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ZetaTalk: Military Accidents
Note: written on Oct 15, 1997

The spate of military plans crashing in a single week during September, 1997 has multiple messages. To some degree, they are simply due to flawed designs, which are typical of designs approved and directed in a dictatorial manner. Democratic designs consider the thoughts and concerns of many, but when the military gets involved, the thoughts of the top man dominate, and on down the line. The same process is why those in the Service-to-Self cannot deal with density switching and space travel without accidents, where groups in the Service-to-Others do not have accidents. In regards to whether the crashes are more than accidents, are perhaps a deliberate message, there is some of this mixed in. As anyone who has read ZetaTalk extensively knows, there have been several instances where the Council of Worlds allows interference with human affairs during the Transformation. Power outages, our contact with MJ12, occasional time travel to facilitate meetings during a crowded schedule - all these are exceptions to the Rule of Non-Interference.

Many dramas take place behind the scenes, and something as complex as the US Military has many faces and many different agendas. With panic over the coming cataclysms just around the corner, many planned to use the confusion for personal power plays. They are being given the message that this will not be allowed! Martial law, a dream of some, will find impediments in its way, beyond what humans wishing to counter such maneuvers could muster. For those generals too arrogant to understand that they cannot rule, some dramatic demonstrations of just what alien interference can mean are necessary. They become lulled with the concept that aliens are here in a hands-off mode, watching and only conferring when asked. During the Transformation, however, the Earth will increasingly become a home for Service-to-Others of all densities, and these entities will increasingly have a right to interfere as they will be considered residents of Earth.

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