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Live ZetaTalk Chat on Apr 5, 2003

Session Start: Sat Apr 05 15:20:35 2003
(Xeres) Ginger: YOU open! Lots of laughs.
(Humor) ZetaWolf: I have had the same experience.. it is our calling.
(Er1cle28) hmmmm
(Scuba1) yes
(NancyL) Lo folks!
(ZetaWolf) heres a toast to the calling then
(Kittyboo) Yes, I feel like the stranges 26 yr. old alive!
(Xeres) Ginger: U operate in wishfull thinking
(ZetaWolf) even my nick I had back in like 95 before even knowing about zetatalk
(ZetaWolf) I used to use this nick on Dalnet
(XMavrick) oh brother..
(XMavrick) moment of truth
(NancyL) I have several SIGNS but no Q so am collecting an agenda.
(Scuba1) let's go!
(Obany) hush now folks
(ZetaWolf) some of us have probably been zetas in past life
(Redrick) GingerAle: you are condicioned to the last cell of your body...
(ZetaWolf) hushing
(Jammer) hey no fighting with small packagaes
(Okidok) the best argument by now is to is to diconcert the origin of the April 1
(XMavrick) zeta... some think too much they were someone else in apast life
(GingerAle) Red: whatever...
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: A number of photos of Planet X on the TEAM page,
(Xeres) Zetawolf: I agree with that
(NancyL) Set from Helios2003 very dramatic, a new one (just today) from Hawaii also very dramatic with the dust cloud swirled in a different direction from Helios photo.
(NancyL) And another from Germany where he overlaid 900 AVI frames to capture the corpus, in B/W no color.
(NancyL) Also, increasingly, sighting reports from around the world.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: The opening sentence of says "We have stated that Planet X will be visible in the DAYTIME sky, 7 weeks before passage". At present PX is NOT visible in the daytime sky. From the aforementioned statement, how can the pole shift now occur in mid May as originally expected? Seven weeks (49 days) from 7th April (a couple of days away) falls on 26th May, latter part that month.
(GingerAle) Nancy: Is there any chance of seeing the whole frame of the entire Hawaii photo with some stars for reference?
(GeminiGuy) good point, Jeremey23
(Sirgrim) NancyL: What advise do the Zs have for people incarcerated during the time of the shift in jails above sea level, will their buildings crumble in the quakes, i don't think all people in jail can be evil.
(NancyL) Brazil, Argentina, Urugay, New Zealand, Hawaii, Oklahoma, etc.
(Spenky) is the southeast USA pic real?
(ZetaWolf) Helios is from NC
(QueenVee) Jeremy: ZT has clearly stated that the shift will occur sometime BETWEEN May 15th and June1st -- so May 26th would fall into that period
(Spenky) seems too good to be true judging by the other less obvious photos.
(Momiji) i dont see any Px in daytime
(MikeO) Note: While Nancy and/or the Zetas have the floor, excessive name-changes will be grounds for a kick.
(OceanTree) Q proposal: whose souls will incarnate into the hybrids?
(NancyL) Jeremey, this is true, but this is splitting hairs. It could also be interpreted as visible in the daytime sky WITHIN the 7 weeks before passage.
(Jeremy32) QueenVee: Yes but PX seems unlikely to become daytime visible in the few days remaining for it to keep within that time frame
(NancyL) It will soon be so.
(ChiefSimi) Nancy, there are much confusion about when Planet-X will be visible in the daytime. In various forums debunkers, skeptics, and zeta-fans are seem to be confused, and claiming the Zetas, or you said this or that, and they arrive to a maybe false conlusion. I think this issue needs to clarified. Please ask the zetas
(Obany) Oceantree: has been explained in zetatalk
(Okidok) Nancy all these sightings are suspcious
(ZetaWolf) Q: lot of anti zeta hate going on claiming they are here to take over our earth and turn us into hybrids - since the human race is going to die out isn't this kinda against our wishes - are we to just be pawns in this game or are there also other parties - ETs
(NancyL) And Jeremey I will speak no further on what the ACTUAL date of passage will be.
(DKPowers) Q: Can Zetas say for how long will the risk of oxygen depletion be during and/or after the shift???
(Terence) Does it matter whether Px is visible in the daytime sky prior to the shift ? I'm no astronomer, but can't the shift take place anyway even if it isn't visible in the daytime sky
(Jeremy32) Nancy: I really think you should reword that original statement, as a lot of people could be misled.
(NancyL) Ginger, the whole photo was almost entirely black, so on the screen it just looks black so I cropped it.
(NancyL) If you want stars as reference, go look yourself, that is SO much better all around.
(Rid) Nancy, is SARS going to get out of hand?
(GeminiGuy) rewording would be akin to historical revision, let the statement stand as it is
(DKPowers) NancyL: Umm... was the timecode on the Hawaii pic there originally or did you add it?
(GingerAle) Nancy: Okay, thanks. I actually do look every night... but nothing yet.
(Sirgrim) haha
(SteveH) Q: Can the Zeta's comment on the current situation in the Iraq war as compared to the picture the US media is painting?
(Steve23) could SARS be used to stop travel?
(ZetaWolf) Nancy will you take that question re: zeta resentment
(ZetaWolf) Q: lot of anti zeta hate going on claiming they are here to take over our earth and turn us into hybrids - since the human race is going to die out isn't this kinda against our wishes - are we to just be pawns in this game or are there also other parties - ETs
(NancyL) Spenky, I took that to be real for several reasons: 1. the guy used to be a debunker, 2. the pics were taken during a running session where he first thought a streak (meteor or some such) was PX and then realized the stars were not moving,
(Jeremy32) GeminiGuy: Theres nothing wrong with correcting mistakes or garbled sentences. Thats not 'revising' history..
(MikeO) Good question, SteveH
(Okidok) Nancy was the Zetas out of mind when they proclaimed 1 April as a valid date og naked eye sighting
(Terence) SteveH, wondering the same thing. seems like war is essentially over and Iraq regime more or less finished and defeated. but what do i know
(NancyL) 3. he then went to get a star chart, resyned, 4. he was providing digitized photos to others so it was a group session, recorded as it went.
(NancyL) 5. he was making mistakes, correcting, consulting with others, all open as though the world were in the room as this was an ongoing posting session, dated and time stamped.
(dBug) what happened?
(Sirgrim) netsplit
(ZetaWolf) poleshift
(GingerAle) Jeremy32: You are correct... but at this point any revision would certainly be interpreted by debunkers as an attempt to backpedal.
(Hubblebub) A dilemma, Nancy. Zetas have said that more important to save one SELF is to be with the loved once during the shift. However, since almost all STO-people have some loved once who will NOT be able to survive and needs support during the last moments. Dying with loved once those desperate because of forthcoming death comforthing those or surviving with surviving loved once... which one more important..
(NancyL) 6. it LOOKS like the images we have captured since last fall, LOOKS like the Hawaii photos, and all this in sych with what the Zetas describe it as.
(Obany) some who have seen it, saw it blink ... i think this could be because of the swirling moons right
(Floating) do zetas know what TIPOLMNKL FHE GJACW TR ISDL PD mean as a riddle that we can't solve...
(GeminiGuy) Jeremy32, depends on how you correct it, but to purge it with a new statement is not good prophecy making
(Floating) it is i mean
(Rid) Nancy is SARS going to finish off the economy and cause the stock market to crash despite it's being propped up?
(Redrick) reading all this I got the impression I am only one person that cannot see PX in the sky by naked eye... what's wrong with me?
(NancyL) I am accepting SteveH Q re Iraq/media as Q1.
(Jeremy32) GingerAle: True, they are always on the look out. But admitting mistakes is often seen as a sign of honesty and integrity.
(Lascar) Greetings For the skeptics; remember Shakespeares admonition, "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then dreamed of in your philosophy".
(MikeO) Lascar, I love it.
(NancyL) Ginger, as this thing is boring in, EXACTLY where the Zetas said it would be, is VISIBLE to the world, who CARES what the debunkers come up with.
(NancyL) Sad lot that they are, as JWilliam reports increasingly slinking away on sci.astro hoping no one remembers what they said, etc.
(DKPowers) don't worry Redrick... neither can I...
(NancyL) And mostly anonymous, the few who posted under a real name probably in horror now, not realizing this would ACTUALLY be a true event.
(Grazer) me either
(Jeremy32) GeminiGuy: ZT is not about prophecy
(Matan) Nancy do you aware that there will be a moonar eclipse on 16th may which is a a day after your prophet of the poleshift and on yoel c' in the Bible it's said "the moon will turn to blood and the sun to dark" in the champter that talkes about Nibiru.
(NancyL) Used, by those behind them now slinking away, etc.
(ZetaWolf) GA is a known debunker Nancy I wouldnt waste time on it
(Terence) Rid, imho, stock market will never crash; a lot has happened that could have caused it to crash, but still doesn't; people convined to buy for the long haul and will keep doing so
(Sirgrim) NancyL: What advise do the Zs have for people incarcerated during the time of the shift in jails above sea level, will their buildings crumble in the quakes, i don't think all people in jail can be evil.
(NancyL) Gemini, I am not planning to change that statement. Close enough.
