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ZetaTalk: Immunization
Note: written on Oct 15, 1997

The Gulf War Syndrome is a direct results of infection injected into the servicemen under the guise of immunizing them. The deliberate exposure of these men to biological warfare elements and burning petroleum was to disguise this infection. As has been noted during investigation of the causes of Gulf War Syndrome, the officers in charge were many times deliberately lax in enforcing safety measures, which was no accident. The CIA, as with most of the deliberate infection of what is termed undesirables by the New World Order, was at the fore in this escapade. The purpose of this mass infection of unsuspecting foot soldiers was to measure the rate and speed of debility, which has proved disappointing to those who would eliminate large blocks of the US population ahead of the cataclysms. As might be expected, these blocks would be inner city blacks and Hispanic populations, considered aggressive and/or unproductive by the elite.

There is much awareness of these plans in the collective consciousness, and thus specific warnings have been issued on occasion. However, the immunization programs being conducted to date have not had any live infectious agents in them, nor are they being used as a means of tagging the populace. Where this might be the hope of the New World Order crowd, immunization programs today involve a large number of pharmaceutical companies and distributors, to say nothing of local doctors working out of clinics. Deliberate infectious agents would surface, and work against any future plans to use this route. Identifying chips are also not yet invented. These would have to be tiny, yet carry their own transmitting mechanism. A dream, unlikely to be realized in the few remaining years before the cataclysms.

Deliberate infection via immunization shots should not be guarded against until the military becomes involved in these programs. At this point such injections are likely to be based on voluntary programs, so as to avoid riot and rebellion, within camps set up to house the indigent. Those who can live independently and have prepared are unlikely to encounter such campaigns.

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