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ZetaTalk: MJ12 Documents
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

A still hotly debated topic is the validity of what are purported to be documents from MJ12, dating back to President Truman's era. These carefully manufactured documents are authentic enough in appearance to convince many that they are real, yet flaws exist that have others convinced they are a fraud. Both situations are true, as the documents are what could be termed a half truth. The release of these documents, the content of which is false, was intended to be a leak by the government that would hasten the Awakening of the populace to the alien presence. Where the documents line up with the facts is in the existence of MJ12, periodic meetings in secret, and in those days the involvement of the President of the United States. Where the documents part from the truth is where they give the impression that MJ12 was a fleeting response, that the matters they addressed were limited in scope, or that they were almost casual about dealing with the alien presence and what this would mean for humanity.

MJ12 has been in the process of unburdening themselves of their tightly kept secrets from some time. This will never, frankly, in our opinion, be a complete bearing of the truth, but increasing mixing in of truth into semi-truths, which are just as effective and in some cases are preferable to the harsh reality of stark truth in that people can gradually become acclimated. They have a revelation. They read it. They sense some truth to this. Then it's debunked a bit. It's all a question. It's much under discussion. And in all of this, people really come to accept the reality. They think about it without having to adjust too harshly. This makes for a faster assimilation of the truth, and this is the route that MJ12 is using because they well understand this mechanism. Therefore, there is some truth mixed in with new documents, and increasingly this will be the case.

In the past, this information was presented in this manner with a small grain of truth and a great deal of brutal discrediting of the messenger. This pattern is increasingly going to be pleasant conversation without the brutality, but no one will actually know how much is true and not.

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