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ZetaTalk: John Lear
Note: written on Aug 15, 1996

John Lear has been wrongly suspected of being a CIA agent, due to the military background of his family. Bright and intense, he has researched with great energy all aspects of UFO phenomenon and the alien presence. He has many contacts, and not all serve him well. As with most humans, appearances count, so well groomed and informed contacts with government titles impress him, as they do many. Stories that are repeated by more than one verifiable source are given more credence, and thus with a multifaceted approach, even the most intelligent and conscientious reporter can be made to spread an utterly fallacious story. To buffer a falsehood from discovery, those wishing to spread a lie will expose various unsuspecting government agents or contractors to sights they are made to believe are real. Then these individuals are lined up with a reporter of substance like John Lear, and since those telling the story genuinely believe what they have seen, the story rings true.

Thus the reporter should not be immediately suspect if their reports later become discredited. Weigh the whole scenario for the truth, and understand the mine fields those seeking to publish about the alien presence must walk through. Give them credit for having reported at all, for not having given up when harassed, for not turning their back when their lives and livelihood were threatened, for persevering when they were treated derogatorily and stories about their personal lives were spread. Consider the source broadly, for the many sources that may be behind any given source. Do some discerning yourself, and don't expect to have the full answer to every question given to you, ready made. You have a brain so you can think! So share some of the burden with these brave reporters who labor long, with little reward for their efforts, to bring you the facts

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