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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Aug 17, 2002

Session Start: Sat Aug 17 16:39:33 2002
(AgentY) If I met a zeta, I'd most likely kill it.
(Jurian) That sounds intelligent. You must be American
(AgentY) Then I could drink its blood and see if it improved my health.
(NancyL) AgentY assumes HE could kill a Zeta :-). So much for his research into what goes on.
(Charlie) Yes, the website needs a setup page, with listed, at a minimum.
(IdolHarobed) Great mindset...
(Ummite) You suck
(IdolHarobed) :(
(Matt) You been listening to Credo Mutwa agentY?
(Monk) You cant kill a zeta
(NancyL) I have a small agenda today, 2 Q, will post for the early birds.
(AgentY) Credo who?
(NancyL) 1 The trailer shows dramatic footage, of violent earth changes, and talks about the fact that the core "has stopped spinning", and that 'they' can't stop it. They mention the fact that it's a 'mysterious force' that is causing the dramatic changes in the core, and subsequent pole shift. I strongly sense that this seems to be a not-too-subtle message to the general public.
(Jurian) Heh, for those who cannot understand the instructions, a link to (or should help :p
(Torbj) Sing!
(NancyL) 1. NASA is having problems in big ways, these days - cracks in the shuttle, the launching vehicles, and now a lost and broken comet chaser. Is the probe truly lost or destroyed, or has it been re-routed for a classified mission?
(NancyL) 2. What was the purpose of the Contour, the comet-chasing spacecraft Nasa launched? And why was it lost?
(NancyL) Comet chaser and Core movie.
(Matt) Oh. Zetans movie review...
(NancyL) So maybe we could take another couple in case there is room at the end of the hour, most likely will be ...
(Okidok) Nancy can you take a look at this cropcircle;
(Stphrz) 2. Nasa may find the spacecraft again
(Okidok) Its a zeta image
(NancyL) I myself am very interested in the answer on the Contour comet chaser. NASA is having SO many problems these days, what with hairline fractures in the Shuttles and now the launching vehicles having same problems. (tisk!)
(HBO) Nancy: any comments on the reported UFO dogfight that took place somewhere in Russia per Rense article?
(Matt) Maybe a bit of intervention Nancy?
(Torbj) Nancy...can I ask Zetawibes a Q for to night session?
(NancyL) Okidok, will do, but is this the stupid alien face thing? Obviously a fake/hoax, but better done than the others.
(Stphrz) The shuttle fleet is old and decrepid. No surprise they are having trouble
(Ummite) NancyL: when a do sleep paralysis I've never seen a ztea why? But in other way I sense a presence.
(Okidok) Its a brand new circle came Friday
(EcclesP) Q: After the PS, what will become of various ships and submarines at sea? How will fishing boats power their vessels to bring in fish?
(IdolHarobed) Money shortage... Bad maintainance.
(Charlie) Nancy, being in telepathic contact, can't you think a question to the Zeta's at any time? You don't have to wait for the chats like us. :)
(NancyL) Okidok, then I won't bother, as I saw it already. This is NOT what the circle makers DO. Probably hired for the Signs movie producers :-)
(Jurian) Heh, its a fake
(NancyL) Stphrz, have they not found it yet? I heard, I thought, that it was found in pieces.
(Obany) It's so noticable it's a fake ...
(Okidok) Probably? You are not sure
(NancyL) Hummm, sounds like quarantine hand to ME.
(IdolHarobed) NancyL: Something about the vast dense haze cloud menacing southern Asia?
(Jurian) There is no way you can photograph a field, and have the 'roads' in it be parallel!
(Charlie) I agree that the "alien portrait" crop circle is rather pathetic compared to others.
(Lebrasse) Nancy, stock markets are well up still, has Greenspan outmaneuvered the Zetas ?! ;-)
(Torbj) Is it too late to make a Q for the tonight´s agenda?
(NancyL) HBO, can you give me details? I have a Q myself that I'd like to add (am doing so and will combine this) re the Republican Party split in US over Iraq.
(Piet) I have question on the cause of the FLOODS in Europe and the rest of the world: Earth warming. ZT says PX causes the earth's magnetic field to reorganize and that causes friction in the earth. Resulting heat radiates to the sea and atmosphere. Other scientists say that 200 years of industry causes the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere and this traps the sun's rediation. Global warming is the result. (makes sense!) Could you defend your posi
(Tizza) Nancy : in session past you informed us the quickening had not yet started were as I and I think others thought this refered to the "speeding up" of life to fenatic pace at this time... zeta description of the quickening? Has this already been explained?
(HBO) Brb
(RudyJoe) I can't think of any questions to ask, so I'll just listen.
(Kiril) Welcome to all
(Lebrasse) Re IRAQ issue, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz are strong candidates for the most STS people on the planet!
(NancyL) Torbj, what is your Q?
(Ummite) NancyL: when I do sleep paralysis I've never seen a zeta why? But in other way I sense a presence.
(Torbj) WHY is Phobos moved? How is this going to "lift" us?
(Obany) Ummite: maybe because it occured afterwards, after your expierence?
(Monk) Ummite: thats too personal I dont think she will answer
(NancyL) Lebrasse, re Stock Market, I understand heroic efforts to turn confidence around in timing with Bush-for-TV meetings on economy. It won't last.
(IdolHarobed) Piet: Warming began just some years ago. The winters here in Brazil got very hotter just from mid 90's and beyond. And industries is polluting in much more time.
(Desert9) NancyL: on worlds whose intelligent species does not have a subconscious, how do visitations take place during transformation, or do they just record in their conscious?
(Stphrz) Ah, in two pieces I see.
(NancyL) Piet, forget what others say. The Floods are not out of keeping with other continents experiences. Florida burned last year, now drowns, the west US burns, etc.
