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ZetaTalk: Project Prometheus
Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

Various government project names have been floated out into the public rumor mill as false trails, the theory being that the public will spend all their energy chasing a name, and any agents seemingly connected to the name, and will thus not pay attention to the real action or individual involved. Project Prometheus is one such false trail, dressed up properly in an occasional piece of paper, an occasional verbal leak from a valid CIA source, and mentioned repeatedly in certain circles by individuals paid to do just that. Thus, where activities similar to those ascribed to Project Prometheus have certainly taken place, they were relatively safe from scrutiny. Everyone was looking in the wrong direction.

Project Prometheus is rumored to be an exchange of alien technology for certain favors granted by the government, specifically being allowed to abduct the citizenry. We have addressed these issues, and explained that alien technology was not given to humans, though aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation most certainly said this was to be the case. They lie. In addition, an abduction right is not something that aliens need the government to grant, as the government has no control over alien activities. What is called abduction is under the control of the human giving The Call, and thus is under the control of the individual human desiring contact or participation in the hybrid program.

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