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ZetaTalk: Moon Installations
Note: written on May 15, 1996

Enclaves of Service-to-Self aliens are situated on what is known as the dark side of the Moon, the side that never faces the Earth, positioned there so as to be in compliance with the Council of World's requirement that an element of doubt be maintained. Endless rumors abound, however, due to leaks by members of the secret government or frank capture on film in NASA's archives. It is clear that ships are exiting and returning to the dark side of the Moon. There is nothing mysterious about residential arrangements, which harbor facilities for ship repair, food production, administrative activities, and any amusements that overlords may personally be able to secure for themselves. These aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation are required, as are all aliens visiting Earth, to wait for The Call and allow the human to be in control.

Suspicion is deep among human groups digging for the truth, as they suspect their government is either in control of this installation or has struck a deal. Members of the government may have been told that they will be taken care of when the cataclysms occur, but these are simply the usual lies that the Service-to-Self have no qualms about putting forth. The only humans who will be living among the Service-to-Self after the cataclysms are those solidly in the Service-to-Self, and they will find this anything but a salvation.

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