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ZetaTalk: Snooping on Contactees
Note: written on May 15, 1996

As a part of our agreement with MJ12, we originally informed them of the contactee status of US citizens. It soon became apparent that this information was being misused by the CIA arm of the secret government, and we ceased this practice, altering our agreement. This was in place during the first two decades of our agreement with MJ12, the fifties and sixties, more or less. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation were also asked to keep the government informed, but as they don't keep their word the list of contactees from these aliens not only lacked their true contacts, it listed citizens who had never been contacted. Thus many were harassed by the CIA during those decades, pointlessly. We do report to MJ12 when we are taking a contactee elsewhere in the Universe, checking the contactee out and back in, in a formal manner similar to US Customs. As this is seldom done, few contactees have been affected by this routine.

As a result of discovering that Service-to-Self aliens were not reporting their true contacts, and our eventual refusal to list contactees at all, the CIA set up their own intelligence operations. In those days contactees were not aware of each other, so locating them was done by scanning for profiles. If a citizen indicated an interest in UFO subjects they were put on the list and subsequently watched through phone tapping or other surveillance. Nowadays this type of snooping and searching for contactees is done primarily in contactee support groups, which are infiltrated by CIA agents pretending to be contactees. As the majority of humans asserting contactee status are making it all up, and as the vast majority of humans interested in UFOlogy don't have contactee status, this is all an exercise in frustration for the CIA, and lately this activity has fallen out of favor. What's the point? They have a list of suspected contactees which is almost entirely incorrect, and the true contactees are unknown to them. Add to that the burgeoning list of contactees as the Awakening progresses and the budget cutbacks the CIA is experiencing, and one can see why the program has little backing any more.

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