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ZetaTalk: Remote Viewing

Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

Lest anyone be confused, what is termed remote viewing is simply telepathy, a natural and fairly common occurrence among mankind and the animals who call the Earth their home. Telepathy is intrinsic to life, but only about 10% of the human populace has enough native capacity to take note of it. Those with native capacity soon learn that they can anticipate phone calls from friends, anticipate and guard against personal attacks, and seem to intuitively understand what their loved ones need and want. The government has never failed to use telepathy to accomplish whatever they might consider their ends, but after observing the seamless way aliens could work together, without a word spoken, the issue got hot. As MJ12 was in those days heavily dominated by the CIA, they took up the topic and infected the goals of the operation with their own twists.

Remote viewing under the CIA's auspices was not done to simply garner intelligence on legitimate government security concerns, it was used to invade privacy, secure blackmail material, assist break-ins and thefts, amuse agents who wanted to snoop for personal reasons, and keep tabs on rival government agencies. When the operation failed to curtail enemy actions due to a complete lack of awareness of enemy plans and failure to predict, it ostensibly was shut down. As with all bureaucracy enclaves, it sought to perpetuate itself by reinventing its goals. Remote viewing would become a handy disinformation tool, impressing the public with what might seem to be an ability to read minds, and thereafter spreading disinformation as valid facts garnered through telepathy. To ensure a gullible public will believe, the remote viewing track record is supported by information supplied by the CIA.

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