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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Aug 10, 2002

Session Start: Sat Aug 10 16:38:16 2002
(Grimbot) Welcome and g'day to you Nancy and the Zetas!
(Ancalag0n) Grimbot
(Ancalag0n) You dont talk to me
(NancyL) Hi folks :-) Collecting an agenda today. Q's?
(Ancalag0n) Why can you talk to her?
(Obany) Grimbot is NOT a person
(Ancalag0n) LIAR
(Obany) Grimbot is a bot
(Bailey) Mark never has anything unkind to say about nancy, lets not fuel the fire
(NancyL) Another newbie arguing with the bot :-)
(Job) Jeremy, I remember seeing the planet x announcement on TV when I was six and i wanted to find out about what happened to that
(Ummite) Hehe
(Ancalag0n) Nancy: sarcasm =))
(Job) Oh, hi Nancy, I am new, nice to meet you
(Jeremy) Nancy: How will the concept of land ownership change in the aftertime? Will survivors have to be concerned on what land they move to in the future?
(S7L) Job: shit happened. It turned out to be nothing.
(Howmo) S7L: No luck.
(Bailey) Excuse me, I should not have said never, but for the most part
(NancyL) Job, you were 6 in 1983?
(Job) Yes
(Howmo) So, Nancy, your explanation for your failed magnitude prediction is that it was a SMALL discrepancy?
(Fun265) The Zeta's said we should expect more and better photos of them and their ships as the PS gets closer is this still true?
(NancyL) Jeremey, like the Israeli's pushing the Palestinians out, citing their rage as an excuse to eliminate them, and as the Pioneer's did the same to the American Indian, greed for land knows no laws.
(S7L) Howmo: yeah, just one zero too little... 2, 20.
(NancyL) I would think that who parks their butt where depends on a lot of factors, none new to the human race, and the outcome predictable.
(NancyL) Good folks will welcome other good folks, the bad asses will just take what they want, nothing new.
(STOwarrior) Nancy, who brought the Palestinians there to begin with Nancy?
(Jeremy) Nancy: I'm not talking about greed, more or less should survivors feel comfortable about setting up camp elsewhere without fear they are on someone elses property?
(Howmo) Tut tut... The difference between mag 10 (your prediction) and mag 20 (the stars you claim are PX) is HUGE!
(Ummite) Nancy I think Ive got my sign
(Howmo) Magnitude is a historical unit of stellar brightness and is defined such that a change of 5 magnitudes represents a factor of 100 in intensity.
(Bailey) Remember even Jesus had a problem with the pharasee mentality
(Howmo) Your miss of **10 magnitudes** constitutes a miserable failure of some 10,000 times in intensity!
(NancyL) Howmo, there are several magnitude definitions among MANKIND alone - absolute, heliocentric, etc. Which of the several are you discussing here?
(Howmo) Nancy, I think it's time for you to revise your 100% prediction claim.
(NancyL) This is to show that magnitude is not a singular term, and to an instrument, an eye, a species, means different things.
(Howmo) Under which one did the zetas make their claims?
(NancyL) Light spectrums differ, also.
(S7L) When one looks at the stars in the night sky, one usually uses apparent magnitude. As in, that is what gives you something to compare at.
(NancyL) STO, they were there to begin with, the Israeli's were delivered after WWII as they were homeless from Europe.
(Obany) And there will be less people after the pole shift, more ground for the people also .. But what about the Hybrids.. will the amount of hybrids will be the same as the humans in the aftertime ... Or more.. I think more?
(S7L) "Here, this reference star is 13rd apparent magnitude, this object is 12nd, and your object is in between, so it's maybe 12.3 magnitudes" or so.
(Howmo) Under which magnitude basis did the zetas make their claims?
(Jeremy) Job: have you investigated or heard about the 'dark star' issue in your PX research?
(Mmt) Q proposal: Are we actors in a 3d video game like in the movie Matrix?
(Ancalag0n) Nancy h8ing on Israel
(NancyL) Jeremey, that depends on 1. the survivor, 2. the site, 3. the former owner, 4. the neighbors.
(NancyL) So, too many factors, and NO different than today, really, among man.
(Jeremy) NancyL: Can you pose that Q to the Zetas later please :)
(Howmo) Nancy: Under WHICH magnitude basis did the zetas make their claims?
(Howmo) You choose.
(Ancalag0n) Zetas: How much fatter and stupider will Anna Nicole Smith get?
(Jeremy) Lol
(Sahir) Who cares?
(NancyL) Howmo, can YOU predict where a brown dwarf will arrive, tomorrow, and have it been seen, imaged, and MOVE in accordance with your prediction?
(Job) Jeremy, I have still got loads to consume and weigh up in zetatalk site before I move on
(drfist) Bovine
(Howmo) Answer the question please.
(NancyL) Howmo, this constitutes a miserable failure on your arrogant self!
(Bovine) Drfist
(Jeremy) Job: yes there is much to plough through
(Bailey) ?Would the zeta need a different atmosphere to survive on earth?
(Howmo) Answer the question, please.
(Job) So is Planet X a planet or a brown dwarf, excuse ignorance please
(Ummite) We have many self worker here today
(drfist) Anna a bovine alien
(Howmo) Nancy dodges the magnitude issue, once again...
(NancyL) Obany, since the hybrids are to soak up the STO souls and give them new bodies, not MORE than the 10% of mankind living, since mankind only is about 25-29% STO of the 1 billion incarnating humans.
(Jeremy) Job: It's a planet but us humans insist on classifying it as a brown dwarf
(NancyL) So, I think less, at first.
(Job) I see, thanks
(NancyL) Mnt, we are not a game.
(STOwarrior) Personally I've had enough of the Palestinians and their suicide bombs, I say remove them all...put them in Jordon
(S7L) STOwarrior: have you heard what the Jews do the Palestinians?
(Sahir) They tried that 30 yrs ago
(DuncanC) Anyone watch TLC today?
(NancyL) Jermey, it is one of those answers like when to tell the family, that depends on individuals too much. NO general answer.
(Obany) Bailey: The Zetas have a base in the Gobi dessert... And some time ago there was a answer that the hybrids are on earth now in 4th density and after the pole shift they will enter 3th density
(Abk) Howmo, it worked. We're all terribly impressed with you. Now SHUT UP!
(Sahir) The Jordanians kicked 'em out
(Job) In America the Israel story is much louder on the news
(DuncanC) Good bit on crop circles
(Jeremy) job: Brown dwarfs according to the astronomical definition are bigger than Jupiter, where as PX is 4 times the size of earth
(NancyL) Baily, no they breath our air just fine.
(Job) I see, thanks
(Mmt) Thanks
(STOwarrior) Which of the two is more evil I ask?
(Endeavour3d) I'm late, nooooo
(Bailey) Ty
(Howmo) So, Nancy, you say the red light from PX is "bent" such that we must "look around" for it??
(DuncanC) Jeremy: not all BD's are that large, check any recent astronomy textbook
(STOwarrior) Decide and resolve
(Ancalag0n) Nancy: question, we will not make the jump to 4th density directly coinciding with the shift correct?
(NancyL) Job, it is a brown dwarf but not in mankinds limited definition of HUGE, etc.
(RudyJoe) The New York Times reported today that the "recession has ended!" - yeah, right, just in time for the end of the world?
