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ZetaTalk: Council of Foreign Relations
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Where MJ12 operations were intended to run in such a covert manner that the public would never even learn of their existence, the interface with foreign nations pushed into the public realm. In the past, where the US and its allies and multinational corporations agreed to suppress awareness of the alien presence, this was accomplished in the US by the influence that federal agencies have over local governments and by the cooperation of those controlling major media content. But what occurred in a Third World country if a sighting or contactee story got media coverage? It would hardly do to have the US or its allies silent about these matters while other countries talked openly. Suppression only succeeds when it is unilateral.

Thus, the MJ12 arm that reached out into the world at large, beyond its control, sought to influence nations to cooperate by maintaining control over US foreign relations. US dollars to be invested, trade agreements, the placement of military bases - all could be used as leverage to gain agreement with the aims of MJ12. Thus it has been that the Council of Foreign Relations seems inordinately involved in matters that seem only faintly connected to foreign affairs. Look to the larger picture and it starts to make sense. Now that the press to suppress has moved to controlled leaks and information releases designed to awaken the populace, expect the Council of Foreign Relations to lean its influence in this direction.

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