(Dan33) NANCY? Where is the closest planet with life that humans could recognize?
(NancyL) It is just what the Zetas said, drought, deluge, turnabouts for no obvious reasons.
(AgentY) too much israel news coverage here in the u.s. --- DAN33 its planet earth!!!
(San) Nancy, have the zetas ever mentioned "Hessdalen"
(NancyL) Tizza, Zeta description of the quickening would be people finally becoming aware, to the point of action, of Earth changes and the elite coverup etc.
(NancyL) LeBrase, I'll vote for those STS candidate, yes :-) May they roast in hell with their kind...
(Monk) Lol
(NancyL) Ummite, sleep paralysis was answered last week.
(CyberVVizz) Hell is cold
(NancyL) Torbj, who says Phobos moved?
(Matt) Maybe it would be better to wish them a speedy awakening....
(Tizza) Nancy : I would have thought this was well in motion by now
(Obany) And a lot of news about the situation in Germany, Central Europe of course ... terrible floods
(Piet) Why did ZT say the space station is planed to be completed in 2003 (signal of PX coming), but clearly they are far from finished? Time for completion is 2006.
(NancyL) Desert9, on worlds where no subconscious, visitations always in the conscious, yes.
(Torbj) I do!
(NancyL) Read the Zeta recount of their awakening, as they were conscious, and killed each other during awakening due to fear/panic.
(AgentY) NancyL: is timetravel into the past possible!
(NancyL) In Worlds, I think.
(Matt) Ok bad choice .... evolution then
(NancyL) Aan, no re Hessdalen, and unless this entity predicts, and is accurate, no comment.
(Dan33) Agenty its called history books!
(SteveH) Maybe question for Z's, what percentage of 3rd world density entities have a subconcious or not?
(Handlanger) Q: telep. transmissions; do the zetas remember something like "I am the attractive lola" with the voice of M. Dietrich some time ago? This is not a fun question...
(HBO) SEROV -- Vickie York reports, "Hundreds of awestruck eyewitnesses watched in shock and disbelief as 36 UFOs waged a spectacular dogfight above a Russian air base!"
(NancyL) Obany, the floods, though local and all, are not news nor unexpected. Maybe you can view this as a learning experience, how to get ready, what to expect.
(San) Hesdalen is not a person it is a place in Norway with a very large occurence of UFO activity
(NancyL) Especially in the Netherlands, which will go UNDER. Where would you go in the event of a great flood there, before the shift, like NOW?
(CyberVVizz) Germany ?
(Kiril) Please help why there are not safe loc in Bulgaria?
(NancyL) HBO thanks, UFO dogfight, not likely, but we'll see what the Z's have to say.
(NancyL) OK, the hour is upon us, I'll start.
(Obany) I know it will get under, and I will move of course
(AgentY) If I time travel, to birth of universe, can I prevent Big Bang from occurring, and therefore time never existed to begin with.
(HenryK) Here is an interesting site for sea temperature anomalies "".
(NancyL) 1 The trailer shows dramatic footage, of violent earth changes, and talks about the fact that the core "has stopped spinning", and that 'they' can't stop it. They mention the fact that it's a 'mysterious force' that is causing the dramatic changes in the core, and subsequent pole shift. I strongly sense that this seems to be a not-too-subtle message to the general public.
(NancyL) ZT: Recent movie releases in the US have had a distinct message, not lost on those watching the trends with a discerning eye.
(NancyL) ZT: Unlike a decade ago, when Westerns, romance, cops and robbers, and sci-fi on outer or inner space dominated the screen, the new releases in the past decade have had a new array.
(NancyL) ZT: Deep Impact, which talked about an asteroid approaching and the difficulty of deflecting such an approach.
(NancyL) ZT: Postman, which was an Aftertime of sorts, after an unnamed event that caused the US government heads in Washington DC to be wiped out, and civilization set back to centuries ago.
(NancyL) ZT: Waterworld, which talked about the poles melting to the extent that the globe was virtually covered with water, implying a heated core, the only reference to cause being a type of Global Warming caused by human action.
(NancyL) ZT: Volcano, wherein a volcano erupts in central LA, and life goes on.
(NancyL) ZT: Signs, which implies that the increase in Crop Circles is due to something eminent, and does not hesitate to state this is a planned alien invasion, not unlike ID4, wherein mankind saves the globe by going mano-a-mano with aliens, an unlikely scenario.
(NancyL) ZT: And now Core, where terms such as pole shift and stopped rotation and periodic occurence are thrown about.
(NancyL) ZT: And what does all this mean? Clearly mankind, at least in the US where the movie releases are sure to get coverage, is supposed to subconsciously adjust to such terms and concepts.
(NancyL) ZT: Is there not a coverup? And does this not conflict with the thrust of the coverups wherein NO mention of these possibilities occurs?
(NancyL) ZT: As we have mentioned before, the elite, those in power, are not of one mind.
(NancyL) ZT: Some wish to keep ALL mention out of the news, NO inference, so that the public is left to assume their weather or crop or quake problems are local, not global.
(NancyL) ZT: This is the approach the Bush Administration is taking, all pole shift plays burried into Homeland Security.
(NancyL) ZT: But others, who are not under the thumb of the Bush Administration, are of a different mind, and proceed without conferring.
(NancyL) ZT: The Media is not utterly controlled, contray to appearances, nor production of new releases.
(NancyL) ZT: Who runs counter to the Bush Administration and those in close alliance? MOST of the wealthy, MOST elite in other countries suspecting or aware of the coming changes, MOST in the US military and thus MOST want the public to become aware, at least in theory, and prepare.
(NancyL) ZT: What is this latest movie, the Core, and the prior movies supposed to relay?
(NancyL) ZT: That these issues, these occurences, can happen, that the powers that be are hard pressed to solve or resolve them, that many people die, that the elite, the government, cares and tries.