(S7L) STOwarrior: look, neither are "evil". It's just that Israel has killed a lot of Palestinians, and Palestinians have killed a lot of Israelians
(Howmo) Nancy, MANY sky objects contain some of that same spectrum of "red light". Why does THAT red light not move around in the sky??
(S7L) And the dispute is about land that Israel occupies unlawfully.
(NancyL) It is also a planet, not gaseous, as mankind defined brown dwarfs, yet it emits heat and light, smolders.
(Bovine) er....Nancy....why didn't you answer Howmo's question
(STOwarrior) There is a right and wrong way to kill
(Ancalag0n) Hm
(Jeremy) DuncanC: Brown dwarfs seem to be whatever astronomers want them to be
(STOwarrior) There
(Ancalag0n) The UN granted Israel the land. Just because. The Palastinians very good Arab friends won't let them enter their countries
(Job) Like a failed sun?
(NancyL) Howmo, yes, and this is in ZetaTalk, Science section, big time.
(Ancalag0n) Doesnt mean they have to blow up small children
(DuncanC) Jeremy: I don't see what you mean... a brown dwarf resides in the HR diagram... they're older stars, burned most of their hydrogen
(Obany) Anyway this is not sci.astro or so ... don't ask questions only about the magnitude etc... Other questions can be asked too
(Guest) Just because of the Agenda!
(Sahir) My 1st time here - can we propose questions yet?
(Obany) Sahir yes
(NancyL) Howmo, you dope, it DOES! The rising and setting sun gets squat and huge just AT the horizon, as anyone knows who LOOKS.
(Howmo) So, the zetas can't handle science questions?
(Ancalag0n) Go for it Sahir
(Jeremy) DuncanC: I just mean where size is concerned; there is much debate as to what size constitutes a planet
(Ummite) Nancy you seem to approve the suicidal tendancy expecting the Px arrival isn't it
(Sahir) What will happen to the Zeta emmissary after the shift?
(S7L) NancyL: and anyone who MEASURES it with something else but eyes sees that they don't grow at all
(Endeavour3d) There is an important question I've been needing to ask, approximately what will the acceleration be in kilometres per second/per second when the crust rotates? I want to know if I will be a bloody stain on the back of my wall when it begins
(S7L) Rather shrink
(STOwarrior) At some point we as a people have to say enough is enough regarding this problem, if needed make it all no mans land...I'm grow tired of it
(Howmo) That is absurd, Nancy.
(NancyL) Job, yes, but not like mankinds definitions of this.
(DuncanC) Personally I'd like to hear about West Nile-- it seems like a very opportune time for there to be be "outbreak", keep people scared and indoors, etc
(Howmo) It has nothing to do with the question I asked.
(MikeAus) Can anyone answer this for me? : how long will the cloud and constant srizzle last for after the pole shift?
(Piett) Nancy, your comments on flooding in Europe and volcanic eruption
(MikeAus) Drizzle
(NancyL) Howmo, you can't READ, that's the problem.
(Howmo) It is only a diversion on your part.
(Howmo) Nancy, MANY sky objects contain some of that same spectrum of "red light". Why does THAT red light not move around in the sky??
(Hoodlum) This the famous Nancy?
(Endeavour3d) Ignore Homwo for a moment, he is wasting your time
(NancyL) Umite, can you restate that sentence?
(Hoodlum) Howcome ppl talking than.. thought everyone gonna shut up
(S7L) Endeavour3d: rather, he is asking very sensible questions to which Nancy has no satisfactory answer.
(Ancalag0n) Hoodlum
(NancyL) S7L, not so, as a sci.asto poster who mentioned.
(Ancalag0n) We mutinied
(Job) And it is possible to live on such a world as a brown dwarf?
(Ancalag0n) We dont shut up anymore
(MikeAus) No, he's not S7L
(Obany) Howmo: you join this channel every week or so and everytime you ask the same kind of questions ....
(Bailey) There is a good death wish article on the web site that deals with the selfishness of suicide
(S7L) NancyL: sorry? You missed something on the statement
(NancyL) Duncan, West Nile is just another virus on the move. Won't be the last.
(Howmo) Nancy, why do you now only "attack the messenger" (IMO) instead of answering his points?
(NancyL) Mikeaus, good Q as this will vary depending. Q1 tonight.
(Howmo) Obany: That is because Nancy avoids these questions.
(Piett) Nancy, your comments on flooding in Europe and volcanic eruption
(MikeAus) Thanks :)
(Obany) Howmo: and then why do you keep on persisting then ....
(Guest) Nancy: is your planet supposed to be visible now?
(NancyL) Piett, can you be more specific on Q?
(Howmo) Obany: Why not?
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, do you know the G force factor when the shift begins?
(Hoodlum) Nancy:how much time is there left before earth gonna change allover and cover with water?
(NancyL) Howmo, you dope! If it is BIG like the Sun, we see it in spite of light bending. If small and diffuse, it diminishes the object.
(Job) Will it be too late to plan after Px is eye-visible in the skies? Chaos I assume would then grip
(NancyL) OBVIOUSLY. Think!
(Howmo) Huh?
(Piett) Does this all have to do with PX gravity
(Ummite) Nancy did you ever heard of the unicellular phenomen that can change his form from a no dangerous bacteria spicies and eat fish and what do you think about it?
(NancyL) Job, read about this in Science and Worlds, its all there.
(Job) Okay, thanks
(Howmo) No, Nancy, I am not intimidated by you into thinking I am dumb.
(MikeAus) Ummite: it was necrotitis fascitits (sp?)
(Jwilliam) Homo - why don't you observe over the next nine months and see what magnitude and red shift occurs, you know. observe and learn
(MikeAus) Flesh-eating bacteria
(NancyL) Howmo, his points are dead head and he just keeps repeating them (there is only one star, an existing star, etc.) and they have already been addressed.
(Hoodlum) Nancy:how much time is there left before earth gonna change allover and cover with water?
(S7L) Jwilliam: it's already observed, I mean, all that.
(Howmo) What more can he say, Nancy?
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, if my question has an answer on the site, under which section is it?
(Job) Nancy what do you think is the one most convincing piece of evidence so far that Px is coming next year?
(NancyL) Guest, no, due to light pollution. Size-wise yes, but look in mid-Sept when coordiantes will be given again.
(S7L) Jwilliam: there is no red light bending on red diffuse objects that do exist in the sky. If there was, it'd have been seen ages ago, explained, and put into astronomy textbooks.
(Sahir) Mid Sep?
(NancyL) Meanwhile, IMO has become the new Zetan Emissary, per him, and is stating WHERE to look :-)
(MikeAus) *L*
(NancyL) But IMO remains in hiding! No name, no location, etc.
(S7L) NancyL: your coordinates are very close to the same position anyway
(Howmo) Why don't YOU say where to look, Nancy?
(S7L) So he can easily give a rough idea where it *must* be.
(NancyL) So he can run away when it becomes visible this Fall and Winter.
(RudyJoe) Nancy, I've heard that there is an inter-dimensional vortex near my home town. Could the Zetas explain how it would be possible for me to find it when the time comes?
(Howmo) Attack the messenger, Nancy.
(Sahir) Shoot - seems to me you can figger it out urself
(Bailey) ?Are the Russian pictures of Px made public this last week for real?
