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ZetaTalk: Corso's Roswell
Note: written on Jul 15, 1997

Those intent on getting the truth about what happened at Roswell in 1947 should be resigned to the fact that the full truth will never get out. For this to occur, the secret government would have to:

  1. admit they lied to the public for over 50 years

  2. admit to the alien presence where they have been adamantly denying it

  3. deal with questions about witnesses, both military and civilian, who died due to questionable accidents or sudden illnesses

Consequently, the truth will be told in a manner to allow an element of doubt to exist, always, so that what most would consider criminal behavior cannot ever be prosecuted. In the US, under US law, the defendants must be guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt before they can be adjudged guilty. Given that MJ12 wishes to leak the truth, and have the populace understand what history has wrought, how would they tell the story without incurring prosecution? The answer is to tell the story in a manner that closely lines up with the truth, but with details that can either not be proved or can be questioned. Thus, a former military man, Colonel Corso, was selected to tell a story, which is not his story, to counterbalance the inane Roswell weather balloon and dummy excuses being proffered by the Air Force. Nevertheless, these steps by MJ12 are an improvement over the former rigid cover-up, and should be applauded.

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