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ZetaTalk: NASA Wars
Note: written on Jul 15, 1997

NASA has been a traditional stronghold advocating the right of the elite to privileged information, and many at the top of this organization are reluctant to see this focus change. As members of MJ12, they are frequently active CIA agents, and thus these top executives play a dual role with allegiance to both organizations. Where the CIA dominated MJ12 in the early days, MJ12 has been increasingly casting aside this influence to the extent that CIA agents within MJ12 are almost excluded from decision making and their dual allegiance is considered a handicap rather than an asset. Under orders to follow recent changes in policy designed to promote the Awakening, hardened advocates of the old line have dragged their feet and frankly operated in an subordinate manner.

What should be remembered in these matters is that membership in MJ12 always involves an agreement by the member to grant MJ12 the Right to Terminate the member should this be considered necessary. This was, of course, a casual agreement by CIA members in the past, who looked at the general operating mode, almost exclusively under CIA influence, and thought themselves quite safe. Where this termination clause is thought to cover leaks, the suppression of information, it also covers refusal to follow direct orders from the MJ12 ruling boards. Passive resistance is often overlooked, unless the individual is in a position within society such that they and only they can implement an MJ12 order. In these matters, refusal to cooperate can become critical, and termination might be the result for refusal to play an activist role.

Such was the case going into the 1997 Mars mission, where a probe was committed to examine plateaus on Mars long claimed to hold a Sphinx-like head distinctively hominoid in appearance. Severely repressed in the past, shots from various angle could excite discussion like no other object, as the face would be reveals undeniably as an artifact, not a natural formation appearing to be a face only a certain angles create shadows giving this illusion. The cooperation of NASA was imperative on this MJ12 mission, and critical points could be missed unrecoverable if absolutely cooperation was not assured.

The 1997 Mar's Pathfinder probe, under the direction of Jurgen Rahe, had to have a cooperative hand at the helm or face failure, in the view of MJ12, and thus after relentless arguments with a man adamantly opposed to the new MJ12 policies, his termination was arranged. This was not a decision arrived at casually, nor was it a quick decision. A determination that a compromise was not possible, and that Rahe could not be removed from his post in a timely manner, were factors in the decision. Highly visible operations such as NASA probes do not allow wiggle room, and a displaced executive was sure to be interviewed or endlessly hounded for comments. Such exposure, and the risk an angry Rahe posed, were also factors in the decision. A competent and highly reluctant executive could not be casually displaced, but a death by an accident seemingly caused by mother nature could be arranged, and was deemed the less of two evils.


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