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ZetaTalk: The Falcon
Note: written on Jun 15, 1997

Disinformation via dissemination of wrong information became the vehicle of choice when the CIA realized they could not contain awareness and talk about the alien presence. Very influential during the early days of MJ12, the CIA was allowed to direct and implement their disinformation scripts with scarcely any oversight. Thus, the early disinformation campaigns contain hallmarks of the CIA - the message that all aliens are evil and should be avoided -so that the CIA and their allies in the establishment could retain control of humans and human society.

CIA disinformation agents arranged to have themselves interviewed and televised, under the guise of being sincere agents coming forward with information at great risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trappings of secrecy - disguising the voice and face of the supposedly nervous agent - were not to protect the agent from retaliation by the CIA but to protect his true identity from the public. The story line was filled with enough detail that would ring true with the public to make the story line believable. After that it was all lies. The substance of the lies were that aliens can mutilate humans and are abducting humans for consumption, as alien food. This is entirely false, as these men well knew.

Aliens cannot do with humans what they will, as control is in the hands of the humans who give The Call. Human mutilations were caused by the CIA and those whom they used as their tentacles, not by aliens. Vats of floating body parts, placed in front of frightened contactees whom the CIA arranged to view this prop, are more indicative of the mind set of the CIA members who arranged this fraud than anything aliens in fact do with humans. They maim humans and treat them as throw-away garbage, where aliens in the Service-to-Self are required to use psychology for their intimidation.

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