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ZetaTalk: Half Truths
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

In the world of fact and fiction, the most troublesome is the half-truth, which colors the honest reporter in shades of gray and places doubt against all that comes from a factual source. The easiest way to discredit a truth teller is to mix some deceptive half-truths into it, and most who hear the report will throw all out, to eliminate doubt. Creating a half-truth is a favorite disinformation tactic, especially when the target is staunch in resisting other tactics to sidetrack them. The honest reporter will first be approached with threats and bribes, and most often these tactics either scare the reporter off the stage or bend the reports in the direction desired. But those with integrity who resist these tactics will soon find their path strewn with confusing information, all to be sorted out quickly and their comments going into the record before any background checking can be done.

A favorite half-truth is the leak from a government employee, giving all evidence of sincerity and proffering documents that to all appearances are genuine. With the establishment withholding proof of their relationship with aliens, and the approaching cataclysms being masked by global warming claims, hard facts rarely present, but the tantalizing possibility appears often. Should these possibilities be discussed before proven beyond a doubt? Most often the reporter brings forth all the material they have been given, and when parts of the report later prove to be ridiculous, the establishment has won a round. This tactic is more effective than discrediting the individual by their lifestyle, their motives, their associations, their competence, or their financial circumstances. The reason is simple. Outside attacks are seen as just that, an attempt to discredit. But when the reporter him or herself makes the claim, then they have discredited themselves.

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