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ZetaTalk: Overt Agents
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

Spy and counterspy tales are the delight of many who enjoy a convoluted plot, and in this regard UFOlogy has not disappointed the populace. Everyone is accusing, or at least suspecting, everyone else of being a CIA agent, a disinformation specialist, in the employ of special interests, or at a minimum conning a gullible public out of their loose change. Beyond the heavy handed suppression that occurred in the past and, in truth, lingers today, what is it about UFOlogy that makes it so susceptible to this type of intrigue?

How to sort this all out? Don't bother. Concentrate on the information, not trying to discern the source, and judge the worth of what is presented by how it fits into the whole, whether it has the ring of truth, and whether it has contradictions or consistency throughout. Else you will be lost in spy and counterspy forever.

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