(Sahir) Please
(DuncanC) Baily: no
(MikeAus) Gimme a break howmo - that's what YOU'RE here for!
(NancyL) Job, it will always be too late in some regard. You can become aware the week before and still save yourself and family, etc. Does not take $$
(Redeye) Howmo, you're just here to sabotage, thats all
(AGreenspan) On what ground(s) did the Council permit open contact between STS/STO entities and elements in the US government?
(Howmo) Mike: Nancy is attacking the mesenger....
(Endeavour3d) Am I on ignore or something?
(Job) I see, thanks.... party in Mexico then, hooray!
(MikeAus) No, Howmo, this is what YOU do,CONSTANTLY
(NancyL) Hoodlum, please read the Pole Shift section, water movement during the shift, and Melting Ice Caps. It does not cover all over like WaterWorld.
(Howmo) That's what she used AGAINST her detractors, remember?
(Bailey) Good question Green, you asked that one last week
(Ancalag0n) Nancy: do we get gills like waterworld?
(MikeAus) are a liar us a favour and get lost.
(Jwilliam) Q: can you expand on the factors creating the change in earth shape over last four years. causes?
(Redeye) Lol
(Howmo) Speaking of identification....
(Endeavour3d) Geez
(NancyL) Job, I've added your 'evidence' Q as Q2
(Howmo) Where is the person who took the Haute-Province image to explain why no second image was taken?
(Obany) Will things like with Enron, Worldcom, Qwest also occur in the European countries, that info will get leaked about wrong doings etc?
(Job) Thanks nancy
(NancyL) Rudy, give me a break :-) WHO says, and 1. do they predict, and 2 are they accurate, etc.
(Piett) Nancy, when will the slowing of earth's rotation be noticeable?
(Howmo) A second image would have been standard proceedure.
(Howmo) Why was this not done?
(DuncanC) Dude, it was astudent
(RudyJoe) Just kidding!
(NancyL) Baily, they are fake as hell. NO swirl of dust cloud, NO moon swirl, etc. What is the red dust that Jewish Exodus and Revealations talk about?? Obviously a fake.
(Howmo) Nancy, a miss of 10,000 in intensity is a clear MISS.
(Guest) Nancy my hand is up !!
(DuncanC) Ever try getting time on a scope? Not easy
(Howmo) On YOUR part.
(Job) But if I am in the wrong place when the shift happens I cannot save anyone, right? Travel would be hard, no?
(Bailey) Ty
(Hoodlum) I just like to know if there plenty time left for entlightment on earth
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, considering alot of things, my question does have importance, if acceleration is gradual then my concern is unfounded, however if it will be like being in a slingshot then I think it is quite important
(NancyL) AGreen, this is answered, that the STS landed JUST ahead of the 'not concsious" rule being imposed so Council of Worlds allowed a "balancing" contact by STO.
(Obany) !kick howmo broken record
(Hoodlum) Piett:you know earth gonna flip over to.. how do you know it?
(Jeremy) Nancy: I wondered if the Zetas could tell us how many degrees the core of the earth rotated during the last pole shift; and ultimately if the climates of the continents moved were altered significantly?
(MikeAus) Howmo, why is there no live feed from Hubble?
(NancyL) JWilliam, it did not change shape, only gravity particle flow changed, and this addressed last week. Read the log please.
(Steve) Hi Nancy, can you tell us if there is resentment within the former MJ12 group that they are not getting the travel service (and other bennies)
(NancyL) Howmo, you probably miss everytime you aim for the toilet. :-)
(MikeAus) Hehe
(Jwilliam) ThanX
(Howmo) Nice Nancy
(RudyJoe) Nancy, are there such things as inter-dimensional vortices on earth? When the troubled times come, will some folks be able to escape through them?
(NancyL) Guest, if your hand is up, can you repeat the Q?
(AGreenspan) Thanks. I will double check that.
(Howmo) Attack the questioner rather than answer the questions.
(NancyL) Job, those in India are stuck, yes, regardless of warning.
(Howmo) Nice avoidance tactic!
(Gyflex) Why is'nt the Stock Market falling rapidly as predicted?
(RThenri) How about NYC nancy
(MikeAus) Why not start up your own chatroom Howmo; "sycophants" or something?
(NancyL) Endeavor, what is your Q?
(Guest) Is your planet visible now like you have stated a few times in the past?
(Job) But in England I can like, get to Scottish mountains or something, right?
(Cosmic) Do aliens dream when they are asleep?
(Endeavour3d) My question was, approximately what will the acceleration be in kilometres per second/per second when the crust rotates? I want to know if I will be a bloody stain on the back of my wall when it begins
(MikeAus) Not til mid-Sep Guest
(Howmo) Mike: you don't care that Nancy is not "100%" accurate as she claims?
(Obany) Gyflex: it is, check .. .. for information and links and articles
(NancyL) Jeremey, addressed in last shift in Pole Shift section (Prior Shift), very few degress as was a jolt this way and then back.
(SteveH) Gylfex, 300 Nasdac companies are on the verge of being delisted due to low price. The markets are a dissaster
(Endeavour3d) Or metres per second per second if not kilometres
(MikeAus) You expect a FAR higher standard of her than for your cronies at NASA
(NancyL) Steve, added your Q as I love to hear about their pain :-)
(Jeremy) Nancy: thanks, I assume then the continents stayed in their current position
(MikeAus) She's only human
(RThenri) Is the Caribean a good place to be when it comes
(NancyL) Rudy, NO on your vortices.
(EchoOfRibot) NancyL are the aliens religious
(MikeAus) But gets MOST things right
(Bailey) Green, that is the gist of other info from supposed benevolent contacts also that I have read
(Stphrz) Mikeaus: NASA is not predicting the end of the world
(NancyL) Howmo, no YOU attack!
(RudyJoe) Thanks!
(Hoodlum) Told you cosmic.. the poles gonna shift
(Obany) Echo_of_riot: that question has been answered, check the world section of zetatalk
(GovernmentAgent) Heh
(Hoodlum) I got sea-legs since last year
(NancyL) Gyflex, it is "volatile" and this is a sign of something. Won't be more than weeks/months now.
(Piett) Q: Will days only be visably longer when PX is clear in the sky???
(Howmo) Can't you simply answer the magnitude question, Nancy?
(S7L) In fact, the reason people expect 100% accuracy from Nancy is because Nancy claims 100% accuracy
(Jeremy) Job: Scotland may be unsafe due to the widening Atlantic ocean. Ireland may drown too..
(CyberVViz) He he, Bush don't won't follow anymore the international court of Den Haag :-)
(S7L) But none can do it, if one is not 100% accurate, right?
(Endeavour3d) NASA has become a pawn of the government so they wont say anything that may cause panic, and who said it's the end of the world?
(NancyL) Guest, it WOULD be visible due to size if not light polluted.
(MikeAus) Stphrz--NASA is HIDING the approach of PX!
(GovernmentAgent) And ignores all the failures
(Guest) Why does the viewing date keep changing??
(Howmo) WE await you explanation of your massive miss on that prediction.
(Stphrz) Mikeaus: prove it
(NancyL) Yes, Guest can father a child. NO, he did NOT because he is on an island, alone. This does not make the first statement invalid.
(Obany) !kick howmo stop demanding
(MikeAus) Proof is an absolute
(NancyL) Echo, read Got Religion in the Worlds section.
