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ZetaTalk: Pseudo- Fiction
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995

The supposed discovery of the Cytherean Complex on Venus, as described in the book Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly The Way Things Are, is an example of a true story being reported in a fictional setting, much as the movie ET describes many of the circumstances surrounding EBE after the Roswell incident. In both cases the setting has been changed but the major character, theme, and significance to mankind are the same. ET and EBE both found themselves unexpectedly in the hands of humans, communicated telepathically with a boy, were gentle and intelligent, yet sickened and died in spite of government efforts.

The story of the Cytherean Complex is clearly fictional in the context of Venus, whose vast swirling cloud covers have never been penetrated by human photographic equipment, but it rings quite true in the context of Mars, the true site of such structures. Photographs of pyramids and a Sphinx like structure known as the Face on Mars have been a hot topic in UFOlogy circles for a number of years, with the debate nowhere near ending. The failure of the recent Mars probe to send back photos at the crucial moment only fueled the debate. Of course the cameras continued to run, the audience just got more selective. Where the Cytherean Complex and the real structures on Mars are a parallel, likewise the fictional Mental Health Committee has a counterpart in MJ12, the even dozen in both cases no accident. Thus, the fiction's title, Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly The Way Things Are, is telling you just how it is. Replace the fictional components with the real components and let the truth sink in.

This vehicle, pseudo-fiction, has been quite deliberately used by the government on a number of occasions and will be used just as often in the future. Why not simply tell the truth, show the real shots of the Roswell wreckage, the real autopsy film, the real ET and Mars complex close-ups. Why not just confess about Alternative 3 rather than produce a pseudo-fiction film in Britain? Why not just come clean on the Secret Government's activities rather than run the X-Files series on TV? Why not expose the handiwork of the CIA in the past on development of the Ebola Virus rather than just promote the movie Outbreak? The answer to this question lies in the human tendency to turn away from the truth when it is upsetting but to absorb and process information when it is presented as fiction. In fact, given human nature, more information can be disseminated if presented as fiction when at the same time there are hints that the story has a parallel in real life.

Pseudo-fiction may also be the only way a story will ever be told. What do you think the chances are of getting the story of the Ebola Virus told? Would the US Government not be liable if they came clean on the CIA's past activities? Is the US Government not currently dealing with a deficit that has most government workers concerned about their future? Yes, yes, and because of this no, the story of the Ebola Virus will not be told. What do you think the chances are of the real story on the structures on Mars getting into the headlines? Can your government setup housekeeping on Mars the way some other man- faced creatures obviously did? Can the military assure you that they can protect you from invasion from space? No, no, and because of this yes, your government will continue to talk up the Star Wars and Space Station projects and pretend that they are at the very cutting edge of space technology, bar none.

You have a saying, truth is stranger than fiction. Believe it, and in the context of the alien presence you will have a pretty good handle on the truth.

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