(Lascar) Doon worry; Be Hoppy
(DKPowers) NancyL: Umm... was the timecode on the Hawaii pic there originally or did you add it???
(Okidok) how serious is the Hawaii photo
(Zod2) What is causing the SARS problem. Is it a Goverment tool for controlling people movement from town to town, city to city, countru to country ?
(NancyL) Rid, SARS is just another illness, like the flu.
(Eizekel) If I was thirsty, where would I go to get a drink?
(ZetaWolf) Q: lot of anti zeta hate going on claiming they are here to take over our earth and turn us into hybrids - since the human race is going to die out isn't this kinda against our wishes - are we to just be pawns in this game or are there also other parties - ETs
(Rid) I understand Terence but per the zetas it was being propped up now near the end.
(Scuba1) sink
(GingerAle) ZW: actually, I was attempting to be respectful... obviously not to your satisfaction.
(ZetaWolf) sorry GA I retract the comment
(NancyL) Jeremey, in MY mind, the 7 week period was when the complex would be visibile to the man on the street. It was ALSO the time when it would be visible during the day.
(ZetaWolf) your gonna believe soon young Padawan!
(dBug) Nancy: Is SARS spread made by the govmt ??
(Rid) Ok Nancy, thanks.
(NancyL) If I didn't write several sentences for that, way back then, but put it into a single sentence, this is not a huge problem, my thinking.
(Terence) Rid, will what's the point of propping it up at this point, with shift to occur in weeks
(Durandal) Hello Nancy can the Zs comment on the Pacific Northwest Earthquake callled slow or silient. It goes from OR to Vancouver BC
(DrCadds) Nancy, Q for Zetas. Is IRAQ really about OIL, or technology that they or others may have left behind
(NancyL) Sirgrim, those in jails, or trapped in cities by bridges deliberately blown to trap them, are a sad case, indeed.
(Rid) You're right Terence, I don't pretend to understand the market so I've got lots of questions. Thanks though.
(GingerAle) Nancy: If it is daytime visible any time before June 1st, you will doubtless be vidicated... even by sci.astro.
(Jeremy32) Nancy: Exactly, and PX is not visible to the ordinary man yet. A lot of people out there are trying to coordinate life changes with the appearance of PX in the sky to the naked eye. And I don't just mean people in certain locations of the world with ideal sky conditions.
(NancyL) Perhaps certain STO humans who have a sense of who is good or not will release certain cells, make sure others are kept locked, etc.
(Rid) Not necessarily, Gingerale.
(Okidok) Nancy if nothing happend as you say, when will you admitt you where wrong Mai or June?
(Sirgrim) NancyL: could not they hide under the matress to try and climb out of the rubble, or let wind rip most of it off, thanks for answering.
(ILikePie) others kept locked?? :S
(ILikePie) haha
(NancyL) ZetaWolf, this anti-alien talk has been going on all along, was very strong when ZetaTalk started in 1995 in ISCNI, nothing new.
(Rid) Okidoke, wait and see.
(Hubblebub) DrCadds, you dont need Nancy or ZETAS to understand the answer to your question is YES. There are several dictatorships around the globe ten times worse than Iraq and whom are OPENLY opposing UN (like North Korea) while Iraq had given in for instance.
(ZetaWolf) well those of us who do believe in ETs know there is more than one group
(Obany) Okidok: well let's not talk about that now .. you know ... as all the signs are there that zetatalk is right about this
(NancyL) Basically, humans in control who resent someone else more techy and wise than they, coming around.
(ZetaWolf) Casseopiens, Pleadians etc
(Matan) Nancy : will the alien concil protect Israel by electromagnetic field that will reduce earthquakes etc.?
(ZetaWolf) just wondered if Zetas are putting a personal spin on whats going to happen
(SteveH) Q: Is the current apparent SARS crisis with Bush now authourizing forced quarintines part of some sort of distraction plan or some other agenda?
(DrCadds) HBub, I agree
(GeminiGuy) yeah i am sure Israel is so deserving of such protection
(Scuba1) can zetas comment on volcanic activity increase in California?
(NancyL) Durandal, did this quake HAPPEN or in process or what?
(Okidok) Rid I am waiting, but for how long
(Terence) Rid, i don't doubt it is being propped up, in fact, i'm quite certain it is, by offshore funds who are financed primarily by the US treasury; whether it's Planet X related, i personally don't know, I defer to Nancy/Zetas on that; I know at a minimum it's related to the US dollar;
(Orionboy) what happened to Q1 by steveH?
(MikeO) Matan, whey should aliens provide special protection for Israel?
(Rid) Okidoke, time will tell.
(NancyL) OK, I think you should worry about it IS happening, not what if it does not!
(Matan) Gemine r you cynical ?
(Rid) Orionboy, it isn't time yet.
(Ekim) Nancy Q, If the shift will essentially disable Bush's hopes for domination, why does the council need to take the 'stronger measures' they promised last week?
(Xeres) NancyL: Is Rainier going to erupt soon?
(Sirgrim) or what is going to happen
(Map) why should alien protect anyone?
(GeminiGuy) the cynic knows the price of everything and the price of nothing- so i guess i am
(Spenky) is this photo real?
(ZetaWolf) Rainer, Hellens and god forbid Yellowstone
(Sirgrim) is Houston under a lot of stretch right now?
(GeminiGuy) and the value of nothing, i should say
(Okidok) Like the Rolling Stone ... time... is on my side oh yes it is
(NancyL) Matan, will the Council protect Israel? Not any more than anyone else. Are they protecting the babies in Iraq and Palestine from being run over, bombed? Nope.
(Obany) Xeres: this can't be answered, no when or when will this earthquake occur
(Durandal) It is in process and has been for some time. started Feb 26 and continues. Over all measues 6.7 but energy releae is slow but contineous very little shaking experts stumped
(Rid) Ha! Good Okidoke!
(ZetaWolf) Q: Do the zetas have anything to say about Rods - mysterious creatures that flit around and have been caught on tape in Baghdad - just curious
(NancyL) Scuba, WHAT volcanic increase in Cal? Delineate?
(ZetaWolf) maybe they are 4d materializgng
(GingerAle) GeminiGuy: I've got some land in Colorado that is going to be beachfront... can I interest you?
(Xeres) NancyL: Mt-Rainier is showing signs of activity after being asleep for thousands of years
(ZetaWolf) so is Yellowstone
(Scuba1) when it is good 2 leave?
(NancyL) Orion, I'm collecting Q's now, not answering until the hour.
(Rid) I'm there Gingerale.
(DKPowers) NancyL: Was the timecode on the Hawaii pic there originally or did you add it? Thanks!
(GeminiGuy) yesterday, Scuba
(Spenky) Zetawolf - probably alien surveilance devices.
(ZetaWolf) DK I think thats on the page of the pic
(DKPowers) nope
(NancyL) Sirgrim, Houston and Tx are within the stretch zone I think, yes.
(Xeres) Zratwolf: Yellowstone caldera acting up?
(Sirgrim) what should people do about dental pain after the shift
(SteveH) Q: Can the Zeta's comment on the UFO "rods" that were videotaped on Fox news during a broadcast?
(MikeO) Interesting quote from George McGovern today. The US is now planning more wars in secret.
(Duane2) I saw the rods on TV too
(Er1cle28) pull teeth
(KarenSue) pack anbesol Sirgrim
(ZetaWolf) The time stamp was included to show the relative size of the Planet X complex as viewed from Earth at this time.
(ZetaWolf) ah I see not indicative
(Xeres) Sirgrim: Really
(NancyL) Durandal Q2 accepted :-)
(KarenSue) buy tooth repair kit (honestly not kidding)
(Rid) Nancy soem news networks have been showing footage in which uneqplainable lights are seen moving in the sky. Are they attributable to zetas
(Michaells) good Q rid
(Grazer) Mike O: where did you hear that?
(Michaells) was wondering also
(ZetaWolf) clan of the cave bear time man get some string and yank the tooth
(MikeO) Main page of The Nation magazine.
(Rid) Non of this is talked about by the reporters apparently but appears to be visible anyway.
(Grazer) thanks
(Obany) Rid: above Baghad or so right ... i have been to that page too
(Michaells) yup
(Rid) Thanks Michaells.
(Michaells) :)
(Terence) that debunker James McCanney continues to insist that he doesn't see anything heading this way of Px size; more disinformation from him no doubt
(Xeres) NancyL: Is war between Zetas and other aliens going to impact on humans?
(ZetaWolf) has numerous threads on Px, rods, yellowstone etc go check it out very active Px talk and sightings there
(Rid) Yeah Obany thats the same.
(GWilra) NancyL: When can we expect more obvious planetary reactions to Nibiru's approach?
(GingerAle) Nancy: Will Zetas introduce medicine or medical procedures that we are unaware of to help lessen the impact?
(Anybody14) Nancy, can the Zetas give an update on the Iraqi situation, now that the troops are in the suburbs of Bagdad already?
(Durandal) Also Nancy could the Zs clarify the nature of the winds after the shift Will Hurrcane force winds occur until the atmosphere stablizes? Aprrox how long would that be? thanks
(A0120) Arab power Arab power Arab power
(ZetaWolf) I have even seen threads on the moon not showing up in proper phase looking right etc
(Redrick) yeah what are the rods? someone have a idea? it doesn't look like ordinary UFO to me. are rods made by U.S. ?