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, don't demand perfection, don't demand to be saved, don't demand more from your government or caretakers than can be expected, as they are only human and are themselves overwhelmed.
(NancyL) ZT: You will note that all these movies HAVE a resolution, a happy ending, where the pole shift will NOT, and therein lies the greatest fiction.
(NancyL) ZT: In addition, those in power stay calm, confer with each other, tell the public the truth in news releases, and FUNCTION.
(NancyL) ZT: In truth, as the recent rash of murders at Fort Brag, NC reveal, those expected to be calm and super human under stress do NOT FUNCTION.
(NancyL) ZT: Our advice in watching such movies is to be entertained, but not mislead.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Pott) Thats a lot of nothing.
(RC) Ha
(Pott) Seems no one has many ideas
(RudyJoe) Well, as we know, Hollywood is a big part of the government's mind control machine. They use it to manufacture public opinion as they please. Its the same with TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc... Is there anything ordinary folks can do to escape this insidious and incessant mind mashing propaganda?
(Piet) Mislead?
(EcclesP) Q: Is any part of the "Mission to Mars" movie about the aliens' history or the face at Sidona on Mars based on fact?
(Charlie) My god that takes forever. You know the agenda ahead of time, couldn't you get the zeta's first response, paste it from a text file and save us 15 minutes? ;)
(NancyL) Pott, YOU'RE a lot of nothing. What have you ever given mankind?
(Pott) Crazy talk from a crazy old woman
(QueenVee) What is behind the murders at Fort Bragg?
(Handlanger) Huh
(CyberVVizz) I did not known zeta's have a TV or watch movies :-)
(Obany) !kickban pott
(BaUdRaTe) My god. You people are actually listening to this? We might as well be chatting with Chomsky. He never takes a position. Just like the so-called zeta.
(NancyL) Rudy, but this movie is NOT what the Bush Admin would want!
(Piet) This is my sum of all fears!
(Matt) Leonard Multon would be proud
(Reticuli) Chomsky rules :)
(NancyL) Ecc, I think I saw that once, and did not find it fact based at all.
(Vim) Cyber - they can look through your eyes ;)
(RudyJoe) I don't think the Bush Admin knows what they want.
(Charlie) This is really nothing earth shattering. Let's get to what to do with the elite now, or what are we going to do with them after the shift.
(NancyL) Charlie, the IRC response is NOT prepared ahead of time, no.
(Charlie) All is fine in fiction whether it is a movie, book, TV show, it's all safe. Let's get to some controversy.
(NancyL) Queen, this was address last week or week before, re Fort Brag, check the log.
(BaUdRaTe) I can hardly wait until this time next year. Then, we'll all have a good laugh and avert our eyes.
(CyberVVizz) Through mediums eyes, certainly not mine, I am shielded :-)
(Torbj) To take position means "attach".... please be "nonattach".... and you will hear a lot of "singing"!
(Stphrz) "When Worlds Collide": 1951,
(JeanMarie) The PS will speed up the earth transformation and shift to 4th density isn'it an happy ending?
(NancyL) Baud, so leave the room. You'll get your money back at the door :-)
(Shaman464) Will the government ever tell us the full story in enough time to let us prepare?
(Charlie) We all know the Bush administration sucks. What are we all going to DO about it?
(Stphrz) "When Worlds Collide": 1951,
(QueenVee) QUESTION: Is the recent "alien head" crop circle a hoax, and is the recent crop circle that appeared in Idaho a genuine communication?
(Stphrz) "Meteor": starring Natalie Wood 1979
(NancyL) Queen, a hoax, clearly.
(Charlie) BaUdRaTe: that may be true, but why do humans always cling to end of times prophecies? We have a lot to learn here about the human psyche.
(NancyL) OK onto Q2 as the followup is not related etc.
(CyberVVizz) Recent? Look to, the latest is some week ago!
(NancyL) 1. NASA is having problems in big ways, these days - cracks in the shuttle, the launching vehicles, and now a lost and broken comet chaser. Is the probe truly lost or destroyed, or has it been re-routed for a classified mission?
(NancyL) 2. What was the purpose of the Contour, the comet-chasing spacecraft Nasa launched? And why was it lost?
(NancyL) ZT: Lately NASA has had a series of setbacks, back-to-back and seemingly without stoppage.
(NancyL) ZT: It this a coincidence, or the hand of interference?
(NancyL) ZR: We have stated since the start of ZetaTalk that a quarantine exists between humans on Earth and the inhabitants of the 12th Planet, aka Planet X.
(NancyL) ZT: The reasons for this quarantine are that the heavy hand of the giant hominoids from Planet X, who were mining for gold on Earth, were distrupting what the Council of Worlds considers a balance in the STO/STS nature of the world emerging souls are presented with.
(NancyL) ZT: The giant hominoids were more technologically advance than the humans of the day, who were no more advanced than Third World countries not yet in contact with what mankind terms modern civilization.
(NancyL) ZT: They were essentially hunters and gatherers, though intelligent, living in huts and hunting.
(NancyL) ZT: The giant hominoids arrived on rockets, had lasers, could ride high on personal rockets and land at a distance, thus seemed to command the skies.
(NancyL) ZT: Humans were terrified, enslaved, abused, and the giant hominoids sent down for long mining missions determined to KEEP them there.
(NancyL) ZT: The quarantine was imposed in such a way that the giants did not DISCERN that this was occuring by an outside hand.
(NancyL) ZT: They had technical difficulties, sudden weather that swamped their ships, attacks by carnivors on the road that were hard to explain by history and experience, and, finally decided to leave Earth for the relative quiet of Mars.
(NancyL) ZT: Now, does this not seem similar to recent problems NASA is having?
