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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Apr 27, 2002

Session Start: Sat Apr 27 16:23:08 2002
(NancyL) Hi everyone. Send the Agenda to Jurian and Gerard via e-mail, will post now for you earlybirds.
(S7L) 4th density won't sort of just magically do the trick to you.
(DuncanC) S7L: don't ask me
(NancyL) What purpose is in a dream? Is it good to have dreams, or not to dream at all? What if person don't have dreams? I did not find this info on your site.
(Karen) hello nancy
(NancyL) If we did indeed land on the moon during the Apollo missions, then why is the American flag on the moon shown blowing since reportedly their is no present atmosphere. Also, the video we are shown depicts several shawdows cast be rocks that are inconsistent with the fact that there is only one source of light on the moon (the sun).
(Zetapal) Not exactly accurate Anonymous - vibration levels? No - Earth must become 90% determined STO before transition to 4th density - this is projected to happen years after PS
(NancyL) I got a notice from Kanya this past week that Ken the guy from EducateYourself was going to be on Blake Radio, think it was the 20th but didn't save it.
(NancyL) Anyway, I went to the EducateYourself web site to see how it went or what it was about, but it's under construction.
(NancyL) Anyone hear about this?
(JJ) Not me
(Karen) No
(Superzod) I heard a bit of the show. yet to catch the beginning.
(Superzod) It has been looping all day, so there is still time to catch it
(Morko) Are lucid dreams also part of that DREAMS subject?
(Anonymous) No, I haven't been to that site. But, I've been to the do-it-yourself site. Is that close enough?
(Anonymous) Funny you should mention dreams, because this morning I had a doozie!
(Zetapal) Anyone here have amateur telescope equipment and looking?
(NancyL) Superzod, what was it about? He does colloidal silver and a lot of things. Was it about 2003 and Px?
(NancyL) Morko, yes, dreams in general.
(Superzod) Planetx was mentioned as well as Zetatalk.
(FirstChild) When is Nibiru going to be visible with amateur telescope equipment?
(Superzod) I have missed the begiining on 3 occasison so far. Will tape and make available to the list
(FirstChild) We're going with class to watch the skies next week.
(Gerard) NancyL: I have been to that site also, he also has some of the Anna Hayes info on his site for what I remember.
(S7L) NancyL: I find your recent addition to the Px 2003 page that used to be linked as "2003: the truth about planet x message" as rather unpleasant reading.
(NancyL) Superzod, can you give me a gist? What did he say?
(Cybervviz) 7 weeks before flashy time
(FirstChild) (I'm also doing a lecture about Nibiru in our school ^_^)
(S7L) I do not understand why you state that someone who works for the publishing house that did that Hazelwood book is responsible for giving retributions for folks who get deceived by Hazelwood.
(Superzod) He recommed everyone to read ZT, and to do further research into Planetx
(NancyL) S7L, well, I'm being threatened with legal action which I consider harrassment as Hazelwood lifted my stuff, so am retaliating.
(S7L) And besides, I think he is simply not permitted to give out Hazelwood's address even if pressured.
(Zetapal) Supposed to be visible by amateur equipment mid 2002 according to Zetas, Firstchild - this summer
(S7L) Who threats you with legal action, Nancy?
(NancyL) They are collecting money for him, writing him a check.
(FirstChild) Zetapal: so not next week yet. Thanks.
(S7L) I thought you would be in the position to do legal threats.
(NancyL) They are also publishing his "book" without copyrighting it, "trusting" Hazelwood, and as he is in copyright violation with me, they are doing something illegal and blinding their eye.
(Cybervviz) I smell, I sniffel and I hunt
(Anonymous) I will say a prayer for you... all.
(S7L) Mm, I see, Nancy. But you said "I'm being threatened". Who threatens you?
(NancyL) Their statement that anything put on any web cannot be copyrighted is laughable, NOT current law, and New York Times et all would have a fit is someone took their stuff and SOLD it, etc.
(S7L) Correct, Nancy. I do not personally much like this Mr. Hassleweed.
(NancyL) Thanks Superzod. Was the subject about Px or what?
(Sirgrim) I'll start searching the US patent office online and make my own from the designs... it's all on the internet isn't it?
(S7L) But at any rate his behaviour isn't all that unreasonable of late I guess. But who knows. I really speak outside better knowing.
(Superzod) I entered the show 14 minutes before it finished (1.5 hours long it was
(Superzod) I am tunning in now to see whats on.
(JJ) Does Hazelwood mention the zeta connection to Planetx information?
(NancyL) S7L that's not the point, the point is that the publisher (and he was more than just an employee) DOES know, and THEY are participating in a crime and acting rightous about it.
(FirstChild) Superzod: which channel?
(Matt) Hazlewood is doing a prodigious number of radio shows...
(Matt) Over 20 since December he claims
(S7L) NancyL: Mm. Okay.
(JJ) Because Isn't Sitchin the first to bring forth Planetx in this time period?
(Zetapal) Bring forth?
(Superzod) (select Rainbow Soul) (I am on 2 computers during the chat session)
(NancyL) S7L that's not on the page, but they have a shrieking person writing me threatening e-mail if I don't remove Steve Hugh's name. Then they can be an anonymous place without anyone to be contacted. No go, he responded to ME, so his name goes there.
(FirstChild) Thank you
(FirstChild) Good night
(FirstChild) Good luck with the session.
(Anonymous) You should read Ingo Swann's "Secrets Of Power." The point is to keep the power away from the powerless. It is not enough for them
(NancyL) JJ, hardly at all, but the point is he relays ZT info which ONLY came from ZT as though it were his, etc.
(S7L) NancyL: it is quite understandable though. The way how you spelled it basically "if you want retributions, go there". I do think it's quite wrong to do this, although I think I can understand your viewpoint.
(NancyL) The pole shift, in particular 2003, where the new poles will be, the tidal waves and quakes and what to do about them, etc.
(NancyL) ENDLESS lifting from ZT, and if you took that away, he has quotes of Sitchen and that's about all!
(S7L) But didn't he also do some alterations himself, such as recommending caves being safe places during pole shift?
(NancyL) A complete ripoff, and trying to get rich off this. Disgusting.
(DuncanC) NancyL: Hazel. is claiming that this information came from HIM and is this sueing YOU?
(Matt) Yup
(JJ) Does he borrow from scallion also?
(Gerard) NancyL: right
(NancyL) And when he can't come up with new stuff, which folks ask him, he has someone email me and try to hammer it out of me :-)
(Sirgrim) Yea, I just asked to win the lottery to build a camp, but not going so well heh.
(DuncanC) haha
(NancyL) Had some guy 3 time in a row try to pry out of me what it would be like a year from now, on Earth, in Feb 2003, Mar 2003, etc. More details.
(Gerard) Hazlewood, talks like it is his info.
(NancyL) Then he finally admitted he talks to Hazelwood on the phone a lot :-)
(NancyL) Matt, he claims or it is so?
(DuncanC) NancyL: Well, could the Zeta's tell you that info, with any accuracy? I mean, this is what happens when you turn into an oracle of sorts.
(NancyL) JJ, Sitchin did not describe the exact path past earth, the 2003 time period, etc. Hazelwood is reporting DIRECTLY what ZT says, and not giving credit.
(Cybervviz) Mmm, I say always, don't give negative hazelnuts, energy by talking about it.
