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ZetaTalk: Balancing Act
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The major governments of the world are in a dilemma regarding the coming cataclysms. Their first reactions to the news that another pole shift would occur and that there was nothing they could do to change it was self protective. Don't tell the public or they'll never leave our door, and what can we do to provide for our own comfort and safety. As the years have passed and those running for cover and to provide for themselves have begun to look foolish on a world where the human residents are inevitably neighbors, many responsible people in these major governments in the know have pondered just what they might do. Given that a defense cannot be mustered, and that earthquake and tidal wave damaged cities will overwhelm the relief agencies, what's to be done?

Governments are used to assuming the parental role, and this is naturally the posture assumed when the citizenry will be in need. Self-help is the last avenue considered, mainly because it tends to put the government worker out of work. Sweeping solutions such as large tents in the countryside with rice and bean stands for all are considered. The hungry would be fed for a day, and then what? As long as the emergency is months and years away, the debate can be theoretical. Martial law, with chain gangs in the fields growing crops are considered by those coercive in nature. Emptying the dwindling government stores to feed the hungry as long as it lasts are considered by others. None of the solutions are practical, and none are anywhere close to being implemented.

This dilemma is only going to quicken as the time approaches, as food stores will dwindle and fear of panic in the populace will be just under the surface. Increasingly, much as government workers resist this solution, offering self-help to the populace looks like the best solution. Unfortunately, the public can't be led to adopt practices that will help them through the crisis unless they are told of the danger! So a delicate balancing act has ensued.

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