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ZetaTalk: LSD Trip
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

During a dark period in US history, the CIA and military performed experiments on hapless and unsuspecting civilians, co-workers, and enlisted men. This is no longer the dark secret it was meant to be, as story after story has been told, and in an age of disclosure, documents have come forth to be waved about as proof to a horrified populace. Where the cover on the nightmare of radiation experiments has been stripped back, the CIA experimentation with LSD still hides behind non-disclosure claims. Did the CIA soak co-workers and inmates of mental wards in LSD, just to see what the effects might be? They did indeed, and the story as told by their victims aligns closely with the facts. The grand excuse in those days was that violating others was justified, and justification could always be found.

The true reason for the dreadful LSD experiments, which ruined many lives and drove many to their deaths, was an insatiable desire for control - the hallmark signal of those in the Service-to-Self orientation. LSD was rumored to be a truth serum, those dealing with a massive onslaught unable to put up resistance as all the walls were down and realities were running together without boundaries. What they got from their blubbering victims was gibberish, but this didn't stop them from repeating the experiment, just for the fun of it. Violating others is a power trip for those strongly in the Service-to-Self, and the CIA, from its inception, has had more than its share of such individuals calling the shots.

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