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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Aug 03, 2002

Session Start: Sat Aug 03 16:39:21 2002
(Grimbot) Welcome and g'day to you Nancy and the Zetas!
(Guest25) Remember to take your meds
(Starman) Ummm
(S7L) Oh no, automated greeting, and on top of that, greeting the Zetas.
(Bailey) I was with a friend who saw it too
(NancyL) Hi all. I've got a couple Q's collected, amd going to write them down so I can post them now, and later ... BRB
(S7L) Bailey: and you didn't know what it was, so it was an unidentified object that seemed flying? Just how did it disappear?
(Gyflex) Lucky you! I'm still waiting to see one!
(MrCLittle) No realtime q's today?
(Bailey) It was not flying, just sitting over by the hill side
(Bailey) I live in the woods, there are no roads or anything in that direction, the light was more like the moon than anything elce
(Willshell) It was atmospheric lensing effect from swamp gases esaping from a weather baloon
(Westbrook) So a USO, Unidentified Sitting Object?
(Bailey) So call it an unidentified glowing object (smiles)
(Butch) Yeah,
(Redeye) Ha ha
(S7L) Willshell: ... reflecting the light of venus
(Willshell) The light of venus reflecting off an aircraft looks like a UFO when you are under mass hypnosis
(Bailey) It was close to the horison, not high in the sky
(Willshell) Bailey, Im just joking, I dont mean to make fun of you, I wish I could have seen it
(Obany) And you saw it for some minuts or shorter, if I might ask?
(Bailey) At least a hour
(Obany) That's pretty long
(Mike-O) Did it ever change color?
(Obany) And in what kind of a fashion did it disapear?
(Bailey) I wrote it off for the first 45 min but it never moved, then i realised it was not the moon and went out and looked
(Bailey) It just vanished, I did not see it change colors, it was huge like the moon
(NancyL) Here's the agenda, for you early birds. Could use a bit more to fill the hour ...
(NancyL) 1. 2003 was on the cover of Enquirer mag, a scandal rag sold at grocery store checkout counters in US. 2003 was related to Biblical prophecies of end times, like drought, fire in the skies, earthquakes. Since the Bible does not mention 2003, is this an establishment leak, or what?
(NancyL) 2. CNN is featuring crop circles, related to Mel Gibson's new movie Signs. Colin Andrews and others talking to the issue. Alien creation is mentioned, but greater weight to manmade and perhaps human consciousness vibes. Signs gives the aliens bad press, but at least legit crop circles were shown, and some of the anomalies like bending grain still growing. Is this also a deliberate awakening move?
(NancyL) 1. Science news press that the Earth, which ostensibly the same shape as before, has greater gravity pull not evenly distributed. What is causing this, as many theories abound
(NancyL) Boy about 12 people asked about this gravity thing, and several news sites had it featured.
(Samsara2003) Nancy - I'm wondering the Zetas would care to comment on the mysterious chemical sploches found on pavent across cities in New Jersey
(NancyL) A science site said one theory was that the poles were melting, so less ice "pressing" on the crust, so more lifting at the poles, but the Earth shape is the same so not a good theory.
(NancyL) They have put it to mysterious but most likely something in the core, moving. Don't know what.
(Gyflex) The press is reporting that the earth's magnetic field is weakening; is this the case, and what is the cause of this?
(NancyL) Samsara, the news just said it was "wax", and heat bringing this out. Quick answer from the Z's on this:
(PppHax) Nancy Lieder, are you jewish? Your last name sounds Jewish with that IER. And the ZETAS told you to wrote all lies about hitler and WW2, all in favor of Jews?
(Abk) Add to Q2 - we were looking at the crop circle West Overton July 28- looks like a chemical molecule. Is it? If so, what chemical?
(HenryK) Hi
(Mikeaus) Gyflex: it's Nibiru approaching-affecting Earth's megnetic field
(NancyL) ZT: We have commenting about increasing illness, germs migrating about, wildlife and fish getting sich, and this is the biological evidence of earth changes.
(Mikeaus) magnetic
(PppHax) Still hasn't answered my question.
(PppHax) Sich?
(SteveH) I thought that crop circle from July 28th looked like a fake
(PppHax) How do you FISH get sich
(NancyL) ZT: There are also atmospheric changes, such as the halo surrounding the Moon mentioned months ago, and of course the weather changes which mankind is unable to explain or predict.
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) ZT: What caused those blotches? Pollution in the atmosphere, NOT moving away as formerly, hovering, at a lower level, interacting with other chemicals, a type of congealed inversion.
(NancyL) ZT: In other words, the weather!
(NancyL) End ZT to Sam
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Aquila_20) I have some good photos of the halo surrounding the moon an the sun
(Samsara2003) Thanks Nancy & zetas
(PppHax) No, she spelled SICK "SICH". Either she, or zetas can't spell. GOTCHA!
(Mikeaus) Big deal!
(NancyL) Lieder is German, PPP, and my physical heritage is 100% several generations back on both sides of the family.
(PppHax) Lol
(Swanny) You are clever ppphax
(PppHax) Lot of Jewish names have German last names, and you wrote all lies about Hitler
(NancyL) Brains and a curt mouth, Niels and I sharing this I guess :-)
(Cybervviz) Lieder is gGerman
(PppHax) Lol
(NancyL) SteveH, which circle was that?