(NancyL) ZT: Technical difficulties, and among those we will list 1. the cracks in the shuttles, causing them to be grounded until inspected and repaired.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. the similar cracks found in the vehicles used to position the shuttles, as takeoff and landing are touchy times and no one wants a repeat of the fireworks caused by a simple O-Ring years ago.
(NancyL) ZT: 3. the lost probes that went seeking to peek at Phobos, the moon of Mars being currently mined by the giant hominoids.
(NancyL) ZT: 4. the destruction, without explanation, of the current reputed comet chaser, Contour, which was NOT simply out to check the comets reported to the public, as many suspect.
(NancyL) ZT: What is the reason for these disasters, outside of the quarantine, and what was the true missions the equipment disabled were upon?
(NancyL) ZT: It is obvious that the prob failing at Mars was disabled so that mankind could not SEE what was going on, on Phobos.
(NancyL) ZT: Left in the dark, they could only assume NO activity there.
(NancyL) ZT: This was not disabled by the giant hominoids, but by hands directed by the Council of Worlds.
(NancyL) ZT: The Shuttles were disabled to make the message CLEAR to those hoping to leave Earth, hopping to Mars or outside the influence of a pole shift on the surface of Earth, that escape will NOT be allowed.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated this, years ago, and now you see the force behind those words.
(NancyL) ZT: Do they think they will go aloft, get the space station operational as a launding spot, and actually make Mars habitable until a return to Earth post-shift?
(NancyL) ZT: Should this scenario be sold to the dumb, rich, and frightened, it will no longer fly.
(NancyL) ZT: NO ONE save the utterly gulible would buy into the statement that NASA can succeed, now.
(NancyL) ZT: And why disable the Contour, which ostensibly was only going out on a probing tour.
(NancyL) ZT: This probe, as you might imagine, was NOT going to head for some silly dirty snowball, but was heading straight for the beef, Planet X.
(NancyL) ZT: There it was to report all manner of information, destined to alarm mankind as to the habitation of this inbound planet, the technology of this inbound planet, and there you are with mankind having their balance between STS and STO influences disrupted!
(NancyL) ZT: How would this information be used, by those on Earth, to the disadvantage of the average emerging soul?
(NancyL) ZT: Not unlike the movies ID4, and Signs, wherein mankind was to CLING to their government, who would save them, this information would be used to allow STS governments virtual power to do ANYTHING to their public, in the name of their protection.
(NancyL) ZT: Look to how the US, the Bush Administration, has used the WTC attack to attempt to remove ALL civil rights, the right to trial, the right to charges make public, the right to an attorney, and substitute decisions made SOLELY by a handful of power mad in the White House alone.
(NancyL) ZT: The Supreme Court acting like a Kangaroo Court, in putting Bush in the White House.
(NancyL) ZT: The Congress NOT to be saved in the event of an attack on DC, only those in the White House considered to be important.
(NancyL) ZT: What does this say, regarding what an even GREATER threat would allow?
(NancyL) ZT: The horror is not what is approaching, as survivors will survive in spite of being imformed, and those in control of the Contour information would not be any more considerate of the public's needs than they are today, during their coverups.
(NancyL) ZT: The horror is what the public would allow, going INTO the pole shift, should such STS dominated governments, who desire WORLD domination, be empowered with information.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the probe, which would have returned information that could be used to these ends, was zapped.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(ChiefSimi) Why do the Annunnaki still mine the Phobos? It is very small. I mean it is strange that they stay there for thousands of years when they could mine it in a few years?
(Piet) Where does the giants live? On Planet X? That's impossible.
(RudyJoe) So you're saying that the Council of Worlds' quarantine prevents us from blowing up PlanetX? In effect, preventing us from defending ourselves? In other words, we can't blow up PlanetX because it is quarantined? But, it is OK for it to sweep by and kill of 90% of the folk here on Earth? You say, "Escape is not allowed." Is that reasonable?
(Charlie) We all know NASA is serving the elite. Why do we not pass some legislation to end the foolish space research and fix some problems here on earth with the money?
(Dsf231) QUESTION: Is the recent "alien head" crop circle a hoax, and is the recent crop circle that appeared in Idaho a genuine communication?
(BaUdRaTe) Everyone: After careful analysis of the blatent spelling errors, grammar and colloqialisms characterized when Nancy is "channelling", I have come to the conclusion that the Zeta's are a fiction, ergo Planet X in Spring 2003 is fiction. Beings with +200 IQ's don't make spelling and grammatical errors. I need to get a life. This stuff is a waste of my time. Planet X. I must be out of my mind.
(EcclesP) When most of modern civilization is thrown back to the status of third-world countries, how do we advance our civilizations as fast and sure as possible? Will we be assisted? Will our energy sources be based on wind, hydro plants, refined oil or nuclear generation?
(Charlie) Why could senators not pass laws against them? What interest groups are protecting the space agency, and how?
(Shaman464) Why did Voyager get thourgh the quarantine?
(Longint) Does a die out threaten the giant hominoids because of shortage of gold?
(Charlie) If the quarantine is keeping up out of space, revise it! Zeta's have said we are at an advantage now because of technical advances and larger population. Let us back into our SPACE! We have already voted on orientation!
(Reticuli) Nancy, what is the mechanism wherby a probe is "zapped"
(Charlie) The truth is, maybe the Council of Worlds is keeping us down so WE do not conquer this solar system. They are afraid of US.
(Charlie) Humans are a great potential genetically to serve the higher STS realms. ET's know this.
(CyberVVizz) In a recent article I saw there is an increase of commercial companies raising up some 'Military Support Services for Sale' After polarshift, how shall those groups be handled (if they survive)?
(Charlie) Let's talk about how humans could eventually take over this solar ring, hook up with the Lyrans, and make some real trouble for the Council.