(Matt) Well he has run out of new info for the many radio shows he is doing...
(Anonymous) Against all hope, should we keep seeking to accelerate the transition to 4th density?
(S7L) Anonymous: of course.
(Torbj) See it this way... the man is bringing the truth out to people... and he loves money... so he steels info to get to his loved money.... but his really spreading the news about this incoming planet, even if he donīt believe it himself!
(S7L) It isn't like you're on Earth for any other reason but to learn to love and learn to understand your fears.
(DuncanC) S7L: word.
(S7L) Torbj: who said he wouldn't believe it himself?
(Torbj) I did
(NancyL) S7L what he recommends is wrong! He's a dumb head, and I've talked to two people who talked to him personally, professionals, and they both said the same thing.
(Matt) I think he definately does believe it.
(Torbj) Maybe I'm wrong...
(S7L) Well I find your statement fine up until that point :-)
(NancyL) He's not impressive, he's slow minded, can't remember what he even supposedly "wrote".
(Cybervviz) Mmm, my opinion is, when You should see Jesus in front of You, You would laugh either.
(Matt) He has just completed a course at the Monolithic Dome company in Texas...
(NancyL) JJ, he feels free to take from anyone, so no doubt from Scallion too.
(S7L) NancyL: well, I really have avoided this M.H personally. I do not have an opinion but from what it sounds like I'm not too eager to make contact, either.
(JJ) Well it is interesting that Hazzelwood is getting more press than you Nancy, he's becoming a media darling... go figure.
(Matt) Only cause he is ready to go on every radio show.
(Torbj) A good thing for you Nacy.... less off the press!
(CoolCat) Hi all. First time on IRC ever. Been looking foreward to this.
(S7L) At any rate if there is validity to the pole shift scenario and if his advice is valid and if he raises awareness, then I conclude he isn't doing a bad thing after all. Maybe dishonest thing from some viewpoints, but not too bad.
(JJ) Glad you could join coolcat
(Cybervviz) Grauw, coolcat
(NancyL) S7L the problem is that HE is not the generator of the information, and gets it twisted. Thus, wrong info.
(Sirgrim) Have you had any contact with cosmonauts (mis-spelled I'm sure?), or any other Russian space agency? They seem to be at least leaning towards disclosure.
(S7L) NancyL: hehe. Someone could ask you are YOU the source of the information then, or the zetas.
(NancyL) In addition, because he is a scam to begin with, no integrity, then the message could get twisted at some point.
(S7L) But yeah, I guess it erally is wrong info in some critical aspects.
(S7L) Unfortunate.
(NancyL) He could start saying something wrong, like go to government camps, and in this tell folks the wrong thing.
(DuncanC) Tell the Zetas to go smite him, haha ;)
(NancyL) To say nothing of the $$ he obviously does not hesitate to take from folks, like he did with Brent.
(JJ) Have you sent out press releases stating the above mentioned concerns on your part Nancy?
(Starman) He won't have much time to spend it.
(S7L) Well, we have heard a lot of Brent's $100...
(JubJub963) Money will be useless after , so what's the difference
(NancyL) They should be doing something positive with this $$, but give it to him to run off shore.
(Matt) He said on a show the other day that someone sent him $1000...
(NancyL) Sirgrim, my contacts with Russians would be kept close, etc.
(JJ) I bet Art Bell and Rense would at least take the time to see which one of you is rightous.
(Matt) And that this sort of thing happens "all the time"...
(Cybervviz) Nancy, even in Atlantis there was twisted information spread by the Dark camp.
(S7L) JubJub963: of course, if you give your money to someone who tells you he'll buy stuff for you and make a place for you but then runs off with your money, then you suffer.
(Starman) Art Bell is very dubious :)
(JubJub963) True
(NancyL) JJ, I don't promote, like Hazelwood. He floods email and such, I've never done this.
(JJ) Yes but Bell is entertaining.
(Sirgrim) Does Russia have any new word lately? All news from there is supressed it seams, I was translating there news pages this morning tho hehe
(Cybervviz) Dark forces are not kitty play, dark forces uses dirty rulez.
(NancyL) S7L Brent was willing to report. Look past the $100 to the $20,000 requested for offshore investments.
(NancyL) Hazelwood sounds like an ex-money launderer.
(Starman) Opportunist
(NancyL) Matt, yup! $1,000 and up, and from dozens, and now you have a million in the hands of a scam artist, and this all reflect BADLY on me, or so they hope.
(Gerard) You can't trust a guy like Hazlewood
(Matt) Nancy: something I've not seen is info on what is going to happen to our moon when the 12th passes?... is it at risk?
(Starman) It dosen't spin anyway... :)
(Torbj) You should really leave him be, Nancy! Be your self, what you always been... focus on yor self and yor mission here.. don't let him "have" your vibrations.
(NancyL) Sirgrim, I have no news from Russia.
(Sirgrim) Ok thank you.
(DuncanC) Heh, perfect STS example... it's good he's there as an example, at least.
(JJ) Heh
(NancyL) Matt, this is in ZetaTalk.
(Zetapal) Nancy would you recommend a purchase of the planetX video you are on frm Were your statements and representation accurately edited?
(Superzod) Nancy I am uploading the last 12 minutes of Kanya show to
(Superzod) I will tape the rest and upload when done.
(Torbj) He will eventually die the "mediadead"
(NancyL) Torbj, there is a method in my madness.
(DuncanC) Haha, Nancy can I quote you on that?
(Sirgrim) I'm watching a clip from 'Man from Planet X' off of new info section, kinda eerie
(Cybervviz) In madness there is always a method to reach a higher plane
(Matt) Hmmm can't seem to locate
(NancyL) Zetapal, Robert S recorded me, staying in my home for the weekend in fact, he and his film technician who is an Arab.
(S7L) NancyL: I know. I can't believe that anyone would be so stupid as to get involved into something that so obviously smells.
(Starman) Man from planet x is that a B movie ??
(S7L) Brent was smart, too.
(Tizza) Morning all from down under :)
(Sirgrim) Old movie
(DuncanC) You have got to be kidding me, they SPIED on you?
(DuncanC) Oh nm
(NancyL) Tho he included Hazelwood, he did so because the guy got on Art Bell. Its a good video, worth the price, and I know he spend a lot making it, paid for his trip here, etc.
(NancyL) Robert's tack is to NOT lead with ZetaTalk as he thinks this will turn folk off.
(NancyL) Thus, he does the Annunaki and genetic engineering stuff, etc. which I don't agree with.
(NancyL) However, he does a good job. He even gets Hazelwood to admit he does not GENERATE any info, etc.
(Matt) Haha
(NancyL) Art Bell did too, toward the end of the 2 hours, so I understand.
(CoolCat) Nancy, in the zetatalk material there is talk about acupunture, but have you any information about homeopathy? How it works, and so on?
(S7L) Planet x message as a popularity contest.
(Zetapal) Yes thank you, I thought it might be compelling to show friends and others who haven't done/won't do the research without some kick-in-the-pants presentation.
(DuncanC) This controversy would all be put to rest if there were an obvious object in the sky.
(S7L) Coolcat: homeopathy doesn't work :-) people only believe it does
(Matt) Yeah he even mentioned Zetatalk quietly on Art bell
(Sirgrim) Yea
(Sirgrim) And said how much Nancy hates him lol
(NancyL) I heard from a DVD producer whom Hazelwood was hitting on that he seemed like a guy who didn't have a life and was grabbing this info to try to GET a life.