(PppHax) gGerman?
(Obany) Please Ppp_hax: shut up
(SteveH) The one from West Overton
(PppHax) Why, cause I'm right?
(NancyL) PPP, the typos are all mine :-)
(PppHax) Sure
(Mikeaus) No, cause you're immature Ppphax.
(SteveH) Circles don't look sharp or perfectly round
(PppHax) Immature eh?
(Mikeaus) Very annoying
(PppHax) What , the crop circles ?
(NancyL) SteveH, do you have a URL so I can look?
(Cybervviz) Ppp_hax, did you known the US Military had much less dicipline as the German Army and most rapes in our country was due to .... the Allied forces and NOT Germany?
(PppHax) There was a weird chemical found in the CROP CIRCLES. That proves some of them are non fake.
(Vim) Nancy - I have a question to add to the agenda if there's time etc.
(MrCLittle) NancyL: do you think the U.S. will have the least STO's compared to countries around the world?
(S7L) Humh, unperfect circles, SteveH.
(Anunnaki) Nancy, where are the coordinates?
(Cybervviz) The circles on are very beautiful.
(SteveH) The producers from the movie Signs are supposed to be making some crop circles around the world to promote the movie.
(Zetapal) Ppp for some
(NancyL) Steve, I agree :-)
(Cybervviz) Oops
(Samsara2003) Nancy : How about the West Nile Virus. This virus has allegedly killed 4 now. Looks like good ZT accuracy...
(SteveH) Hehe
(Redeye) Ppp : if u read the site u wouldn't need to ask that
(Mikeaus) They look very fake tho Steve
(NancyL) Vim, what is your Q?
(Vim) - I was hoping the Zetas might comment on the ethics of withholding info about Planet X from people who are in no position to prepare - like an obese friend.
(Vim) So they can spend the rest of the year with peace-of-mind
(PppHax) Nancy
(PppHax) Question.
(Samsara2003) Nancy - I wasn't able to get through to your mailbox - looks like it's been full for several days. :)
(MrCLittle) NancyL: do you think the U.S. will have the least percentage of STO's compared to countries around the world?
(TerrorDactyl) What does that West Overton circle signify?
(Cybervviz) I think they have the most ego :-)))
(NancyL) Mr. C, there are many STO in US. Scandinavia leaning to STO, Africa toward STS, but the number of STS in any country the minority, big time.
(S7L) Some circles look better, such as Aveburystones, which is a recitation of an earlier theme
(S7L) Interesting. It signals some kind of movement.
(Starman) Nancy. can the zetas comment on the stargates situated around the earth
(Anunnaki) NancyL: Where are the coordinates?
(Gyflex) Is the US military also making crop circles with lasers?
(Sefi) Hallo everyone!
(PppHax) Lol
(NancyL) It is the leadership of US now, Bush et al, that is STS, not the people at large. Same for many other countries. Judge them by the people, not the strong arm leadership.
(Anunnaki) NancyL: Would you bet your LIFE about PlanetX being here by 2003?
(PppHax) How many crop circles have been translated yet?
(NancyL) Vim, will add that as Q3.
(S7L) Ppp_hax: by translated, don't you mean "interpreted"?
(Vim) Thanks :)
(Guest25) 10 million USD bet that there is no Px, any takers?
(Starman) Nancy can you add a Q4
(PppHax) If that's what you want to call it. I mean I know the famous one. 'Everything is created by will'
(SteveH) S7L, yes that crop cirlce from Aveburystones looks quite impressive
(TerrorDactyl) I walked in the milk hill 409 circle last year
(Cybervviz) Q: NancyL, did You see also so much (more) ugly people around? I guess this is due to pollution, eating meat and smoking. (Sorry to say it so crude)
(S7L) SteveH: at least, it could be "genuine" in some sense.
(Butch) Guest25, if you've got 10M to bet, how bout loaning me a few thousand???:)
(NancyL) Starman, what is your Q?
(Starman) Can the zetas comment on the stargates situated around the earth
(Focus27) Smoking definitely making people ugly
(Cybervviz) Meat either I guess
(Guy) Lol
(NancyL) Annunaki, I HAVE bet my life that Px will be here 2003.
(PppHax) Nancy, has the transformation already began? Because lately I have been discovering my spiritual and psychic ability, easy to peform, such as send a thought to another person and have them interpret it
(Guest25) So will you kill yourself if it doesn't come durin may-jun 2003?
(Focus27) Meat doesn't wrinkle your face, though
(NancyL) Starman, there are no star gates, someone ELSE said that. No Q&A.
(Starman) Shame..
(AGreenspan) A fundamental question still remains unanswered: On what ground did the Council Of Worlds, allow contact between EBE's and US government?
(NancyL) OK, the hour is upon us, so I'll begin ...
(Sefi) Ppphax: I think im experiencing that right now too...
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) 1. 2003 was on the cover of Enquirer mag, a scandal rag sold at grocery store checkout counters in US. 2003 was related to Biblical prophecies of end times, like drought, fire in the skies, earthquakes. Since the Bible does not mention 2003, is this an establishment leak, or what?
