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ZetaTalk: Mixed Messages
Note: written on Jan 15, 1997

Sorting out the truth of a matter from deliberate disinformation or false claims is not the only problem facing the populace, who hears messages from channelers who are only listening to their own sense of self importance, messages from agents of the establishment who want the populace to hold all visitors at a distance, and messages from individuals enjoying the limelight while describing sightings they never observed. When the truth finally does make it to the front of the stage, it is often dressed in the confusion that the bearer has about the issues, and thus is packaged as a mixed message.

Each human must confront his own anxieties when first facing the many wrenching realities that are surfacing during the Awakening. For mankind, this is not a single realization, as the Awakening carries more than news of the alien presence, does more than simply challenge religion and the pet concept that man alone is in God's image, and asks for more than an adjustment to the concept of reincarnation and that heaven and hell are of our own making. The cataclysms, wherein the world mankind had come to take for granted will be tossed asunder within days, rearranging continents and shattering civilizations, is part of the package. Man must adjust to so many wrenching changes, and thus any given messenger is highly likely to be mixing in his own anxieties with the message.

Government agents, past or present, are prone to feel unease when the structure they have cherished is threatened. Enlisting in the military or going to work for a bureaucracy is often a way of adopting oneself into a large extended family. Health care, orders and procedures about every and anything, and substitute parents on up the chain of command. Learning that the government is going to fail, will not be there, sets many who have gone into service into a state of unease that does not diminish. Someone must be to blame, and it is often the alien visitors who are delivering the message. Thus, where government agents, past or present, are often the bearer of truthful information about the alien presence or the coming cataclysms, they are also most likely to tinge the message with their own unease.

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