(Stphrz) Mikeaus: prove it
(Howmo) I see that kicking is now occurring during the CHAT portion
(MikeAus) Like if you were standing on rail lines and I kept giving you evidence...
(NancyL) Piett, days visible longer? I don't understand. Restate?
(Endeavour3d) I think that a temp ban would be better
(MikeAus) Proof would occur at moment of impact
(RThenri) Will it be safe aruound the Dominican Republic
(RudyJoe) Nancy, can you give us the latest dirt on the Bush administration?
(NancyL) Howmo, YOU did not answer my Q. WHICH magnitude, and for WHAT receiving device?
(AGreenspan) The Z's talk about the so called "Tall Gray Aliens" as having remarkable telepathic ablilities.. How is different telepathic abilities explained..What are the boundaries of each level?
(Stphrz) Mikeaus: if I see Planet x in the coming months I will alter my position
(Hoodlum) Nancy:could you comfort me, and tell earth aint gonna shift for few years yet
(NancyL) Several definitions, as I stated earlier, and several receptors.
(Guest) Light polluted by what and if I go to the countryside will I be able to view it better?
(Howmo) Nancy, your last given coords are NOT light polluted before dawn.
(Piett) PX will slow earth rotation. When will we notice days to be longer??
(Stphrz) Fair enough?
(TerrorDactyl) People should only be banned for abusive language - not just disagreeing
(Ancalag0n) Chill lag
(NancyL) As well as several light spectrums.
(Endeavour3d) I said TEMP ban, such as 1 hour
(Ancalag0n) Why temp ban
(Ummite) Nancy can you ask what the zeta are thinking of the cause of schizophrenia
(Ancalag0n) He's not disrupting my zetatalk experience
(Endeavour3d) Homwo is pushy
(Jeremy) AGreenspan: The Praying Mantis species have strong telepathic powers according to ZT I think
(Howmo) Nancy, Under WHICH basis did the Zetas make THEIR claim???
(NancyL) Rudy, dirt on Bush is always fun, but we do this every week and the international crowd complains. Sorry.
(Vim) To Agreenspan - I agree with Jeremy - read that the other day
(MikeAus) Nancy: a friend went into the outback and said he woke up to Orion at 30 degrees above horizon
(NancyL) Hoodlum, I'm not your momma. It's gonna shift.
(TerrorDactyl) Yes shutup about US politics
(Bailey) LOL :o)
(NancyL) Piett. you will notice the stopped rotation in a day, YES.
(Endeavour3d) He is taking up precious time with his annoying questions, others have more important questions, and I have one too
(NancyL) Umite, this is in Being Human, already.
(Howmo) It remains for YOU to say which magnitude basis was used.
(RThenri) Will anyone be safe near the equator
(Howmo) YOU made the claim, not me.
(Piett) But it can not just stop? Shouldn't this slowing down be gradual?
(S7L) Anyway, the measurement of magnitude doesn't depend on the actual measuring device. Nancy, magnitude is more like mathematical thing. It's relative. It's not the same as "measured object brightness".
(Obany) I have a drawing that I scanned from a book from such a Praying Mantis type alien... from beyond my wildest dreams by Kim Carlsberg ...
(MikeAus) SOOO DESPERATE for those coords, aren't you Howmo?
(NancyL) OK, the hour is here, and I start ...
(Ummite) Nancy you mean that is a society problem or genetical problem
(S7L) That is why magnitude is not affected by a cloud cover, as you claimed some year ago on sci.astro
(GovernmentAgent) 5th root of 100, logarithmic
(Endeavour3d) Dammit Howmo, you always ask your same questions over and over, give someone else a chance
(Redeye) Nancy, I was wondering if the zetas could expand on what is already written about crystals and how we can use them to benefit us?
(NancyL) GLOOM
(NancyL) 1. Can anyone answer this for me? : how long will the cloud and constant srizzle last for after the pole shift?
(Obany) Session is going to start
(Howmo) S7L Yes, you are right
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that the Earth will be under volcanic dust gloom for 25 years.
(NancyL) ZT: Obviously, this will depend upon region, proximity to burping volcanoes, being down or upwind of same, and elevation.
(NancyL) ZT: Our emissary, Nancy, has developed an animated graphic, shortly after ZetaTalk began, which is available from the Pole Shift TOPIC in the Info section.
(NancyL) ZT: This shows the Earth turned to its new geography, with major volcanic regions pouring gray dust into the atmosphere.
(NancyL) ZT: After a few turns of the globe, indicating time passing, this creates a gray cloud cover of sorts over the entire globe.
(NancyL) ZT: However, this is NOT entirely true, and we will explain the differences.
(NancyL) ZT: Volcanic gloom is ALWAYS heavier within a thousand miles down wind from the volcanoe.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, if one if outside of the downwind corridor, one escapes this heavy fallout.
(NancyL) ZT: Volcanic gloom is ALWAYS heavier at lower elevations in such places, as the heavier particles fall back to Earth, after being air born by the force of heat rising or explosions, and high elevations some 500 miles downwind from a burping volcano might find they have less dust than a lower elevation 1,000 miles downwind.
(NancyL) ZT: The size of the volcanoe also matters, and whether it is under water of above ground.
(NancyL) ZT: As silly as this statement seems, this is something to consider when planning a survival location.
(NancyL) ZT: Remember that the sea level will RISE, our estimate some 675 feet above current levels.
(NancyL) ZT: If a volcanoe, such as those in Indonesia or the Philipines or Central America, goes under water during this time, the ash will be carried by water, not air.
(NancyL) ZT: Also, some volcanoes ooze, others belch, and the amount of ash differs.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, to get back to the question, some areas will find themself groping through the dusk for 40 years, as Moses reported where he wandered just east of the volcanoes in the Mediterranean, and other locations will find the gloom like overcast days, the sun rarely shinning through, but occasional sunlight beaming through like a promise.
(NancyL) ZT: In those areas, which can be PLOTTED by careful analysis of the new geography and factors to be considered, survivors will find vegetation struggling through, but crops will still be pathetic to nonexistent.
(NancyL) ZT: These areas will find after 15 years, that the gloomy days are lightening up, and think this a return to normalcy, in their joy.
(NancyL) End ZT, followup?
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(UkuAway) Aummm...
(TerrorDactyl) So this volcanic fallout will cause temperatures to plummet?
(MikeAus) ZT: and how long b4 the lead is gone from the cloud
(Ummite) Nancy do you think that schizophrenia is a society problem or genetical problem or mind problem or something else?
(Redeye) Nancy, for how long will the sea level stay 675 feet afterwards
(Howmo) Yawn... All this is nice, but pointless, since there have been NO real sightings or imaging of your planet.
(Fun265) The Zeta's said we should expect more and better photos of them and their ships as the PS gets closer is this still true?
(NancyL) Terror, no, as ZetaTalk has stated from the beginning. NO temp drop, if anything a warmer globe for awhile due to core churning.
(Obany) Fun265: follow up questions have to be related to the answer
(Piett) Will news agencies censor news on volcanoes and such things?
(Endeavour3d) Howmo, why in the hell do you come here just to debunk her? If she is a fake, let us pitiful stupid people follow her, it doesn't hurt you at all
(RudyJoe) Why don't the hybrids invent some kind of new air cleaners, like the ones seen advertised on late-night TV?
