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ZetaTalk: Nuclear Pollution
Note: written on Dec 15, 1995

Among the many intractable pollution problems mankind has created for itself is nuclear pollution, which lingers for decades and even centuries. Having mined for and refined Plutonium and other naturally radioactive elements and having constructed nuclear power plants which add to the problem, mankind finds itself with detonation devices and nuclear waste increasingly difficult to dispose of. Nuclear waste creeps, seeping into ground water and spreading along sea floors. An informed public violently opposes storage in their backyard, and in an era of decreasing funds, nuclear waste seems to be a headache with no cure.

However, there are solutions, and these solutions are known to certain governments, and in fact are even used to some degree to combat nuclear waste. These solutions are kept secret as they are considered a two-edged sword, one edge of which would cut the military. The nuclear deterrent is considered to be more psychological than physical, with those who might start a nuclear confrontation fearing that they would fare no better than the enemy they sought to destroy. First strike, second strike, what's the difference when all are dead or living with the aftermath - unthinkable. But should an enemy suspect that a nuclear power was quietly disarming, eliminating rather than storing their detonation devices, the psychological edge is blunted. Therefore, mum's the word, except on ZetaTalk, where our statements, devoid of specifics, can scarcely hurt the military stance.

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