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ZetaTalk: Bob Lazar
Note: written on May 15, 1997

Like Bill Cooper, Bob Lazar is truthfully telling his experiences, and like Bill Cooper he has been attacked and knows he is at risk and could lose his life. Both these men walk a fine line and are playing a dangerous game. Where others are talking about their passing exposure to documents or peripheral details about possible crashed ships, the information Bill Cooper and Bob Lazar are providing is neither hearsay or rumor, but first-hand eye witness accounts of their activities when in direct contact with MJ12. They are both breaking a security oath in this, beyond the point where those wanting to control the outflow of information about secret government activities allow.

The line must be drawn somewhere, and they both stepped over this line. They are, in fact, both only alive because they went public, and noisily so, before they could be killed. Bob Lazar has been embroiled in scandals designed to discredit him, and has allowed this to occur as the alternative stands behind this discrediting campaign, snarling and hissing at him. As with Bill Cooper’s cooperation with rumors about his mental health, Bob Lazar has learned to live with a smear campaign as the lesser of two evils. He would rather live, discredited, than meet with an accident.

Bob Lazar truthfully relates his experiences while hired as a contractor to assist military engineers and physicists attempting to reverse engineer space ships loaned to MJ12 by aliens in the Service-to-Self. His insights into the bumbling nature of a military operation purporting to be scientific are not fantasy, nor would they surprise anyone in the private sphere exposed to how the military works. Discipline and a long history of cooperation with superiors comes before competence. However, even if the most competent scientists were to be assigned to back engineer these ships, they would not succeed, as the secret of how they work is locked where they cannot peek! The power source on these ships is truly a Pandora’s box, which disintegrates when opened, taking all in the near vicinity with it.

True to the need-to-know basis under which Bob Lazar worked, he learned little of the information already gathered by the military. He filled in the blanks with his own hypothesis, but did not arrive at the correct conclusions. Even with the information withheld from him, he or other human scientists would not arrive at the correct conclusions. The reach is too long, not only because the human brain has a relatively limited IQ, but because the hypothesis human scientists cling to out of loyalty are incorrect. They start out handicapped, and in order to progress in human society, they stick with the handicap in preference to independent thought. Thus, they are running down the wrong roads, furiously. This was well known by the aliens who provided the ships for back engineering, and were the situation to be otherwise they would not have been allowed to provide the ships.

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