(Charlie) Zeta's, we are not the only species that grows tired of the Council's baby-sitting. This will backfire on them. The rebellion will not end, even after this universe ends.
(Jeremy) Why did the elite hope to escape to Mars in the first place, given that man has no spacecraft capable of doing the journey?
(Charlie) You are keeping us in a bubble of suspended choices! STS/STO balance disrupted. That is the whole point of this existence here! We are wasting time in this life if this "balance" is not allowed a natural flow.
(GovernmentAgent) BaUdRaTe: of course it's fiction. anyone with some common sense understands that.
(Stphrz) Jeez, like NASA hasn't royally fucked up before?
(BaUdRaTe) GA: So why am I still here?
(Mike-O) Do the highest reaches of world governments read this ZetaTalk session weekly, hanging on every word?
(Jeremy) Good question, Mike-O
(NancyL) ZT to Chief re Phobos: This moon was chosen for its mineral composition. Why do you suppose that Gold is only in small amounts? On Phobos it was the MAJOR component.
(Samsara2003) Mike-O --- Good question! Nancy - can the Zetas respond to that
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, setup as they were, they had no reason to move, and were content.
(NancyL) Rudy, mankind can't blow up Px as it is an inhabited planet, but we'd not be able to anyway, not skilled enough, etc.
(Piet) Has gold some high property that we don't know of?
(AGreenspan) 1.And contacting US government in the late 40's is NOT a violation of rules? 2.It was clearly stated that the probe was destroyed by the aliens mining of Phoebos
(BaUdRaTe) Baudrate to ZT: Should I buy gold stocks or should I sell short on the US dollar?
(NancyL) Charlie, pass legislation to end NASA etc? Sure, just go arrange this!
(Reticuli) Nancy, what is the mechanism whereby a probe is "zapped"?
(Charlie) BaUdRaTe: stay tuned.
(Domicile) This may be one of the 12th Planets mining ships
(Piet) Or is it just nice and shiny?
(NancyL) BaUd, have you not left yet? Please give him his money back and show him the door.
(CyberVVizz) Q:In a recent article I saw there is an increase of commercial companies raising up some 'Military Support Services for Sale' After polarshift, how shall those groups be handled (if they survive) ?
(Reticuli) :)
(Charlie) The probe monster materializes and munches the silicon morsel.
(Torbj) You can of course look for this "silly dirty snowball" in your skies now..... as it is circulating earth....
(BaUdRaTe) Nancy: No, Allow me...
(Charlie) Let those who disagree stay. A room with no arguments left is pointless.
(Vim) Baudrate seems to be having a change of heart
(NancyL) Ecc, please read the Transformation section. It will NOT be mankind's civilization, it will be a NEW civilization.
(RudyJoe) Not skilled enough? Of course we are. Blowing up planets is what our governments do best!
(Vim) Rude be real
(Jurian) That's what makes this a bad thing tho, Nancy
(DuncanC) Lol, Rudy
(NancyL) Charlie, they could kill JFK, and keep the Hubble images from being released, and you think there is no power in these hands?
(Spanky) Or they could just put a big nuclear powered electromagnet to soften the pole-shift effects
(Jurian) Who is the Council of Worlds to decide humanity is to be phased out, for a new life form?
(NancyL) They recently stole the White House, in front of the whole world!
(Charlie) Rudy: right on. We can do whatever we put our minds to. An advanced drill, make a deep hole, nuclear explosion deep within the planet. Dim their atmosphere. Biological weapon. Lots of ways to destroy them.
(Shaman464) Who is they?
(Vim) Jurian, it's happened before - remember Big Foot and the ones that came before?
(DuncanC) Shaman464: powerful clique, see:
(Jeremy) Humans can survive in the long term, if we have the will and the right attitude
(Jurian) Vim: I know
(Merlin) I was thinking that same thing spanky
(DuncanC) Bilderbergers, etc
(Emmanuel) Why would we want to destroy "them" the planet is still coming with them on it or not
(NancyL) ZT to Shaman: Up until the present, the apparent accidents NASA was having were given as warnings to them and their masters, but this message was not heeded.
(Shaman464) I can become part of the government, its not hard, wouldn;t the one who broke this news win any election?
(Stphrz) C'mon why would the zetas care at all about our petty elections or who is in the White House?
(Charlie) Emmanuel: revenge for hundreds of thousands of years of bondage. :)
(Dsf231) By the time you finish drilling earth would be in 5th density
(Jurian) Imho, its very very wrong for any "Council of Worlds" to decide the fate of an entire race, even if they believe it to be for the better.
(NancyL) ZT: We and the Council allowed success, as this tends to pull the motivations of those conducting such campaigns OUT where they can not only be surmised, but proven.
(Vim) Jurian - humanity might live on in isolated places - they simply won't be everywhere like they are now
(Shaman464) What about Voyager?
(GovernmentAgent) So you're not going to answer this?
(Shaman464) Why did it get through?
(NancyL) ZT: You might call this a form of bait and switch, where they were lead to belive they could succeed, while being given the message that accidents could happen, and not by accident.
(Jurian) Vim : I know :-)
(Merlin) Nancy: How are the inhabitants of Planet X ruled?
(NancyL) ZT: As with 911, where the Bush Administration was AWARE that they were being warned, were being told just what would happen, and ignored this, likewise they ignored these warnings.
(Jurian) Still, what gives them the right to decide over us?
(Vim) It's for our benefit
(CyberVVizz) They are our Parents
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, their successes were NOT an indication of the future, but to demonstrate their motives to all, and this time is at an end.
(Stphrz) Bah
(QueenVee) QUESTION: Will there be further attempts by the US to intercept Planet X?
(SteveH) Government, the Z's answered that question last week
(NancyL) ZT: The gloves are off now.