(Humor) Is it true the United States has created its own UN secuity council called USUN?
(NancyL) Rid, lights in the skies (UFO) are very old hat so not addressing this, etc. sorry.
(Lombo243) someone kick a
(Matan) Nancy do you aware that there will be a moonar eclipse on 16th may which is a a day after your prophet of the poleshift and on yoel c' in the Bible it's said "the moon will turn to blood and the sun to dark" in the champter that talkes about nibiru.
(Sirgrim) can someone kick A0120 if he continues this Arab power nonsense
(ZetaWolf) Rods Nancy address the Rods plz?
(Sirgrim) n/m then
(Rid) No problem Nancy.
(Okidok) Hello folks the Hawaii image have to be a sort of misunderstating
(ErikH) Q: Will the local fishing change much after the shift? Will the fish migrate to appropriate climate?
(DKPowers) NancyL: Was the timecode on the Hawaii pic there originally or did you add it??? Thanks!
(Steve23) when will the Zs cause a change in the war?
(Lightspee) Hi Longi!
(NancyL) Terence, yes, he's pointing to Sagitarius and it is boring in FAST from the Zeta coordinates, so McCanney will soon take an extended vacation no comment from him :-)
(MikeO) Erik, fish will thrive, per the Zetas.
(Redrick) Nancy: rods was first watched in 1996 so they are not so old
(GingerAle) DKPowers: do you stutter?
(Xeres) Reddick: What about rods?
(FreiNZ) Nancy - shouldn't the rotation be slowing more now?
(NancyL) Or he will start claiming he stated this all along, dropping history, clammoring for the stage. He's changed his story several times.
(Rid) Zetawolf, Nancy has adressed the rods previously. I'm sorry that I can't direct you to the place but it is on her site.
(DKPowers) c'mon! easy question... easy answer...
(NancyL) Planet X Video has McCanney saying NOTHING will happen in 2003, not he has it happening!
(ErikH) what does thrive mean (dont have dictionary)
(A0210) kick me cuz im an Arab
(Lombo243) a!
(Okidok) Nancy why are you mention JMcCanney
(A0210) kick me cuz im an Arab
(NancyL) I mean, he is ON FILM saying nothing will happen in 2003!
(Lombo243) tno because you spam chat
(NancyL) Go buy a copy and see for yourself!
(NancyL) No rods, this has been declined before, they are NOT alien.
(JWilliam) I will kick you cause your annoying ;o)
(NancyL) Erik, yes, fish will migrate as they are doing now.
(Obany) there is nothing wrong with being an Arab ... it's just because you use that Arab power all of the time that's all
(Er1cle28) hes an annoying aab lol
(Er1cle28) Arab
(GeminiGuy) ahab the Arab
(Er1cle28) lol
(NancyL) DKPowers, the time code was on the HUGE photo I got from Hawaii, and as it states, I left is in to show the relative size of PX complex at this time.
(Matan) you te Arabs invade our country
(Spenky) all i remember is Nancy saying "rods are not alien or spiritual" and did not give the question to the Zetas. She doesn't know about them
(ZetaWolf) Rods over Iraq with pix
(Lombo243) i know i am ;)
(DKPowers) OK, thanks, Nancy!
(Sefi) i think those rods are insects caught on film :)
(Matan) Nancy what do the zetas have to say about the Israelian-Arabian conflict?
(ZetaWolf) take a look at pics ive never seen an insect like that
(Er1cle28) the rods are cyborg-insect spies yall
(Sefi) the insects are flying fast enough and close enough so that the camera doesnt register them well
(eXceed) session is begun?
(Er1cle28) like Minority Report
(Terence) right Nancy, it's important that people not be misled by the likes of McCanney; no doubt the disinformation group will be out in full force as the PX date approaches; thanks.
(Rid) I agree, rods aren't insects but they're just a phenomenon. Not sentient, per zetas.
(Redrick) can zetas comment how the sales of Nancy book are going on please?
(ZetaWolf) Zs say that?
(Xeres) Zeatwolf: Rods could be 4th density animals
(MikeO) We're just warming up, Exceed
(ZetaWolf) thats what im thinking they are 4d
(Obany) Redrick: sigh
(Er1cle28) rods could be our future food source
(NancyL) Matan, the Zetas have addressed the Israeli conflict, in the Government section of ZT.
(Er1cle28) or cancer cure
(ZetaWolf) since we pick up on that vibe maybe we are sensing something
(Rid) I agree with Obany...sigh.
(Er1cle28) we must kill the rods
(Spenky) i think they are either a) a transdensity camera/scanning device or bspirits
(NancyL) Newly arrived, I'm collecting an agenda right now, will start when the hour is here.
(Redrick) Obany: I just interested... if it's good I want wrote my own book
(ZetaWolf) if the Zs have comments on rods on zetatalk plz provide link
(Rid) Write fast Redrick!
(Xeres) Awareness of 4th has increadsed tremendeously
(ZetaWolf) as has psychic events
(DrCadds) Nancy will zetas comment on potential for a extremely large meteor shower in the next 5 days ?
(ZetaWolf) deja vu etc
(Spenky) Nancy only talks about the aftertime or w Bush these days.
(ZetaWolf) at least for me
(Steve23) Will the war be stopped before the shift?
(Sefi) can the zetas confirm to us the exact location of Px in the solar system right now? and not just per distance table
(RegWa) Nancy, please consider speaking for us on paltalk radio, wed night Wake Up USA study group, Stardust Productions live chat
(NancyL) Redrick, if there are sales of the book, I'll never see the $$. Am still $8,000 in debt over that, and the royalies don't come out until late summer.
(Lombo243) Nancy: when will we see a cross instead of a dot?
(Lebrasse) Nancy, r the zetas still intending to intervene in Iraq?
(Rid) Can the zetas tell us whether we can expect to find spiritual guides among us in the after time?
(Redrick) Nancy: ok, thanks
(ILikePie) late summer?? hehehe
(Xeres) Zetawolf: The veils have been lifyed
(QueenVee) NANCY: Proposed question: Will humans experience any physical/mental symptoms as a result of the slowing rotation of the earth, particularly during the week of rotation stoppage?
(Xeres) lifted
(Serbeo) when should we go to our safe place
(ZetaCurio) I bought one Nancy for posterity, no matter which way PX goes....
(Obany) Rid: try to clarify your question or ....
(Rid) Great question QueenVee!
(Er1cle28) headaches/diahrea/constitution
(ZetaWolf) why do some of us seem to march to a totally different beat aye Xeres
(ZetaCurio) could be a great collector's item, hehe
(StevenB2) Nancy , If The Earth's magnetic poles were not so weak could the earth resist the poleshift ?
(Gus12340) Nancy, About what I heard on the Greek news today , the Sea turned RED
(Rid) Ok Obany.
(Spenky) hah Er1cle28, George Bush's problems
(ZetaWolf) rods originally appeared on sightings back a few years ago
(ZetaWolf) and even on a local news program in Cali
(Hubblebub) just curious, how much "too fast" are our clocks going right now? Any idea Anyone?
(MikeO) Q: Any additional tips from the Zetas on who to tell about the shift, once PX is obvious in the daytime?
(Er1cle28) hehe Spenk
(Terence) Gus12340, really sea turned red today
(Sirgrim) can the Zs say how long it's gonna take my body to kick this viral URI it's geting old lol
(NancyL) I am including awakening volcanoes and meteor shower potentials as Q3, will lump other earth changes into that too.
(Serbeo) Hong Kong residents are on news buying everything on the shelfs
(Xeres) Zetawolf: Lots are called, few are chosen
(NancyL) Rid, you spiritual guides are with you always :-)
(Scuba1) ty
(Torbj) Ggus... do you have a link to that?
(Sefi) which sea turned red again?
(DrCadds) Nancy, thank you
(Rid) Nancy, are there starchildren who will take up roles of spiritual guidance for the survivors in the aftertime?
(Vandlou) what Hong Kong going on?
(CnoteQ) what up everyone?
(Xeres) Zetawolf: Lots are called, few CHOOSE
(ZetaWolf) I must have choosen
(NancyL) Queen, they have said that physical no effect when rotation stops, however you can bet this will be a BIG adjustment mentally, etc.
(Okidok) Nancy I see very clearly that you desire about 1 April was confirmed, was it???
(ZetaWolf) ive been awakening in a quickening for the last several years
(Gus12340) Was on TV nwes
(QueenVee) thanks Nancy
(Lato) I've given a call
(NancyL) Steve, if Earth were not a magnet, yes, no pole shift during passage!
(Obany) CnoteQ: there will be a zetatalk session .. Nancy is colleting questions now
(Serbeo) clearing shelfs stocking up SARS
(RegWa) me too Wolf
(Serbeo) on CNN
(Terence) Nancy, since we are so close to the time of the shift, will any major world leaders (i.e. presidents, prime ministers) resign and leave office
(NancyL) Hubble, I have as a SIGN the slowing clock thing, yes.
(Martian2) Why can no one see PX?
(CnoteQ) when will the zetatalk session be?
(Rid) Thank you very much, Nancy. You probably know that you just aanswered a whole ton of questions with that answer
(Vandlou) Serbeo to stay home with?
