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ZetaTalk: Living in a Democracy
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

One reason the Internet is a thorn in the sides of tyranny is just that - the information flow. Restricting information is a ploy of dictators, those who wish to limit the ability of mankind to use their intelligence, to employ their free will, and to act according to what the facts might indicate. They want ignorance, intimidation, and fearful subjects filled with a sense of hopelessness. Now, if NASA and JPL were truly operating in a democracy, and attempting to meet democratic ideals, then why would they not allow the public to have access to what comes off the Hubble or the space probes - straight? Because they don't want you empowered with the information, that's why. They don't want you to have it, and in fact, they can choose not to let you have it! That's because you're living in a democracy, and your tax dollars pay for their golf course privileges and their high salaries. We're speaking ironically here, as this should not be the case, but complacent individuals allow for this to occur!

To this date, the next Mars mission will still not image those aspects of Mars the public is most interested in! A single individual controls this, having been given sole rights to decide what will and will not be imaged. This individual is not even a government employee, is in fact a third hand out from any such accountability. Why is this block put into place? So you won't have the information. Period.

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