(Charlie) Jurian: they are more advanced, so they think it is their "duty" to "mold" the children in the direction they think is "best"
(NancyL) End ZT to Chief.
(Spanky) Nancy: will the elite try to ride out the shift on submarines, since water acts as a cushion. Dick Cheny is already doing this.
(Jurian) Children need to make their own mistakes, learn themselves.
(RainMan) Are you saying there will be no more Shuttle missions?
(NancyL) Longint, the giants are not short of gold.
(Jurian) Being guided, or being forced in a certain direction, is a sign of bad parenting, Imho
(Stphrz) RainMan: there will be of course
(NancyL) Charlie, your plan does not sound STO :-)
(Charlie) Jurian: yeah, but these parents don't think so. They put us here, evolved us, and they want a return on their investment. :)
(NancyL) Charlie in revolt!
(Piet) Is the Cassini probe meant to stop PX (Saturn is directly on the way to PX)
(Vim) Jurian - think of it as being given a faster sports car instead of your old Volkswagen beetle. I'm not complaining.
(GovernmentAgent) I've tried to ask this before, you refused to answer. someone posted it, and you didn't answer. I'm asking again, what's your reply to this? ::
(NancyL) ZT to Mike-O: they have their reporters here, now.
(Jurian) Vim: no, that analogy is flawed
(Vim) I'm done talking about this - think what you want
(Reticuli) Nancy, by what does mechanism does the Council of Worlds cause spacecraft to be disabled?
(Charlie) GovernmentAgent: people have been arguing about that every week. They explained it already, the air, planet, people, all move together, so the point is mute.
(Shaman464) Why haven't the zetan contacted Bush or someone high up in the government?
(GovernmentAgent) Charlie: if the crust moves like Nancy claims, nobody will survive. It'll melt
(Vim) Nancy - are there more questions on the agenda or is it free-chat untill the hours is up?
(NancyL) ZT to AGreen: Phobos probe was destroyed by the giants mining Phobos, but this was ASSISTED to succeed. Had they not succeeded, we would have. Thus, it is not the effort of the giants that determined the outcome.
(NancyL) End ZT to AGreen.
(Piet) Is the Cassini probe meant to stop PX (Saturn is directly on the way to PX)
(Obany) People if you have problems with Govemrentagent, just use /ignore .....
(Charlie) GovernmentAgent: their are pages and pages of evidence of past pole shifts. Who cares about the exact mechanics. The issue is, something big is coming to disrupt everything. What are we going to do about it.
(ChiefSimi) Re: ZT to Chief re Phobos: This moon was chosen for its mineral composition. Why do you suppose that Gold is only in small amounts?
(ChiefSimi) Because I'm stupid
(CyberVVizz) Obany you should set this in your 10 minutes returning message
(NancyL) Baud, I knew you were an STS money dealing soul. Give it to the poor, that's my suggestion.
(Focus27) Will the Zetas help repair the earth's atmosphere post PS
(AGreenspan) Thank you, and the first part of the Q.?
(Stphrz) I would like to hear an answer to GovernmentAgent's question
(NancyL) Save your soul, Baud.
(QueenVee) Nancy, will there be further attempts by the US to intercept Planet X?
(Dsf231) Is the sun's magnetic field blocking the effect of PX's magnetic field on earth when it is behind the sun?
(SteveH) How much more advanced is the technology of the inhabitants of PX than humans?
(NancyL) Reti, does it matter? There are a zillion ways the Zetas or others could zap a probe.
(Vim) Steve - Zetas have said that we're pretty much equal by now
(Charlie) Stphrz: read last weeks log for answers about shift killing everyone because of g-forces and all that physics.
(Obany) Stephrz: so you expect here to go to that page, then read it etc... what use does it have
(Stphrz) Charlie: I did
(Piet) Are there any Christians here?
(Dsf231) Is the sun's magnetic field blocking the effect of PX's magnetic field on earth when it is behind the sun?
(Stphrz) Insufficient
(Reticuli) Nancy, I am interested in new technology and physics
(Charlie) Piet, oh yes, I'm sure a lot of us are Christians here. :)
(Obany) Vim: equal as equal in STO, not equal in technology
(CyberVVizz) But no Catholic or Protestant or ...
(Jurian) Rofl
(Piet) OK, I thought I was alone
(AGreenspan) In addition, I posted a question on telepathy for the fourth time, if it could be acknowledge, please.
(NancyL) ZT to Jurian re mankinds next leap forward: These decisions, as hard as it may be for those affected to comprehend, are NOT without input from those affected.
(Vim) No - they said we're ahead of them when it coms to STO/STS, but relatively equal in tech.
(Shaman464) Why are so many going to die?
(Charlie) You're never alone in Christ, brother.
(Piet) These aliens are hard to factor in!
(NancyL) ZT: As we have mentioned in the Hybrid section, Neanderthal man was in agreement with having his version of mankind, afflicted with tummy problems NOT pleasant to live with.
(Nefesh5762) I am in New Orleans at the mouth of the Miss river and we are 3 feet below sea level as well; whatdo you think is the prognosis
(Jurian) Nancy / Z's: I know, I'm just saying, maybe they should be?
(NancyL) ZT: Vote were taken, and they were in agreement.
(Shakti) Where will the hybrid communities be located?
(SteveH) I think they said we had superiority in numbers
(CyberVVizz) No Piet, take a snap to the missing book of Enoch
(NancyL) ZT: Votes that are a true vote are NOT akin to the voting that occurs on Earth, publically announced.
(Spanky) Nancy: was the Bryce Canyon formations a 12th Planet hominoid sculpture? it seems like Easter Island with full bodies instead of heads
(RudyJoe) Was it a secret ballot?
(Jurian) If humanity would have voted to do this "by itself", would the Council of Worlds have allowed that?