(NancyL) 2. CNN is featuring crop circles, related to Mel Gibson's new movie Signs. Colin Andrews and others talking to the issue. Alien creation is mentioned, but greater weight to manmade and perhaps human consciousness vibes. Signs gives the aliens bad press, but at least legit crop circles were shown, and some of the anomalies like bending grain still growing. Is this also a deliberate awakening move?
(NancyL) ZT: As Planet X becomes visible in the skies to amateurs during the Fall leading into 2003, and increasing in size so that those without the aid of scopes can see it by Spring of 2003,
(NancyL) ZT: and as the weather extremes increase to the point of making the general populace frantic, demanding explanations from scientists,
(NancyL) ZT: and as earthquakes increase in frequency, destroying cities, and bridges and rail lines continue to fault, without explanation of the human scientists who are at a loss for why this is occuring NOW,
(NancyL) ZT: the establishment will increasingly look to explanations to give to the populace that will placate them.
(NancyL) ZT: In a Christian nation, such as the US presumes to be by its controlling ultra right political structure, this will be that the End Times are upon mankind.
(NancyL) ZT: The hope here is to drive the public into their churches to pester THEIR leaderhip, and the answers perdictable.
(NancyL) ZT: Pray.
(NancyL) ZT: For those logical thinkers, educated and reading broadly in the news and on the Internet, other explanations will be given.
(NancyL) ZT: A current theory, only somewhat in the press, is that there are periodic climate changes, cycles, and this is ONE of them.
(NancyL) ZT: Data will be dredged forth, newly interpreted, supporting this, with the reassurance that these times will pass as they have in the past.
(NancyL) ZT: In tightly controlled countries like China, where the populace is intelligent but access to news around the world limited to what the government wants the populace to know, each local is to believe that THEIR local is afflicted, as occurs during normal times, and the big picture will elude the poor citizenry until the last moments.
(NancyL) ZT: Countries that care for their citizenry, in general, will find heavy discussion in the news, the talk shows, where many elements are brought to the discussion table and many theories presented.
(NancyL) ZT: What this is to show the populace is that their establishent cares, is seeking answers, but HAS none.
(NancyL) ZT: This is reassuring to the populace in that they see the pain in the faces around the table, and themselves cannot come up with the answer.
(NancyL) ZT: Will the coming passage, with our predictions, be presented?
(NancyL) ZT: Only occasionaly, but the ZetaTalk explanation, along with countering information such as Sitchin's way-out-there dates and scientists stating that an inbound brown dwarf could simply not travel fast enough to support a 2003 passage.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, these countries will provide their citizenry with INFORMATION, and allow them to make up their own minds.
(NancyL) ZT: This is our current assessment of the establishment approach to explanations, beyond what is currently being presented, ie Global Warming.
(NancyL) ZT: As the Earth changes become intense, and the populace frantic and their governments drunk with confusion and fear, other approaches may emerge, we predict.
(NancyL) ZT: Leaks will come out as to the REAL cause, and the devastation to expect.
(NancyL) ZT: Given greater information in the public's hands, sites such as Troubled Times, as we have predicted, will find themselves suddenly inundated with mass interest.
(NancyL) Get ready!
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Samsara2003) Can the zetas comment on how they anticipate the amaetuer Px sightings to be handeled once they start to come pouring in this fall?
(MrCLittle) NancyL: In your view, can anything possibly further the delay of Planet X past May/June of 2003?
(Ummite) NancyL: is the incident whit the whales last week have any link with Px?
(Bailey) Is there also a planet Y headed this way? Is it true a benevilent form of ET is trying to divert catastrophy?
(Andyoch) Test
(Guest25) Nancy, where are the Zetas at this moment? I would really LOVE to meet them, so could you arrange something?
(Mikeaus) Ummite: the declining magnetic field - they navigate by the Earth's magnetic field.
(NancyL) ZT to Sam: When PX becomes visible this fall, to amateurs, it will be called alternatively noise, a fleeting comet, a fleeting nova, or a delusion.
(Sefi) Can u tell us which countries in particular Nancy?
(Guy) I remember hearing about the possibility of pole shifts only once as an explanation to Global Warming in the media
(NancyL) ZT: Only images can register SOMETHING, and few amateurs have the equipment to register an infrared object.
(Guest25) Px was first "visible" last fall, then Jun-Jul 2002, now Fall 2002..
(NancyL) ZT: Also, the bending of red light, which allow the amateur to FIND the object when he/she looks around the spot, will continue to support ridicule so that it is stated that DIFFERENT objects are being sighted.
(NancyL) End ZT to Sam.
(TerrorDactyl) Yes you did say mid 2002, so why is it now fall 2002
(Guest25) First it was magnitude 2, then mag 10 (or was it 11), then 20....
(NancyL) Mr. C, no, this is a theory that if mankind changes, it will delay or some such. NOT going to happen.
(Cybervviz) Other Aliens are using a tractor beam ;-)
(Zetapal) Terror - a common misquote - private me for an explanation if you want
(Guest25) Could the zetas visit me?
(Swanny) Can we have months instead of seasons,it is confusing for us Australians?
(NancyL) Guest, please read the Call section.
(Guest25) There's plenty of space here to land with their little flying saucer..
