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ZetaTalk: MJ12 Service
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996

MJ12 is less than 2,000 strong. The membership can be put to death if they reveal the existence of MJ12 or any information that they have learned through membership in MJ12. In addition, they are barred from making personal profit from the information they learned. This is no idle death threat. This occurs at least yearly. Dozens of individuals have been swiftly put to death from breaching this. Most government employees or contractors who serve MJ12 have no idea who the recipient of their service is. MJ12 operates out of various intelligence agencies, which all go on a need to know basis. If one delivers a package from point A to Point B, or researches the background of a civilian, does one need to know why this service is required?

As a general rule, MJ12 does not even allow active members of MJ12, those who know they are working for this arm of the government, to come in contact with aliens. Where we provide a travel service as part of our agreement with MJ12, the humans being transported never encounter the pilots. They walk up a ramp, enter an empty room, the door closes and shortly reopens at the destination. No contact. We are in telepathic contact with our human counterparts and learn of the itinerary in this way. Where only a small, select group within MJ12 has knowledge of travel by space ship, an even smaller group actually has contact with aliens. These individuals are subject to a battery of psychological tests and field trials, and are characteristically highly stable individuals. They are essentially unflappable. As with MJ12 in general, one does not choose these careers, they are chosen.

How many of the less than 2,000 MJ12 members know of the coming pole shift? Few actually know that the 12th Planet is inbound. People know small portions of the truth, and they are told to make plans, to prepare, for the likelihood of this or that, without being told with certainty. But nevertheless the general anxiety is rising. There is the sense that something is up, that the full story is not being told, and increasingly people are reacting to this.

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