(Charlie) Zeta's, come talk to more of us. You need some second opinions about how humans feel.
(NancyL) ZT: In these votes, there is hardly a choice, the choices placed before the voters NOT what they would put there, but what the elite have allowed to be placed there.
(JoeyB) Nefesh5762: As a former N.O. native, my advice: party and get out ;)
(SteveH) How was the question of the vote presented to mankind?
(Shaman464) Why wont they help us?
(Obany) Shakti: I don't think that the Zetas will mention where the Hybrid communities will be found
(NancyL) ZT: In addition, actual counts, as the last US Presidential election demonstrated, are hardly what matters or to be reported accurately.
(Dsf231) Jupiter has a strong magnetic field why doesn't it affect earth?
(Nefesh5762) That is my gut feeling..too JoeyB
(Charlie) We can handle our own stupid elite! Now as for the higher density beings arranging our spiritual evolution...
(Piet) The Bible mentioned that Giants came down and had children with the daughters of men in Genisis 6. This was always a mystery for me.
(Wage) If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal...
(Jeremy) Are the hybrids alive now already incarnated with souls?
(Vim) Yes
(CyberVVizz) Piet, the book of Enoch goes further on this, and it's marvelous !
(NancyL) ZT: Why would STO souls, who are the MAJORITY of reincarnating terran souls, NOT want their children, or themselves for that matter, to be more intelligent, less subject to disease, and have more opportunities?
(Spanky) They bred Black/Niburian hybrids to make a slave that wasn't as puny by their standards.
(Vim) Jeremy - living on surface of mars in 4'th density, and some on ocean floor.
(Lovestarr) Because they don't want alien bodies
(Shaman464) They know only 20% will show up to vote and most of them are old folks
(RudyJoe) Nancy, can you comment on how our government controls the Press?
(Obany) Okay .. hush hush
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly, the vote went TO be engineered, for future incarnations. It was a slam-dunk, as you say.
(NancyL) End ZT to Jurian.
(Charlie) Zeta's! Why do you tell us so little! There is so much more going on. The other groups here! Your different groups. Shed some light on the unseen situation! We do not have your 4th density abilities.
(Nefesh5762) Nefililim.. Annunaki .. Giants... check out
(Jeremy) I still hope many good humans survive for the long term
(Dsf231) Jupiter has a strong magnetic field why dosen't it affect Earth?
(Jurian) Nancy / Z's: Oh, I understand that very well, and it makes sense, but consciously, I am pretty sure a lot of people feel they have nothing to say over this :-)
(Jurian) Dsf231: of course it does
(Charlie) Piet: that just explains how we got to be different from the ape, basically. We didn't just get a soul by accident. :)
(NancyL) I have one more Q, accepted at start of session, so will quickly do it ...
(NancyL) 1. What does the reported dissention in the Republican Party, over Iraq, with Kissinger and Snowcrof voicing opposition to Bush plans, represent?
(NancyL) 2. Nancy: any comments on the reported UFO dogfight that took place somewhere in Russia per Rense article?
(Obany) Dfs231: that question already has been adressed
(NancyL) ZT: It is apparent by mid-2002 that the US allies are NOT with Bush on Iraq, nor are there any Arab allies.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet the Bush Adminsitration presses on with its plans for a major distraction, designed to allow them to remove all civil rights in the US, win the fall elections and return the Senate to Republican hands, and prepare for the coming pole shift like kings who cannot be countered.
(NancyL) ZT: Dissention has thus gone public, and this is apparent in other countries as well.
(NancyL) ZT: Recently a report was made that a UFO dogfight occurred over a Russian base.
(NancyL) ZT: Oh? This when the Awakening requires an Element of Doubt, and STS/STO engagements are tighly controlled by the Council of Worlds?
(NancyL) ZT: This is also utterly out of keeping with past reports of sightings, which NEVER included a fight between UFO's.
(NancyL) ZT: What is this all about? It is about blaming the aliens, once again, for human activities.
(NancyL) ZT: UFO"s reported around the WTC, so they must have been responsible, somehow.
(NancyL) ZT: UFO's reported buzzing the White House, so they are against good-ol Bush and all.
(NancyL) ZT: The Russians are experiencing dissention in their ranks TOO, and why would they not?
(NancyL) ZT: You have those in the know, who want to tell their public about the surmise on the coming inbound planet, and earth changes, and potential for a devastating 2003.
(NancyL) ZT: And just as in the US, where the power mad are lusting after a kingship akin to the Dark Ages when NO opposition could be mustered, there are those elements in Russia and Britain and Australia.
(NancyL) ZT: Who was fighting, then, over that Russian base, and what was the fight about?
(NancyL) ZT: Assassinations occur often, most often covered up as accidents, but when the heat is on, outright attempts to blow up the opposition, en mass, occur.
(NancyL) ZT: Having broken out, the right attempting to eliminate what in essensense is the left, in Russian, that portion of the political structure that is most concerned about the common man, ...
(NancyL) ZT: a coverup was needed, and UFO's were thrown in as the excuse.
(NancyL) ZT: Have you seen the video? The film? No, and not likely, as the reporters are telling you what THEY were told to relay.
(NancyL) ZT: Those wanting a different story told are now mum, and permanently so.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Volare) Nothing is more discouraging than not being able to see PX. Surely it can be seen by now. Ask the Zetans to release new coordinates to us.
(RudyJoe) Nancy, is it true that the Russians nuked a Zetan underground base near Nova Zemlya several years ago?
(Piet) What density are the Counsil of Worlds?
(Howmo) So, Nancy, do you STILL say your coordinates are unviewable?
(NancyL) Piet, higher than yours, and that's all you need to know.
(Lebrasse) Nancy, Z's didnt explain WHY Kissinger/Scowcroft have gone against Perle/Wolfowitz crowd?
