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ZetaTalk: Oklahoma City Bombing
Note: written on Jun 15, 1996

There has been much speculation about the military personnel and apparatus found at the site of the Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building. Clearly the body of a soldier was removed, leaving behind, in the confusion, a leg and boot marking the corpse as a military person. Did a subculture within the government plan and execute the bombing, and is a cover-up in place? Taken in context with the strong arm tactics used at Waco and used against secessionist minded families or groups in the western US, a pattern has emerged. The brutality of bombing a building which housed a nursery, or shooting a mother standing with a babe in her arms, or rushing a suicide cult holding small children essentially as hostages has caught the attention of the public.

The motive behind this polarization, where the public is to be led to believe that these strong arm tactics are necessary, is the same motive that fuels the New World Order movement - control. As the pole shift approaches, panic and riot will increase due to food shortages but also to alarming weather extremes and earthquakes and volcanism that increase in intensity steadily. Those in the establishment, who have planned for their own security and sustenance, want to be protected from this panic and the demands of frightened people. Strong arm tactics, media suppression, and martial law are all cards in the deck of the New World Order crowd which they hope to be able to play.

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