(TerrorDactyl) No it isn't a misquote I was on here when she said it
(Guest25) I can always wear my tin foil hat if the radiation from the UFO gets too dangerous..
(Samsara2003) Thank you Nancy/Zetas!
(NancyL) Sefi, which countries in what regard?
(Zetapal) Ok
(Guest25) I've read the call section. It makes no sense
(Zetapal) To you
(LeRenard) NancyL: first mid 2002. now Fall 2002?
(NancyL) Terror, it could be viewed by amateurs NOW, size wise, if not for light pollution.
(Guest25) Yeah, I'm just a 99% M.Sc.
(PJ) Hey guest buzz off outa here
(Guest25) How could I understand anything
(PJ) Get lost
(Zetapal) Exactly
(NancyL) Guest, the mag thing has been beaten to death.
(Sefi) Nancy: which countries will provide their populace with open discussions about the ongoing changes
(Piett) According to the coordinates given, PX will exceed the sun's escape velocity. Then there was mention about a repulsive force. What is it in physical terms? This sounds sci-fi.
(TerrorDactyl) You never mentioned light pollution until mid 2002 when it didnt show!
(NancyL) Guest, will YOU be here this Fall to explain who you are, and where you are located?
(Focus27) David Suzuki predicted a pole shift in 1968.
(NancyL) This cuts both ways. Go run and hide like IMO
(Guest25) NancyL: yes, I will. You can count on that
(Cybervviz) He he Piett, You forget the lunar force versus sun force described by the Occult sciences
(Guest25) How fast is the PX moving right now?
(Vim) Terror - the location where you'll find planet X was behind the sun during mind-June. Now, that spot is no longer directly behind the sun - allowing you to theoretically start looking - but for all the reasons listed, you likely won't have luck until fall.
(NancyL) ZT to Sefi: We anticipate Scandinavian countries, in particular Sweden, will be open. Surprisingly, Italy, the home of the Pope. And New Zealand, and certainly France, the rebel country.
(NancyL) End ZT to Sefi.
(MrCLittle) NancyL, if the world changes for the better then we may be able to delay Planet-X?
(Guy) Lol
(NancyL) Guest, who ARE you, then, name, and place of residence?
(NancyL) OK. onto Q2.
(LeRenard) NancyL: Would you bet your LIFE on all this? The difference is that everyone KNOWS who you are
(TerrorDactyl) But she said amateur astronomers would be able to see it mid 2002, there was no mention of it being in the sun until mid2002 arrived and no Px in sight
(Guest25) NancyL: central Finland, as you can see from my IP
(NancyL) 1. Science news press that the Earth, which ostensibly the same shape as before, has greater gravity pull not evenly distributed. What is causing this, as many theories abound
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) ZT: Mankind, in his dealings with gravity, assumes a steady force from a given mass.
(NancyL) ZT: His math lines up accordingly, with a larger mass having a greater pull, and his explorations off the face of Earth has not challenged this.
(NancyL) ZT: In the last few years, he has found his probes not behaving according to gravity math, without explanation.
(NancyL) ZT: And recently, his probes have given him data to the effect that the shape of the Earth SHOULD have changed, per the gravity pull registed from the surface, but measurements do not support this shape change.
(NancyL) ZT: What has occurred, to change the pull of gravity from the Earth to the extent that it is measurable from space?
(NancyL) ZT: Mankind's theories include changes in the core, as they cannot see any ostensible change in the shape of the globe.
(NancyL) ZT: As we have stated, gravity is a particle flow, with outshooting in a laser manner of intense gravity particle streams and a slow drifting back to the surface by the particles.
(NancyL) ZT: It is the drifting back that creates the phenomenon of gravity, pressure downward, as the outburst goes BETWEEN atoms and thus does not interact.
(NancyL) ZT: Planet X is approaching from a point only somewhat below the ecliptic, at this time, a gravity pull we have described as distrubing the equilibruim.
(NancyL) ZT: Man looks about him and makes assumptions on the status quo, and when the status quo changes he is shocked and cannot explain the changes.
(NancyL) ZT: He does not UNDERSTAND the status quo, his explanations WRONG, but when we tell him that the equiblibrium has been disturbed, as an explanation, he argues.
(NancyL) ZT: This is the case here, the flow of gravity particles normally involved with the Sun and other planets being considered NORMAL by man, and now, an additional pull from the direction of the Ecliptic causing gravity particles to move IN that direction, RETURN FROM that direction, being noticeable.
(NancyL) ZT: How is it that the other planets, such as Jupiter, do not cause such a leaning of gravity pull?
(NancyL) ZT: Mars is tiny, the gaseous planets not massive enough, and the Sun the only element outside of the Earth itself to affect the even flow of gravity.
(NancyL) ZT: The Sun likewise, with its outbursting matter, COUNTERACTS any excessive pull of gravity particles, in the manner that solar wind affects comet tails.
(NancyL) ZT: Is PX that massive, that strong in its pull, that from a position outside the orbit of Pluto it could cause a change in gravity particle flow in the Earth?
(NancyL) ZT: Yes, in a similar manner to magnetism flow, where magnetic fields are FAR outside what mankind imagines, in their reach.