(UkuAway) Sitchin denounces any basis for May 2003
(NancyL) ZT to MikeAus: Lead is carried in volcanic dust, and will be present in ground water too due to fractures in the rock.
(MikeAus) Amen Endeavour. But he can't cause he KNOWS it is true
(Dan33) Will any area be able to grow crops imediately after?
(TerrorDactyl) The ash will cause breathing probs and cancer etc?
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, drinking water should be distilled for the duration, and ground water to be drunk too.
(NancyL) End ZT to Mike.
(MikeAus) Ok,thanks:)
(Vim) Also, the oceans will be warmer - as I remember - giving off constant warmth
(NancyL) Umite, please read ZT as this is already answered.
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, I do not know if you read my question before, but I'll post it again, what will the acceleration be in kilometres per second/per second or metres per second per second when the crust rotates? I want to know if I will be a bloody stain on the back of my wall when it begins
(Fun265) What food plants do best under these conditions?
(NancyL) ZT to Redeye: The sea level, rising to 675 feet, will gradually drop due to the following factors
(Ummite) Im not pleased with the description of the zeta what can I do
(Endeavour3d) Right now, I find growing potatoes to be quite easy to grow
(NancyL) ZT: 1. the core of the Earth, hot from the turmoil of the shift and friction with the crust, will have its excess heat absorbed by the oceans and gradually dissipated.
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) ZT: This will take 50 year to dissipate, during which time the oceans will plateau, then cool.
(NancyL) ZT: The cooling phase will take 250 years longer, to be complete.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. the new poles will freeze rainfall or ocean water into ice, pulling up water.
(NancyL) ZT: This likewise will take hundreds and even thousands of years to reach an euilibirum where iceberg breakage and ice formation stabilize the ice development.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, we estimate 300 years for a reduced level, to be followed by thousands of years of pole formation.
(NancyL) ZT: during this time, the Earth will move physiclaly into 4th density, with a smaller sun as not ALL of the sun will be moved.
(NancyL) ZT: This will expedite the polar ice formation, such that more land will be found around the equator, more ice over LARGER areas over the poles.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, in YOUR lifetime, plan on the 675 foot level, and worry not about your next incarnation's experiences.
(NancyL) End ZT.
(NancyL) Dan33, ALL crops will struggle.
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Vttn) NancyL; who killed JFK and does Elvis still live?
(TerrorDactyl) Why are there ice cores in existence that chart hundreds of thousands of years back, if the location of the poles changes every 3600 years?
(Ummite) NancyL what do you think about the sleep paralysis?
(NancyL) Weeds may do better!
(Uku) NancyL: are you presently the only person on earth that was given Planet-X arrival date?
(Piett) Endeavour3d, they say 90 degrees in one hour, thus 10000 km in one hour.
(DuncanC) Weed generally does better
(Blair) Nancy could you please comment more on the veracity of The Blair Witch. Everything I have found points to it being pure fiction. Even the mythology behind it was made up by the filmakers. Even a website concerning Burkitsville claims there are no local legends concerning the Blair Witch, or any witch for that matter
(CyberVViz) So seems India will not be frozen instantly :-)
(GovernmentAgent) 10000 km/h
(NancyL) Vttn, JFK answered in ZT, and Elvis died, is reincarnated, and is still having drug abuse problems.
(Cosmic) I am ok. I am in an upstairs flat
(NancyL) Per the Z's on radio shows.
(GovernmentAgent) Around 8 times the speed of sound?
(MikeAus) Cyber-still nasty for all those ppl
(Fun265) The Zeta's said we should expect more and better photos of them and their ships as the PS gets closer is this still true?
(Howmo) Nancy, Why do you refuse my specific magnitude question?
(Piett) Yup
(TerrorDactyl) Why are there ice cores in existence that chart hundreds of thousands of years back, if the location of the poles changes every 3600 years?
(Mmt) How long does it take for the water to rise to the 675 level?
(Endeavour3d) Holy crap, 10k? thats about mach 20!
(Ummite) NancyL what do you think about the sleep paralysis?
(Vttn) Ok, thanks for answering my Q
(Piett) Thats what they say
(GovernmentAgent) Nobody would survive.
(Obany) Blair: not related to this session that questions
(NancyL) Terror, the date of this or that is debatable, and also, not ALL ice melts when the poles move, then move BACK, as Z's have already stated in ZT.
(Hoodlum) When is this poleshift gonna start?
(RudyJoe) How can the Zetas tell us not to worry about our next incarnation? At this point, what else is there to worry about?
(GovernmentAgent) Never
(NancyL) Piett, yes, but our Earth is moving NOW at high speeds, and we don't get motion sickness.
(Endeavour3d) Hurricane force winds my ass! A Neptunian hurricane you mean!
(captain_nibiru) (Nancy) If the magnetics change due to the rotation stopping then going the other way, with the magnetics of our bodies change as well? This might cause a longer life span than now?
(NancyL) The air travels WITH us, but hurricane force winds, yes.
(Redeye) Rudy : this life now !
(TerrorDactyl) Yes but it is the change in velocity (acceleration) that will kill you
(Cosmic) Should I cash my pension?
(Piett) But a change of 10000 km per hour WILL be felt
(Endeavour3d) Nancy, 1,200 KPH and 10,000 KPH is a big difference
(NancyL) Howmo, you refused MY specific mag Q.
(SteveH) RudyJoe, worry about your present incarnation :)
(Blair) And Elvis does? (Obany)
(GovernmentAgent) 10 000 km/h would melt the crust
(Howmo) Mine is predicated upon yours.
(NancyL) Umite, sleep paralysis, in contactees or?
(dwander) Velocity is not felt... acceleration (change in velocity) is
(Hoodlum) Why don't noone ask big question of when earth gonna flip...WHEN
(Uku) NancyL: are you presently the only human on earth that was given the Planet-X arrival date?
(Howmo) YOU made the magnitude claim
(NancyL) OK, doing Q2 as the hour passes.
(RudyJoe) Redeye: But isn't this life all about the next incarnation?
(Hoodlum) She says exact same as what Nostradamus says
(Howmo) Under what basis did YOU claim 10th magnitude?
(GovernmentAgent) and 20, and 2
(Hoodlum) Anyone seen the maps of earth after the changes?
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) Terror, I will add that speed Q to this agenda.
(NancyL) 1 What do you think is the one most convincing piece of evidence so far that Px is coming next year?
(NancyL) ZT: In 1995, when ZetaTalk began, we stated that weather changes, increasing earthquakes, and an almost imperceptible slowing of the Earth were signs the passage was approaching.
(NancyL) ZT: As the weather in those days was debatable, although showing up in charts done by dedicated Troubled Times members during the years leading up to the Year 2000, and earthquakes likewise have been blurred by underreporting of quake magnitude and incidence, the slowing rotation is a SURE sign.
(NancyL) ZT: During this past year, on sci.astro debates and ensuing research, it became evident to those looking for evidence that the US Navy was WELL aware, in some circles, that the Earth would be slowing, and had planned to blurr this from public view as early as 1994.
(NancyL) ZT: This is well documented in the Slowing TEAM page, in the Team section of Troubled Times, where the Moon cycles were pre-adjusted so that calendars reporting Moon phases would not allow the public to become aware that the Earth was moving more SLOWLY, in relationship to the Earth, than before.
