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ZetaTalk: Black Helicopters
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996

Reports of black helicopters harassing and following UFOlogists and contactees and associated with mutilations are so frequent and numerous as to be considered a fact, even by skeptics. Everyone expects them to be an arm of the government, and would be shocked to learn that their ownership and activities are not under government control. Private members of the establishment have funded and run this enterprise, with the goal of maintaining the status quo. Consider how the activities of the black helicopters and MJ12 differ.

The black helicopters are housed at private facilities, the perfect cover. A barn, a warehouse, or a hollow dirt mound work as well as a vacant hangar at a private landing strip. Helicopters, of course, need only a spot to land upon, and can be draped with camouflage cloth or have collapsible walls of a shack or garage erected around it once landed. In a sheltered and isolated spot, such activity goes unnoticed, with the exit and return of the chopper accomplished in minutes. How does this enterprise learn who the contactees or UFOlogists are, and of their schedules and routes? Consider for a moment the number of ex-government agents, of all flavors, who are expert at tapping phones and at effective surveillance and, in particular, at infiltrating groups such as contactee support groups. Establishment groups who can afford fleets of sleek choppers can certainly lure ex-CIA members into their employ. And the new employer is not asking them to do anything they haven't already been doing - just a new pair of shoes.

Why hasn't a private operation like this been exposed, by either the government, the media, or private individuals? Money buys silence, and where money is not effective, accidents are arranged. Ranchers who have complained about helicopters flying over their land have quickly been silenced, by one means or another. Agents trained in espionage are not sloppy, know not to leave a trail, and can anticipate what steps any law enforcement agency might take. They are not prosecuted by the federal government because they can blackmail the prosecutor, being aware of the existence and operation of MJ12. Squeeze us and secrets you don't want revealed may come out, is the threat, so an uneasy staring contest has ensued, with neither party blinking. In addition, a number of the perpetrators, captains of industry, are members of the larger MJ12, and the good-old-boy system is alive and well.

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