(NancyL) He said Hazelwood stated he had money for a DVD but then during the conference asked the guy to "raise money for me".
(CoolCat) SL7, is that yor opinion or has the zetas talked about it?
(KeyBoardz) NancyL: Do you know much about Jim McCanney who is doing seminars with Hazlewood?
(S7L) Coolcat: no. I don't know if there is zetatalk about homeopathy. However, homeopathy is basically based on digesting water
(NancyL) I heard from someone else that it took 14 hours of filming to get 10 minutes of good film on Hazelwood, as he had to be lead to every sentence, dumb and slow.
(Matt) Good Q Mccenney is an interesting guy
(Superzod) Hey...too much time being wasted on Hazelwood. Lets move on please.
(S7L) It is based on belief that something of the "structure" of the chemicals used would remain in the water
(Cybervviz) I think Hazelwood is Seth :-)
(S7L) However, this is 100% unscientific. We have no idea what there could be that remains.
(Sirgrim) You ever hear of the indian medicine man Red Elk, he verified PX exists, and goes into a lot of information, unfortunately he's not fond of the 'grays'
(KeyBoardz) Jane Roberts, Seth?
(S7L) Hence, it's safe to say that if homeopathy works, it's not because of the drug.
(Torbj) Nancy... do you, thru the zetas have any info about the newly discovered "bacillus" in Greece, thatīs killed a few people?
(NancyL) He also (though I won't say who told me this) tries to run off with anything anyone else produces which includes him, regardless of who has the copyright, and tried to undersell the copyright holder!
(Torbj) If itīs planted?
(NancyL) I mean, the lowest integrity.
(Starman) I heard if you eat a gray it does funny things to you :)
(DavidS) Sirgrim; about Red Elk - do you have any link?
(Sirgrim) He's been on art bell 2 or 3 times
(DuncanC) Starman: lol
(Cybervviz) Seth the brother of Osiris, who has killed Osiris in Atlantis
(KeyBoardz) Ahh
(DavidS) Sirgirm; thanx for information
(NancyL) Coolcat, Acupunture is addressed in ZT
(Morko) Sirgrim, why he isn't fond of the grays? Did he say any reason?
(Superzod) Therte is an indepth interview on there with Red Elke as well.
(Zetapal) Duncan,controversy will always be with us, if there was an object in the sky then there would be controversy about what it is etc. - get ready cause this is whats coming. Also, whats the benefit of having no controversy? I can think of a benefit or two.
(Sirgrim) Naw but I suspect he was in contact with the STS, or under some sort of mindset that they are bad.
(Superzod) I also have a 50mges audio file of Red Elke on Art Bell
(Gerard) Torbj: they don't know what kind of virus it was for what I read. But I haven't heard any other info about it ...
(Cybervviz) Is blue eagle there too?
(DuncanC) Zetapal: an object in the sky at Zeta coordinates would reduce plausible deniablity to next to nil, imo
(Torbj) Ok.
(NancyL) Keyboard, I have not heard about McCanney, but I heard Hazelwood is doing a lecture. Best way to hit folks up for $$ to to meet with them afterwards for a drink, etc.
(Matt) No the debate will rage over WHAT is at those coordinates...
(Starman) Wasnt Red Elke and Robert Ghostwolf on the same show once??
(Sirgrim) Possibly
(KeyBoardz) NancyL: hehehe... I'm going to check out McCanney and his pal next Saturday in Toronto.
(DuncanC) NancyL: Have you thought about putting up a biography page on ZT, to offer to those interested?
(NancyL) Sirgrim, is Red Elk like the Hopi legend?
(CoolCat) Nancy, I know acupuncture is mentioned in ZT, but do you have any info on homeopathy?
(Sirgrim) Nope, not affiliated with the hopi from what I understand.
(Matt) Hazlewood is doing radio shows with Mccenney cause Mccenney is an intelligent man.... lol.
(Cybervviz) Hopi's confirm red planet, but blue eagle, doesn't :-) And I am.
(Starman) Rouge Elk..
(Sirgrim) "Red Elk, an inter-tribal Medicine/Wakian man (spiritual teacher), belongs to three native American societies"
(NancyL) Torbj, increasing illness was discussed by ZT couple years ago, and this is happening. ZT Accuracy again, I guess.
(DuncanC) NancyL: a personal bio would add that touch of personal authenticity to the ZT message.
(Sirgrim) I think you two would get along very nicely, he seems very friendly :D
(Superzod) Red Elke on Art Bell being upload now to (Only for tonight. Will be deleted in the morning. Give it 15 minutes before you start downloading.)
(NancyL) Duncan, the 1/5 and 1/19 imaging IS that, you know.
(S7L) But is this really "increasing illness"? We can sweep a lot of new microbes in new locations under the carpet of global warming.
(Sirgrim) Superzod: thx
(KeyBoardz) If you're interested McCanney's site is:
(S7L) Despite being predicted by zetatalk doesn't necessarily still make the connection with Planet X obvious.
(NancyL) Duncan, I'm in there here and there, but the site is NOT NancyTalk, it's ZetaTalk.
(DuncanC) NancyL: But those objects you circled are BOTH visible in older NEAT photos...
(Starman) Superzod why wait 15 minutes ??
(NancyL) Duncan, see the page Nancy is Busy, link from the Contact Nancy page.
(DuncanC) And they show no movement over time.
(S7L) I still do not understand how exactly Planet X so far away should affect the Earth because we have much stronger influences nearby - Jupiter for a magnetic one, and Moon for gravity, for instance. How exactly does this all work out?
(NancyL) Duncan, wrong.
(Alpha) NancyL: Do you want to talk about the ICQ Interest Group for ZetaTalk and Troubled Times?
(Cybervviz) I think jupiter will have another red spot :-)
(Okidok) Liked your question S7L
(NancyL) S7L equilibrium disrupted, is the answer.
(S7L) Yes I know, Nancy
(S7L) But WHAT equilibrium?
(NancyL) Alpha, as the chat must start in 2 minutes, no time until later, I fear.
(S7L) I mean, there's a lot of all sorts of change occuring all the time anyway.
(S7L) How can a tiny body far away cause changes? What is the mechanism?
(Zetapal) Tiny?
(Cybervviz) Jupiter is planet of Balance, so it regulates the Balance in Solar system due to his sizes :-) Jupiter will kick planet X
(NancyL) S7L the equilibrium that is there all along, in our solar system, so when it gets disrupted you say "Whoa, what was that!"
(S7L) Zetapal: compared to Jupiter, for instance.
(Alpha) Okay by me. Just let me know when or if or whatever. :)
(NancyL) S7L good question if we have time tonight.
(S7L) Ok, Nancy. I'll be waiting. Thanks.
(KeyBoardz) What would determine a pole shift during a fly-by of Planet X? A closer proximity?
(Zetapal) Tiny compared to Jupiter?
(NancyL) Starting with Q1
(DuncanC) Look.. How am I going to explain this? With all due respect, the objects you circled do not appear to be new objects! They do not move, and they are present in old NEAT photos. I spent a lot of time on an animation to show this.
(NancyL) What purpose is in a dream? Is it good to have dreams, or not to dream at all? What if person don't have dreams? I did not find this info on your site.
(Jeremy) Will air travel be possible in the few weeks before pole shift?