(Sirgrim) GREAT question Terence
(NancyL) Rid, this is individual oriented Q so not accepted.
(Torbj) on CNN??
(ZetaCurio) yes, generally why is PX seeming to arrive so slowly now?
(NancyL) Okidok? Apr 1st?
(Obany) CnoteQ: in like 6 minuts .... so you can still ask questions
(Serbeo) yes
(Gus12340) No Greek channel
(Rid) No problem Nancy.
(Lombo243) Nancy, what's with the cross will we see one somewhen or will Px stay a dot ball?
(SteveH) Martian2, see for recent sightings
(Windwande) What is Russia doing with the call up of citizens and ships to India?
(Redrick) when the earth will start slowing down, so we will actually notice it?
(MikeO) Isn't it interesting how the known detractors are bowing out of here voluntarily anymore?
(Kaylin) Q When the shift occurs, will there be parts that will NOT be experiencing the equivalent of 9+ magnitude quakes? Stable places on the plates? Or will EVERYTHING shake and crumble?
(Gus12340) I thing was ERT
(NancyL) Terence, this is in the hands of man, re resignations, so cannot predict.
(DrCadds) Geat Q windW
(ZetaCurio) yes the Russian nuclear sub and ship movements into war area is of interest
(ZetaWolf) ZC serious
(ZetaWolf) uh oh
(CnoteQ) Nancy is it true that the Iraqi's have taken back the airport
(ZetaCurio) yes, check Queen's site
(DrCadds) relates to real reason of Iraq invasion
(ZetaWolf) well its natural the rest of the world might get pissed at America for taking over oil
(ZetaCurio) they say this was planned long ago
(Matrixx) Redrick, the days and nights will be much longer.
(Serbeo) when would be a good time to head to the hills?
(NancyL) ZetaCurio, the Zetas addressed this last week. Sep 21, 2002 it was a dot, then a splotch by Dec 28, then took over the whole images by late Mar, 2003.
(Xeres) MikeO: Ginger's gone, wow
(Masisoar) Nancy, the light being reflected from the sun should be hitting the planet itself, thus reflecting.. some possible light off it, any clue why the planet isn't obviously seen yet?
(Martian2) SteveH, Why no pix of PX?
(ZetaWolf) China and Russia lost alot of money in oil deals with Iraq already
(Matan) QV why you're not undating your site??
(ZetaCurio) thanks NancyL
(ZetaWolf) wars always start over scarce resources
(Rid) Nancy, many people have been reporting a marked chane in the way that they feel. Is this something that is real or is it a result of anxiety?
(NancyL) Likewise on unaided eye viewing, starts as a dot, but in photos is a splotch already!
(Vandlou) are there any more media attempts coming like movies to get the message across?
(SteveH) Martian2, lots of pictures, check ZT site
(ILikePie) Martian2 you're right.. thats the only question right now :) Why cant we see it??
(NancyL) A parallel process. Go read the Trends link on the Planet X Sighting page, and look at the Stampeded link also, to get oriented.
(KarenSue) Nancy would PX twinkle?
(ZetaWolf) ive also seen numerous reports of ppl in Florida with bad headaches
(ILikePie) NO ONE has seen it
(NancyL) As it comes closer, gets bigger, tail haze apparent first, etc.
(BushShrub) Nancy: is PX inside the orbit of Saturn, as the distance chart says??
(ZetaWolf) seen more chemtrails over my area as well
(Xeres) Nancy: Does the entire moon+dust complex revolve around PX?
(CnoteQ) ILikePie your full of shit
(Vandlou) and why was the CORE movie such a disappointment except that it was made
(Sirgrim) gonna go on the roof of the building tonight hopefully to get above some of the lights and see what i can see, will have to work until i can get outta the city to look
(CnoteQ) I can't even count the people I've talked to who've seen it
(FreiNZ) Nancy - have YOU seen the planet X complex again?
(Martian2) SteveH, those are tiny specks. I mean why no PX picks since people claim to see it with naked eye?
(Okidok) Nancy are you sure these splotch is not man made?
(Jeremy32) KarenSe: PX is not a star, so it doesn't twinkle. It flickers at the sides
(Scuba1) can zetas comment on the change in human behavior just be4 the shift?
(Sefi) the Core movie sucked :)
(DavidSmit) Steve, yes there are a lot of pictures on the site, but when I look at the spot for PX, which is supposed to be visible right now, I can not see anything, I spent two hours last night studying the sky and taking digital images
(ZetaWolf) the Core movie was redone
(Er1cle28) yes the movie sucked
(Rid) Nancy, I know that the planet doesn't affect the sun but I have noticed that the sun appears to be brighter. Is this due to the effects on the planet or just me?
(ZetaWolf) try to find the old trailer for it back in Jjanuary Feb before they remade it
(ZetaWolf) took out all mention of "poleshift"
(Elfling) Greetings earthlings
(KarenSue) ok thanks Jeremy so now my question is when it flickers would it appear to be reddish on the left and sorta blue on right
(Xeres) NnacyL: There are so many chatters asking you Q how do you keep up?
(GeminiGuy) ZetaWolf, was the whole plot redone?
(NancyL) For those new to these session, debunkers made statements that are NOT true during the busy times, hoping others THINK them true.
(Sirgrim) i've also noticed my eyes being a lot more sensitive in the last year, any coinsidence?
(Elfling) 200:00 UTC
(dBug) Nancy, can the Z's confirm the actual distance of PX, as its on the charts ?
(Vandlou) Nancy can you comment about the Core movie being redone?
(Edoeimai) Nancy: Q: Is there any tagging or marking of any kind on the bodies of humans of either STO or STS being performed by the Council or others?
(ZetaWolf) Gemini yes if anyone has the old trailer they can see this
(NancyL) An example, Mas statement why Px is not visible yet.
(Serbeo) will Mars contribute to the earth changes
(Vandlou) to suck
(DavidSmit) I would also like Nancy to address some of the responses she has been sedning people who are interested in seeing Planet X, buth when they question her, she resorts to swearing
(ZetaWolf) used to have a link to it from zetatalk site
(NancyL) Please go to the TEAM page and read the reports from all over the world, and see the photos!
(ILikePie) :s
(Steve23) will there be an electrical discharge between PX and Earth at the passage?
(ZetaWolf) first 15 seconds of the old trailer showed a simulated poleshift event and said earth was overdue for another one
(Jeremy32) KarenSue: I think its mainly red, and perhaps brownish in places from the dust tail
(NancyL) One needs a clear sky, no clouds, no light pollution, to see it.
(Matan) Nancy - what caused the strange nature phenomenon after the Exodos ? like in the war of Joshua against the kings of south ? ? ?
(Rid) Yes steve23. But is won't affect us.
(NancyL) Right now, it is very tiny, but reflecting sunlight.
(Michaells) I remember that Zetawolf
(Ptomais) where can i find that trailer?
(Sirgrim) lemme see if i have that trailer zetawolf, forgot to look for it, thanks for reminding me
(QueenVee) NANCY: The Russian government is currently moving warships into the Arabian sea, and in the process of calling up 175,000 young people for military service. Is this related to the poleshift and/or the war in Iraq?
(N18) Q: Why reincarnated entities who committed suicide seem unusually happy as children? What's the role of biological memory in this?
(ZetaCurio) no haze like i have here in western NC
(Masisoar) Ahhh Thanks Nancy :-)
(ZetaWolf) you cant find the old one ive tried maybe on kazaalite
(DKPowers) not to debunk the whole Px thing but what if Nancy is being screwed by fake photos of Px???
(NancyL) OK, my clock says the hour has started, so I will post the SIGNS ...
(KarenSue) Ok thanks Jeremy
(ZetaWolf) I wish I had saved it
(Okidok) yes... why is not px visible yet... i don`t see nothing with my 20x80 binocular
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #1: Blitch BITCH
(NancyL) "The guy making all the threats of punishment and revenge on the TT forums is: Michael J. Blitch, 1027 S. Rainbow Blvd. #170, Las Vegas, NV 89145; E-mail:, He is also the one spamming viruses using zetatalk as the return address. If your computer is infected or you were spammed, send complaints to:,"
(NancyL) "His websites include:,, His domain info is: Whois reports: Domain servers in listed order: TALKBOY.EMERALDORB.COM, TALKBOY2.EMERALDORB.COM, Domains by Proxy, Inc., 15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160, PMB353, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, United States, Private, Registration, (480) 624-2588."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #2: April Fools Day JOKE
(NancyL) NASA Confirms Planet X, April 1, 2003
(NancyL) "Preparations underway to handle a close encounter with newly discovered planet in our solar system. The military has agreed to a request by NASA to use US spy satellites to capture detailed images of what appears to be a new planet in our solar system. While theories about Planet X have roamed the internet since itīs inception, todays brief announcement is the first confirmation of the actual existance of the planet."
(NancyL) "Many Planet X websites state that it is a brown dwarf star, that is trailing a set of planets, like a string of pearls, and will be visible in our skies this spring. These conspiracy sites also state that Planet X may come so close to Earth that it will cause the Earth to stop spinning, and flip the North and South poles, an event known as a Pole Shift."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #3: Rotation SLOWING
(NancyL) "From April 1 8:00 AM to Apr 2 8:00 AM my computer clock has gained 8 seconds against the EMSC clock I am comparing to. A difference of 8 seconds."