(Zod) The cargo planed which collided with another plane and killed the Russian kids. WAS THIS AN ACCIDENT?
(Charlie) It's the same foolish humans who allow the elite to continue that voted for this lousy genetic engineering project! I would have rather joined with the 12th Planet hominoids!
(jwilliam) Question to Vim: - does "pim" mean anything to you? I have my reasons for asking.
(Piet) At least not seven.
(Charlie) In fact, perhaps humans can hook up with the 12th Planet inhabitants and unite to stop this Council of Worlds dictatorship. We will have to wait until the 12th Planet's harvest, but you will have something to contend with, I guarantee it.
(Wage) Missed first part of question
(NancyL) Volare, are you Howmo by another name? Sept 15th, no sooner.
(Samsara2003) Nancy: How many in official government offices / elite listen to zetatalk?
(Charlie) How many universes are going to continue to use this evolutionary model? Perhaps we will get a CHANCE to do it a different way here.
(Handlanger) More US politics... I am tired of :] but I dont care. :P so head on...
(Charlie) Zetas: because you are taking away our HAIR, our VOICES, our VIOLENCE, everything that makes us the unique evolved creation that we are! You will never pollute our genetics completely. I will make sure of that.
(Charlie) Disease is opportunity! It is a learning experience of this reality. Do not rob us of it! Increased intelligence does not mean increased quality of life! The simple people of this world are happier than the most advanced. Our intelligence has brought us great misery as well as greatness.
(NancyL) Oops, no, Howmo is here with us yet.
(Charlie) Give us a chance to agree to the genetic changes to be inserted into our genome! Things are always done to us without our input. All the past engineering has created our fragmented levels of consciousness, our repressed hidden reptilian brain, our disconnected strands of telepathic ability...
(Charlie) There ARE Extraterrestrials all over the planet with their own agenda's, for good and bad. We need to KNOW about their existence. So the more ET stuff happening, the better to awaken people.
(Howmo) Yes, I am.
(Shaman464) Why does the Council want this to happen to us?
(RudyJoe) They want to steal our gold.
(Howmo) Got an answer to my question?
(NancyL) Charlie wants his violence. Shall we vote on his orientation? STO?
(Spanky) The 12th Planet harvest will occur probably when they run out of gold and their atmosphere burns out
(phoenix) Q: How many STS/STO in the session now?
(Volare) Do the Zetans say that light travels in straight lines?
(CyberVVizz) Piet, seven is not the Highest :-)
(NancyL) Shaman, it is a natural occurence. You have tornadoes. You're not asking why the Council allows this?
(NancyL) What is the DIFFERENCE?
(Spanky) Nancy: there are some reports that Roswell was a dogfight.
(Piet) I read that it is.
(Jurian) Volare: all lines are straight :p
(Emmanuel) Charlie: how can u speak for all of us?
(Vim) Nancy - can the Zetas go over what will happen to the moon during the passage in what time remains? If not, next week?
(Shaman464) Difference is about 5 billion human lives
(NancyL) YOU are to rise to the occasion and GROW UP, take action, DO something to help your fellow man!
(RudyJoe) What is the difference? They are preventing us from helping ourselves.
(Wage) Nancy you missed the first part of the question, re Wolfowitz, etc
(AGreenspan) When the Phoenix Lights were discussed, it was stated that the media was MORE controled than we suspect. In this session, you seem to claim the opposite, what gives?
(NancyL) Now, Shaman, tell us what YOU are doing, today, to help your fellow man!
(Obany) Phoenix: what's the point in asking that? How many STO/STS are in this channel?
(Jurian) Obany: simple curiosity?
(Howmo) Nancy, why wont' the "zetas" answer your science questions that you are posting to sci.astro?
(Merlin) Nancy: If we do stand up and take action, will the government take us out then?
(NancyL) Spanky, sure, re Roswell, there are also reports that it was a weather balloon :-)
(Dsf231) QUESTION: Is the recent "alien head" crop circle a hoax, and is the recent crop circle that appeared in Idaho a genuine communication?
(Shaman464) I give my money about 10% of what I make to charity
(CyberVVizz) Piet, there are things in books, there are things spoken, there are thing in reality
(NancyL) Howmo, sci.astro Q's are human interpretation of science, endlessly repeated.
(Samsara2003) Dsf: This looks to be a big hoax / same as Chilbolton
(AgentY) What should I eat for dinner tonight.
(Shaman464) I have given blood
(Obany) Dsf231: FAKE
(NancyL) When humans are wrong, it gets ignored, but the theories keep getting repeated as "right".
(Vim) Dsf231 Nancy already said it's fake
(Dsf231) It looks much better
(Torbj) Nancy, I want to give you a hug.... close your eyes!
(Piet) What do you say is the highest, Cyber?
(Monk) Charlie=STS my vote heh
(NancyL) OK folks, the hour is up, thanks for coming and inspiring great ZetaTalk!
(SteveH) Dsf231, the alien head circle is definitely a hoax...
(Howmo) No, why won't the "zetas" answer YOUR questions?
(IdolHarobed) Photoshop made.
(Focus27) Does anyone know how to view the current phases of the moon, and how fast are they accelerating?
(RudyJoe) Nancy, thanks for an extraordinarily lively session.
(NancyL) Thank you also, Obany and Grimbot, for being such good cops!
(Obany) Grimbot wasn't here who is only a bot ...
(Charlie) Sure, STS is fine with me. I speak only for myself, as all the rest of us do. As far as I know, no one here is representing a group.
(Jurian) Grimbot's out partying :p
(NancyL) By the by, re slowing, I heard from someone who lost 3 minutes on all their clocks, but the PC atomic clock was NOT losing this :-)
(NancyL) Humm.
(NancyL) Bye all!
Session Close: Sat Aug 17 18:13:01 2002