thanks.
(S7L) It sheds some hope :)
(Zunisunface) Thanks Nancy
(Jan) Thanks Nancy!
(Dumuzi) Thanks Nancy
(NancyL) I'm going to say goodbye, and go take a walk with the dog in the woods.
(Steveve) Yes, thanks!
(RedWine) Exciting times for sure. Thanks
(NancyL) Thank all for inspiring good ZetaTalk!
Session Close: Sat Dec 01 17:09:12 2001