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ZetaTalk: Information Agents
Note: written on Sep 15, 1995

We are pleased to announce that your government, better known as MJ12, has stepped up the pace of informing the populace. The policy of spreading information is now knocking out the former policy of disinformation, which was hanging about loath to let go. Habits are hard to break, and any established policy always has its advocates, but rules are rules and an order is an order.

Some new trends will become evident. We will still have the same old specialists, but they may be given to moments of honesty about their former role, packaged well in humor so an element of doubt is thrown in, or they may become born-again believers where formerly skeptics. The same old tactics will still be used, which is to assert independence from each other while in actuality supporting each other. They will still attack mutual foes with the old one-two, working in synchronicity with each other, but the foes will begin to change! Where many of the active disinformation specialists were identified or at least suspect, only a fraction were so compromised. These tended to be the witty, well educated, aggressive ones. Others, just as effective in affecting public opinion, were never suspected at all. And then there are the multiple Internet screen names used by most, which allow one to even carry on an argument with oneself.

But we are not complaining! All this is for the good. A new term, information specialist. You heard it first here, in ZetaTalk.

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