(Gerard) Okay folks hush now ... session has started
(Sirgrim) Good question, as I don't think I have dreams.
(Cybervviz) Hushhhhhhhh
(Starman) On air :)
(NancyL) ZT: Life on Earth sleeps, due to many factors not present on other worlds where life that has evolved does not necessarily sleep.
(NancyL) ZT: What are these factors, and how does life that developed elsewhere cope without sleep?
(NancyL) ZT: Almost all worlds that evolve life rotate, as rotation occurs in planets with liquid or molten cores, which are warm and not cold, a requiremnent for life.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, these worlds have a night and day,
(NancyL) ZT: and a night alone does NOT dictate the need for sleep.
(NancyL) ZT: The factor on Earth that nudged evolving life into regular sleep is the carnivors, huge and voracious and savage.
(JaM) Hi everyone! =)
(NancyL) ZT: Where today you have big cats and wolf packs and large bears and sharks in the oceans, in the past life on Earth was more precarious.
(NancyL) ZT: Look to the age of the dinosaurs, T-Rex and the Sabre Tooth Tiger.
(NancyL) ZT: Life that was NOT a carnivor could expect a short and not too sweet life, on the run, relying on mass production of eggs or young in order to perpetrate the species.
(NancyL) ZT: Like vegetation that produces huge numbers of seed so that SOME plants could grow past the point where they might be eaten, and bear new seed, non-carnivor species had little hope of continuing UNLESS they did this.
(NancyL) ZT: However, beyond the hooved herds that could outrun or form a circle to ward off the attacks, and thus could perpetrate themselves, and beyond bugs that multiply easily with mass layings of eggs, there was yet ANOTHER evolutionary technique that allowed survival - sleep.
(NancyL) ZT: As Darwin has pointed out, those features that survived passed on to the next generation.
(NancyL) ZT: Those creatures that crawled into crevices and slept excaped notice of carnivors during the dark periods when a sense of smell could allow a carnivor to locate a meal, and lack of sight would prevent an easy escape for the meal.
(NancyL) ZT: A sleeping creature is quiet, passes the time without being restless, and conserves energy.
(NancyL) ZT: It simply developed that sleep was a positive evolutionary technique, and these genes passed even to carnivors due to the branching trees of evolution not being a straight line, but criss-crossing.
(NancyL) ZT: Today's meal can become tomorrows carnivor, via evolution.
(NancyL) ZT: Evolution then took advantage of the sleep state, likewise benefiting those creatures so they evolved.
(NancyL) ZT: The creature who was highly alert during wake states was more likely to 1. get their own meals, 2. avoid being eaten, 3. find a mate and 4. keep their young close at hand and safe.
(NancyL) ZT: The creature who was slow during wake states would conversely 1. starve, 2. get eaten, 3. not propogate, 4. not rear young.
(NancyL) ZT: In order to be highly alert, the body then needs to do certain functions during sleep.
(NancyL) ZT: It is not that the evolving body DECIDES to do this, it is that those bodies that mutate and DO this are selected by success to spread their genes about.
(NancyL) ZT: What processes does a body need to do, that could be put off until sleep state?
(NancyL) ZT: Where the brain functions during the day, it is like a computer collecting data but keeping it all in memory.
(NancyL) ZT: During sleep, the data is tucked into databases and cross-indexing is done.
(NancyL) ZT: While the brain is having these memories sorted out, the conscious mind is treating the replay like an occurrence, a dream.
(NancyL) ZT: Humans who wake during these states recall the replay, and try to find meaning in it.
(NancyL) ZT: Other phsiological functions are done during sleep also, like kidney or liver or digestion, but this type of function creates little interest in curious man, who wonders, rather, about their dreams.
(NancyL) ZT: During sleep, the brain is also COMMUNICATING with other brains, via telepathy, as the Alpha wave is predominant and this is the state used during telepathy and meditation.
(PottM) I don't wonder about my dreams I take action on them.
(Gerard) Pottm: wait until after the answer, with chatter
(Sirgrim) Your body also produces more white blood cells when sleeping, works better in entirely dark areas from what I understand too, so you grow and heal as well in your sleep, efficient use of leftover energy.
(NancyL) ZT: If two humans connect on the same wave length during sleep, one may begin to tape into the reply the other is experiencing, and take a trip, so to speak.
(NancyL) ZT: The meaning of a dream can thus be 1. the dreamer is sorting out his day, and the replay is a piece of something that happened during the day, or related information in the databases of memories that has been dragged out to be integrated.
(PottM) I usually experience a little more than sorting out my day.
(NancyL) ZT: 2. the dreamer is following along with someone else's replay, having been made aware of this because the OTHER has either thought about the dreamer, or they have shared experiences.
(Jeremy) Human telepathy is not common though, as per ZT
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, in deciphering what a dream might MEAN, one must take into consideration the possible origin and NOT take it too seriously if it appears to be simply the tucking away of the days' events.
(NancyL) End ZT Followup?
(JubJub963) Why do humans consistantly dream about overly negative situations i.e. being chased by monsters, being attacked, failing at something, etc.?
(CoolCat) What kind of functions do you mean in the liver or digestion, during sleep?
(Willshell) Is persuing lucid dreams a good way to access the subconcious?
(Dethengor) Do hybrids sleep/dream?
(Pinoy) How do the anunnaki cope without sleeping?
(Sirgrim) I don't dream, or at least don't remember it, I always thought of dreams as a playland of the soul, and just don't think I have one, or care for that matter
(S7L) JubJub963: I never see that kind of dreams.
(S7L) So don't over generalize.
(IQx) Dethengor: yes, but about 1/5 of the day
(LiquidJelly) Nothing wrong with experiencing a bit of negativity in your life
(Torbj) Thatīs your day being treated, JubJub
(Cybervviz) How can you do telepathic actions when You reside in the subconsciousness and telepatic activities are the result of the higher consciousness?
(Gerard) Some people have problems with sleep paralyzis, what about this. Waking up during a dream, but still being in the dream somehow??
(Jeremy) Do any 4th Density aliens sleep?
(NancyL) ZT to JubJub: In that the MOST imperative action an evolving creature on Earth had to do was SURVIVE, the FIRST memory to be tucked away and processed at night involves SURVIVING.
(DavidS) Are children more in connection - communication to the soul in dreams than adults?
(Zetapal) Jeremy conscious telepathy no but unconscious telepathy yes, as per ZT
(NancyL) Coolcat, very boring, so won't respond.
(IQx) Sirgrim: just try this - right when you wake up, don't move and try to recall as hard as possible what you dreamt, then quickly write them down or tell them to someone - in about 20 seconds, ull start to forget them.
(NancyL) ZT to Willshell: The subconscious does NOT need the tucking away into databases that the conscious does.
(AndrewP) Can zetas say something about the human astral body?
(NancyL) ZT: The subconscious in fact gets it all straight and is aware all the time.
(PottM) NancyL: Are humans capable of bring the subconscious and conscious together?
(NancyL) ZT: It is the conscious that needs sleep, as it has learned to take advantage of the sleep state.
(IQx) PottM: not possible, I believe
(Morko) What about Lucid Dreams where you realise you are dreaming and after that free to explore your dreamworld while conscious so you can decide what to do?
(NancyL) ZT to Pinoy: The giant hominoids on the 12th Planet do not sleep, as we have mentioned, but go into rest states.