(NancyL) SIGNS of the TIMES #4: Weather ERRATIC
(NancyL) "I woke at 4.30AM in order to log onto mIRC for the IRC, but almost all of Perth was in
(NancyL) blackout, due to an electrical storm. I have witnessed many electrical storms in Perth, but this was like no other in it's ferocity and sheer number of strikes. There was literally NO break in strikes - the sky was constantly lit by jagged cloud-to-cloud lightning, and every few seconds a massive bolt would touch down."
(NancyL) "The sound was awe-inspiring - I can only describe it as rolling thunder puncuated by great "ripping" sounds as bolts struck around my neighbourhood. This went on for nearly 12 hours, only to begin again during the day. More rain was dropped in one night than has fallen all year. It was the wettest May day in over 40 years, and this on the heels of a year of bone-dry drought conditions."
(NancyL) END of SIGNS of the TIMES
(NancyL) I will start with Q1.
(NancyL) Q1: Can the Zeta's comment on the current situation in the Iraq war as compared to the picture the US media is painting?
(NancyL) ZT: There has, from the start of the war in Iraq, been a presentation to the American people contrary to the facts.
(NancyL) ZT: Other countries, with reporters on the scene, report otherwise, but these discrepancies are not addressed during the session done by the American military or White House spokeperson.
(NancyL) ZT: A war that was anticipated to be resolved, a done deed, within 3 days, per the hype the White House was spewing, has dragged into two weeks.
(NancyL) ZT: Setbacks include NOT being allowed to loft cruise missiles over Turkey or Saudi land, as they are landing in the wrong COUNTRY on occasion, including the soil they were supposed to sail over.
(NancyL) ZT: This, despite hype that they are so accurate they can find the proper chimney to swoop down, so directed by the technology.
(NancyL) ZT: Cities are reported to be secure, then over a week later the cities is still SLOWLY becoming secure, day by day.
(NancyL) ZT: The media reports statements by the American generals, the Bush Administration, congradulating themselves.
(NancyL) ZT: Where does the truth lie?
(NancyL) ZT: As with public opinion polls, which can be manipulated endlessly to show a support that never existed for this war, the facts can be manipulated.
(NancyL) ZT: Select photos session, showing starving children grabbing food from the hands of soldiers, can be interpreted as a welcoming gesture.
(NancyL) ZT: Tanks and planes in the desert, soldiers playing cards and cleaning their guns, are these vitory photos?
(NancyL) ZT: Imagine the number of bombs dropped on an American city, several thousand over days, continuous booms, and not telling WHERE they will land by mistake.
(NancyL) ZT: What would this do to the citizenry of that city?
(NancyL) ZT: Of course the facts, the truth, are not being reported. The facts are as follows:
(NancyL) ZT: The invasion was SO resented and rebuffed by the neighboring countries, as was the invasion in the first place, that the so-called coalition which is in fact the US and Brits, had but a single small port to invade from.
(NancyL) ZT: Overflights over Israel and Jordan are allowed, but are limited elsewhere.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the troops now spread all over Iraq are in essence ISOLATED!
(NancyL) ZT: Supply lines are streached from Kuwait inland, across hostile territory.
(NancyL) ZT: Should the troops run into problems, the supply lines cut, the overflights be unable to discern what troops are what, what kind of a situation might ensue?
(NancyL) ZT: As the ambushes during sand storms showed, there is little to stop the angry Iraqis from retaliating.
(NancyL) ZT: Supposed territory siezed is hardly in hands friendly to the invasion.
(NancyL) ZT: The kingpin who asserts this rights, is arrogant, and has bombed the heck out of a country for NO reason except hunger for oil, is not held in esteem.
(NancyL) ZT: Should problems ensue, where the supply lines that carry both food, water, and amo be disrupted, ALL around those sadly isolated military personnel, it could get very ugly.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, just as the terribly weak economy is avoided in the news, where the bank rate in the US is as low as it has been since WWII,
(NancyL) ZT: where the stock market world wide and in the Nasdaq is 1/4 to 1/3 its value at the start of 2000,
(NancyL) ZT: where there is nothing but bad news, companies going belly up, layoffs, and bankruptcies,
(NancyL) ZT: is NOT addressed in the news, but avoided by continuous hype about the war, so the real problems with this war are not being addressed.
(NancyL) ZT: It is a house of cards.
(NancyL) ZT: Bin Laden has NOT been found, had NOT been killed, is STILL alive and well in Aphganistan, but don't think about THAT.
(NancyL) ZT: Instead, pretend that Iraq is Bin Laden, and as we have talked of NOTHING but Iraq for months, and asserted endlessly that the US has secret PROOF of a link to Bin Laden, never proved, don't think about the LACK of proof, but assume that the Bush Administration is rooting out terrorists by going ot Iraq.
(NancyL) ZT: This house of cards assume that a win in Iraq, with oil flowing to the US like honey, will distract the American public from the reality of what has just happened.
(NancyL) ZT: More oil, suddenly cheaper, will boost to Stock Market, so the theory goes.
(NancyL) ZT: Since wars cost money, all those bombs exploded upon the heads of innocent civilians in Iraq need to be replaced, a market boost again.
(NancyL) ZT: And the war mongers WIN, or so the theory goes!
(NancyL) ZT: But what if the house of cards collapses! Does not hold!
(NancyL) ZT: Iraq is not won, Bin Laden reappears, the Stock Market so desperately held up by frantic buying and selling among conspirators, an illegal act, falls to desperate selling with NO buying.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the fear that this house of cards WILL collapse is why the invasion is talked endlessly as a success, a fantastic success, congradualations in the media by the general and the White House.
(NancyL) ZT: My, my, would it not be wonderful if we all could congradulate ourselves on being a success, and thus MAKE it so!.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(Tizza) NANCY : can the Z's confirm wether Russia is about to enter the area for "wargames" perhaps with India?
(DKPowers) Q: Which party should we believe more in the propaganda war: Iraqis or US?
(Ekim) Why does the Council of Worlds need to take 'stronger measures' in Iraq if the shift will soon destroy Bush's ability to make trouble anyway?
(Sirgrim) followup question: is the council going to allow interferance on those isolated supply lines to disrupt the power?
(Serbeo) when will the insurance Co.s' go belly up?
(SkyX) Why are we talking about war and Bin Laden instead of PX?
(Okidok) why does the zetas failed on the 1 April visible bye nakend eye this is the MAIN issue not the Irak war or Bin Laden or others ... why why if they are so accurate ... is there a deception goin on?
(Matan) plz tell me what's the safest place in Israel during the poleshift ?
(dBug) Nancy, why care about oil, money, if PX is coming next month??
(OceanTree) I've got a problem retrievineg the CNN-confirmation page has it been removed?
(Bo-Zack) Hello Nancy, How are you? is it possible for the Zetas to adress the validity of (in Australia a secret sub found) or the SARS origin? (I apologize if this has been adressed already) Thanks. And if I may say, the sighns given by Zetatalk (ie weather changes) is clearely true. The weather here in Toronto is crazy! Thanks again.
(Vandlou) Have the Zetas projected an earlier date for Px passage than is accurate knowing most would be tardy to prepare? Just a thought. Cant see it very well yet! and am looking nightly.
(Rid) It sounds as if the current government has learned something by watching "Wag The Dog".
(Xeres) Sorry, Nancy, but some of us have access to other media than the US ones and Americans are winning this war and Iraqis are dying like flies. Read between the lines. Besides internet surfing will give you the right picture of situation in Iraq. Nancy have you been following the news? Q for ZT: Does the moons+dust complex revolve around PX? That would explain the blinking being reported.
(Martian2) Nancy, you earlier said that slow clocks was a sign of slowing rotation. Now you say fast clocks is sign of the same. Nancy, who claimed that the war would end in 3 days? Nancy, None claimed the missiles had 100% accuracy. Only zetas dumb enough to claim 100% Do Zetas predict, or just enjoy schadenfreude?
(ZetaWolf) we had a similiar t-storm today in Tennessee 5:30 - 6 am lots of strikes very close together absolutely magnificent re: sign of times from Nancy
(Elfling) Very interesting analysis Nancy.
(ILikePie) Why all this war talk? Why cant we see the planet? The war is almost over.. so forget it.
(PSI_Brain) Nancy, what do you say about WWIII? has it already begun?
(Serbeo) will the economy get worse?
(QueenVee) NANCY: The Russian government is currently moving warships into the Arabian sea, and in the process of calling up 175,000 young people for military service. Is this related to the poleshift and/or the war in Iraq?
(dBug) Nancy, why care about oil, money, if PX is coming next month??
(Lebrasse) Nancy, will the US then WIN this war in Iraq? zetas previously said regime change would NOT occur ?
(JustMejb) Nancy how about the shift to 4th density... simultaneous to pole shift
(Obany) IlikePie: check
(Berdwin) How are Zeta's in 4th Density to see what's in 3rd Density while still being in 4th?
(Elfling) Excuse me MArtian2 but Rumsfeld was pretty ARROGANT about the weapons' precision
(ILikePie) yea yea...
