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ZetaTalk: Zeta IQ
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Our IQ is higher than yours, and also different. You will observe when comparing your intelligence to this or that animal, that some things relate and are similar, and some things are radically different. Consciousness is one such difference. The Chimpanzee is clever, can learn sequences and apply a certain amount of logic. They use tools, in a limited manner. However, they aren't conscious in the same sense that you are. They do not ponder their immortality. They do not ruminate about their guilt. They do not wonder why the stars move about in the heavens in the manner that they do. Most particularly, they do not think about how they relate to the larger scheme of things. They are not conscious of themselves as an entity. There is no soul entity that abides in the Chimpanzee, except for fleeting moments at best, and this an incarnation out of curiosity more than anything else.

Just so, the IQ and intelligence of a 4th Density entity is different from that of a 3rd Density entity. As 4th Density Service-to-Other entities we are vastly more telepathic. Those 4th Density entities that have chosen Service-to-Self are not vastly more telepathic from humans, as they find telepathic awareness of each other a distressing distraction from the business at hand - the self. In comparing our increased intelligence, numbers alone do not describe the situation. Where your mind carries on dozens of thoughts simultaneously, ours carry on thousands.

You are unaware of most of the thinking your mind does. You are only aware of the conscious thought at the front of your mind. Yet parts of your mind are concerned with sensing distance around you, the need to shift your position, sensing the body language of others around you, calculating your physical hungers and plotting how these will be satiated, etc. In terms of IQ, should we Zetas take one of your IQ tests, which measure speed and accuracy, we would measure around 287 IQ points. However, as we have explained, this is not an adequate measure.

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