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ZetaTalk: Silencing Methods
Note: written on Jun 15, 1997

Individuals in government service who become aware of MJ12 as more than a rumor are of course sworn to silence. In most cases, the motivation to cooperate with the edict is membership in MJ12, which grants MJ12 the right to kill the errant member should they get loose lips. Individuals being initiated into MJ12 membership sign papers granting MJ12 that right, but most think of this as a formality, an indication of the seriousness of the subject, and expect to have endless warnings and discussions long before any such action would be taken. In fact, what occurs when the issue come up is a quick trial and execution, as delays and warnings are what allow leaks to occur and preventing this from occurring is the point of the death sentence clause.

Even during a time when deliberate leaks about the existence and identify of MJ12 are on the increase, uncontrolled and unexpected leaks are still alarming to the leadership of MJ12. These are in the main military men, who joined the military and rose in the ranks precisely because of their need for tight control, so loose lips not intended to be loose are invariably alarming. The MJ12 board is in fact two boards. One is composed primarily of military intel bureaucrats at fairly high levels. Not all of them. Not necessarily the highest. They slip away for meetings and come back, and people think they spent a long time in the bathroom. That’s how carefully it is done. The meetings are not held in any kind of a place where cars drive up. They are often times held in cow barns, very out of the way so that they are never seen. They ride to and from by space ship and no one is the wiser. The locations change constantly.

Prior to issuing a death sentence, the guilty party is always brought in for questioning, an almost instant arrangement due to the travel service we provide to MJ12, which comes complete with our ability to cloak the movements of our ships and the activities of the passengers while on an official MJ12 trip. Once guilt or evidence of deliberate intentions is ascertained, often by injecting the subject with truth serum, sentence is rapidly carried out. Because they have many controls and are very strict in their rules, they come to their decisions quickly. There are no appeals. If someone is to be executed, it is carried out very rapidly and the individual has no warning. Assassinations are thus done very conveniently, but if it were not for our travel service, the CIA and the like are very expert at slipping a needle into an arm pit to fake a heart attack, or at using drugs that dissipate and don’t show up in the blood stream.

When a prominent individual is silenced, the death is carefully orchestrated to appear as an accident or suicide. If intense public scrutiny is expected, the body in involved in an accident that none would question, such as in the airplane crash that killed Clinton’s Secretary of Transportation Ron Brown. The cause of death is obvious, so the body is not examined in detail. Where the individual is living a quiet life, a car accident or perhaps a sporting accident, as in the death of former CIA director William Colby, might be involved. Other options include a simulated heart attack, via a needle inserted through the armpit where puncture wounds would not be discovered, or a simulated stroke - both caused by drugs injected and rapidly disappearing from the blood stream, undetectable upon autopsy.

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