(NancyL) ZT: This gravity change, recently noted, will not be the LAST evidence that the monster is on the move, and will soon create havoc on your peaceful planet.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(TerrorDactyl) if we experience gravity only by a fallback of particles, how come the repulsion force between planets exist, as they are interacting at the outburst of particles stage?
(Cybervviz) Q: So it means, when you can create some kind of shield (to block the outburst-particleflow) around an object you can lift it from the Earth surface?
(Dan33) With current human technology are we able to view this gravity particle?
(Ummite) NancyL did you think about doing a french session??
(Rudy_Joe) Last week the BBC reported that Astronomers have found that the Earth was getting fatter around the middle.
(PppHax) Uh Jesus Christ
(Guest25) How fast is the PX moving? (That's a reasonable question, so please answer.)
(NancyL) Terror, planets have outburst, return of particles in gentle fallback.
(Piett) So PX will slow down from about about 7million kph to 1million kph (pluto's orbit) by a force that the whole of humanity could not find, this day 'n age. How does this fit in with Quantum theory, or is that a bunch of rubbish.
(Guy) The earth should watch the calories. Lol
(NancyL) Repulsion is where the outbursts are abutting each other, like two fire hoses turned on each other.
(Vim) How is it that the gaseous planets aren't massive enough? Does Jupiter not have a mass equivilent to all the other planets combined?
(Focus27) Nancy, is the Earth expanding, and if so, how does this relate to consciousness expansion?
(Guy) Is gravity related to fision
(NancyL) Sorry, I think that was my fault! I missed the followup.
(NancyL) Cyber, levitation is indeed by gravity manipulation.
(Ummite) Why zeta did not take a french emiser too?
(Dan33) With current human technology are we able to view this gravity particle?
(Cybervviz) Q: So it means, when You can create some kind of shield (to block the outburst-particleflow) around an object you can lift it from the Earth surface ?
(Cybervviz) Okidok
(Sefi) !ping me
(NancyL) Ummite, read Why Nancy in Transformation section.
(TerrorDactyl) She's gone anyway
(NancyL) Dan33, no, man has not viewed gravity particles, not magnetism particles, nor most particles they theorize about.
(Rudy_Joe) Zetas beamed her up momentarily, she'll be back.
(Phoenix) Grimbot, my apologies. I am very new at IRC.
(Cybervviz) I was still so curious how that anti-gravity engine worked of the Adamski UFO's
(TerrorDactyl) I want to know what it is that makes a gravity particle fallback?
(Guy) Can gravity be measured by fission?
(Dan33) How are magnetism and gravity different?
(NancyL) Cyber, the Z's have stated they travel Faster than Light via manipulation of gravity.
(NancyL) They turn off the repulsion, using ONLY the attraction, and a "quick kiss it is" per them.
(TerrorDactyl) Apparently it was in the news that Boeing are working on an antigravity device
(Guy) Bending space
(Piett) So PX will slow down from about 7million kph to 1million kph(pluto's orbit) by a force that the whole of humanity could not find, this day 'n age. How does this fit in with quantum theory, or is that a bunch of rubbish?
(NancyL) Terror, the only outburst because they are too crowded, and must get past the general downdrifting of particles.
(Cybervviz) Yes, indeed, Guerdieff told also something similar in his books
(NancyL) I guess they like each other.
(TerrorDactyl) Why do they fallback though?
(NancyL) Magnetism is like this too, where the particles are constrantly moving toward each other, then finding it too crowded.
(Guest25) So what is the zeta-opinion about Eugene Podkletnov's antigravity experiment?
(NancyL) Probably not something we can understand all that well.
(NancyL) Terror, mankind will NOT get anti-gravity, just a wish on their part.
(Vim) Nancy - the Z's said that the gaseous planets aren't massive enough - but doesn't Jupiter have a mass greater than all the other planets combined? Is it because Jupiter isn't magnetic that is has less of an effect than X from afar?
(Beurling) Hye Ummite, I'm french speaking too.
(NancyL) Piett, to line mankinds understanding with ZetaTalk is not possible. SO many points where mankind says "we now know that ..." and they are only putting forth yet another theory.
(NancyL) Not that the Z's know it all, they state they do NOT, just their understanding SO far better than mankinds.
(Redeye) Man, this science talk is tedious...
(Zetapal) ie. this chat
(Cybervviz) Maybe the distance between the atoms for the gasgiant is different
(NancyL) So to reconcile is not possible, frankly. We have sputtering man, and pronouncing Zetas, and there is it.
(Ummite) Nancy if I ask my question in french will you respond to it?
(NancyL) Guest, antigravity experiment? If he says he has it working, he lies.
(Rudy_Joe) Sitchin is going to be on monday night at 10 PM ET. What's he going to say about Nancy?
(Guest25) Nancy: NASA is trying to replicate it. so it won't work? :-)
(TerrorDactyl) Jumping is antigravity
(Swanny) It all seems to be a matter of perception, zetas and yours and mine...
(Guy) Lol
(Sefi) Technically that is!
(NancyL) Vim, mass per mankind's explanation? I'll give this to the Z's
(NancyL) ZT to Vim: Jupiter is estimated to have X mass, based on perturbations when it passes other planets, or is nearby.
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) ZT: Mankind assumes this is entirely due to GRAVITY, understanding only a fraction of a percentage the influences that planets have on one another.
