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ZetaTalk: Red Book
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Among the many rumors spread about what the government may or may not have learned from their interactions with the aliens is the myth of the Red Book, a composite of factoids gleaned from this privileged communication. There is no such book, and what the government has learned is scarcely more than what the private citizen has already surmised - man is not alone, man was genetically engineered, other densities exist, interstellar travel is faster than the speed of light, alien visitors come in all shapes and sizes, antigravity devices and levitation are possible, and the forces of darkness and light are not just a local occurrence.

Disinformation techniques such as the Red Book myth are elitist, striving to convince the populace that there are secrets about the Earth's future, about the timing of events, and about alien technology that a few possess and are refusing to share. Should you read ZetaTalk thoroughly, you would know as much, if not more, than most active members in MJ12. Information on the alien presence is not in the hands of an elite few, no matter how they may try to foist this impression on the populace.

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