(N18) Q: What is the actual percentage of American who support the war? Support Bush?
(NancyL) Ocean, I think that page was only valid during April 1st, the fools joke, etc.
(Vandlou) pls answer QueenVee's C
(ILikePie) thats no answer
(RedEye01) Martian2 is full of shit
(Obany) JustMejb: has been answered already ... will occur later on ...
(RedEye01) :-)
(ZetaWolf) bummer on April fools page
(ZetaWolf) tried that link myself
(JustMejb) what do you think of the info from Cassieopeans
(CyberVViz) What will happen if another country strikers the US in Iraq, taken advantage they have shoot most misiles off ?
(Xeres) I thought this channel was about PX, not the war in Iraq
(Hubblebub) Actually media at least here in Scandinavia appear to be confused. Mainly because Invading site reports that they have secured this or that spot - then comes another new saying it is not so. And there are still battles... difficult to say how the war really is going
(TomGreen) Nancy, can you answer a question of mine?
(NancyL) Martian, your atomic clocks are SLOWER than your manual clocks which are FASTER. It is the difference, the loss of leap seconds per DAY, that should have your attention.
(DKPowers) Q: Which party should we believe more in the propaganda war: Iraqis or US?
(Josephgoa) Nancy i am currently living in Indonesia working for an Indonesian firm i have read your entire website and others to see what i can make out of it and i have just one question i need to know when to get out
(Jacque175) wow
(Jacque175) thanks
(MichaelCu) local poll today shows 68% support for Bush and the war in LA
(SkyX) I have an 18in Telescope and I don't see PX..
(ZetaWolf) local fixed polls MCU?
(Xeres) MichaelCu: How was it?
(N18) Q: What is the actual percentage of American who support the war? Support Bush?
(MichaelCu) ZetaWolf.... California is one of the more Democratic states
(NancyL) ZT to N18: the polls present an approval rating for the War of some 60% or more, but the actual support is in the 30's.
(Jacque175) i have to ask this question
(QueenVee) DKPowers: you mean which country's LIES should you believe more? how about neither?
(ZetaWolf) MCU I Know i was there I was voting for Gore
(Hubblebub) I heard that almost 90% of people in Britain are against this war
(Jacque175) when will PX be visible?
(Obany) SkyX: check out and try again
(NancyL) ZT: The polls present an approval rating for Bush overall of 60% or more, but the actual aproval is in the 20's!
(Okidok) SkyX hi there take of your blindfole lol
(Ptomais) 92% agains war is not Brittain, it's in Spain
(Jacque175) i look for some sign of it almost every night
(NancyL) ZT: What has gone RIGHT for an American, since Bush took office?
(MichaelCu) that's ok ZetaWolf, I voted for the winner
(Elfling) Hubble absolutely right. All English are against it
(TomGreen) Why do so many fail to see the planet at the give location. I have spent countless hours trying to locate Planet X and can not see it
(Josephgoa) i am origonaly from Oregon and i have my dad there watchin for px but hte weather had been bad and i live in a city where the stars are really hard to see
(Elfling) All but Blair, sadly
(SkyX) Is the guy that took pics of px with binocluars is here.? If so shows how you did that....
(Sirgrim) followup question: is the council going to allow interferance on those isolated supply lines to disrupt the power?
(Hubblebub) and in LA 68% support for Bush? Feels strange
(ZetaWolf) considering that Bush staged a coup and took over you didnt vote for the winner
(Spenky) is this photo real?
(GeminiGuy) Nancy, important question who will win american idol?
(Longint) my Q would be like... why are you placing bullshit on the sightings page. thank you.
(Bo-Zack) Will SARS continue to claim lives, or will humanity find a way arround it, or is it just a preperation for the Ploe Shift?
(NancyL) ZT: Lose off jobs, homelessness, medical care ignored, tax money to the rich, the retirees neglected, the SS money spend on an unnecessary war, their 401 funds in the toilet.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, as most suspect, the polls are SO wrong that backs are turned when the numbers are announced. The synicism of these polls and the media runs deep.
(NancyL) End ZT to N18.
(ZetaWolf) yep had a bad feeling when he won or said he won more like stopped the count staged the coup
(Matan) isn't internet posting is against the world's concil rolls?
(Okidok) the Hawaii image is truly a a fake
(Torbj) US have 300000+ troops down there...and now Russia is going to send 175000+ this a safe place during poleshift?
(NancyL) SkyX, there are such a thing as a telescopic binocs, my understanding.
(TomGreen) Why has it come to resorting to fake images of Planet X.
(Martian2) Nancy, you earlier said that slow clocks was a sign of slowing rotation. Now you say fast clocks is sign of the same.
(JustMejb) Why talk about war America etc.... in light of what your are saying
(Martian2) Nancy, you earlier said that slow clocks was a sign of slowing rotation. Now you say fast clocks is sign of the same.
(NancyL) OK, going onto Q2
(Josephgoa) i am just looking for a little more information
(NancyL) Q2: Can the Zs comment on the Pacific Northwest Earthquake called slow or silent. It goes from OR to Vancouver BC It is in process and has been for some time. started Feb 26 and continues. Over all measues 6.7 but energy release is slow but continuous very little shaking experts stumped.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated in the past that quake patterns going into the shift would take peculiar paths, all indicative of what is coming.
(NancyL) ZT: The first change was the incidence of deep quakes, where the Earth core SHRANK so that plates locked down into each other.
(NancyL) ZT: This occured in the quake statistics from 1985 to the early 1990's.
(NancyL) ZT: Then during a slow increase in Richter increase and frequency, domino quakes emerged.
(NancyL) ZT: This emerged in 1999, as noted by Troubled Times during the Turkey quake.
(NancyL) ZT: Nancy documented this as a push from west to east, within a day, from the plate experiencing the quake to the edge of that plate or into the NEXT plate.
(NancyL) ZT: Where before, the quakes were erratic, now they were pushing each other, plate-wise.
(NancyL) ZT: Then another period of increasing Richter size and incidence.
(NancyL) ZT: Then, emerged in early 2003 a pattern of global quakes, where the whole globe experienced quakes almost simlutaneously.
(NancyL) ZT: This was preceeded by a type of domino quake, where instantaneously a quake on one part of the plate, an edge, a fault line along the edge, resulted almost immediately in a quake on the OTHER edge of the plaet.
(NancyL) ZT: This occurred during the time of the Alaska quake, that time frame.
(NancyL) ZT: Stretching along the Atlantic has been recorded during 2002, when trail derailments, exploding buildlings, and sudden sinking of land occurred.
(NancyL) ZT: In the Pacific, compression has resulted in increasing volcanic activity along the ring of fire, but ALSO in movement of the continents in the direction we have predicted they would move during the shift!
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that new land would emerge between the tip of South America and Africa.
(NancyL) ZT: This is caused by a plate that extents into the Pacific being PUSHED DOWN there, so it pops up between the tips.
(NancyL) ZT: During this, the tip of South American moves INTO the Pacific.
(NancyL) ZT: This has repercussions in the Carribean, and Central America.
(NancyL) ZT: This part of the world, the Carribean, is obviously in a stretch zone, as roads and fences can be seen under the waves off Bermuda.
(NancyL) ZT: Strecthing in this part of the world will cause volcanoes to ooze, explode, as the surface will be weaker.
(NancyL) ZT: As the Pacific pushes under the NOrth American continent, simultaneiously, what changes can be expected there?
(NancyL) ZT: These Pacific plates are moving UP as well as UNDER, as the compression goes in all directions.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, there is continuous pressure for the slip-slide of the many fault lines along this stretch to MOVE, which they are doing.
(NancyL) ZT: That this is NEW, a type of quake not reported in the past, should not be astonihsing.
(NancyL) ZT: Where are the quake statistics to compare against, 3,600 years ago?
(NancyL) ZT: What should the world expect, during these next weeks, quake wise?
(NancyL) ZT: Examine the Scripted Drama scenario we gave many months ago.
(NancyL) ZT: We stated that as the South Pole dragged upward toward the Equator, the stretched Atlantic would rip.
(NancyL) ZT: We stated that this would simultaneously result in a ripping of the St Lawrence Seaway, and the African Rift, and the Red Sea.
(NancyL) ZT: We stated that the continents of Africa and Europe, released from the tension of the Atlantic stretch, would RUSH eastward, plunging India under the Hyimlayans suddently.
(NancyL) ZT: Take this in little steps, quake-wise.
(NancyL) ZT: Stretching results in quakes, as the plates underneath, in layers like flacky pie crust, release.
(NancyL) ZT: Strecthing results in land NOT supporting prior buildings or roads or bridges, which suddenly collapse.
(NancyL) ZT: Stretching also results in volcanoes oozing more lava, or if the skin of the Earth thins, an explosion.
(NancyL) ZT: This could occur in ALL those areas we have listed as expected to rip greatly: Red Sea, African Rift, etc.
(NancyL) ZT: Compression where the tip of South America is pulled into the Pacific has repercussions on all edges of that massive South American plate.
(NancyL) ZT: India can expect to experience sudden quakes and dropping sea levels.
(NancyL) ZT: Australia can expect to find the oceans along the westerns shores to be invading the land.