(NancyL) ZT: These graphs, of the Navy's hand, is proof that the elite, in power, in the US and other areas where atomic clocks are maintained, KNEW that this would occur.
(NancyL) ZT: Few hands were in this, and the Navy maintains the master clock by which all sync, so this conspriacy was doable.
(NancyL) ZT: In these days, the signs that the passage is approaching are many, more than were listed by ourselves in 1995.
(NancyL) ZT: If one looks to the behavior of the Bush Administration and their chronies, as an example, one can see an almost careless disregard for the future.
(NancyL) ZT: Supposedly the weather is caused by Global Warming, but they care less about reducing pollution in the nation MOST creating this polution.
(NancyL) ZT: Clearly the Stock Market is tetering, inflated with hot air and false reports, but they still espouse letting the little man put his Social Security funds into the market.
(NancyL) ZT: This allows the rich to run off with funds and maintain their status longer, but in future years would doom the Republican party!
(NancyL) ZT: They clearly think there will be no future elections.
(NancyL) ZT: Beyond the geological changes, political actions and the actions of those in power are showing you that the passage is imminent.
(NancyL) ZT: This will soon be replaced by the MOST convincing evidence, a MOVING reddish object in the skies, which will have faint explanation that stands before a questioning mind.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup:
(Obany) !talk
(Howmo) There is NO proof of any of this Nancy, and like your magnitude claims, you can't support it.
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Uku) NancyL: Can Planet-Xs arrival date be possibly delayed due to some unforeseen reason?
(CyberVViz) Q: When you have a astrology program like astrolog it can't be altered because it's open source. So it means you can calculate by the Moon cycle if rotation has slowed or not, because you have two objects (Moon-Earth) to relate, am I right?
(Ummite) NancyL: I want to know the difference between alien abduction and sleep paralysis?
(Job) As the moon rotates, imperceptably to us currently, should we not begin to see the moon rotate as the earth and the moon will be out of sync? (got to agree about the Bush admin. strange behaviour, been wondering about that, makes no sense)
(Cand) ZT: What approximate speed PX will have when it will be approaching our sun?
(RudyJoe) Nancy, can you tell us if the Alien/Hybrids are Communists? Is the New World Order being imposed on Earth based on Communism? Are the Aliens Communists? Or, what is their political affilliation?
(Piett) But our clocks is not in sync with the Navy's. We should notice some time dialation relative to the sun.
(Blair) Nancy please answer my question
(NancyL) Howmo, then why are you here? Do you give equal time to the crazies on the street corners?
(Endeavour3d) One time I asked the first thought in my mind if it was God or my higher self (spirit mind) talking to me, I heard "Does it matter?"
(Stphrz) Piett: that is such a good point.
(S7L) The crazy people on street corners are of far less consequence
(Howmo) You get open comments on sci.astro
(Howmo) But you just hit and run...
(NancyL) UkU, no delays possible, in spite of what some might say. It is a natural occurrence, like the sun rising.
(Obany) Howmo: then goto sci.astro
(Howmo) Refuse to answer the hard question
(Ummite) NancyL: I want to know the difference between alien abduction and sleep paralysis?
(MikeAus) Howmo, scuttle away on your scaly, yellow belly..... go on now, shoo!
(Uku) Ok
(Howmo) Nancy will not answer questions on sci.astro..
(GovernmentAgent) I want to know the difference between Zeta voices and schizophrenia
(Job) Nancy, the question about the moon rotating?
(NancyL) Umite, I added this to Q.
(Howmo) This is the question forum.
(SteveH) Ummite, everyone enters a sleep-paralysis state when they dream
(Piett) I recon President Bush know's. Did previous Presidents know
(Ummite) Wrong
(Cand) ZT please answer: What speed PX will have when it will be approaching our sun?
(NancyL) I want to skip the MJ12 answer, in short, they are pissed that they don't have the travel service, and would fare MUCH better in the esposes they suffer under if it were in place.
(Redeye) Nancy, what will be the biggest changes in society when the 12th planet is able to be viewed by the common man ?
(AWM) is there a way to alter the political agenda of the world gov't
(Fun265) When can I see a pictures of the Zeta's?
(NancyL) Onto the Speed Q.
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) SHIFT
(NancyL) 1. But a change of 10000 km per hour WILL be felt
(NancyL) 2. Nancy, 1,200 KPH and 10,000 KPH is a big difference
(NancyL) ZT: Man is used to measuring motion on the surface of his globe by his travels into space, via airplane, and the like.
(NancyL) ZT: Air planes can take off slowly, increase in speed in upper atmospheres where the friction is reduced, and reach speeds not thought possible in earlier centuries.
(NancyL) ZT: Space shuttles can rocket into space at high speeds, insulated by heat resistant panels, and survive exit and entry.
(NancyL) ZT: What should be remembered when considering the speed of the shift is that the atmosphere is MOVING WITH the Earth, almost entirely.
(NancyL) ZT: Just as the water in the oceans and seas moves with the crust during the shift, lingering back to create flood tides and spending some time sloshing to find its level afterwards, in a similar fashion the air moves.
(NancyL) ZT: Hurrican force winds experienced by man are what the density of the atmosphere can support. GREATER winds will not occur because the air simply will resist being pushed in this manner.
(NancyL) ZT: Calculate that the atmosphere, almost entirely, moves WITH the Earth as it shifts, except for the 100 mph reluctance we have cited, being the hurricane force winds.
(NancyL) ZT: Beyond this, what motion would man experience? None, except the jolting of the shoppage when the plates start crashing into each other.
(NancyL) ZT: Why would this be, when mankind finds itself facing several G forces upon exiting the atmosphere in a space shuttle?
(NancyL) ZT: In this instance, man is pushing AGAINST falling gravity particles, increasing the exposure rate immensely.
(NancyL) ZT: In a horizonal motion, there is almost NO increase in exposure, as the increasing in particles in the face is reduced by the falling particles avoided in the back.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, there is no logical reason to expect any adverse effect from a 90 degree shift, within an hour, per se.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(Obany) !talk
(TerrorDactyl) The air speed has nothing to do with it - you feel accelearation in a car when it accelerates and the air around you is static. The acceleration to 10000 kmh in an hour WILL kill everyone. Also you are travelling laterally in a car not against gravity but you still feel acceleration
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(RudyJoe) Nancy, since the Zetas have never denied being Communists, we can only assume the worst. What do the Zetas think about Communism?
(Cand) ZT: What approximate speed PX will have when it will be approaching our sun?
(Howmo) Speaking of HIDING, Nancy....
(Howmo) Where is the person who took the Haute-Province image to explain why no second image was ever taken?
(Obany) RudyJoe: has been adressed in zetatalk ..... use the search function
(Endeavour3d) In the words of John Crichton "your science would make an Earth physicist sit in a corner and cry"
(RudyJoe) Thanks, I will.
(Endeavour3d) Thank you for answering my question, I am MUCH more relived now
(MikeAus) Terror: it's not air you are pushing against, it's gravity particles
(CyberVViz) If use the moon and earth as two objects refering to a Star, You should easy calculate if rotation has slowed down, I am correct?
(NancyL) ZT to Terror: The sensation when riding in a roller coaster ride, or in a rapidly accelearating car, is NOT caused by gravity particles.
(NancyL) ZT: What is moving? The roller coaster, which pushes AGAINST the human riding in it, or the car, which likewise pushes AGAINST the human.
