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ZetaTalk: Tesla
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

Tesla was a genius given to grandiose plans, all of which failed. He did indeed ask for assistance from Service-to-Self aliens, giving The Call, and many of his insights were due to conferences with these aliens, who found him remarkably gullible. Tesla absolutely believed in what he was purporting and became a salesman with remarkably persuasive abilities. The Service-to-Self aliens who toyed with Tesla knew they would not be allowed to give Tesla real technology or knowledge, factors that would trip the balance between the orientations. However, lying to Tesla and setting him off to set the stage for more of such games with humans is within the bounds they are allowed to operate within. So they lied, and Tesla's eyes lit up, and just as expected Tesla ran around gathering disciples and sponsors. To this day there are humans who firmly believe he was onto something and pursue his theories. Tesla postulated that electrical energy could be harnessed to the degree that it could be captured as free energy and likewise redirected as free energy.

He was given enough information from Service-to-Self aliens who answered his call to be able to demonstrate these theories in a preliminary manner, using concepts and devices new to the science field. Therein lay his fame, and therein lies the tenacity of his disciples. However, the Holy Grail they seek is not down the path they have been set upon.

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