(NancyL) ZT: And points north along the Pacific, which will compress in ALL directions, can expect to find land either slip-sliding continuously, or in jerks, depending upon the known fault line behaviour.
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter.
(ILikePie) Pfff.. we can read all this on your site... Why can't we see the planet?
(Eizekel) Wouldn't it be much more beneficial to discuss preperation and the aftertime?
(Vandlou) How can we watch the quakes--not being accurately reported? Links i think i saw on ZT good?
(DonMB) Nancy, is it correct that you personally saw the PX complex?
(Josephgoa) Nancy i ould like to know when the radio interference os going to make it impossible to fly long disstances like from Indonesia to the west coast
(MikeF) is May 15th still the date?
(Xeres) Congress has DENIED Bush the 500$ billions he requested to rebuild Iraq. Instead, it is going to be used to HELP Americans and the economy which is on the verge of COLLAPSING. At last, CONGRESS is doing the right thing. Bravo!
(Longint) i modified my Q like this. why the z's allow placing evident bullshit placing on the sightings page. do they think they are doing good with this..? i doubt that this is for the good.
(Serbeo) the St. Larwrance seaway will have a volcano?
(Matan) Mike - no!
(MikeF) what
(Eccles) Will the St. Lawrence Seaway rip be great enough to cause exploding volcanoes in its river bed?
(NancyL) DomMN, I saw it twice on Mar 26 when we had ultra clear skies here, cloudless.
(MikeF) Nancy will answer
(Matan) plz tell me what's the safest place in Israel during the poleshift ?
(PSI_Brain) Nancy: Will all this happen on MAY 2003?
(Obany) PSI_Brain: the safest qountry just doens't exists
(TomGreen) Nancy, did you see it, I am having trouble seeing it, I have spent countless hours and am unable to see anything. Can you address this?
(Eizekel) PSI: YES, late in May
(Durandal) Thanks Nancy and Z's very informative answer
(NancyL) SAME red light flash in the SAME place in the sky, 20 minutes apart, seen from places miles apart from each other.
(Xeres) Serbeo: What do you think is Mt-Royal?
(Hubblebub) Matan, I don't think Israel is good at all due to volcanic ash. Read TT
(DonMB) Thank you, Nancy
(MikeF) Good question Tom Green
(Obany) Longint: and why do you tink it's bullshit ...
(Walt2525) Nancy, May 15th is the earliest, June 1st is the latest, what is the most probable date for the pole shift?
(Serbeo) Hmmm
(NancyL) Joseph, air flights is increasingly dangerous, so there is no cutoff point.
(Elfling) Nancy, When you say the Pacific Plates are moving Up and Under, would that result on a much higher MSL elevation for both Mexico and the Central USA?
(NancyL) Its a lineal thing.
(WinstonS) Check for light pollution around your area with
(GeminiGuy) it should be exponential at this point, not lineal
(Josephgoa) right thanks
(Longint) Obany cos the maker of the photo , you know which am i speaking about, did not even know where Orion is.
(Hillel) helloween
(TomGreen) Nancy, can you give me a date when Planet X will be as visible as Sirius?
(NancyL) Ecc, St. Lawrence does not have volcanoes.
(Xeres) linear
(ILikePie) the date was last week Tom
(ILikePie) :)
(Eccles) But, widening crust in St. Lawrence MAY produce exploding volcanoes
(Serbeo) cool
(TomGreen) Thanks, ILikePie, Nancy, can you verify?
(Longint) btw I saw nothing there and I doubt the validity of those images, for example this
(Earth420) Can the Zs comment on the increase in the suns activity, as if it is not due to inbound PX complex, the reason?
(Xeres) Nancy: Who is Naji?
(NancyL) Elfling, no, Central America will ultimately get ground up during the crunch, as will Carribean.
(Josephgoa) i also wanted to know if the zetas thing all of the Indonesian islands are oing to be inundated i have alot of friends here and we have told them if this happens to go to the highcountry here on Sulawesi
(Evo) Nancy Lieder will on on the radio here: Nancy Lieder will be on the radio here:
(PSI_Brain) Nancy: Since beginning 2001 I have been feeling something coming up, now Iraq war happened, but this is not it, from 0-100% what do you think how high the chances are it will happen on may?
(NancyL) Mexico as all along the West Coast will get a bump UP a bit, does not do badly except for the big volcanoes, etc.
(TomGreen) Nancy, please discuss the primary issue here, Planet X and it's visiblity, not the war or the economy, just the plain facts
(Josephgoa) most of there mountains on this island are not vocanic
(Rid) Nancy is there a correlation between the apparent brightening of the sun and the approach of Px?
(Jeremy32) Xeres: He's a Dutchman who has helped to analyse the PX images from the scope in Arizona
(MikeF) Nancy when will X become visible to us?
(Obany) Logint: keep on trying ... there are some folks who had to look for like several days ..
(Xeres) Who is Naji?
(MikeO) Note: Next week's ZT may be at a different UTC time because of the change to Daylight Savings Time in the USA.
(RedEye01) PSI-Brain, read the site, it explains all
(Elfling) so Mexico City for example, is a disaster in the making with 25+ million people living in it
(Okidok) hy are we talking about war and Bin Laden instead of PX?
(Okidok) why does the zetas failed on the 1 April visible bye nakend eye this is the MAIN issue not the Irak war or Bin Laden or others ... why why if they are
(NancyL) Joseph, yes, Indonesia suffers, also due to the rush of water from the Pacific to the Indian Oceans.
(Elfling) and two huge volcanoes only a few miles away
(Spenky) is this photo real?
(Redrick) Nancy: why the channeled information from Sun God tell us that the Pole Shift will happen in 1998 and not later than 2001?
(Longint) Obany I could only advise you and the others: DO NOT believe to second hand sightings, thats all.
(Lightspee) Extreme weather: we have ultra strong wind here
(Josephgoa) but is there safe places
(TomGreen) Again, Nancy, you were just asked about 5 questions relating to the same thing, please address them
(Bo-Zack) absurd weather: forzen ice here
(N18) NancyL: Can you comment on QueenVee Q about Russia sending troops to india?
(NancyL) OK, and other debunkers, the naked eye, unaided eye, sightings are ongoing, MANY reports, and photos too!
(Torbj) US have 300000+ troops down there...and now Russia is going to send 175000+ this a "safe place" during poleshift?
(Josephgoa) i can't poack all my firends and tacke them home with me what do i tell them
(RedEye01) okidok, u assume for all, if just a handful of ppl saw it on that date it was a true prediction
(ILikePie) the team thing again..
(ILikePie) why cant scientists not see it?
(TomGreen) Wait, stop with the debunkers talk, I am just a open-minded guy trying to ask a question
(Hubblebub) Okidok, I don't think this visibility thing is a problem. Some claim that they have seen PX. Some have not even if they have tried. In a week or so things will become obvious - it will clearly appear in the sky or not
(Walt2525) Nancy, May 15th is the earliest, June 1st is the latest, what is the most probable date for the pole shift?
(Redrick) can Zetas comment why the channeled information from Sun God tell us that the Pole Shift will happen in 1998 and not later than 2001 ?
(NancyL) N18, I think the Russian movement should wait for a comment. I too am waiting for the breath to be taken out of the body, but I don't want to pre-empt anything the Council will do, etc.
(Xeres) Nancy: sorry, St-Lawrence seaway stretches alsmost all the way to Wisconsin
(TomGreen) You say there are many reports, ok, fine, but what about all the reports of nothing there, zip, nadda, Why is this, why are the images being faked?
(Hubblebub) walt, I think zetas said they wont give out the exact date as it would give those in power to much of an advantage
(TomGreen) Oh brother
(3j) NancyL, ZT going to give a new date for when PX is visible by everyone?
(Rid) TomGreen, disingenious of you.
(Walt2525) Oh ok
(Xeres) Galactic explo is here, Welcome GEX
(Rid) Thanks MikeO.
(Bouche1) Nancy, the CNN link doesn't work
(ILikePie) hmmm
(NancyL) TomGreen, I went out the NEXT night, when there was a slight cloud cover, and the very bright stars I had seen the night before, Mar 26, were dimmer, and could NOT see Px.
(Longint) TomGreen: the question is not that why these images are faked, rather, WHY Nancy placing them on the website.
(Rid) Bye TomGreen.
(Okidok) Redeye he he a handfull of people who just imagen sights
(NancyL) Now we are overcast like crazy, but the first night we are clear!!! I'm OUT there peeking!
(TomGreen) Ok ok, fine, please do kick me for asking a valid question.
(Obgy) TomGreen, NancyL said "I went out the nEXT night, when there was a slight cloud cover, and the very bright stars I had seen the night before, Mar 26, were dimmer, and could NOT see Px."
(Josephgoa) my aunt said she thought she saw it
(MikeO) Tom Green is STATING they are faked, rather than having an open mind.
(LASZO) Nancy thankyou and the zetas for all the valuable info. regards
(RedEye01) Okidok, says u
(Obany) Logint: stop implying that those pictured are fake ... you can't realy say that you know
(NancyL) 3J, the date Px is visible to everyone, depending upon clear skies in their area, etc. is Mar 26.