(NancyL) ZT: There are numerous particle flows, and depending upon the composition of a given planet, it will repulse, attract, or care not.
(NancyL) End ZT to Vim.
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Mikeaus) Q: the Australian government seems to be highly STS - what will they say to the populace when the pole shift is imminent?
(Vim) Thanks :)
(TerrorDactyl) G'day mate
(Mikeaus) Hehe
(NancyL) So, bottom line, Jupiter has effect causing perturbations we do not understand, NOT necessarily gravity particles.
(Longint) And what is MASS, what is FORCE per the Zetas?
(Piett) Those poor physicists that studied years at universities don't know a thing. Guess I'm also though a bunch of rubbish while studing to become an engineer, eh Nancy?
(Guest25) And me while studying to become a M.Sc.
(Rudy_Joe) The Earthlings are doing the best they can.
(Cybervviz) Psst, you are only engineer between the borders of the level of eductaion of the whole mankind.
(Piett) Those poor earthlings
(RainMan) Like Firesign Theatre says "Everything you know is Wrong!"
(Focus27) You can learn a lot about astrophysics playing billiards; speed, mass, accel. etc.
(NancyL) ZT to Mikeaus: Australia will do a dance similar to the US, in refusing to address any discssuion of Px officially, which throwing the public to the Aborigine stories.
(Sefi) Well most of the theories in human physics are just that: unproven
(Samsara2003) Piett : Mankind is in its infancy. 100 years ago we didn't even know the concept of aerodynamics...
(Samsara2003) In fact it was proven impossible mathematically
(NancyL) ZT: The US will deny, but push Troubled Times and this like to address the panic of the public, and hopes the public rushes to the Churchs during what they take to be the End Times.
(Rudy_Joe) Rainmaker: Welcome to the Twilight Zone.
(Bailey) i think mankind is barbaric
(Piett) But you know physics a 100 years from now???!!
(Samsara2003) Their ET's Piett - Millions of years more advanced...
(NancyL) ZT: Australia will likewise refuse to explain to their citizenry the real causes of Earth changes, but will publicize Aborigine myths, and folklore.
(Samsara2003) Wake up - we're not alone...
(Sefi) Nancy will we find some arguing between the church and the govt about their plans on driving the masses to them?
(MrCLittle) Bailey, wonder if Zetas evolved from the same?
(Piett) Voices in the night?
(Jeremy) Should survivors be concerned with who owns the land where they set up camp after the pole shift, and furthermore how will the concept of land ownership change in general following the pole shift?
(NancyL) ZT: Those in the know will go into the elite enclaves, the rest of the populace be damned and can go to the Aborigine to be taken care of.
(Redeye) Jeremy, good Q
(NancyL) ZT: Such is the mindset of the ultra right.
(NancyL) End ZT to Mikeaus.
(Jeremy) Redeye: hi Redeye, thx
(NancyL) Onto Q3 ...
(Mikeaus) Thanks :)
(Focus27) Good one jeremy
(Obany) !notalk
(NancyL) 1. I was hoping the Zetas might comment on the ethics of withholding info about Planet X from people who are in no position to prepare - like an obese friend.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that the coming times are great opportunities, as life will NOT be slow and steady, with decisions put off, but the opposite.
(NancyL) ZT: Many will find themselves in situations where they fear for their own lives, but their neighbors and family needing a helping hand.
(NancyL) ZT: Should they stay, and help others, or run? Heros born or illusions dashed, the need for action will reveal much.
(NancyL) ZT: Many have loved ones, or those they feel responsible for or who rely upon them, which they can either desert or remain in place to care for.
(NancyL) ZT: Should the husband run for the hill, leaving his cripled wife?
(NancyL) ZT: Should he stay and hold her hand, while the waters rise to engulf them, reassuring her that drowning is not painful or perhaps rocking her in his arms so she cannot see what is coming, or tell himself that her panic does not matter, being short lived?
(NancyL) ZT: Knowing that such horrific times are coming, many move beyond the decision of WHEN to place themselves up for ridicule, telling their family in no uncertain terms that they take the pending pole shift theory seriously, to WHO to tell.
(NancyL) ZT: Timing of such announcements will resolve itself, as when the planet is increasingly visible, first called a comet or nova or some such and then called a comet with red outgassing, none will deny that SOMETHING is approaching.
(NancyL) ZT: Where it is relatively easy to explain to a healthy father, of a healthy family, in a good location, that he should take his family camping when rotation slows noticeable, and distill their drinking water during the aftertime, what to tell the cancer patient?
(NancyL) ZT: What to tell the person who cannot live without insulin, or who can hardly walk much less eat if others do not bring foot to the table?
(NancyL) ZT: What to tell those who live in places such as India where escape is not possible, the population held in place by immigration refusal, and lack of options.
(NancyL) ZT: What to tell those in cities, who have grown soft and have no idea how food is even grown, much less the skills to feed themselves if out in the wild.
(NancyL) ZT: Should one explain the situation FULLY, or pad the truth with sweet lies or omissions?
(NancyL) ZT: One can see the different approaches in channeled works, where the coming times are talked about in kind terms soundling almost like a trip to the fair.
(NancyL) ZT: There will be changes, but not to worry, life will be kind and pleasant.