(IQx) Morko: absolutely, such practices are known to men already - read up on Lucid Dreaming.
(LiquidJelly) Whose to say that this isn't all a dream as well!!!
(NancyL) ZT: As can be discerned from looking at the shape of their heads, long and narrow rather than round as are humans, they did NOT have the same evolution.
(S7L) LiquidJelly: I, for instance.
(Torbj) A hot subject this! *smile*
(AndrewP) Good point Liquid!
(Morko) IQx, yeah I know I've had them, just intrested about any info intresting about them.
(NancyL) ZT: Mankind was engineered to survive on Earth, and some of the engineers created spearate brains, the subconscious and conscious, which are physiclaly separate brains.
(PottM) Speaking of evolution it is getting to the point where man will be able to mould himself in his own image of greatness why the need to be assimilated?
(Wage) How does this relate to mystical terms such as maya and veil of tears, the fact that we live in 3rd density and it's essentially a sleep state, or that the real action is taking place on the level of the soul?
(IQx) Morko: not sure how much ZT can help you with that, but its very possible to train yourself and use different methods to obtain control at almost any time.
(NancyL) ZT: These giant hominoids do NOT have this separation, but likewise are more slow and less alert than many jittery men.
(Cybervviz) Wage, wow
(NancyL) ZT: Should you associate with them on a daily basis, this would be noted.
(Zetapal) Liquid Jelly - who's to say that it is.
(S7L) Nancy, how do you mean "physically separated brains"
(KeyBoardz) Will man be more readily able to tap into the subconscious in the Aftertimes?
(AndrewP) Human beings are far more than the puppets of evolution
(IQx) hehe, no wonder David kicked Goliath's a**
(NancyL) ZT to Wage: The soul does NOT go Out of Body during sleep state, contrary to what many suppose.
(Willshell) LOL IQx
(Cybervviz) Well, mine does :-)
(Torbj) You are the soul... your soul needs this "sleeping stage" to focus on the lesson it needs.
(PottM) I see it more as stretching out from the body.
(Gerard) Some time ago I read that too much sleep ain't good, too less ain't good either. What would the Zetas advice on the ammount of sleep that a human needs?
(Torbj) To wage
(NancyL) ZT: The soul in a normal incarnation is fascinated with the body, and the action of tucking way and reliving the day's events is likewise fascinating.
(Tizza) So what is the deal with those dreams you can "smell" and "touch" and remember for ever after??
(AndrewP) It remains attached through the silver cord connected to the navel.
(NancyL) IQx not sure what you mean by "control"
(LiquidJelly) I read that the soul doesnt really reside in the body, the body as some mental projection of the soul.
(IQx) Gerard: 1/3 of the day - but many factors affect that - depending on location, physical health, work hours, diet, etc.
(Gerard) A contact experience can also be recalled in a "dream"
(LiquidJelly) Well thats my intepretation of it
(NancyL) S7L the cortex is conscious, the bulb below is the subconscious.
(IQx) NancyL: control over the dream state - where a dream becomes 'lucid' and one's own mind has a role in creating/changing the dream worlds.
(Cybervviz) If the Soul can not leave the body, it can not charge up with new energy. A guess most of people remember a 'fall' in their sleeps, the result of returning of the astral body.
(Cybervviz) Euhm, Soul is astral body, correction
(NancyL) ZT to Gerard: Oversleeping, the desire to escape, leaves man sluggish.
(S7L) well, maybe it's a more intimate form of 'separation' that I thought.
(NancyL) ZT: The body has learned to adapt to sleep, doing phsiological functions during this time.
(PottM) NancyL: What happens to a soul when it becomes so aware of it's self that it has the ability to see it's self?
(Jeremy) Though Zetas do not require sleep, do any other 4th density aliens need it?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, why does too much sleep cause depression?
(NancyL) ZT: It is expected, by the body, that a matching WAKE state will be in place, so does not always have a dial to STOP the sleep state functions if oversleeping occurs.
(Willshell) What is an efficient method of 'checking in' with the subconcious?
(Torbj) You will become a happy person, PottM
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, lack of sleep, or too much, can create chemical imbalances in the body, so the body does not feel well.
(IQx) PottM: though means of imagination or other viewing of some sort, but not with the use of eyes - as soul cannot be seen by human eyes, although it exists on all densities.
(DavidS) How much sleep does a normal adult need? 6,8,10,12?
(Cybervviz) You can even 'test' You are outside, if You have lucid dreams and You force Yourself to step out of Your dreams.
(NancyL) Lebrasse, sleeping too much is a REACTION to depression, I think.
(Zetapal) Surely no one would deny you your right to belive in anything you would choose, Liquid Jelly, but surely you would have a REASON to believe thus and so more than just your wanting it to be so in order for it to be true for everyone...
(IQx) Oh yes, oversleeping is really really bothering - u'd feel more tired than rested if you take a few hours over the 'limit'
(NancyL) Willshell, mediatation is allowing the subconscious to speak, clear you conscious mind, etc.
(PottM) NancyL: You seem to think humans are quite useless and not capable of understanding anything about sleep and the waking world come on now surely all I believe I have learned cannot be written off like this.
(Willshell) Thanks Nancy
(Orion) What is a cure for depression?
(AndrewP) Willshell: so is trawling thru your shadow side a way to contact sibconscious
(PottM) Nor anyone else should be written off as incapable.
(NancyL) Something no one else asked, [Editor's Note: Tizza asked earlier but this was overlooked by Nancy] why do we not SMELL or FEEL during dreams, or HEAR, etc., so I'm asking.
(IQx) Willshell: although don't think that meditation will bring you any step close to your soul etc, the soul doesnt not get affected with the state of the physical body.
(PottM) NancyL: I have experienced smell, taste hell even a high.
(Tizza) I have come away from dreams with even the "taste" of it
(Cybervviz) I feel into my dreams, even I smell and taste :-)
(PottM) You can experience anything =)
(NancyL) ZT to Nancy: Recall from the subconscious, such as a contactee does or an ex-amnisiac does, where the memory is recorded ONLY in the subconscious and not at ALL in the conscious, creates a different kind of "dream".
(JJ) I hear sounds when I'm asleep and they are incorporated into that which I'm dreaming.
(IQx) I do not smell, nor taste (as far as I remember) - but I know that I sometimes woke up, actually KNOWING that I am holding something in my hand, realizing that in fact there's nothing there after opening it.
(Torbj) You DO feel your dreams... thatīs your stomach sorting out the brain
(AndrewP) I had a dream once where I was "lifted" out of one body and into another body
(NancyL) ZT: During hypnosis, or mediatation, or when coming out of sleep, a contactee will allow the subconscious to function, while damping DOWN the conscious, turning it off and clearing it so it is, essentially, idle.
(Tizza) So the realistic dreams is the concious playing a part too?
(NancyL) ZT: When the subconscious replays a memory IT holds, the conscious is thus experiencing, and recording, for the first time, this event.
(Orion) How do you treat depression without drugs?
(Pinoy) When I'm between sleep and waking state sometimes I hear loud sounds or banging, and sometimes voices that talk so fast.
(Grudda) One Night, I felt pain after a nightmare. I dont know the content of it but I can remember somebody who had a pike and pierced me somewhere. How did that happen?
(DavidW) Orion: get more sunlight
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the funnelling of memories are FULL, including touch, smell, and not just the types of memories the conscious is trying to sort out during sleep state.
