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ZetaTalk: Trilateral Commission
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996

Governments worldwide are run primarily as dictatorships and secondarily by committee. Even democracies that have emerged in human society are run primarily by dictatorship, each executive or appointed head running the area under his or her control like a petty dictator. Where the rules are such that the petty dictators can't simply bark orders and get on with the business of the day, committees are formed to come forth with recommendations, which almost invariably mirror what the petty dictators desired to be told. On the issue of the alien presence, where several countries that were and have remained US allies at the time of Roswell were present when MJ12 was formed, there was no clear dictator to be put in charge. Just as with judges, where the courts find they must have one or three, but never two judges determining the outcome, just so the Trilateral Commission was formed.

This committee was commissioned to hear out the concerns of the member states and come to some conclusion about what steps, if any, to take. MJ12 is a US government agency, where the Trilateral Commission is an international advisory committee. In truth, it holds little power and comes to few, if any, conclusions. The issue of the alien presence is fraught with so many unknowns that the usual conclusion is to do nothing, as that seems the safest step. Nothing is being done and life goes on as before, so continue to do nothing - that is the conclusion. Doing nothing, or holding the status quo, is often interpreted to mean suppressing talk of the alien presence, so action of sorts is in fact inferred as a result of the conclusions reached by the Trilateral Commission.

Like most governing committees, the Trilateral Commission does not lead, but rather reacts. As the alien presence can no longer be denied, due to the increased sightings of late, we expect the conclusions reached by the Trilateral Commission to result in doing nothing less energetically, with less vigorous suppression of talk about the alien presence lest the commission as a secret committee be discovered by their actions, which would stand out against the back drop of enthusiastic chatter too glaringly. As you say of government, if you want nothing done, send it to committee.

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