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ZetaTalk: MJ12 Mouthpiece
Note: written on Dec 15, 1995

MJ12 is highly interested in ZetaTalk, as it has potential for harm or good, in their opinion. We, the Zetas, thrash this out with MJ12 behind the scenes. There are some matters that we cannot discuss, being restrained by the Rules of Engagement, as aliens in the Service-to-Self are actively involved. Where this comes up on ZetaTalk we so state the reason for our reticence. There are some matters that we cannot discuss due to our long-standing agreements with MJ12, and we have likewise so stated this as our reasons for reticence when this has come up on ZetaTalk.

But there are many times when we give but a partial response, holding back from full disclosure because MJ12 has, in essence, edited our statement. This takes the form, invariably, of a lack of details, who did that, when and where. We refer to military intelligence units without being specific. We refer to the leadership of MJ12 being composed primarily of bureaucrats holding parallel leadership titles, without being specific. Most certainly we do not name names. If we mention that deaths have occurred to maintain silence we most often do not say who was so assassinated, nor do we name the assassin. We stay as general as need be to placate MJ12, but as specific as need be to describe the situation. In the end, both our motives and the motives of MJ12 are served. These motives are not a secret - they are mentioned frequently within ZetaTalk.

Where we wish for the Awakening and Transformation to proceed as quickly as possible, MJ12 has also moved to this stance, having realized that this cannot be stopped and that suppressing the truth only allows the lies spread by those in the Service-to-Self orientation to prevail. Where we fervently wish for humans to understand the control they have over visits from aliens, MJ12 likewise dearly wants this message out, having been duped themselves by aliens in the Service-to-Self. Where we wish to warn humans of the cataclysms which will accompany the pending pole shift, MJ12 likewise cannot bear to think of the million of innocents who will be taken by surprise only because the word did not get out. At a minimum, they wish for the possibility of an approaching pole shift to be much under discussion. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, ZetaTalk is an MJ12 mouthpiece - not because MJ12 controls ZetaTalk, but because it does not suppress it or shut it down. This is also true of many other education vehicles, increasingly, as the Awakening progresses.

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