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ZetaTalk: Power Outages
Note: written on Sep 15, 1995

Following the Roswell incident the various alien groups in the Service-to-Others orientation were displeased with dialog that had been opened with the US Government. They found themselves not only held at arms length but also negated - treated as entities one need not worry about. Where Roswell had been staged, several aliens in the Service-to-Others sacrificing themselves in the crash so that the Military could feel they had the upper hand and thus be amenable to an approach, the aliens now found themselves facing a cocky group who treated them dismissively. One extreme to another. At this point in time MJ12 had also been approached by the Service-to-Self aliens, whom they treated with respect as this group had not presented themselves as crashed ships or dead and injured bodies. In the eyes of MJ12, who looked on the surface, the Service-to-Self aliens had their act together. We expressed, through the human translators assigned to us, that our capabilities were in fact superior to the Service-to-Self aliens they were giving preferential attention to, but were brushed aside.

As the Awakening is overseen by the Council of Worlds, this matter was bantered about, and eventually the Council granted a spectacle that would not be lost on MJ12, the intended audience, but could be minimized to the populace at large. Prior to Power Outages there were several attempts to impress MJ12 with less drastic measures. Power Outages, after all, affect hospitals, little old ladies tottering to the rest room, and moving traffic. We wished to avoid this. Natural occurrences were affected first, having been announced well ahead of time. Unseasonable temperature variations, so that mid-winter would become positively balmy or mid-summer chilly, but this impressed no one and we were only credited with being good weather predictors. Light rays were deflected over broad areas, so that mid-day became night for a brief but very noticeable time, but as no disruption of activity took place, MJ12 was unimpressed. So it's dark outside, then turn on the lights! Thus, we determined, and effectively argued the case before the Council, to prevent the lights from being turned on.

Power Outages were not unknown, and could be caused by any number of overload or mechanical failure situations. People would buy it, on the local level. At a national level, in smoke filled rooms and the corridors of power, the truth would be passed around and hurriedly suppressed. How do you suppose that MJ12 came to have so many corporate leaders in its broad membership? They were initiated during the panics. Suppress the press. Issue statements that had no relationship to the facts. Use the bully boardroom, and keep each other closely informed. When spreading a broad untruth, close communication and coordination is required. MJ12 was no longer a clique of the Military, it became for a time a clique of the establishment. Subsequent to the Power Outages, which did not sweep without warning over broad areas, we found MJ12 looking at us with new eyes. They now believed our explanation of the Roswell crashes. Their eyes had been opened. At this point the Power Outages were no longer necessary.

A major factor in the success of this Awakening maneuver was the utter inability of the Government to stop the outages. Learning of our schedule, which was announced days ahead of the occurrence, they would arrange every kind of backup. All contingencies failed. Power flow was stilled for the length of time announced, and not so much as a flashlight battery worked. The mechanism used by us involved essentially irradiating the area with a countering force, affecting electron flow above a certain level. Thus, human thought or the winking of fireflies would not be affected, but human technology was at a stand still.

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