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ZetaTalk: International Cooperation
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

MJ12 has a reach that goes beyond US borders and in essence makes MJ12 operations international. This is due primarily to a like mind set regarding the dangers of public panic, a threat which all governments intrinsically abhor. Where there is a very small minority of corporate leaders who are aware of the potential for a pole shift, as this is a very closely held secret, the rest of them, through being golfing buddies or having a glass of wine or scotch in their elite resorts together, hear talk. Such exposure as the Bohemian Club on the West Coast of the US is an example of how these elite multinationals rub elbows with politicians and world leaders and hear innuendo, hints, eyebrow lifting. If one cannot communicate, as one is barred from this, one can communicate through body language, a hint that something is around the corner. International cooperation thus happens naturally, emerging from any first meeting on these issues, and can be counted on to be solid and unwavering.

The goal is to keep the masses quiescent, at least until the last minute, especially since the governments of the world don't know what to do about the issues presented by the alien presence and the pending pole shift, and in most cases are unable to carry out any plans or actualize any hopes they may have. Can't make it go away, can't influence the outcome, can't politic into the inside track, so let's just not talk about it. In this way life goes on as before, with the establishment on top and loving every minute of it. In the past such tactics as suppression of media coverage on sightings was automatic, and for those who doubt that the media worldwide could be so suppressed we would point to the close link between governments or corporate interests and the media. The media dances to the piper, who in many cases frankly owns the media, both morally and financially.

In like manner this international cooperation will take a turn toward revelation, as the establishment has come to view this as the lesser of two evils. Since they cannot make the alien presence or the pending pole shift go away, they must act to lessen panic as the populace gradually wakes up. MJ12 and its international buddies are now all running in the other direction. An about face.

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