(Cybervviz) Pinoy, I had this too, even very high metal sound, like a very sharp heavy metal guitar.
(Ace) Pinoy I know what u mean with the voices.
(AndrewP) Orion: you manage where the drugs treat.
(IQx) Orion: allow yourself to be alone for some time.
(NancyL) ZT: Why don't normal dreams include such features as touch and smell?
(Morko) I had dream where I saw "grey" (was impressing:D) and remember also colors green and violet in that sort flash, after I woke up I could see light being attached to my head and I got scared and screamed and it disappeared.
(PottM) NancyL: I have been able to be asleep and awake at the same time as this allows for only major body functions such as heart I was once able to speak although not very well.
(CoolCat) Got to go. Hope to get the homeopathy issue answered sometime. Good night all, an thank you Nancy/Zetas!
(Gerard) Or that you hear someone calling your name, also before sleep.. think your mind is more open then ..
(NancyL) ZT: These sensory memories are tucked away during the day, being without association in complicated connections.
(NancyL) ZT: They are simple, and have only a slight connection to what we could call the resident memory of the day, not yet processed in databases.
(Malakai) Orion u may need to change the chemistry of your blood.. try a fast of purification and meditation.. a cleanse of body and mind.
(NancyL) ZT: When the days events are replayed by the conscious, during the tucking away time, the connections to smell and touch are retained, but do not need replaying.
(Grudda) How about the very short dreams, which you dream in special situations like being in a train and you're damn tired and your asleep
(Grudda) Fall
(NancyL) ZT: They are simply reconnected to the database location, not resident memory, to use computer system analogies.
(JubJub963) Me getting tired, next question :)
(Matt) Lol
(IQx) JubJub963: have a nap ;)
(IQx) JubJub963: allow yourself to be connected with many others
(NancyL) ZT: However, when an event is relayed from the subconsious, this is NOT the case, so the conscious mind must GET all these peripheral part of the memory - touch and smell and the like.
(NancyL) End ZT on dreams.
(Cybervviz) Dreams are very importent to train yourself for future creation of forms :-))
(PottM) I just want to know why the Zeta's won't talk to me any more maybe it is because they know I always know when they do.
(JubJub963) Oh I dream about that *wink wink*
(NancyL) I'm going to Q2 on the Moon, else no time.
(Anonymous) Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream!
(NancyL) If we did indeed land on the moon during the Apollo missions, then why is the American flag on the moon shown blowing since reportedly their is no present atmosphere. Also, the video we are shown depicts several shawdows cast be rocks that are inconsistent with the fact that there is only one source of light on the moon (the sun).
(Torbj) Thanx for this about the dream!!
(IQx) Heh, I remember that - Fake Moon Landing
(Grudda) Me2
(Matt) Lots of points...
(AndrewP) Moon rocks
(NancyL) ZT: A hot topic on the Internet and among conspiracy buffs is whether man ever indeed landed on the Moon, or all the evidence provided to mankind is faked.
(IQx) More than that
(PottM) NancyL: Even if we haven't it's not like we couldn't.
(PottM) It's really irrelevant.
(IQx) Sticking close with science provided by Russians, and not because of my partriotism, I believe no Moon landing occured.
(Cybervviz) I saw spiritual book pretending You can't leave earthplane :-) Too far
(JubJub963) Hush
(PottM) The whole notion of a conspiracy is the conspiracy it's self.
(NancyL) ZT: As evidence of a fake is apparent wind blowing a flag, dust raised by landing feet blowing about as though air were present to move it, shadows inappropriate for the Moon, and other evidence of atmosphere or staging.
(NancyL) ZT: Did man go to the Moon? Absolutely.
(NancyL) ZT: Were dramatizations done in film theatres? Absolutely.
(NancyL) ZT: BOTH occurred, and here's why.
(Zetapal) :)
(NancyL) ZT: As is often reported, the early Moon landings involved startled astronauts making statements on live feed about "we were not the first" and the like.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, live video feed showed trash on the Moon giving evidence that activity had occurred in the past, and perhaps the recent past.
(PottM) It could be possible that there is a base there.
(NancyL) ZT: Evidence of awareness of the alien presence, or other information NOT given to the general public, can often be discerned from what is NOT said as much as what is said.
(LiquidJelly) Well they could have least cleared the trash aside and make it a good show :)
(NancyL) The long time lag between the March 1997 mass sighting in Arizona and having this reported in USA Today and CNN show clearly that a coverup is in process.
(IQx) LiquidJelly: reduce, reuse, recycle
(NancyL) ZT: Why the 3 month delay in reporting, by DIFFERENT media organizations, if approval to report was not a part of the process?
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, the astroauts were on a need-to-know basis, as they were expected to be mobbed if they succeeded and went on the lecture tour, often interviewed and the like, and slips were to be avoided by telling them as little as possible.
(Anonymous) God Bless America!
(PottM) It may not be a coverup at all think about what it would mean if the general population were to be told that Aliens do exist there would be many perils. We're simply being conditioned so that we can be told.
(CyberVVitch) Jules vernes was first !
(AndrewP) Perils, you bet!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they were genuingely starteled by what they found on the Moon, and their handlers in Houston were unaware of the degree of evidence they would in fact FIND on the Moon.
(Gerard) Hush folks ... and IMO: no chatter or asking questions during the answer you know the rules.
(NancyL) ZT: Oops! What to do? Lets just film some new footage, and release THAT, instead.
(NancyL) End ZT, Follow-up?
(Sirgrim) Has there been any effort to reverse engineer the technology on the moon, or would that be a fruitless task?
(Gerard) This also counts for the other of course.
(AndrewP) Hollywood eh?
(Willshell) That eplains alot
(JoeyB) ZT: Was NASA hoping/expecting to find evidence?
(PottM) It's really not that important anyways the fact that there is other life out there is obvious.
(NancyL) Sirgrim, nothing would have been left as trash that would allow man to get too much technology, Council of Worlds.
(NancyL) Probably just trash!
(Anonymous) Nobody pays attention to what the governments says anyway.
(MadMax) Why are the astronauts still being silenced.. what happened to more honesty?
(AndrewP) What about the dark side of the moon?
(IQx) NancyL: I thought intelligent ETs would create a recycling program....
(Jeremy) Are the STS aliens on the dark side of moon staying there during the passage next year?
(Malakai) Nancy.. is there in fact a base of some kind on the dark side of the moon ?
(NancyL) ZT to JoeyB: NASA was aware that there were alien enclaves on the dark side of the Moon, but unaware of the trash on the visible side.
(Sirgrim) Yea I guess leaving a massively advanced genetic engineering base on the moon wouldn't be the smartest idea.
(Matt) Great album
(Malakai) Yes matt : )
(NancyL) ZT: During early genetic engineering projects, the engineers often used the Moon as a lab, fearing and wishing to avoid the large carnivors on Earth.
(AndrewP) Matt: see you there!
(PottM) Anybody could have made up what you just said Nancy it's not hard at all.
(IQx) PottM: relax
(Gerard) Pottm: so then what do you want?
(PottM) I am relaxed.
(NancyL) ZT: During these genetic engineering episodes, they would scarsely be hiding on the dark side of the Moon! Why hide?
(Gerard) Well then
(CyberVVitch) We want, mmm, to see the yellow moon mouse :-)
(IQx) CyberVVitch: the one that eats the moon cheeze away? So we have full moon only once in a while?