(RudyJoe) Do the Zetas think that America will become a Communist nation?
(Endeavour3d) You know what is a bit shocking? I've noticed alot of interesting truths when it comes to Star Trek, such as gravity in Star Trek is caused by Graviton particles lmao
(NancyL) ZT: When all move as one, there is NO sensation of pressure.
(NancyL) End ZT to Terror.
(NancyL) (Good Q, Terror!)
(Fun265) When can we see a pictures of the Zeta's?
(Endeavour3d) Maybe they are camera shy
(RThenri) Yea
(NancyL) Cand, I'm not a good vehicle for delivering math, so will decline. But Speed and Distance have been detailed on ZT and TT.
(Ummite) Do you think that God is mater and antimater and if not what is God nothing can exist without conciousness I think?
(Job) The spinning moon issue?
(NancyL) Go to the Rogue TOPIC in Word in TT and check it out.
(Endeavour3d) Wtf Ummite
(CyberVViz) Fun, in the Akashic Records You can see pics :-)
(Bailey) ?Nancy, can you address the depletion of oxygen issues we are and will be facing?
(NancyL) Also, Speed and Distance in Science of ZT.
(Vim) Also terror - Planet x will be a distance away - so the magnetic pull that cuases the shift won't be instantanious - a gradual pull that starts slow
(Vttn) Nancy: how will Iraq respond if USA attacks Iraq? Perhaps WW3 before Niburu?
(NancyL) Also the Boy is That Sucker Moving! thread in sci.astro, last summer, on my web site.
(Cand) Ok, Nancy, thanx
(NancyL) Rudy, no, re communism.
(EchoOfRibot) NancyL do the aliens use drugs?
(Howmo) Cand: it's not a math question.
(Fun265) CyberVViz: ty
(Hoodlum) Nancy:please... when is this gonna happen, I need to know... how much time is there left, you're real... I can feel earth it's vibe myself, I got sea-legs since a year.. something gonna happen, I just dont know when... I need to help, I need reach enlightment... how much time is there left?
(RThenri) Yea
(TerrorDactyl) May 15th
(MikeAus) Read ZT!
(Endeavour3d) I've been thinking, what if life and learning is so that we can grow and evolve and what the Zeta's call "shifting densities" just so we can experience and understand God firsthand? Perhaps this universe is just one atom of God's being?
(Ummite) Do you think that God is mater and antimater and if not what is God nothing can existe whitout conciousness I think?
(Obany) Asked related questions please ....
(NancyL) Cyber, yes re using the Moon as proof of slowing. Except that Moon phases are listed by the Navy, are complex, so not noticed when manipulated.
(Cand) Just the point is: if the speed is to high, it can pass our solar system, fly away and never return back
(EchoOfRibot) There is no time left ever.
(NancyL) This is why the charts, what was done in 1994, were so REVEALING!
(Howmo) Nancy, why no coordinates for us, the "little guy"?
(NancyL) Vttn, the Z's have predicted sabre ratting not war, but this is in the hands of man, so subject to change, unpredictable.
(Ummite) NancyL: do you think that God is mater and antimater and if not what is God nothing can exist without conciousness I think?
(MikeAus) You know why Howmo
(CyberVViz) Yes so when You use Astrolog You could calculate and compare the truth
(NancyL) Hoodlum, shortly after May 15, 2003.
(Howmo) Why, Mike?
(HenryK) Will cannibalism become a necessity after the shift, because of the lack of food (KFP?)?.
(Vim) Cand - it slows down as it approaches the sun, plus once it's past the sun, it then has 2 stars pulling it back - so it will not just fly awya and never return
(MikeAus) Cause you'll use them to discredit
(Obany) !kickban howmo
(NancyL) OK, doing the last Q on sleep paralysis.
(EchoOfRibot) NancyL can the aliens predict the future?
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) Howmo, are you IMO, or his nephew?
(NancyL) 1. I want to know the difference between alien abduction and sleep paralysis?
(NancyL) ZT: Paralysis during contact has often been reported by those recalling their visits.
(NancyL) ZT: This is a simple utilization of what might be termed a possum reflex, deep within the human physiology from eons past, during their evolution.
(NancyL) ZT: This reflex is no longer used, cannot be triggered, but the brain mechanism remains intact!
(NancyL) ZT: If a contactee is anxious, fearful, likely to thrash about and injure themselves or their visitors, they are paralyzed.
(NancyL) ZT: This is not painful, in fact is very restfull, and is never resented.
(NancyL) ZT: However, it can create confusion if not understood, when a rapid return to their pre-visit surroundings occurs.
(NancyL) ZT: A contactee picked up during a busy day will find themselves returned to the exact spot they left, but will be relaxed when this occurs.
(NancyL) ZT: The sudden need to have their legs tensed under them will create a sense of falling, and catching oneself.
(NancyL) ZT: This can create a sense, in the contactee, that their knees temporarily gave out, and is confusing.
(NancyL) ZT: Another often reported confusion is what is termed sleep paralysis.
(NancyL) ZT: The contactee is returned to bed, as most visits are done at night, when missing time will not be noticed by a sleeping family.
(NancyL) ZT: The contactee, hardly asleep when returned, finds themselves in the conscious stream of memory as suddenly WAKING, but paralyzed.
(NancyL) ZT: After a moment, the trigger switch that was flipped to create paralysis releases, and the contactee finds they can move again.
(NancyL) ZT: They are often aware, subconsiously, that a visit has taken place, and relate the two, as they should.
(NancyL) ZT: However, the visit did not CREATE paralysis, per se. This is akin to dust on the boots, after a walk, a remant of the visit, only.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(Obany) !talk
(TerrorDactyl) Often contatctees say they are taking out of their car when driving - they lose 3 hours and reappear 100 miles down the road. Why doesn't the car crash whilst the abductee is in the UFO etc. or anyone notice an empty car doing 50 mph?
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Redeye) Was the 'possum reflex' inserted into human phisiology by the genetic eng. for this very reason.... to be easily transported during contact with ET's ?
(Cand) ZT: Not a followup. But please answer how will be doing Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) during the pole shift. I haven't found any info on the Zetatalk about Baltic. Please answer.
(Bailey) ?How will the current and future oxygen depletion affect us, what can we do to help produce more oxygen in a primative manner if we can not grow crops etc?
(Vim) Nancy - I've often heard of contactees taken to a visit without clothing - is this so, and why?
(Jwilliam) Does the "possum reflex" and sleep paralysis only occur during contacts, or are there other triggers?
(NancyL) ZT to Terror: 1. the contactee is driving while still recording only in the subsconsious, as amnesias do
(Van) I had sleep paralysis once
(Ummite) Thx to the ZT's
(CyberVViz) I got such p.r. when OOB
(NancyL) ZT: 2. the car is lifted and moved, by space ship, so the contactee is not embarrassed due to missing time.
(Westbrook) Would the "pins and needles" feeling all over the body, leading to paralysis and then a loss of time relate to a visitation?
(Van) I am Job by the way
(NancyL) End ZT to Terror.
(Obany) Vim: this can be because of research etc done to the contactee..
(NancyL) Redeye, no, exists like fish fins or some such, and is just used.
(TomB) Is there anything else that can cause a sense of falling and catching oneself?
