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ZetaTalk: Silenced Astronauts
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

The world watched in rapt attention during the first Apollo Moon landing - a first for mankind. The comments made by the astonished astronauts, who noted signs that they were not the first visitors to the Moon, have generated all manner of speculation. What did they see? From the Earth, the surface of the Moon looks placid, unwashed by water and without an atmosphere, nothing moves on the pock marked surface. Up close, however, one would discover dust covered litter and tracks left by vehicles, unmistakable signs that mankind was not the first. Machinery parts, collapsed structures, tie lines, and even a wheel or two here and there, covered by space dust that never washes away, these items look no different from Earth than the dust covered rocks and craters. Were the astronauts silenced? Without a doubt, with the ultimate threats used and on occasion carried out in those days - death, in a manner that is undetectable as an execution. Those with high security clearances know these are not idle threats, as they have seen them enforced or learn of these instances, and thus take them quite seriously.

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