(TomGreen) I am not trying to be insultful or dispariging. I am asking Nancy valid questiosn
(Obany) just because you can't see it as yet, doesn't mean that the pictures are fake
(3j) thanks NancyL
(Rid) You can answer it yourself Tom.
(Josephgoa) but my dad coun't tell but you have to take into fact that his eyes aint wha tthey used to be
(NancyL) Now, that is EVERYONE, but not if they are 1. trapped in a building and cannot see the sky, 2. blind, 3. etc.
(PSI_Brain) you might not be able to see them because of ligh pollution
(Smash_CPU) was supposed to be visiable some time ago...
(Obany) don't get on the same line as TomGreen etc
(Elfling) JosephGoa do you live in Goa, india?
(Obany) or I will even kick you :)
(Longint) Obany btw did YOU see it??
(PSI_Brain) GOA is cool
(Smash_CPU) been clear as a whistle here a few times.. nothin unusual.. sky like always
(Xeres) Oobany: yes tell them to stuck it up their.. you know what
(Leftfield) NancyL - Hang in there!
(TomGreen) But what are people going to believe, the sky blank sky they look in or a picture on a newsgrroup?
(Obany) Logint: clouds etc
(Serbeo) get out of the city to see it
(Ryanna) moo
(Elfling) Yep Goa rocks.... lovely place
(Josephgoa) no i live in Makassar Indonisia
(SkyX) Can someone show how to take pics os Px with binocluars!
(Elfling) oh i see..
(TomGreen) I mean with todays technology my son can fake an image, so what does that mean? Well it means we need to look with our own eys
(NancyL) I have one last Q3 which I will quickly do ...
(NancyL) Q3 Will zetas comment on potential for a extremely large meteor shower in the next 5 days ?
(Elfling) Ryanna hola linda ;)
(NancyL) ZT: Reports of meters that break up in the atmosphere, falling in pieces to the ground, are on the increase.
(NancyL) ZT: This on the heels of reports over the past year or so that large stones have falled in places like Russia.
(NancyL) ZT: and Brazil.
(NancyL) ZT: Within the past few years, green meteors have been streaking through the skies, and fire balls as meteors burn.
(NancyL) ZT: What will the uptick BE during the weeks ahead of the passage?
(NancyL) ZT: Unlike the quake increase, which we have described as lineal going into the shift, meteors increase on a faster pace.
(NancyL) ZT: This is because the trash that it being disrupted by the approaching Planet X has a larger PUSH as it comes closer.
(NancyL) ZT: We equated the increasing traffic, years ago, to a swimmer moving his foot in the water.
(NancyL) ZT: The foot itself does not move trash about in the water, but the water motion does.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the water pushed can affect motion FAR from the foot.
(NancyL) ZT: A gentle paddle by a foot, back and forth, results in a gentle motion in trash.
(NancyL) ZT: A strong paddle by a foot will dislodge more trash, and move it more violently, and push it further in the water.
(NancyL) ZT: It will get to the point that falling meteors are almost a daily affair, like the erratic weather, almost past comment by the worried citizens of Earth.
(NancyL) ZT: The news will stop reporting falling boulders, stones, just as they have stopped reporting trail derailments or other worrysome indicators.
(NancyL) ZT: You hear about this the FIRST time it hits the news, then now, as a squash order on such types of news is issued.
(NancyL) ZT: There is little the common man can do to protect themselves from the increase.
(NancyL) ZT: This is true of lighting stikes and other sudden death occurrences, not in the control of the individual.
(NancyL) ZT: Take comfort that it is SELDOM that a meteor does strike a given spot.
(NancyL) ZT: What will result will be distruption of satellite or radio transmission.
(NancyL) ZT: Meteor traffic will strike the satellites, a major reason for our prediction of disruption in this area.
(NancyL) ZT: Likewise, it creates a cloud of sorts, so that radio or TV reception cannot come through clearly.
(NancyL) ZT: Interference, a sign that the common man should get into short wave radio, and PRACTICE with their friends and family!
(NancyL) ZT: What are you waiting for, a boulder to fall on your head before you wake up to the communication situation besettting you?
(NancyL) End ZT on this matter and end of hour!
(Josephgoa) is it true that someone in the southern hemeisphere should be able to see PX better than someone in the northern hemisphere
(WinstonS) See: and ('Meteorite' hits girl)
(SkyX) Has anyone on This Chat seen PX .... Honestly!
(TomGreen) Ok Nancy, lets talk
(SteveH) thanks Nancy and Zeta's!
(Asx) daylight sighting yet?
(Okidok) MY God are you still expecting a poleshift, without any evidence.... Nancy evidence is your faulty
(ILikePie) no sky
(RedEye01) haha, like the humour Z;s !
(MooBiscut) Ok Nancy, can you comment on James McCanney's Wesbite. He states he is against the Mid 2003 dates and always has been. He has lots of scientific research he says he's done over the years and provides such on the site, yet your website says he's pro ZetaTalk and says he thinks it WILL happen. Can you comment on this?
(ILikePie) only Nancy saw it ;)
(Serbeo) will CB radio work
(Domicile) Thanks Nancy and Z's for another great session.
(Asx) and please rember if you call me a debunker i am the partymaster debunker
(TomGreen) Wait Nancy, dont leave
(Sirgrim) bye
(NancyL) ANNOUNCEMENT: The Lou Gentile Mar 28th 2 hour radio session is now on webcast courtesy of DarkInsight, who has provided a download.
(Sirgrim) not many sessions left, lets try not to waste more please
(RegWa) Nancy, please consider speaking for us on paltalk radio, wed night Wake Up USA UFO study group, Stardust Productions live chat
(SkyX) thanks. i knew it!
(CnoteQ) Nancy, could you ask the zetas one more thing
(Rid) Great job moderators!
(TomGreen) give me 5 minutes
(NancyL) Lou Gentile will have the streaming audio up shortly also.
(Asx) where are the daylight sightingsss?
(ILikePie) no problem
(ILikePie) just enjoy the show
(CnoteQ) how many disinfo agents on average are on message boards and chats involving Px?
(Vandlou) when will we see morning Px in Est Coast area
(ILikePie) 1 month and its over
(NancyL) Also, Nancy is on Out There TV tomorrow night, broadcast from Nevada.
(TomGreen) Nancy, Lets discuss for 5 minutres
(Serbeo) I've been looking
(Intrazel) several side of eye clear sightings here in California
(TomGreen) Wait
(NancyL) I won't be on TV, but will be live voice, etc.
(TomGreen) Please do not leave
(StevenB2) Nancy , Do the Zeta's believe STO is now higher than 25% or is it stagnant ? How do they feel about it ?
(Evo) Audio here:
(Hubblebub) Well, 2.00 AM over here... good night...
(Orionboy) Okey, cause of several reasons many of us will not see Px in sky, will not see any worry news cause of media policy, then how we are supposed to believe?
(NancyL) ZT: Also, Sat Apr 12th, a NexusDomain.ORG broadcast, first time with them.
(RTR) Thank You and God Bless
(TomGreen) Becasue Orion its not true
(TomGreen) It's as simple as that
(CnoteQ) Nancy, could you ask the zetas on average how many disinfo agents are on chats and message boards regard Px
(SkyX) i am falling asleep with all the repeated texts......
(JWilliam) my favourite martian 2: Slowing "official" clock time compared to "home" clocks indicates seconds added. Faster "home" clocks compared to "official" clock time would be an indicator of seconds being added. Kapeesh?
(NancyL) Stardust, send me an invitation via email!
(TomGreen) Nancy in my opinion is a false phrophet
(ILikePie) disinfo agents.. haha
(MmC) from Las Vegas here... can't find it
(Orion9) it is true. have faith :)
(Obany) where to check for Planet X, as well as info about sightings check here :
(Asx) what about the ZT needin help with there math is that disinfo or fact?
(Matan) Nency plz teel me where is the safest place in Israel
(Serbeo) will CB radios work after shift?
(Rid) Yes TomGreen everyone listens to you.
(SkyX) again...
(Leftfield) TomGreen is Clueless!
(Rid) Dumbass.
(RegWa) wow I never heard Nancy claim to be a prophet at all
(Web0) lol
(PSI_Brain) Matan!, ata Israeli?
(NancyL) For those looking for Safe Locations, check this page and READ
(Matan) ken
(NancyL) And remember, if you are having access problems, print off the Mirror Sites pages!
(Asx) Nancy what will you do if X does not happen?
(MooBiscut) Nancy, can you comment on my question?
(Rid) Yeah, it's true though.
(NancyL) or z00.htm
(Matan) no Nency i need an exact location
(Sirgrim) surprised you could see your own hand with all the pollution/light in Vegas mm
(Josephgoa) Nancy can someone form the sothern hemisphere see pxc better than someone fron t the north
(Orionboy) it is hard to believe in doom based only on faith
(NancyL) Thanks to all of you for attending and inspiring great ZetaTalk.
(ILikePie) haha
(NancyL) Thanks to our loyal cops, who make these chats possible!
(NancyL) I bid you all a good night!
(MmC) Sirgrim...I drove to the desert.... and still can't see it...
(RegWa) good bye for now
(Humor) Thank you Nancy for your time and energy
(Asx) ok Nancy enjoy you last few weeks of fame:)
Session Close: Sat Apr 05 17:17:13 2003