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ZetaTalk: Openness Policy
Note: written on May 15, 1996

Cover-ups are relatively easy to institute but become increasingly difficult to live with. The first difficulty is maintaining the cover in the face of contradictions the real story, the truth, presents. The second difficulty is dropping the cover-up, a step that invariably includes admitting, actively or by implication, that there was a cover-up. This may prove to be difficult if not impossible, depending on the number of participants, the size of their egos, and the significance of what is to be won or lost by such a step. The third difficulty is formulating an alternate means of dealing with the initial problem, as until that occurs the cover-up appears to be the only solution. MJ12 is currently positioned at the third stage, grappling anew with the initial problem, having struggled for decades to deal with leaks in the cover-up and the searingly obvious contradictions provided by thousands of well documented facts in the hands of scientists, journalists, contactees, UFOlogy groups, and ex-government officials.

Having argued among themselves endlessly about whether to drop the cover-up, the matter was taken from their hands by the tide of events outside of their control. The cover-up is collapsing, rather than being dropped, but the effect is the same. What would have occurred had the cover-up never been instituted, and what might the absence of a cover-up mean for the populace? With or without a cover-up story, the reaction to incidents such as the Roswell crash or the discovery of Planet X would have been much the same - some believe, some doubt, some deny, and life goes on as before. A cover-up, which is a statement that it didn't happen or doesn't exist, can be replaced by a non-committal stance, no comment.

What is different, as the result of a long and entrenched cover-up, is that the populace has a deep sense of distrust of their government. This need not have happened, a fact that MJ12 now realizes, as the Awakening proceeds apace, leaving the cover-up like a crumpled and dirty sheet behind it on the path.

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