(NancyL) ZT: The changes are NOT explained, the dates put off, possibiliteis of mankind changing matters if they become determined and change their ways,
(NancyL) ZT: all manner of smoothing the rough edges of what is to come.
(NancyL) ZT: Is this HELPING you? What is the alternative, which we espouse.
(NancyL) ZT: We tell the truth, and let those affected make THEIR decisions.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who decide to allow death to overtake them, or who will be in this position in any case, can make their peace, settle their affairs, and enjoy their last days fully, giving emphasis to things that matter like LOVING one another.
(NancyL) ZT: How is this different from the ill patient, who is either told of their likely end time or not?
(NancyL) ZT: If the doctor and family lies, they have hope repeatedly dashed, and one day are frantic as they realize the truth.
(NancyL) ZT: They die, without saying goodby as they had hoped, having repeatedly been raised up and dashed down during the process of their disease.
(NancyL) ZT: Alternatively, the truth told, they weep, embrace their loved ones, and the last moments are precious, lived fully.
(NancyL) ZT: We suggest, therefore, NO white lies, NO softening the truth, and NO avoidance.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who cannot deal with it, will deny, and are most likely doing this in their lives at present on many fronts.
(NancyL) ZT: Those who can, will find their peace more quickly, and in the end thank you for your frankness.
(NancyL) End ZT followup?
(Obany) !talk
(Grimbot) Ok, everyone can talk now.
(Phoenix) Can Zetas suggest ways to approach younger people, like older teens or in early twenties, whose families would not be open minded to info about the PS?
(Bailey) Is it true the government has plans to kill off survivors with radiation and maneating geniticaly manipulated spieces and we on the out side have no chance of survival?
(TerrorDactyl) I will never leave my wife and children - even if it means dying with them. Nancy - during what month will it be in the mainstream media that a nova/comet/something is approaching?
(Guest25) You people say this is not a religion or a cult, yet everything that you believe in comes from one woman (and you can't even criticize and question what she says without being attacked at ie. "what's your name, we know where you live?!", "take a hike!", "shut up!" etc.).. That's interesting. if this is not a cult, then what is?
(Rudy_Joe) Witholding evidence and proof the ZTs shouldn't expect ordinary folks to accept such a horrific forcast by faith alone. Not many are going to believe it until its too late.
(Piett) Would you say the TV series SURVIVOR is a channeled show to put surviving ideas in the back of our minds. (Making a fire, sterilizing water, making shelters, etc)
(Vim) Thank you nancy and zetas :) - very clear
(NancyL) Phoenix, each person is SO individual, including YOU, that YOU must decide.
(Lilhugs) What about helping those in denial?
(KarenL) Yes I appreciate that answer wholeheartidly
(NancyL) Perhaps present this as a "possible" scenario, kind of a game, like "what-if"
(Jan) Nancy, at what time may one expect people currently in denial to understand that something might be going on?
(Samsara2003) Do the zetas recommend introducing people to this material by showing them evidence via human science or go right to zetatalk - I've been avoidling showing people zetatalk - and trying to convince them of this otherwise... is that not recommended?
(Sefi) My friend just laughs it off when I tell him. I wish he'd be more serious about it
(MrCLittle) NancyL: Do the Zetas recognize the U.S. role as strong contributors to world peace?
(NancyL) Bailey, they have chemtrails plans, etc., but in fact will be SO discombobulated that at best will run to their own shelters.
(Guy) Deaf ears don't listen
(Bailey) Ty
(Jan) i.e. what will be the right time to approach people about Planet X and the PS?
(NancyL) Guest, YOU can make up your own mind, so do so. Information can be rejected or not. By the way, where is YOUR prediction track record and accuracy track record?
(Mikeaus) Mr C - get real! Strong contributors to war, death and terror more like it
(NancyL) Don't have one? ZetaTalk does.
(Andyoch) Nancy --I assume you are aware of Heidi Hollis (who lives in Milwaukee). Her contact (Cafth) says 1/3rd will be evacuated to another planet. What do the Zeta's say about this?
(Rudy_Joe) Yes, but it is too vague for most.
(S7L) Nancy: much has been stated about your track record, and most of it is valid criticism.
(Guest25) Nancy: where is yours? What is Hale-Bopp?
(NancyL) Sam, I always recommend pointing to Earth changes, THEN to various theries (use Hapgood, sliding crust, etc) THEN to predictions.
(MrCLittle) Mikeaus, dont only look at the surface
(NancyL) You can also say you think ZT is a government leak, as no one but ME knows for SURE where the info comes from.
(Guest25) You're always 100% accurate when you ignore all the failures
(Sefi) I think I know who this Guest25 is. Hes been asking the same quesions including Hale Bopp
(NancyL) Sefi, when things become more evident, your friend will seek you out. Just wait.
(Guest25) Sefi: actually this is my 3rd time here
(Cybervviz) There is a mention in Bible either of some people would be 'put to heavens'
(Focus27) I take that to mean 1/3 of current landmass inundated. (third of the world perished?
(NancyL) Jan, right time varies by person, person telling, person to be approached, SO different, 6 billion, or should I say 12 billion, possibilities!
(Zetapal) Mr.C peace through subjugation
(Guest25) How fast will the earth's crust move? Was in it one hour?
