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ZetaTalk: School Surveillance
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996

It comes as no surprise to humans that government agents are posing as college students, given the unrest on campuses that developed during the Vietnam war era, or that government agents are even posing as high school students, given the drug peddling that is done by pushers who wish to addict their customers at a young and tender age. But the possibility of surveillance in the primary grades seems remote. Since no adult could pass as a child, an agent would have to be a teacher or administrator. Such surveillance does occur, a little known and rarely suspected fact, but through indirect rather than direct means. Youngsters are measured in many ways beyond the standard IQ and achievement tests. Report cards, while confidential to the parents and school administrators, are within the reach of government agents, with the parents and child none the wiser.

Given that a child could not conduct a criminal enterprise or be recruited to assist the government until their late teens, what is the point of this scrutiny?

Since the crash at Roswell proved that the alien presence was real, the government has been uneasy about possible infiltration. Could not aliens capable of disguising their ships disguise themselves in human society? Well, of course this can and does occur on many levels, from a contactee given a screen memory to disguise the fact that they have been conversing with an alien to an alien walking in full view through a crowd where all who see him think they have seen another human. Beyond physical infiltration, spiritual infiltration occurs when infants are born as Star Children or walk-ins occur. It was knowledge of the hybrid program, the possibility of very human looking hybrids with alien qualities, that drove surveillance of the young, however, as this was seen as a potential for a super-human race with mixed allegiances, outside of the government's control.

Control oriented members of the secret government determined to find and tag them young, before such youngsters might become sophisticated enough to disguise themselves. Such traits as an exceptionally high IQ or remarkable athletic ability brought the youngster into steady monitoring, as well as any type of precocious abilities that could be termed super-human. A child who could see auras, or hear notes beyond the normal range, or displayed telepathic abilities, or had a remarkable memory for long numbers, or who mastered several languages at an early age - any of these exceptional abilities could bring a child under scrutiny.

This program is little known because it never went beyond peeping. No patterns of exceptional adulthood emerged from these children, nor did the adults differ from the norm in any manner. High IQ youngsters developed as they had in the past; athletic youngsters took advantage of their abilities as they had in the past; and those with precocious musical ability were pressed by their parents into performing, as they had in the past. The surveillance program essentially shriveled and died, though it was never formally closed, as is often the case with bureaucracies.

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