(Endeavour3d) Westbrook, that's usually called SLEEP :P
(Redeye) Oh, I see
(NancyL) Baltic IS in the Locations TOPIC, look down at Mountains, etc. Also Yugoslavia, and related countries (take any that apply)
(Van) Felt presence, wasn't scared, but should have been considering then knowledge of abductions
(TerrorDactyl) Can the Zeta's give a percentage for the number of contactees in this IRC room?
(RThenri) I've had sleep paralysis too
(NancyL) ZT to Bailey: For a time after the shift, the clouds will be lower, as the atmosphere will be ripped away.
(Redeye) Cool Q
(Obany) But what about if someone else notices that someone is having problems with sleep paralysis?
(Van) Good question terror
(NancyL) ZT: This will if anything create a sense of being on a higher elevation, less air pressure, but you will be so preoccupied that you won't notice.
(Fun265) Cyber : Ummm... the Akashic Records is fiction... O well.
(CyberVViz) Well it's fiction in your perception
(Obany) Terrrodacytl: several .. maybe you are on too you know
(NancyL) ZT: The oxygen availability will also not create any more problems than the average city presents to you, due to pollution.
(RThenri) Van I had the same feeling
(NancyL) ZT: Soon, within years, less than a decade, the oxygen will be replenished due to ocean kelp and the like.
(TerrorDactyl) I think I might be Obany
(Endeavour3d) My father is a Muslim and my mother is a Christian, it's amazing the similarities bwtween the end of the world scenarios
(EchoOfRibot) Do they have names the aliens?
(Obany) I am pretty sure, there are contactees in this channel now, and starchildren also
(NancyL) ZT: As we have stated, if you are not utterly out in the open, in a semi-enclosed environment, during the shift, you will NOT suffocate.
(Ummite) Yes
(NancyL) End ZT re Oxygen.
(Obany) EchoOfRiot: STO aliens.. .. who are telepathic don't use names ... STS aliens are into names .. also answered in zetatalk
(Bailey) Ty
(Endeavour3d) It actually says in the Quran that there will be fires in the West and the East and that the sky will be on fire and the sky will be torn from the Earth, quite amazing reading
(NancyL) ZT to Terror re %: Fully have are Star Children, including some apparent adversaries, and of the remaining 50%, over a half are contactees.
(NancyL) ZT: Those not already contactees are thinking about it.
(NancyL) End ZT.
(Hoodlum) Nancy: what should we do?
(EchoOfRibot) Why didn't any aliens contact me?
(Endeavour3d) Is there a section on the ZT website about Jesus, such as myths about his return and whatnot?
(NancyL) Endeavor, interesting :-)
(CyberVViz) A: In Bibles Apocalyps, we see also some kind of Scorpion Creatures with Lion teeth please comment
(Obany) Yes, check myths ... it's there ..
(Van) Crikey, hope I'm not with the baddies
(NancyL) Those who give the Call and think they did not get contacted are either 1. not actually willing for a visit, 2. backing out at the last minute, 3. not meditating properly or reluctant to remember.
(Ummite) Van if you want to be with them you will be if you dont want you wont be
(Endeavour3d) Oh, what about this person called Meitrya or some such, is that on the ZT website as well?
(NancyL) SteveH, I got some numbers from someone sincere on size of Px during passage.
(AGreenspan) The "Yellow Book" being a gift to humanity, can the Z's put a copy of it as part of ZT?
(NancyL) 14 million miles, based on 4 times the diameter of Earth, etc., stated should be 1/4 to 1/3 the size of the Moon.
(TerrorDactyl) Yes is this Matreya genuine?
(RudyJoe) Nancy, are the Zetas anti-semetic? Which race do they think is most STO?
(Dowley) Why has the internet not started to go wrong - you said it would start mid 2002?
(Van) Ummite, what if my subconscious chooses for me?
(EchoOfRibot) Do the aliens know the meaning of life?
(CyberVViz) Do you known it ?
(Bovine) Nancy, what will the church of Scientology (and other similar STS organizations) do in the aftertime? Do they already know/are making plans?
(NancyL) Since the Z's stated that it will APPEAR as big as the Moon during passage, I'm going to use the 1/4 size and say 3/4 of what you saw in April 2001 was the Moon swirl and dust cloud.
(TerrorDactyl) Dowley - you want to try AOL
(Obany) Contact can be recalled trough self hypnosis, meditation etc. and then put the pieces ... together
(Bailey) I were garlic to bed, just kidding, can anyone explaine sleep knowledge, waking up and knowing things you had no way of knowing
(RThenri) Bovine good Q
(SteveH) Sounds good Nancy
(Ummite) You will be
(NancyL) Then the estimates someone else gave me on size, at estimated distance (1/139 of Jupiter, etc.) can be plugged in.
(EchoOfRibot) NancyL what's your purpose?
(NancyL) Trying to come up with a size increase, etc. guide for 9/15 corrdiantes issuance, etc.
(Redeye) Bailey: answered in previous IRC
(GovernmentAgent) What's the difference between zeta voices and the voices schizophrenics hear?
(Uku) NancyL: Would you follow the antichrist?
(Endeavour3d) *chokes on coffee*
(NancyL) Cyber, imagine the Moon swirl and dust tail swirl, termed a fire dragon by some legends.
(MikeAus) Lol
(CyberVViz) Ok
(Abk) Nancy, Q: why are some Star Children acting as adversaries?
(NancyL) AGreen, I gather not, re Yellow Book, but I think ZT is giving this to you in pieces anyway.
(EchoOfRibot) NancyL do they know about the echo?
(TerrorDactyl) I think you can be starchild STO and starchild STS
(AGreenspan) Well, fine, I guess. (Thanks).
(NancyL) Dowley, visible mid 2002 by SIZE, but is currently light polluted and IMO just waiting to mislead you, so wait until Sept 15th
(RThenri) Whats STS and STO?
(Fun265) Will the Council of Worlds allow the Zeta's to be photographed or is this agaist the rules?
(MikeAus) No STS Starchildren - too vicious
(Bailey) Uku, Antichrist is not in the book of Revelations, there are many with the spirit of Antichrist, go back and reread for yourself with a concordance, false doctrine
(NancyL) Bovine, ALL elites will suffer, but they just don't think so now, Scientology included.
(TerrorDactyl) Service to Other, Service to Self
(EchoOfRibot) NancyL are they this crazy about science or are you?
(NancyL) Hard to have followers when all are starving.
(Bovine) Nancy: okay, thanks
(Ummite) Van you know by yourself in which side you are look at what you do are you doing it for yourslf or for other that is what you must check
(NancyL) OK, the hour is up, and I tire.
(Obany) Terror: I think now they mean STO, as I think even a so called adversarie can be one..
(Endeavour3d) Wait, I saw a crop circle somewhere that looked reminiscent of the... how many moons does the 12th planet have now?
(Bovine) Because I've heard a lot about the church of Scientology and how they brainwash people etc
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk!
(Ancalag0n) Thanks for inspiring gr8 zeta talk!
(RainMan) A keeper for sure
(NancyL) Thank you Grimbot and Obany and all, for being such good cops!
(NancyL) Bye bye!
(RudyJoe) Nancy:Thanks for another excellent session. Please forgive the dumb questions.
(Dowley) I was not talking about viewing
Session Close: Sat Aug 10 18:19:49 2002