(TerrorDactyl) At least the UK will be in a nice warm climate after the shift
(Rudy_Joe) Nancy, the Zetas seem to have left God out of the formula.
(NancyL) Andyoch, does Heidi predict? Accurate? This is our criteria for having Zetas comment. If she does not do 1, 2, then she is NOT a ZetaTalk peer, could then be just hot air, as many are.
(Zetapal) Rudy read Zetatalk and it won't SEEM so
(KarenL) I have to go thanks Nancy and Zeta's same time next week :)
(Piet) Good time to set things right with Christ
(Bailey) Nancy, will the Zetas coment on other ET life visiting the earth at this time also and can and will they help us?
(NancyL) Guest, I find ZT 100% accurate, look at the ZetaTalk Accuracy TOPIC
(Rudy_Joe) ZP: Zetatalk says the ZTs don't know much about God.
(Beurling) Nancy: For how many minutes will the earthquakes stands after the shift?
(Guest25) Nancy: yes, when you ignore all the failures
(Guy) Baily, they can only warn
(Obany) Baily: there is info in the World section, and also look in the Rules section
(NancyL) You want to say the inbound planet, sighted in 2001 and imaged MOVING in Jan 2002 as predicted months earlier (Nov, 2001) was not this or that mag.
(Bailey) Ty
(TerrorDactyl) Nancy, what you said 5 years ago about Hale Bopp was wrong
(Jan) Nancy, the current erratic weather is probably noticed by everybody, but still seen as a result of man-made global warming. When can it be expected to be so bad, and earthquakes and volcanos adding in, so that everybody and his brother will see that something is going on?
(Andyoch) Nancy --I assume you are aware of Heidi Hollis (who lives in Milwaukee). Her contact (Cafth) says 1/3rd will be evacuated to another planet. What do the Zeta's say about this?
(NancyL) But is was FOUND in the Zeta location! MOVED during 2001 and 2002 in accordance with Zeta predictions!
(Zetapal) Rudy then perhaps thats why they SEEM to have left Him out
(Guest25) I don't have the maps here, but if the crust moves during one hour, it should move around 10 000 km/h
(Guest25) That's interesting
(NancyL) Guest, with your criteria for accuracy, you'd have NASA on the streets if they had to abid by these rules.
(Guy) Lol
(Phoenix) Rudy Joe-would you believe them if they said they knew more about God than you?
(NancyL) They didn't say 100.111, they said 100.112 GASP!
(NancyL) They are WRONG, etc.
(Vim) Lol
(NancyL) In fact, NASA was wrong about the Sun's magnetic orientation, and just pretended it didn't happen.
(Guy) Dogma bad
(MrCLittle) ZetaPal, dont answer questions directed to Nancy.
(Guest25) So how fast will the crust move in km/h, Nancy? :-)
(Rudy_Joe) I doubt the know more about God than any of us.
(NancyL) But then, they are holy, and withhold the Hubble images, and tell mankind only what they want them to know, or what the current spin is.
(TerrorDactyl) Rudy - you assume there is a god at all?
(Bailey) I doubt any of us know much about God
(Zetapal) Mr.C don't pretend to be in charge.
(NancyL) Guest, if it is a 90 degree movement in the span of an hour, how fast is that?
(Spanky) I heard that all entities clump together at 7th or 8th density, outside of time, and this is what God is.
(Rudy_Joe) Yes, Science has proved the existence of God, but as yet the ZTs haven't.
(MrCLittle) Dittos to you Zetapal
(Piet) God can make more races that humans
(Ancalag0n) Science has proven god?
(NancyL) Rudy, science has proved God? :-)
(TerrorDactyl) Science has proved God - hahahahahaha
(Ancalag0n) Where was I?
(Guest25) If the PX isn't here 15.5.2003, how much extra time are you willing to give to it?
(Cybervviz) God is the most definined undefined Being
(Beurling) Miss. Lieder: I would like to know for how many minutes will the crust move after the shift?
(Rudy_Joe) Haven't you heard?
(Focus27) Andyoch: that is the spiritual rapture in which STOs are rescued
(Guest25) Will you move the date to july 2003, then fall 2003, then jan 2004 and so on?
(TerrorDactyl) Nope
(Bailey) Good one cyber
(Vim) No Rudy - that's news to me
(NancyL) OK folks, thanks for inspiring great ZetaTalk etc.
(SDakota007) Nancy please ZT comment on West Nile virus
(Guest25) Will you move the date to july 2003, then fall 2003, then jan 2004 and so on?
(NancyL) Time for me to close and make supper, etc.
(Piet) Devils can come down to earth as demon's (embodied devil spirits)
(Rudy_Joe) I'll tell you all about it when I get the chance.
(Beurling) Bye et la prochaine.
(Zetapal) Mr.C of course
(Guest25) So you don't want to answer?
(Cybervviz) Piet those devils are mostly human souls with hate, fear and desires
(NancyL) Guest will tell eveyone he was a BIG FAN and knew it all along when May 15, 2003 comes. That's because we don't know who he is!
(NancyL) He can hide, like IMO
(Guest25) Lol. Get a life =). Get an education =)
(NancyL) Bye all! Have a good night, etc.
Session Close: Sat Aug 03 18:18:45 2002