(Zetapal) So its not an Either/Or proposition,but rather once again a third choice, this is a recurrent theme in learning and illustrates how our mind works... first the boundaries/extremes are explored then a course is charted somewhere between the two and we move on to the next item...
(NancyL) ZT: The aliens talking to NASA going into the Appollo missions were STS, part of Alternative 2, to set up camps OFF Earth as a survival means during the coming pole shift.
(Wage) If NASA already knew about what was on the moon, why go other than propaganda reasons, vis-a-vi the arms race with the Russians.
(NancyL) ZT: They were on the dark side as STS aliens do not do density shifting well, ala the movie The Fly, and their masters do not allow their minions to shift during missions, for this reason.
(Zetapal) You figure it has to be either/or but its not. Over and over and over
(Zetapal) Cool
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they are in 3rd Density, highly visible from Earth should they NOT be on the dark side of the Moon.
(Sirgrim) Poor moon got all littered upon =(
(KeyBoardz) Nancy: Is the moon hollow as I read that it rings on like a bell when objects impact the moon?
(Willshell) Zatapal for sure
(IQx) We must supply the poor STS with some flashlights....
(Malakai) All govt leaders pretty much STS.. so the common man regardless of country of origin gets disinfo and limited knowledge of what has or is happening
(NancyL) ZT: NASA expected this, but discussion on past genetic engineering projects, which were NOT done by the STS, never came up!
(AndrewP) Poor man got littered upon
(IQx) Alright, bbl all
(IQx) Have fun =)
(NancyL) Going back to find other Moon Q's ...
(Malakai) Did the moon come from the earth?
(CyberVVitch) Some spiritual books talks about the fact we are born on Moon and we are 'fallen' on Earth.
(Tizza) Was hopping we were the only race to abuse our enviroment and litter.... apparantly not... that's sad.
(LiquidJelly) On the subject of moons, I heard some startling rumors on the moons of mars, can ZT say something on that?
(NancyL) OK, a Q about why astonaut are still being silenced.
(Anonymous) Excellent!
(NancyL) ZT: The astronauts were read the riot act when they returned, having blabbered their first impressions on the Moon.
(KeyBoardz) Was John Glen's quote on Frasier his way of letting the truth out?
(Morko) Isn't this STS-STO, little judgemental? Black&White?
(Gerard) Wait please until after the answer
(Malakai) Kind of Morko... one can be both to a lesser or greater degree
(NancyL) ZT: It has been obvious to those looking at the pattern that PRIOR to this live feeds were the norm, and AFTER delayed and only partial release of video and audio was allowed.
(AndrewP) STS & STO should engage in a multidimensional group hug and get on with it.
(PottM) There is one good reason because of the reaction of the general population. There are people out there with technology beyond everyone else which is slowly injected into our everyday society.
(Willshell) Anyone know where I could find those first comments by astronaughts about not being alone?
(NancyL) ZT: When a heavy job of intimidation is done, with death threats and worse than death threats, it takes a lot to release this.
(Gerard) HUSH folks
(PottM) Eventually general acceptance and technology advancement should meet.
(NancyL) ZT: Beat a dog each hour, viciously, for months, and then try to tell it that was all in the past.
(NancyL) ZT: The dog has lost trust, cowers, growls, avoids, and will likely NEVER trust humans again most certailny if not in the same company.
(PottM) Geez no way.
(LiquidJelly) Woof woof
(Sirgrim) Don't forget pees on your pillow for revenge
(NancyL) ZT: NASA has not changed hands, is still the same agency, infiltrated by CIA, and thus the astronuats, as their beaten dogs, are loath to trust.
(Malakai) Once beaten twice shy
(NancyL) OK, were're approaching the hour.
(NancyL) I just wanted to say about Hazelwood's many radio shows, per him, etc.
(Willshell) Thanks Matt
(Superzod) Too short... too much time wasted on Hasewood
(JubJub963) Any time for S7L's balance question.
(MadMax) The book/movie 2001 is kinda telling it like it is...
(NancyL) When I got Wireless New Service mentions, I'd get dozens of local radio shows, and never even mention them on the mailing lists or otherwise.
(PottM) NancyL: The big hour.
(Sirgrim) If the zetas give me a ride to Hazelwood's cash I'll rob him and go feed a bunch of starving children.
(Sirgrim) Hehe
(NancyL) I don't include them as media events on my media list page either!
(NancyL) They were too small, including the half hour with New York City during rush hour.
(Malakai) Hazelwood is spreading the word.. how can this be bad.. so he makes a few bucks.. we all need evil money unfortunately
(Superzod) But we want to hear from you Nancy
(Anonymous) Thanks Nancy. Had a great time!
(Superzod) The live shows are good
(Zetapal) You can bet John Glen has been a good little obedient puppy for the controllers, they let him go back into space.
(NancyL) Thanks for the insight someone gave that he is probably running out of material, looking for something new from ZT that he can steal :-)
(Torbj) Sirg... the Zetas will not give you anything... if you want to rob him.. you must do it yourself.
(Gerard) I guess that if the next shoe is has dropped ... then more media attention and so.
(Torbj) You are in this world by your self.
(NancyL) I hadn't considered that! These local radio shows were not all that serious, questions about Elvis, where is he now, etc.
(CyberVVitch) We can raise up Poisaidon and we have plenty of Gold
(AndrewP) Save thyself
(Matt) He really doesn't have much to say on radio these days just..." all I know is it's coming...." etc
(NancyL) ZT: They sometimes had me back, but seldom, as it was a NOVELTY they were looking for! Entertainment.
(PottM) I wouldn't let the Zeta's control me I'd rather be free.
(NancyL) I suspect Hazelwood is that, and it is running down!
(CyberVVitch) BTW when does Atlantis raises up?
(NancyL) The biggie is finding Px at the Zetas Coordinates, etc. and the ZT accuracy.
(Torbj) And the starving children is there for you
(NancyL) We'll see how the year plays out, etc.
(Orion) Ok. Red Elke and a bit of Kanya on
(Zetapal) Yep
(NancyL) Re the shoe dropping.
(Torbj) To react
(Pinoy) Are we gonna see the planet by July?
(NancyL) I know of several things that likely WILL happen, but am not mentioning them until they do.
(CyberVVitch) an Atlantis?
(S7L) no Pinoy. Some people have computed it will still be occluded by the Sun until August.
(Zetapal) Next step... amateur astronomers get ready... step up to the mic
(Anonymous) Nancy, I'm looking forward to many more years of Zetatalk. God Bless You!
(Malakai) Nancy what do zetas's say of global economy in coming months?
(NancyL) Pinoy, the Z's have said, amateurs can see it by mid-2002, with their scopes.
(S7L) That is, for something that is magnitude 11
(Sirgrim) NancyL: good idea as Hazelwood would just steal them.
(LiquidJelly) Probability of certainty, an oxoromical statement
(NancyL) I get a lot of queies on what KIND of scope, and not being an expert just defer.
(Pinoy) Could u give us a hint nancy on what the dropping shoe is?
(LiquidJelly) Likely will happen, I like that
(Matt) Mid2002 is weird seeing it will be behind sun....
(SWB) Interesting Session, thanks Nancy and Zeta's. Must Go Now.
(PottM) NancyL: What happens to ZT if this event does not actually happen?
