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ZetaTalk: MJ12 Perks
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

As with any high stakes arena, infractions against the rules are attempted on occasion by those who have been read the riot act but nevertheless give it a try. These individuals tend to be those who cheated on exams at school, bribed or threatened their way out of tight situations, and considered themselves more clever than the watch dogs.

At times, in the past, these maneuvers to take advantage of the opportunities that membership MJ12 affords have succeeded, and thus the occasional rumors to this effect. But of late we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, have been elicited to assist MJ12 in monitoring adherence to their rules, and this has brought an abrupt end to these practices. There are no plots that escape our notice, as we become aware of them when they are first hatched in the minds of the schemers. We cannot enumerate past practices, due to our agreement with MJ12. Suffice it to say that during the era when we offered an un-monitored travel service to MJ12 members, complete with the cloak that prevents awareness that such travel is even occurring, there could be any manner of misuse. This is the intelligence community ideal, to be cloaked and invisible during their movements and to have instant travel to and from their destinations. This also is the dream of the thief or law breaker.

In step with sorting out the orientations and agendas of the alien groups they had agreements with, MJ12 gained confidence in working with ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas. Thus, recently, our assistance has been elicited to ensure that the policy of the governing board is followed, and as these policies are in the main and increasingly benign, we are happy to oblige. We are mindful that without our assistance past abuses would surely be repeated.

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