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ZetaTalk: Masons
Note: written on Dec 15, 1996

Membership in the Masons is often mentioned in association with secret societies holding special knowledge about the alien presence or alien technology. The reason for this association is somewhat natural, given the structure and operation of the Masons - rigid rules, endless hierarchies, and privileges withheld from all but the elite members. As with the structure and operation of the military, this is highly attractive to those in the Service-to-Self - it is their structure and operation, and they feel at home!

Thus in the early days of MJ12, when fear of what the alien presence meant for mankind held sway, the controlling membership of MJ12 held an inordinate number of Masons. This is no longer the case, but this predominance worked its way into NASA and the Apollo program, as individuals selected for key posts were chosen based on their long standing habit of following nonsensical rules. Those at the top wanted complete control, and only virtual automatons such as the devout Masons often are, were trusted. Thus potential astronauts, faced with the special screening rumored to be in place, often joined the Masons and went through the motions simply to be included in the space program. This surface loyalty often went to the extremes of including Masonic rituals while out in space, a routine that can be best understood if one considers that the astronauts simply wanted to be brought back home alive!

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