(Sirgrim) 2002 is so far the hottest year on record
(Matt) and not in solar system till next year...
(NancyL) ZT: Depending on where you are, south or north hemisphere, cloudly or clear, quality of equipemnt, you'll see it or not, I guess.
(NancyL) Anonymous, whomever you are, thanks :-)
(Matt) Maybe down here in Southern Hemi
(NancyL) Malkai, I think we're withholding details for now as this is what Hazelwood wnats so he can continue.
(NancyL) Let HIM make this up, and be proved wrong :-)
(NancyL) Pinoy, no hints.
(Pinoy) Good point
(Wage) Where should we direct questions re: the specific safety of locations
(AndrewP) When the shoe drops someone's feet will be smelling!!
(NancyL) PottM, I'd like this to be so, no devastation and pain to so many, but see it unfolding JUST like the Z's predicted.
(CyberVVitch) Hint: it starts with A an endsup with tlantis
(NancyL) We didn't get to equilibrium, so will save this for next week.
(Malakai) Nancy..i don't understand why it matters what Hazelwood does or says so much
(NancyL) Jeremy, you likewise asked a Q that seemed like a good one but I forgot!
(Jeremy) Will air travel be possible in the few weeks before the pole shift?
(PottM) Nancy: Why did you lie here.
(Orion) I need to find a woman like Nancy :)
(PottM) Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
(PottM) Lieder, Nancy (NL74) nancy@ZETATALK.COM
(PottM) Trouble Times
(PottM) PO Box 78 (115 Lieder Street)
(PottM) North Freedom, WI 53951
(PottM) US
(PottM) (608) 522-4365
(NancyL) Wage, there is a link from the Safe Location TOPIC page
(JJ) In future live radio interviews Nancy I suggest you consider doing them yourself without zeta coming through you in real time... much better that way in my humble opinion
(IMO) Nancy ... how about giving us the mid-summer coordinates
(NancyL) Malakai, the guy does NOT have good intent! He was put up there so disinfo could be done, the WRONG mesage send at a certain time, etc.
(PottM) Why did you lie there Nancy?
(NancyL) I have integrity, and would not disinfo, so he gets promoted, etc.
(Torbj) I wonder... if outside this 3d... can you "listnen" to mother earthīs changing?.... the songs of earth, as you can hear in every country, is changing.
(AndrewP) If you were born b/w 1962-69 you have Atlantean consciousness
(NancyL) PottM, did you mean live or lie?
(PottM) Oh did you live there?
(KeyBoardz) AndrewP: where do you get that fact from?
(CyberVVitch) He he Atlantis did it
(AndrewP) My astrology tutor
(NancyL) JJ, but ZT is the real poet, and brain, and NEWS, in my opinion.
(Sirgrim) Astrology is bs
(PottM) Well if you did live there and looked at the size of the street it would be impossible to have number 115.
(NancyL) IMO, not until the Z's are ready, as too much info in the wrong hands gets misused.
(Malakai) k.. I see..but I think if he steals info and relays it that ends up being good imo... the word is getting out that may help save other souls to prepare.
(AndrewP) Not in some circles Sirgrim:)
(LiquidJelly) Yeh the stuff by ZT is poetic
(CyberVVitch) Astronomy is bs
(Sirgrim) Yea, the circles that believe that crap lol
(JJ) Yes but there is a noticable lag or something when you do it... you are much more effective when you speak from information already obtained
(AndrewP) Read above ZVVitch.
(PottM) A street being of less than 200 meters long won't have 115 units on it.
(NancyL) Like Charleen wanting to know the coords from July 2001 to Dec '01, while claiming to be out looking every morning!
(NancyL) At her SHOE I guess she was looking at, as Orion was in the Sun!
(NancyL) The the NEAT images could be doctored, etc., that's why.
(Sirgrim) It's mildly correct, but more based on the influence of the humans that change in different environments, that effects the child
(AndrewP) A chart never dies!!
(PottM) Nancyl: I expected you to avoid this question as I hear you do to many questions.
(NancyL) Malakai, you're either young and navie or not thinking.
(Pinoy) PottM: what seems to be your point?
(Jeremy) I've wondered if the magnetic disruption to mobile phones next year will also affect aircraft guidance systems
(PottM) Pinoy: There's more to this person than what she portrays.
(CyberVVitch) Or that with a NOT(expression)
(NancyL) How would YOU like to be someone just learning about this, and then be told by the person MOST in the news, "Oh, danger past!" and then your young children are in your arms when you learn otherwise!
(LiquidJelly) I think Pott has been smoking ealier b4, and guess what it was :)?
(NancyL) You think JFK was killed by a single bullet?
(Gerard) Pottm: you still don't want to believe that Nancy is a real person ... gee
(NancyL) You think the establishment is NICE?
(Matt) With-holding info because of Hazlewood may be playing into their hands.
(NancyL) You think the Bush Administration cares about you, the little guy?
(PottM) I don't doubt that she is a real person.
(KeyBoardz) Nancy: Is there fear that too many STS may survive PS if they learn too much and have chance to prepare?
(NancyL) Come on!
(PottM) However I doubt who she claims to be.
(NancyL) Jeremy, yes, I'll add this too to the list for next week :-)
(Jeremy) Thx
(CyberVVitch) STS have more Gold to survive, more houses everyware, etc
(Wage) NancyL: the safe locations section is general, was wondering if I could get specific info on a location?
(LiquidJelly) Im STS, whats wrong with me still being on this earth after the PS.
(NancyL) Keyboard, no just that the STS will take advantage more, less if they DON"T have this info, etc.
(Pinoy) PottM: why don't u visit her to prove it to yourself.
(NancyL) They want to be kings, etc., and are better on the streets with the rest of us, afterwards, etc.
(Torbj) You create a world.... and the "noncreated" always turn up in your face to react to.... that life in this 3d
(NancyL) More fair play that way.
(Malakai) Nancy I understand your point but I don't have to agree that your right and that doesn't make me wrong either.
(Sirgrim) I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!!
(Sirgrim) (I fear my government)
(Sirgrim) Hehe I got that bumper sticker
(NancyL) Pott, I live on a street one block long.
(AndrewP) I am a poet and I vote.
(LiquidJelly) Being STS doesn't mean I'm gonna eat u when my food supplies run out.
(AndrewP) (bumper sticker)
(Willshell) And who cares anyway about her address lol
(PottM) I just find it funny as well that I could only find 3 Nancy Lieders living in the US one of which does live in WI and coincidentally our Nancy here is the 4'th.
(NancyL) IMO, are you the Southeast US Receptive Astronomer?
(JoeyB) My street is a block long and I live in the 3000 block. Go figure!
(CyberVVitch) Need to look and feel the Moon, bye bye scientific mental crystalized consciousnesses!
(PottM) Now the likeliness of two Nancy Lieders living in the same state is rather low.
(IMO) Yes
(NancyL) Hug to you for your honesty!
(NancyL) Gotta go, the hour is up.
(Ace) Liquid Jelly I dont think you orientation is a conscious choice
(NancyL) Thank you all for attending and inspiring great ZT.
(Jeremy) Bye Nancy
(Sirgrim) For all I care Nancy is an artificial intelligence program written by Stephen Hawking that went amuck and tapped into the alien telepathy and got on the internet and trying to save people
(NancyL) Bye bye!
Session Close: Sat Apr 27 18:23:06 2002